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on June 18, 2015
I am writing this review for people who don’t current own a pet tracking device and are trying to figure out what works best for them. I just purchased the Tractive and am very happy with it. I had a Tagg GPS+ before and it didn’t work for me because it relied on the Verizon Network and that coverage is oddly non-existent at my house. (I live in a populated suburban area). Tagg’s customer service was cumbersome - -they said they were overwhelmed because the GPS+ had just come out. But, they did process a return.

From my research, Tractive and Gibi rely on AT&T. Tagg relies on Verizon. Beyond that issue, I think anyone looking at buying one of these devices should think about what their needs are and what functions are most important. The first question is where does your pet spend most of its time? The second question is whether you are relying on this for routine tracking or for emergencies - -your pet is out of its safe space and you need to find it. Being inside or outside is important for the GPS feature which needs, at some point, access to the sky. (Or the cellular connect that can get you close but not as precise as the GPS). If you are relying on it in an emergency you need to think about how user friendly it is when you are panicked that you can’t find your pet.

For me, my dog lives inside and only goes outside with me or the dog walker. With me, he does some off-leash walking. Also, I have an unfenced yard (can’t have a fence) and my dog gets supervised off-leash access. But, we have wildlife (deer and fox) that occasionally appear and my dog gives chase. So for me, the feature of getting notifications when my dog leaves the home zone (geo-fence, safe zone) isn’t that important as I will generally see him take off. But, if your pet spends its days outside, then you should focus on this. I think the Tagg and Tractive features are similar here – my experience is that Tractive worked better but that could be because of the Verizon issue. (Several times with the dog walker Tagg said my dog was out of the home zone for hours and could not locate him. I was pretty sure he was home safe and sound but the Tagg couldn't tell me this. And, Tagg said a cell phone booster would not work with their device)

I have found the Tractive has a much faster response when I want to know where my dog is. For the Tagg, it could not locate my dog inside. That was probably due to the poor Verizon coverage. But even on our walks, there were several times it could not locate my dog when I could see him! Tractive has been speedy and locates very quickly. I find Tractive’s tracking function much better that Tagg – again quick and real time.
I also like the Tractive app better than the Tagg app. It seems the notification function is more straight-forward and I didn’t need all the bells and whistle of Tagg. But, again, I wasn’t relying on the leaving the home zone function. But I also found that the Tractive app gives me information faster and in a cleaner format. Again, I want to be able to use the functions when I am panicked because my dog isn’t where he should be. I want to be able to cleanly get the information. It is one of the reasons I did not go with Gibi as they rely on a website and don’t have an app. To have my cell phone looking for a website and updating that website would add one more stress in an already stressful situation of looking for my dog.

I have not found the battery life to be a problem. So Tractive gets five stars after several days of use. I will update this review if my views change.
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on April 23, 2016
I sincerely wish that I could write ten 5-star reviews for the Tractive GPS. I did extensive research and read a lot of reviews before purchasing this device. I'm happy that I did. The system is incredibly accurate, much more so than other GPS systems for other applications. I can literally be standing 24" from my pet, zoom in on the phone app map and see the distance between us. Battery life: From my trials the battery lasts about a week between charges in stand-by mode, about 24hrs during Live Tracking (which you would never use in an active tracking situation), and about 2.5weeks in stand-by mode if you turn on the device only when walking your dog. The device fully charges in about 2 hours. I have tested the device in heavy rain and it is indeed water resistant. The Tractive comes with two clips, one for a very thin, low profile collar, the other for most standard collars. The clip is very secure. My dog (mastiff) has gone barreling into hedges, lodged herself into groundhog holes and wrestled, without the device becoming detached from the collar. Then there is the phone app, which has a really easy to use interface, especially for someone like me who is only moderately savvy with wireless technologies. I got the whole thing set up in 5-10 minutes. The app not only tracks the precise position of your pet, but allows you to turn on a light on the device remotely to help in after dark situations. I purchased this device after my rescue dog "Cali" had run away from neighbors who were pet sitting while I was a 4 hour flight away. She ended up in protected wetlands that were full of coyotes, ticks and no public access. After a 2 day search on the part of over 20 people, she was finally found dehydrated, injured, hungry and exhausted. I never want to go through that again, and I'm sure Cali does not either. I now never go out with her without her Tractive device on and in stand-by mode. I always active the Live tracking for 15 seconds to make sure that it is functioning. I have never once had a problem. One tip - be sure to attach the Tractive to a harness or collar that your pet cannot pull out of. I actually have it attached to a harness and then use a separate Martingale collar to attach her leash. This ensures that if Cali somehow pulls out of her collar, the Tractive is always attached to her. I have already recommended the Tractive to three close friends with dogs, who have all purchased and love it. I stand 100% behind this review.
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on December 30, 2014
We bought this when we took our dogs on a visit to my parents in TN. They have a 6-acre property with no fences in a pretty rural part of the state. One of our dogs likes to explore and chase things, so we were concerned about her running off and getting lost. The first morning there, she went exploring and couldn't figure out how to get back. I was able to use the compass feature to point me in the right direction and find her. Fortunately, after that she figured it out and was always able to find her way back on her own.

