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on June 25, 2017
Indubitably an underrated show, but besides missing the original music (as you've probably heard), there are no English subtitles on either the Sony version or Mill Creek version, though Amazon's description of the Sony version says there are English subtitles. DVD transfer also leaves something to be desired.
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on March 19, 2017
Good series with storylines and situations that are relevant even today. The thing that really bites is they don't have the music that originally aired with the show on tv. The new music doesn't seem right to me, but I just fast forward through it now at the opening and the rest I guess I just grin and bear it. If they would have had the music I would have given it 5 stars. Still a good show and happy I bought.
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on January 5, 2012
I remember when this series first aired and I taped every single episode to VHS. Unfortunately I didn't keep them due to frequent moves. Since I haven't seen this program since it went off the air, the only familiar theme music I noticed was at the beginning which appears to be the music used for the end credits. I recognized it immediately. It would have been nice to have the original music, but if this is all we can get then I'm still pleased. It's better than nothing at all.

I didn't even know this series had been released to DVD. I seem to miss a lot of releases. I ordered Season One and Two early Wednesday morning and received it the next day. I was surprised at how quickly it arrived.

I always liked this series because it was the most authentic Vietnam series at the time. China Beach was also a good series, but Tour of Duty will always be my favorite.
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on August 2, 2004
"Tour of Duty" came on TV in 1987, a time in which Hollywood began to address the Vietnam War with a deluge of movies, many of them memorable, others not. "Tour of Duty" was unique in that it lacked the sensationalized stories of films like "Platoon" and "Full Metal Jacket," but it was also missing the realistic, graphic battle scenes of the later "We Were Soldiers." "Tour of Duty" focused on a company of young men in Vietnam, beginning in 1967. The episodes revolve around the camraderie and teamwork of the men, their attitudes towards the war, their inner frustrations, and ultimately the bold actions that keep them alive. The attitudes, feelings, and exploits of the Vietnamese forces (NVA, VC, and ARVN) are also examined.

Strong acting all-around gives life to the characters. In particular, viewers can see Sgt. Anderson (Terrence Knox) as a father figure to the young infantrymen, and watch Lt. Goldman (Stephen Caffrey) as he develops his leadership abilities over the course of the show.

The plots of the episodes range in quality from average to excellent. In the best episodes, viewers feel genuine suspense and develop a sense of despair from watching the soldiers of Bravo Company fight for their lives. Of all the first season episodes, a few really stand out: "Notes from the Underground," "Brothers, Fathers, and Sons," "Nowhere to Run," "Roadrunner," "Under Siege," and "Soldiers." However, none of the episodes are really bad.

The weakest aspect of this DVD was the music. The original show played popular songs from the Vietnam era at various points in the episodes. For the DVD, a composer tried to substitute instrumental versions of these songs. Often, they come on at inappropriate times and detract from the mood of the scene. Disappointingly, the show's original theme song ("Paint It, Black" by The Rolling Stones) has been purged from the show. The instrumental closing theme has been substituted instead.

As a DVD compilation, this collection is average in terms of conversion to the DVD format. All 21 episodes from the first season are here (including the pilot episode, which reveals significant retooling took place before episode 2.) There aren't any special features, aside from trailers for other DVD's being sold by Columbia Tristar.

Overall, this is a solid but under-appreciated TV show that has finally made it to DVD to be enjoyed by new generations. I can't wait for seasons 2 and 3 to show up on DVD.
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VINE VOICEon December 5, 2005
Since I was young, I had always been intrigued by war. I was never as interested in the violence as I was by the people who fought the wars. Every veteran I have ever spoken with had a story they were willing to share and something in the war that made them smile. Tour of Duty was the first movie or TV show I saw that showed what I was interested in, stories about people who fought the war without graphic violence getting in the way.

I used to watch Tour of Duty religiously when it was aired on TV and I still had VHS recordings of the show that were old, dark, and worn out. I was ecstatic to find Tour of Duty again on DVD. Tour of Duty follows the men of Bravo Company during the Vietnam War. Going beyond the violence, it discusses what affected the soldiers and how the men coped with the war. Topics that the show addressed were topics that people never seemed to speak about. For example, one episode shows the journey of a war protester forced to actively fight in the war. Another, shows a solider who accidentally shoots a child. There is also a great episode that talks about wounded/disabled soldiers who were shipped back to a hospital in Hawaii and the affect the war and their injuries had on the life of a disabled soldier after the war.

