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on November 1, 2015
I would have initially given this four stars. The only initial complaint I had was that the ice cubes were hard to remove.

I have had these trays for over a couple years, where I have been pleased with the size and shape of the ice. I almost never use ice, which is why I probably never realized the increasingly bad smell/taste. Additionally, I only ever use ice for mixed drinks, so perhaps the drinks overpowered the off-flavor from this product. I thought the ice tasted a bit odd from time to time, but after cleaning the tray the flavors became undetectable every time this happened.

I own the Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds, and I LOVE them. I do not get any off-flavor, and I find them easy to use. I am surprised that these are the same brand.

I have never given a product one star before. This mostly stems from the fact that I have been trying to locate the horrible smell in my freezer for months and months. I never took the time to focus on what I thought would be the last thing to smell. Since I rarely made ice, I just didn't notice sooner. I finally took them out today for heavy scrubbing, and now I can smell it from the kitchen drying rack as I sit in the living room typing this review. I tried dish soap, bleach, vinegar, Pine-Sol, boiling water, and let them soak in soapy water for hours. Nothing. If anything it smells worse. I will simply have to get rid of these trays. I feel bad giving up.

On a positive side, the construction of the trays feels sturdy, and the ice cubes do look nice. Overall, it's just not worth it. Maybe it's not 100% silicone, I'm not sure. Just please stay away if you are sensitive to plasticy aromas and flavors.
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on July 14, 2012
I thoroughly read a ton of reviews on many different ice cube trays and chose this one because it was recommended for baby food making by some blogs that I read, and it had the most/best reviews. Trust me, I read all the negative reviews and pondered over them for quite some time. I used my trays for the first time the other day for freezing homemade apple peach baby food. I was worried about the taste that people complained of as well as the ease of popping them out of the tray. So, before I used them I handwashed them thoroughly and filled the trays with vinegar overnight just in case (I think I read that somewhere for these trays.)

Let me tell you, the food, I just tried a cube to make sure, tastes fresh, just like it did before I froze it. No chemical smell/taste that other reviewers have spoken of.

The cubes popped RIGHT out...I haven't had an easier time getting the cubes out with any other ice cube tray I've encountered in my life. They just plopped right out onto the plate like magic.

They did NOT take a long time to freeze like others have stated either.

Lately I've felt so overwhelmed looking at reviews of products because I get consumed by the small amount of bad reviews and don't want to buy anything, but I just need to understand that all products will have some haters. Or maybe even a bad batch? Who knows. But I'm overall very pleased with this purchase and would recommend it to others for sure. Also, I wrote to Tovolo to inquire that the trays are nitrosamine free, and they responed the next day that they are. Pretty great customer service too!
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on July 13, 2014
For those of you who comment that the trays don't smell funny - my advice is, give it a year. It is just a little over 12 months since we purchased the trays, for the last several months we had noticed a funny smell coming from our ice. No problem, it was time to clean out the freezer. And boxes of baking powder. And cleaning again. The smell coming from the ice kept getting worse, infecting every drink where we used ice. It wasn't until running the trays in the top rack (we normally use hand washing on these) that they came out, I gave the tray a sniff, AND THERE IT WAS.

My advice to everyone is to NOT buy these trays. You will be totally happy with them for the first few months. The design is super cool and its rubbery-ness is totally awesome, but whatever the chemical formulation of the silicone is lends itself to "freezer stink."

If you absolutely must, ignore the other cleaning tips (soap/water plus vinegar, or whatever, they don't work) here's a tip on storing the trays for a few days in some kitty litter:

