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on June 18, 2011
The LG 800G cell phone is the first touch screen offered by TracFone, and in my opinion, the best TracFone yet offered. But don't look for it on LG's website - you won't find it. It is a special prepaid model for TracFone/Net10 only. I don't even find it listed overseas.

I have had mine for about four weeks. It is not a full smart phone, more like half-smart, when compared to something like the iPhone. It doesn't have accelerometers, it doesn't have WiFi, and you only have limited capability to change orientation of the screen.

But at only $50 or less, it is a very good value for the features it does have - a very good cell phone -- with a music player, HD camera (stills and video), external memory (optional), data cable (optional), a qwerty keyboard app, texting, and included apps for games, alarm clock, stop watch,voice recorder, calendar, memo pad, tasks list, scientific calculator, and World clock. And, you can add hundreds of your own apps, provided they are java apps.

You can surf the internet and access your email and text message - all costing you minutes. I personally don't have anything important enough to pay for cell phone internet connect time and downloads. But if you do, you can do it with the LG 800G.

While the external memory (microSDHC card), and USB data cable, are not included, you should consider them essential and buy them. The reason is that it is much cheaper to download apps to your computer and transfer it to the LG 800G by data cable. The data cable must be a USB-typA to a micrUSB-typeB. The data cable can only access the microSD card (external memory) and not the internal memory.

You can also use Bluetooth to connect to a Bluetooth headset, or to transfer files to/from a computer (if it the computer also has bluetooth.) You can set file transfer to be either to internal memory or to external memory.

The LG 800G comes with double-minutes-for-life, and if you catch Home Shopping Network just at the right time, they occasionally have triple-minutes for life. The cost per minute is around ten cents, and even less.

The LG 800G has just too many features to discuss here. You will find the TracFone User guide that comes with the LG 800G to be pretty basic -- mostly devoted to activating the phone. You will want to access the TracFone LG 800G on-line Tutorial. There is no link on the TracFone website to the tutorial but you can find it, and the best user forum/blog, by Googling "TracFone LG 800G Tutorial." The top three or four hits should take you to the tutorial and to the Turk Forum LG 800G discussion.

All in all, I very much like the LG 800G, and would recommend it to a friend. My favorite app is the music player, which also has an equalizer and Bass Boost. With a good stereo headset, especially one that also receives calls, it is as good as it gets.
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on June 26, 2011
I decided to get a Trackfone because I just can't justify nearly $100 per month from AT&T when a Tracfone would only cost me about $100 per YEAR. This phone does everything and more for me especially since I only use my phone to talk and text message, occassionally check facebook or e-mail online with it, but that's about it. It's the perfect phone, so lightweight, easy to use, easy to see for someone with low vision like me which is perfect, and just neat with the touchscreen capability. Definitely get a cover for it though because without it it is EXTREMELY slippery and easy to drop. Love everything about it otherwise though.

UPDATE: July 14, 2011

After leaving my glowing review a few days later I also began having the texting problem most people seem to have. I was receiving the same message over and over and OVER again and couldn't get any new ones either. I called costumer service and spoke with a very friendly, very helpful woman who reset my text message service and within a couple hours it was up and running again and has been great ever since. I adore this phone and wouldn't want any other as of now. So rest assured that if you do get this phone and IF it did develop the texting problem then it can be easily fixed. I still give it five stars!!!!
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on August 4, 2011
I believe this is the best cellphone yet to use with TracFone to this date (August 2011). It's not quite a smartphone, but it's close. I don't have to repeat the great features and capabilities; you can look at the specifications and see those yourself. They all work well.

While some have expressed concerns about the touch-screen sensitivity, I have not noticed any major problems with mine.

A minor worry: max volume level for messages, memos and music is just adequate. Ring tone volume is fine, however.

I hope someday to see an improved version that supports many more of the great applications currently available with better known smartphones such as those from Apple and Google and others. Currently the LG800G does very well with most generalized Java based applications.

The price with double minutes is fantastic! I would recommend to TracFone users.