By today's standards, the acting in Tour of Duty is only average. However, the show is outstanding considering only a few actors made a name for themselves prior to the series and only a few are still "visible" in Hollywood since the series. Looking through the credits, it is kind of neat to see some of the guest stars that appeared on the show such as David Allen Grier, Tia Carrere, Ving Rhames, Tim Thomerson, and Everett McGill, some of whom were on the show before they were big, some on during their fall from stardom.

The DVDs are lacking the original music score, which has been replaced by a somewhat cheesy series of instrumentals. I think this does take away from the show a little, but the drama and messages in the shows are still there.

If you are like me and was a big fan of the show, this is a definite must have. Otherwise, if you are looking for an excellent portrayal of the people and issues soldiers face in war, the Tour of Duty series would be an excellent addition to your video library.
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on July 5, 2004
I've read with interest all the reviews and viewpoints on this new release. It's an obvious statement on the popularity of this show to see such a reponse. I see both sides of the music argument, and if it doesn't bother you to see the original score removed, then more power to you. But I'm joining all the others who are not buying this release. I just found out it was released and was so excited that I had been jumping back and forth between Ebay and Amazon to find the best deal. Then I decided to read the reviews just to make sure, and I'm glad I did. After always being dissapointed by the sound track changes on the TNT TV versions, I had eagerly awaited a release on DVD by the studio, certain they would release it in its true, original form. I was a Huey door gunner just after Vietnam (shooting at dead tanks at Fort AP Hill makes me a lot less braver than my older brethern getting shot at over the rice patties in Vietnam), and there was nothing that made my hair stand up on the back of my neck like the opening scenes of TOD with "Paint It Black" turned way up high. That one song being taken out is enough for me not to buy the DVD. For me, and like many others who have commented, the music is an integral part of the scenes. The writing and acting was great, but the overall effect just isn't the same when the music is changed. However, I'm not certain I buy into the conspiracy theories being floated about regarding the licensing. Several years ago, while TNT was running TOD every day, one of the TOD web sites reported that the Stones refused to negotiate a licensing agreement, and that was why there was a different opening. Not sure how accurate that is and it seems strange that all the bands associated with the original soundtrack would take the same stand. Regardless, I have all 3 seasons on VHS that I recorded off the TV, and I watch them regularly. They have the commercials, they don't have Paint It Black, and the picture isn't great. But the new DVD has little more than all that, so I'm saving my money. Hopefully sales will be dissapointing to the studio and they will reconsider their strategy.
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on March 8, 2014
This was a series that left off from the second season that my husband and I couldn't wait for. It left you hanging in the 2nd season. I enjoy watching this series with my husband and share with him part of his life and times that he spent in vietnam. You will fall in love with the characters and feel sorrow with them when the story line calls for it. This was a Christmas gift for my husband we both enjoy.
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on January 1, 2018
Good dvd quality, content too, just has different soundtracks.
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on May 30, 2004
Can't wait untill June! I am going to miss the original soundtrack...maybe if we all complain enough and buy enough they will reconsider paying the royalities for the second season! I have all the episodes on VHS recorded as they ran. I even managd to "edit" the commercials on most of them. I recently pulled out the tapes to transfer to DVD only to find out that the picture quality (and sound)had faded badley! What a great series! Too bad CBS did not choose to wrap it up correctly! Look at what a great job the producers did with "China Beach"!
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Oh, man! HOW COULD THEY??? Sigh. This is what I dreaded happening to Miami Vice, but I give HIGH MARKS to Vice for coming through. They have all the original music. Lovejoy had this problem. They used in three different episodes Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues (shame on your Justin Heyward and gang!!) and they song had to be removed.

But wow...Paint It Black by The Stones immediately set the tone of this show. The harddriving song hit the market. It was perfect. Yes, it's just the music, the marvelous acting is still there, the underrated powerhouse of Terence Knox, gritty realistic stories that touched the heart. But the music was a PART of that era, it evokes the whole mindset and to remove it really does this a bad disservice to this brilliant show.

Shame on them for cutting corners and saving a few bucks.

Yes, the stories are so compelling, the acting without fault. Sad this series ran on CBS, a US channel never know for backing it's series and giving them a really strong chance to prove themselves. Tour of Duty and China Breach - and the music that went with them truly speak for a period in history.

So the five stars is for the series - ZERO stars for the producers who cheated us!
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