Supposedly, you're not supposed to keep the trays in the freezer for long periods. Instead, you make ice, then put the ice into another sealed container, and store the trays elsewhere. So if you feel like taking the time and making that sort of investment (trays, plus kitty litter, plus oversize ziplock bags, plus a separate sealed container to store your ice, plus cabinet space to store your trays when not in use - PHEW!) then by all means go ahead. If you're a lazy twit like me, however, take your money elsewhere.
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on August 11, 2016
The chemical smell, on opening, was OVERWHLEMING, After half a dozen washes in varying temperatures of soapy water (even tried vinegar and water) the smell diminished only somewhat . Even more cause for concern is the chemical TASTE of the ice. Public opinion has the food industry changing, for the better the food we buy. Wish the same could be said for food containers Just because something is BPA free doesn't necessarily mean it's safe. If something which forms ice smells and tastes so awful, surely it cannot be good for you. I returned this for a refund
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on October 19, 2015
My fridge doesn't have an ice maker and I was tired of buying bags of ice from the store so I bought these ice trays. I love the size of the cubes and they're fairly easy to push out, but.... Upon first use I noticed a bunch of soft white flakes floating around in my tea that left an almost sticky feeling on my fingers when I touched it. I thought this was because I hadn't bothered to wash the trays before using them, so I gave them a good scrub and tried again. There were still strange white flakes in my drink! I took to Google to see if anyone else has had this problem and when that didn't turn anything up I went through the Amazon reviews, trying to figure out where the flakes came from. It doesn't seem like anyone else has had this problem but it can't be the tap water I used because I had a pair of crappy hard plastic ice trays and I never experienced the flake problem with those. It has to be some weird silicon-y residue that peels off with the cubes. The search for the perfect ice cube tray continues.
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on December 17, 2016
These have a shiny finish in the trays unlike the cheap ones which are more matte which helps the cubes come out easier. I experienced first hand the cheap ones leaving an oily sheen in the water and some weird cloudy floaters when the ice melted which continued no matter how much I washed or scrubbed with dish soap and simple green. These did leave a bit of oily sheen in the water the first time after washing but scrubbing with a tooth brush and simple green got rid of it, I assume it is a release agent from the manufacturing process. I think the shiny finish makes it less porous and so whatever chemicals are used to make them does not remain in the tray like the cheap ones.
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on October 24, 2012
I use these trays to make ice cubes out of plain and tonic water for drinks. Ice cube machine cubes have too much surface area and melt too fast, these are just nice 1" cubes that don't melt as fast while looking better.

I don't understand how people have such trouble removing cubes from this tray. Yes, it is *kind of* more difficult than a regular ice cube tray that you just twist and most fall out (but not all, and some stick, and some crack, and the entire tray cracks sometimes...), but it is not difficult. You simply slide each cube out, one at a time. There are 15 cubes and it takes 1-2 seconds to take a cube out, yes folks...a whole 15-30 seconds, hardly impossible or time consuming.

I have not noticed strange flavors in the cubes, and I use these for plain water ices cubes, so they have either fixed the issue or my taste and "smell" buds are not sensitive enough. I really like these trays and would recommend them without reservation.
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on May 27, 2015
Great ice cube trays. They're made of soft, flexible silicone rubber, so shouldn't crack (which was the problem with my last set of ice cube trays).

I love the fact that the ice cubes are true cubes.

The only issue I've noticed -- and the only reason I took off a star -- was that they're difficult to get the cubes out of the tray. They don't really "stick" to the tray, but because the tray is so flexible, the cubes don't pop out, like in a traditional tray. So I have to kinda push up on the bottom of the tray, to slide the cube up enough to be able to grab it and pull it free.

But it's a shortcoming I can live with. Really great trays and I'd definitely recommend them.
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on October 16, 2015
These are very good, they do what you need them to, and they look good. I had purchased some time ago the green ones for freezing baby food and needed a second set, so I went with these blue ones and could not be happier. The blue ones have the TOVOLO name on them which the green ones didn't have, so I am not sure the green were original. I have given these a lot of use and have had no issues. I don't know why some reviewer writes they are hard to clean (?) I just put them under running water and after a minute they are sparkling clean, no rubbing. The food/ice cubes are very easy to take out, just leave the trays outside for a minute or two, and you will be surprised how easy it is.
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on June 12, 2016
I purchased these so I could make and freeze my own baby food. Worked great.I cooked up batches and batches of veggies, pureed them - some with breast milk for consistency sake, then froze in these perfect little cubes. I froze these covered with some plastic wrap, then once solid popped them out into a ziplock bag. Makes it easy to mix veggies if needed. Because its silicone, it was super easy to get out, you just push from the bottom, or twist. No issues with tearing, or quality. I even used them to make decorative fruit filled ice cubs for a party.
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