Update: August 6, 2011

Under video resolution, the specs indicate "no built-in video recorder". I'm confused. I'm recording videos and playing them back on this unit. This spec must be in error... or I don't understand what the spec means.
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I've had two of these, it got damaged (my fault, the unit is robust and dosn't break easlily). I bought a new one with triple minutes for life; this makes texting and talking very cheap.
You will find no serious apps for this phone whatsoever, despite claims from LG. the only "apps" are different ringtones and a few games. I wanted serious apps, like maps, boating charts, business apps, etc. but the 'Java 2' operating system of the phone supports no real business related apps.
One very annoying feature of this phone is the automatic screen lock. You must keep pressing the unlock icon to perform tasks, such as access to the phone keyboard.
Yes, it has a qwerty keyboard, but even using a pencil for a stylus it has a high entry error rate.
I worked around the 'no app' problem by getting various websites as bookmarks, such as Google Maps and Weather Underground. Weather Underground will give you animated weather radar for this phone. Time spent on line is generous, they don't bill you for many minutes online. However, not so with checking your email. I use the email client the phone comes with and it gobles up your minutes quickly. I will try to switch to a net based email client such as G Mail, that may solve the problem.
Battery life is average on this unit, but it charges quickly. Voice quality sending and recieving is excellent.
I purchased some screen protectors and a thin rubber protector for the phone. I strongly reccomend the rubber protector because it keeps the rear access door from popping open as it is prone to do. The screen protectors are great because they let you use a stylus (a pen, pencil, car key, whatever) without scratching the units screen. The screen protectors are cheap and easlily replaced when scratched up. I bought a five-pack here at Amazon.
This phone's on/off switch is difficult to use and has a 5 second lag.
I talk a lot on my cell, my typical bill is under $20/month. This is a great value. I only buy minutes when they are on sale and I stockpile them up since they roll over.
I live in Massachusetts (home of the New England Patriots, in case you havne't heard) and Tracphone asigned me to the ATT network. They are OK, not as good as Verizon.
Summary: I've had the phone two years. It saves me a lot of money and is dependable. It 'looks nice' but it is certainly no
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on September 22, 2011
With Tracfone, you pay for what you get, and what you get is a low-cost alternative to the big carriers and their bigger contracts. What you didn't get up until very recently was decent phones. I had been using a Samsung T301g slider until the battery started to die and I decided to upgrade my phone instead of replacing the battery. After doing a little searching, I decided to go with this model because it seemed to be a lot more functional than my old phone, but with the price on Amazon was not much more money. I am so glad that I made that decision, because this phone is a spectacular value for the price.

The resistive touch screen works extremely well once you get used to it. It didn't take much more than inputting my contacts into the phone before I had the feel for it down. Although the "manual" that Tracfone includes with the phone is extremely inadequate, I was able to figure out my way around the phone relatively intuitively. Most of the functions are similar to any phone made within the last 5 or so years, and if you get hung up there are a lot of places that have the information you'll need to get past your problem. The interface is the only thing that's significantly different. The phone has a very functional mp3 player built in that includes preset equalizer settings and the phone has a 3.5 mm jack on the top for a headset/headphones. The Bluetooth isn't crippled like it has been on most Tracfones, and I was able to move about 3gb of songs to the phone without any problems (you will need to get a 4gb microSD card, though, because the onboard memory is only about 20mb). I was also able to use the Bluetooth to transfer a handful of Java apps that I downloaded to my computer to the phone and they installed just fine. Did I forget to mention that this phone runs Java apps? It does. It is a bit challenging finding apps that actually work on this phone, but a little trial and error will get you there.

Oh, and it is a phone, so I should mention that call clarity, signal quality and the like are all top notch thus far, and I live on the edge of an antiquated AT&T network out in the middle of nowhere in northern Arizona. If it sounds good here, it'll sound good anywhere.

As for the texting issue that many were reporting around mid-year 2011, it should be noted that Tracfone and LG have apparently fixed this problem with a software upgrade. I was a little worried about getting an older software version with this phone, especially since it seemed to be heavily discounted, but when the phone arrived I checked the software version and found it to be the updated, non-buggy version. What you need to check is in the phone's "Device Information" screen. If your S/W Version reads: V10d, you have the old version with the potentially buggy texting. If you have V10e, you're good to go.

Pros for this phone:
Good (and good-sounding) mp3 player
Fully-functioning Bluetooth
Great Calendar/Scheduling app built in
QWERTY for texting
Touch Screen works well
Java app support
Great sound quality.
Customizable home screen (all widgets can be moved or removed except the "Prepaid" one)
Onboard document reader that works with most Office files, Open Office files, .txt and .pdf files.
2MP camera that actually takes good pictures, and a video recorder.

No WiFi
No position sensor/accelerometer
Built-in web browser is terrible (but can be removed from the home screen and you can use BOLT or Opera Mini apps instead)

I purchased this phone along with a stereo headset w/mic (haven't had a chance to test the mic yet, but the headphones sound great with the mp3 player), a 4gb microSD card, and a set of 3 screen protectors and paid less than $60 for the entire package (all through Amazon, and that price includes shipping). Overall, I could not be happier with the functionality of this phone, especially at that price. Tracfone even effortlessly moved all of my minutes and service days over from my old phone (although I did have to wait for a new SIM card for that to happen).

