Customer Reviews: Berenguer Dolls 18543_La Newborn 8 Piece Layette gift set, 14-inch , Pink
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on July 22, 2015
We received this doll today and we love her BUT.....she is much smaller than expected. Because she is curled up, she seems smaller than 14" and premie clothes are pretty big on her. Otherwise it's a gorgeous little baby doll but the product photos make her seem much bigger than what she is in "real-life." I hope they will remake this exact doll in an 18"-20" version so it would fit into premie clothes and seem more like the size of a real baby. I expect that our little girl will still love her nonetheless. Everything else about her met our expectations wonderfully.

Okay, now that we've had this doll for several months let me add a few things...My daughter LOVES her. The size of the doll was a non-issue for my little girl. She loves it so much that she is asking for another one for her birthday this year so that her baby will have a brother!! And we've already purchased another identical doll for our other little girl because she HAD to have one also. Premie clothes, once washed, work well for her. Newborn clothes are generally much too big. We've had people in the store mistake her for a real baby on more than one occasion.....she freaks our friends out!! There have been several times that the realism of the doll has caused me false alarm!! We searched and searched for the "perfect" baby doll that was realistic enough but wouldn't break the bank. I would say that we've found her!!
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on December 29, 2010
UPDATED 9/1/16: I see from many of the reviews that there no longer seems to be an issue with the scent, and the product description specifically mentions unscented. So, I don't think this is an issue any longer.

We are a family of six children, ages 9 years down to a baby. My daughters love baby dolls, and they take care of them just like a real baby, with the experience to know exactly what that should be like! When I first saw this doll, I was sure it would be adored as it's modeled to look like a real newborn. So, when my 5-year-old needed a new doll for Christmas, as her old one was falling apart, this is what I bought.

This is definitely a very realistic, newborn-like baby doll. It's on a slightly smaller scale, 14" curled up, but the doll is properly proportioned. There are all the appropriate creases and folds, the backbone visible, etc, but the relatively standard non-gender specific features. The posture is that of a newborn baby, curled up. This is a huge plus for my daughters (the 7 yo and 3 1/2 yo like to play with it too).

However, it does differ in some ways from many babydolls. The legs, as mentioned, are curled up like a newborns, and they are not moveable. This doll stays curled up like a baby and can not be stood up to pretend it's an older child or grown-up. Also, the eyes are permanently open; there are no lids.

The big negative for me is that the doll has been perfumed, presumably to smell like a newborn baby. I never use baby powder or scented stuff on my babies, so my babies don't smell perfumed. But even the perfumed babies I've smelled have had a much milder smell than this. When I opened the box, I could immediately smell the scent. I've since washed the baby doll several times with soap and water, as well as handwashing the clothes, and the smell is still there. It's possible it will wear off some with future use, but the doll has been played with for a week, and I can still tell when the baby comes near. The smell might be less bothersome to someone else, as I tend to avoid scented items, but still it is very noticeable. My daughters aren't bothered by the smell, but they can't bring it near me, because it does bother me. NOTE: After almost 1 year of use, the smell has not faded one bit.)

The clothes that came with this doll seem durable enough, though there is a caution to only handwash the diaper and not to wring it dry. Additional clothes for this doll don't seem to be easy to find. It will not fit in standard 14" doll clothes because of being thicker around the torso and curled up. We bought size preemie sleepers, and they're slightly big, but no bigger than a newborn's clothes often are on him/her.

Still, on the whole, I like this baby doll. It's a nice realistic-looking newborn, which is perfect in my family where the children are very used to having baby siblings. It's very educational and lends itself well to pretending to be a mother/father. My main caution is about the fact that the doll is strongly scented, and I would caution against buying it if anyone in your household is sensitive to scents and perfumes.
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on May 19, 2011
OK... I just got this baby doll. This is no where in this listing/ pictures showing that you might get the baby doll of a DIFFERENT facial expression. But the one I got is NOT the same as the picture!

I knew there are 2 facial expressions of this doll since I saw it on the JC Toys website. HOWEVER, in this listing, it only shows ONE facial expression! So I thought I was getting the "smiling" one. BUT NO, it turned out the one I got is the one without the smile but an open mouth.

Well I think Amazon should at least tell us which one we're getting, or they should show the picture of the one with a different facial expression so we know we may be getting either one.

I am still keeping this doll as I think it actually looks even more realistic than the smiley one. But for some people, this may be a big deal. So I'd like to tell you this with this review. If you want to see what the other facial expression looks like, you may want to go to the JC Toys website to check it out.

