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on October 16, 2014
While much of the book isn't new to fans of Kevin Smith, I really enjoyed reading it. The over-all message is one of self-empowerment. Sure, it has all the profanity and vulgar humor you expect, but amid the F-bombs is a lot of heart. From the sentimental tribute to his late father to the encouragement he offers to anyone with a dream, this book has it all. I laughed, I cried, and I felt like it was a good friend giving me a pat on the back, and saying "Go for it." Smitty may not be Yoda, but he's got a damn good take on life. Trust me on this one, I lost my wife to Cancer last year, and I struggle daily to find motivation. Still I felt kind of pumped when I read this. Writing this review makes me want to read it again. If you aren't easily offended, this is a great read, and fans of Smith may not get a lot of new material, but they will enjoy it all the same.
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on October 19, 2014
As a 33 yr old male, I'm firmly in Kevin Smith's target demo. I consider myself a fan, albeit not a very active one. I did enjoy his early Miramax films, but I'm not a frequent consumer of his "brand." That said, after reading and fully enjoying this book, I soon will be a more active SModcast listener.

To say that Mr. Kevin Smith has himself a way with words isn't doing him justice. You can tell this is a man who loves writing, and combing the truly clever with the sorta crude. He's a man who had to take control and pave his own way. He's rightfully genuinely happy with what he's accomplished, and has a lot of fun telling the story. Despite all this talent, Mr. Kevin Smith is still completely grounded and humble, and excited with sharing his experience and wisdom. The book is an always-interesting reflection on his life and career.
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on March 30, 2015
Funny and insightful book from Kevin Smith. If you are already a fan of his movies or podcast you will love this book. I really enjoyed his stories of screening his movie Red State with Quentin Tarantino and Michael Parks, how Bruce Willis was not as fun as Kevin thought he would be to work with( Bruce's reputation for being a jerk to work with sure seems to be factual and not a myth) and how Seth Rogen turned him on to being productive while smoking weed. Entertaining,raunchy and inspirational book that is a quick and easy read.
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on February 7, 2013
Over the years I have learned to accept that I was a Jersey Gen Xer female adrift in the Askewniverse. I have always thought Kev was cute as Silent Bob... all thru this book, though, I read self-loathing regarding looks/weight. From the guy who dated Joey Lauren Adams back in the day when she was Finger Cuffs-cute. And then writing your wife tolerates your perversions and gave up so much to be Mrs. Kev. Sorry, but that's a big bag of s*** !!! She knew what path to follow. Doubt she'd go back to journalism without the Snoochie fanbase tailing her. Love every movie... book loses a star for wasting space on SModcast itinerary. And if you do make "Hit Somebody"... please no Bruce Willis , and be sure to include the WARREN ZEVON SONG of the same name. As a hockey fan... you know where the seed for that particular film idea came from. And thanks for sharing George Carlin stuff. Miss him so much! Much love to Red Bank... my great uncle is James Avati and my great grandparents were the artists on Spring Street.
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I must confess -- I'm not a great fan of Kevin's movies, they all have flaws of one kind or another, some are good, others not so much (Cop Out) and he's never produced anything approaching Pulp Fiction (though Red State was an encouraging move in the right direction).


If you've ever heard his podcasts or seen him interviewed at length, you know Smith is a genuinely funny, inventive, creative raconteur, a great storyteller, and somebody who is just literally bursting with fresh ideas and interesting takes on the world around him, comics, arts, you name it.

And Kevin manages to bring all that and more to this book, which has a breezy conversational style that very much matches the Kevin Smith you hear on his podcasts.

He also has some fantastic inside-Hollywood stories, including the trauma of working with Bruce Willis and a long account of his relationship with the Weinsteins.

In short this is a fun account, at times very insightful, and otherwise highly entertaining -- good job Kevin!
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on January 23, 2013
I love Kevin Smith and his work. I hadn't listen to any of his SMODcast shows prior to but am now hooked.

The book starts off with a tongue and cheek explanation that we are all winners, you know because we beat out all the other sperm, and moves on to the rather sad circumstances of Kevin's Fathers death. From there we are given back story of Kevins movies post Viewaskewe. The failure of Zack and Miri, Kevins adopting of Pot as a creative aid, and two awesome chapters on the making of Red State. Probably the most fascinating aspect of this book is Kevin's realization that the idea of a Major Hollywood studio is not as bad in practice as indy crowd hopes you will believe. He breaks down how Miramax went from Indy distributor to make of poppy teen movies. He also gives a full account of his experience on "Cop Out" and his drama and disappointment with Bruce Willis.

If you are a Kevin Smith, or film fan this book should have a place in your library.
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on July 29, 2015
As an aspiring filmmaker I find this book to be an inspiration, my own personal hymnal to elevate my faith in self. ThIs is a hard life and the world is ever changing but thanks to geniuses like Kevin Smith, we will always be able to escape for a short period of time to a fantasy that is my reality. Laughter is the best medicine and honesty is the best policy. Check. Kevin Smith is both. He is the Wayne Gretzky of Indie. I want to be like Kevin when I grow up (I'm only 35). If you're looking for a good read, this is it!
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on March 21, 2013
Very good book. If you're a Kevin Smith fan, this should be a auto-buy for you. I got a signed copy, and had no idea I was getting one. It was hand signed, not printed that way.

The cover is a very nice card-stock style paper, with good pages, few typos, and great printing. Easy to read, well formatted, and great content.

If you aren't a Kevin Smith fan, or familiar with his body of work, specifically his Podcasting the last few years, you will be in for a shock at the extreme vulgarity and swearing in this book, but if you've ever seen any media outside of cable news on him, you shouldn't be shocked by this.

The Fat One just keeps talking, and now it's spilled over into a book! A bucket of win all over every page!
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on August 13, 2016
That was fun and very inspirational! Most of the stuff in this book was told during many Kevin Smith's Qs&As but it didn't bothered me at all. Still a very good and inspiring book. Surround yourself by Why-not people and make the things you love cause life's too short and can end any minute. Very simple. But then again genius things usually are.
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on July 21, 2017
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