If you're looking for a great phone that has a lot of bells and whistles without locking yourself into a ridiculous contract or paying through the nose, this is the phone for you. I cannot recommend it enough.
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on September 19, 2011
I like the simplicity of the Tracfone plan, and the LG800G itself is stylish and has some great features, like an MP3 player (with equalizer) and the ability to add gigabytes of memory via a micro-SDHC card, which are ridiculously cheap. The web browser isn't all that great, but it does the job. The touch screen is easily calibrated and nicely responsive. A lot of thought went into this design, and it shows.

BUT ...

Regardless of how highly they tout their coverage -- and I tried to check this out beforehand, but the Tracfone site's coverage maps are USELESS!!! -- I was unable to use this phone in an area where my previous cell phone had worked just fine. Not this one, though. And this was not some sparsely populated area or deep in a valley, far from civilization.

This was not a minor inconvenience, since I often have to spend several days at a time in this area and have a real need to keep in touch. Needless to say, I was very disappointed and angry, particularly when the Verizon phone I bought as an emergency replacement (the alternative being to spend an hour each day driving to a town where I could get Tracfone coverage) got a perfect signal no matter where I used it!
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on July 19, 2011
I replaced an old Moto flip phone with this a few days ago.
The Good: The phone features are great. Clear sound and good reception. Installed a microSD card for downloading music. The MP3 music play works very well. Calendar, contacts list, and other phone basics OK. The QUERTY keypad is great for messages. However, other functions (contacts, calendar, etc) will use the phone keypad for entry. The keys can bey a bit touchy (Touch phone humor). If you load PDFs onto your SD card the phone has a built in viewer, but can only view smaller files (< 2 Mb) and it is slow to turn pages. The 2MP camera is ok. Some tweaking is necessary to get higher quality pix.

The Bad: 1. The web browser is pretty much trash. It is slow and unresponsive to accessing even the default sites such as weather. Did not try the facebook or twitter. But, those minutes get used up fast waiting for a web page to show up.

2. It does claim to run Apps. However, these are not Android apps, they are JAVA apps. The Java marketplace does not appear to be accessible from the phone (you would not want to anyway because of using up mins). The market is small, but several Java apps such as games are free by way of a PC download and transfer. As with most phones you can pay to download ringtones, images and games, but if you can connect up to a PC via the USB port, these can also be downloaded free or nearly so.

3. The USB cable, a case, and mobile power/charger adaptor are extra items. Tracphone used to bundle these with some phones, but not the LG800G.

4. There is no built in Email app. The Net10 version has it, but not Tracphone. There are a few Java Email apps out there but I have not tried to install them. There may be issues with the port opening (ie lockout) that can prevent them from working.
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on October 15, 2011
This phone is awesome, and I couldn't have had a better tracfone. This is a lightweight touch phone that can easily slip into your pocket. Honestly, I'm one of those people who don't care about those new high tech quailty phone, and if you are one of those people who love those phones this isn't the right one for you. This phone has awesome features, and you can even buy games, graphics, and ringtones with tracfone minutes. I had this phone for maybe about a month and I had no problems with it so far. I'll list the pros and cons for you:
-Easy to use
-Great call quality

-I didn't like how the power button was on the top, and that it was so tiny sometimes you couldn't even tell if you were pushing a button.
-Also the screen is pretty small, so when I have the full qwerty mode for texting it's a tad difficult

All and all I love this phone and this is probably as good as it gets for tracfone.
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on July 25, 2011
I like the LG800G phone a lot! It is thin, light and truly a pocket phone. The QWERTY capability is very important to me. I have a serious hearing loss and do a lot of texting with family and friends. The cost savings I found by switching from Verizon to TracFone are amazing.
Nothing is perfect, of course. The negs I should mention include a very scratchable screen. One needs to get clear screen protectors from the get-go. There is a game called "Containers Block" that stopped working for me after a couple hundred rounds.
All in all, I recommend this phone very highly!
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on October 15, 2011
I had Tracfone already and just wanted to upgrade to this basic Smartphone. Again, only the phone number and the minutes can be transferred. The contact book has to be manually copied one by one, which is a pain. The online activation was not successful. It keeps saying the old phone I entered was not a correct one, which is another mystery. So I had to call Tracfone to talk to a live associate to do the transfer. The phone experience is however a good one. The associate knew what he was doing, and did it efficiently. Within ten minutes in my area, the phone started working.
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