On the good side, as I said, this is a really realistic baby doll! I like the soft vinyl and the cuddling post. Very cute doll!
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on February 12, 2013
This baby is oh-so-real and what a beautiful little face.....we love it. Perfect for the expectant sister-to-be----even comes with clothes! Perfect! Highly recommended.
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on December 21, 2013
I was looking for a cheap but realistic baby doll my daughter could take into the bath tub with her. This one is so real looking, and very cute. The limbs move at the hip and shoulder. The knees and elbows have a permanent bend. The head is tilted forward a bit and moves side to side. All vinyl, good quality, great size for a 4 year old. I returned the first one I bought because it had a scratch on it and amazon was very easy to deal with-I am now waiting on the replacement.
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on October 4, 2012
I was looking at this doll on Amazon for a while and debating about getting it for my 3 and a 1/2 year-old because of the negative reviews about the heavy perfume smell and also because no seller on here can guarantee the facial expression you want. So, I decided not to buy it. Then I came across about 8 of them on the shelf at the local toy store with the giraffe as the mascot. They had the smiling face doll which is the one everybody pretty much wants and nobody gets when they order online. I even contacted the sellers on here to ask if they could sell me a smiling one and I got some very pointed "no"'s. I grabbed it and took a good look at it and then put my nose right ON the baby and inhaled deeply. Nothing. No smell whatsoever aside from the expected slight plastic toy smell. I stood there probably looking like some kind of total weirdo sniffing this baby doll again and again and then sniffing the other dolls while keeping an eye out for store security to ask me to leave for such strange behavior. No smell on the dolls. My theory is that if you buy the doll from a store, where it has been sitting open with air circulating around it for weeks or months, it loses that perfume smell. When it's crated with 40 other dolls and not exposed to air circulation, the smell likely intensifies and saturates the dolls. So if the scent is an issue for you, then try getting it where the giraffe shops -- ehem -- or buy it in advance and let it sit out somewhere to lose the scent. Plus, at the giraffe joint it was just twenty-two big ones and not thirty-one to fifty like they're asking here. Just sayin' is all.. Also, it's a disappointment that the legs don't move. No idea why the manufacturer would cheap up on the leg joints but they did. Still, when you are expecting a newborn and you want your 3 year-old to share a little in the experience, this is a great option for a doll Christmas morning.
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on June 17, 2011
We bought this baby for my little girl(age 4) when we had our second baby to help with the transition of becoming a big sister. This baby of course comes with the pink outfits & is not anatomically correct(we didn't want it anatomically correct anyhow). My daughter was set on that fact she wanted a "boy baby"(meaning a baby wearing blue). We found a set of all blue clothes made for this baby on ebay(we just looked up "Berenguer clothes"). Anyhow, I do agree that this baby does come with a strong scent(like baby powder or roses), but being that we've had this baby for about 6 months now, the smell is pretty much gone. I can smell it if I purposely put my face to the doll & take a good whiff. My daughter LOVES this baby! She did not like baby dolls at all until she got this one. She will not go anywhere without this baby. The clothes are VERY durable & made to last. She took this baby to preschool with her everyday & we always washed the outfit every week. It has held up very well-no fading or tearing.I just have to caution you--This baby looks so real that we have had a lot of people stop us thinking we put a real baby in the bottom of the shopping cart or stroller because that's where my little girl puts the baby when she gets tired of carrying it around. The detailing on this baby is remarkable. It's face is the cutest baby doll face I've ever seen & that smile just makes you want to laugh. The legs, hands & feet are painted with realitic tinting & wrinkled in just the right places a newborn would be wrinkly. A lot of the Berenguer dolls are really goofy-looking & so are a lot of "newborn-looking" baby dolls, but this one is just cute!I think that was why we initially decided to get it for our daughter-I thought if she was going to like any baby doll-it would have to be one that looked cute!! We ordered an extra one to keep as a backup. A truly treasured toy at our house!!!!!
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on December 3, 2014
This little doll is adorable and well made. She's not squishy but isn't as hard as some other plastic dolls, either. I don't detect a smell, of any kind, on her. The attention to detail is amazing; especially on the fingernails and toenails. The one I bought my daughter for Christmas (from the giraffe store) has her mouth slightly open and her eyes are squinting. All of the facial expressions they offer are cute in their own way.

The doll purchased from the store was missing it's hospital bracelet. I contacted the doll company and received a phone call hours later. They're sending me a replacement bracelet! What wonderful customer service!!! :)
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on September 17, 2014
Received this doll for my toddler because I just had a baby. It is quite realistic looking so I gave it two stars for that, but not exactly cuddly. The head is constantly lifted and therefore it won't lie flat. That doesn't exactly make it the best toy in my opinion. The clothes are attached to the cardboard by really short plastic ties and even though I carefully cut them out, there are now holes in almost every spot where I had to cut (and there were many places to cut). So the clothes are now full of holes. She arrived with a two inch long deep scratch on the top of her head too.
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Style Name: Pink Smiling|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Our soon-to-be-2-year-old is also a soon-to-be-big-sister and loves babies, so we got this for her for her birthday. We opened it up to check it out, but it's not quite her birthday yet, so she has yet to play with it. Here are a few observations:

* The packaging is not frustration free. At all.
* The size of a very small baby, yet it looks alert and it is somehow holding its head up--this doll has some features that are "preemie" and others that are 3-6 months. That's fine, though--I can't think of any little kids that would hold these anachronisms against it.
* My wife and I agree that the baby is very life-like without being too "creepy" (type "uncanny valley" into your favorite search engine).
* All the pink implies this is a girl, but if you take the diaper off, it is genderless.
* The overall weight and weight distribution seems about right for a human of that size.
* The plastic is somewhat soft, though much harder than real skin would be.
* There is a chemical smell from the plastic that I found unpleasant, but it is slight and I expect it will off-gas/disappear quickly.

I gave it to our 7 and 9 year old girls to play with for a while and they thought it was very cute and fun to pretend with. I'm excited for our little one's birthday--I think she'll love it.

Attached is a picture of our 2 day old, 8 pound (and a few ounces) baby next to the doll as a size comparison. Also, it should be noted that the 2 year old likes the doll and I think it's a very good size for her.
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