The GPS isn't as precise as what you see on other devices, like your cell phone, but it will get you close enough to call them or probably see them in an open area. The feature to turn on a light or an audible beep on the collar is smart and also makes pinpoint precision on the GPS unnecessary.

While not a must have feature, I have to say it was fun to be able to track her movement history and see where she was going when she was out and about. She made it a lot further than I would have guessed.

I found the Safe Zone feature to not be terribly useful. This is where the imprecise GPS was a problem. Too many false alerts. The only way I was able to eliminate them was to set the safe zone to be larger than I actually wanted. But a safe zone that is too large is still better than no zone at all.

The ability to do a monthly subscription is good as well. I don't need this product at home. Only when we take the dogs on a trip. I activate the subscription when I need it and turn it off the rest of the time.

While there are cheaper products out there, I'm glad I bought this one. I would buy it again.
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on April 13, 2015
I purchased this product for when I go hiking with my dog. Sometimes he disappears for a little longer than I want to and when recall is useless, this device is a good peace of mind.
This is really the only time I use Tractive so I can only judge the "live" location function.
It can take a few seconds to a minute for the pet's location to appear on the screen and it does drain the battery A LOT but I find it pretty accurate. Plus I think the price of this device and monthly payments are pretty competitive compare to other on the market.
The big plus for me is customer service. They are very responsive and helpful which adds a tone of value to the product as far as I am concerned.
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on September 13, 2016
Just have Had this Tracker over a week ago!
So Far So Good!
Very accurate and Small enough for Our Schnauzer!
Only Problem I have so far is Battery Life!
Have to Recharge Every 3 days without Live Tracking!
Description says Battery Not replaceable so how long will it last and then What with constant recharging?
Start paying for it Day One to Activate without giving you a Trial Period!
Had Pod Tracker I returned because didn't work and Support was Terrible!
But no charge for 1 year!
Will Update before 30 Day return Policy!

Update after Having for Several Months!
Works Great When not being Charged!
Maximum Battery Life is 3 Days!
Annoying having to Charge 3 Units Every 3 Days for 3 Dogs!
If had a choice again would not Purchase and Look for something with longer Battery Life and not $6.99 a month for a Tracker that spends 1/4 month on Charger!
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on March 2, 2017
It works well for the most part. But at least 2-3 times a day I'll get notified that my dog has left the safe zone and the first time I freaked out because I'm out of town, but when I activate the live tracking she's immediately back in the house. And I know she's still at home because I'll text my dog sitter. It's alarming getting notifications saying your dog has left the house and you're not sure if it's legitimate or not.
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on November 26, 2016
it has some decent features, but it seems to glitch real bad, even in good service areas (in which i live). the app is pretty user friendly, but not a lot of options once the account has been created. But my big issue with this is the power. The battery does not last very long at all, to make it even worse, there is no % displayed for battery and there should be a low battery warning that is at least a day in advanced, not once it hits 0%! AND the 1990's style battery charger plug-clip contraption is a pain in the ass to connect. I should have just waited for the 2.0. It will track your pet, just seems like new technology.
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on June 2, 2017
I have a Tractive GPS that I purchased from Amazon on 1/24/2017. Less than 5 months of use and the battery no longer holds a charge. We typically take it off of the charger at 8AM, DAILY, yet still receive low battery warnings ~7.5 hours later. I've validated against coverage maps that Tractive support provided and they state we have excellent 2G coverage in our area so it's not due to the tracker continuously seeking for signal (screenshot of coverage map attached).

Now, this was not always the case, originally we could get through 2+ days without charging... now by 6PM the tracker is dead. Within the last month though? That's a different story.

In short the battery does not handle charge cycles very well. There is no reason, no matter the battery chemistry, that 100 charge cycles should have such a shortened life span this dramatically unless they used low quality rechargable cells from the get-go.

I highly recommend that others stay away from this device and look elsewhere for piece of mind regarding their pets.
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on January 18, 2017
This product uses old 2G networks/towers, which are obsolete now. I bought this in June and it wouldn't work outside of our inner city limits because of lack of coverage. Now, it doesn't work well in inner city limits because they are gradually shutting down these towers/networks and the Tractive company is not doing anything to upgrade it's equipment to use newer cell towers. Customer service will just reply and say they "can't influence the cellular coverage." I've asked them to refund my purchase, but I have my doubts they will do this. We'll see. Also, it's important to note, the battery for this unit only lasts about 6 hours now. It was lasting for 3 days when it originally bought it, but it has worn down now to only 6 hours. Not much time to find a pet if he/she is lost, and that is assuming they get lost when the battery is fully charged. Bottom line, purchase a different product. This one isn't keeping up with the times.
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on October 5, 2016
Would give no stars if possible. The registrations process leaves no room for error. It has been 48 hours since I have reached out thru their on line support form with no resolution. In fact still have not heard from them. Can't find a phone number anywhere for support either. Seems their big investment is their Twitter page....we've had the product for only a month and it's not working at all. Waste of money.
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