Customer Reviews: Tracy Anderson - Metamorphosis by Tracy - Hipcentric - 4 DVD Set
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on February 21, 2013
I have used this program for over a year (am into Tracy's continuity program), but in reading the other review here I felt compelled to present an argument from someone who completed it and not just started complaining in the first month.

The first two "facts" (regarding choosing a food program and cardio) from the other reviewer have some validity... if you are not into following the dance portion and want to free flow as Tracy suggests... do it. If you have another form of 30 minute cardio that is already your soulmate cardio, by all means I would agree to do that as well. It is intended as a complement to the training as the movements will also work to hit the muscles groups that the Tracy Anderson Method is looking to transform. For the first 90 days, I would say stick to her program as close as possible with the cardio but edit where needed. For the first 90 days, I would say stick to her program as close as possible for the diet (which is largely vegetable based) because you will get lots of energy on it and it will get you started on the right track for feeling good and using food as FUEL not comfort.

I was not a fit person when I started this. I was FAR from it. And I am no angel when it comes to following a diet. I've recently switched to Paleo and find it to be a good fit for me... maybe not for everyone, but for me. Everyone is different. With the Hipcentric program I lost 12 inches off my hips in 6 weeks. My arms were toned and shapely, I stood taller, my abs were flatter, and I dropped 5 pant sizes over the 90 days. The 30 minutes of the transform dvd's FLY by. They are brilliant. They are completely different than other workouts because they hit angles that others do not.

Each of the transform workouts consist of 15 minutes which will be the same regardless of which program you are following (hipcentric, glutecentric, omnicentric, abcentric). This is arms, weighted arms, standing abs, laying abs. The last 15 minutes is all based on the program... so for me, hipcentric, it was all leg/hip work. Burning, searing, painful legwork (in a good way of course). This is a strategic muscle exhaustion section and you will feel it the next day. Every day. You do 40 repetitions of each motion on each leg. You have to follow the angles she is doing to get the correct intention... she even recommends using a mirror to make sure you are hitting it, but for most people you will know if you are doing it correct. The mirror will help more to keep the form as you progress and start to lose form when you muscles are exhausted.

Each transform workout is completed 10 times. If you stick to it, you will get amazing results that you will not see with an extreme intensity workout, running, or any other large-muscle group focused program (which most of them are).

It is fun, and at 30 minutes, it is quick too. While you should do an additional 30 minutes of cardio, be it the dance cardio dvd or not, the transform dvd alone will suffice when you are truly in a bind for time. I wish she had instructors and studios in my area, and maybe someday I will travel to do a live class, but this is the next best thing! Look at her website and all the celebrities she has trained... watch the clip about the program, and you will see there is a difference in her method.

If you cannot commit to a program, yes, this is just going to sit in your pile/collection. But if you really want to change your physique, whether you are a seasoned runner or new to exercising, this will get you where you want to go.
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on March 28, 2014
Ok. I HAVE to address some of the criticisms of this set. I almost didn't buy this because some of the people here were SO critical (It does seem to be a love/hate relationship with her). I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond on sale for $60, used a 20% coupon and walked away with the whole set for less than $50. I have been at it for 2 months.

I am 44 years old, a stay-home-mom to three boys (so the gym is not in the budget or on the schedule). I am in ok shape. Although I have exercised moderately and worked on my diet my whole life, consistency has not been my strong suit. I am 5'3 and weigh about 125 lbs. The cellulite has been settling in over the last couple years as I have become less active (due to the boys being bigger and able to do a lot more on their own. My arms went to hell-in-a-hand basket when I stopped lifting toddlers to reach things or get to places faster!) My diet is very clean, comparatively, than it has been in the past or with other Americans. I have worked on this steadily for years. YOUR DIET - WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH - ACCOUNTS FOR 80% OF WHAT YOUR BODY LOOKS/FEELS LIKE. If you have not mastered your diet. STOP. Go back. My suggestion is to take a year or two to work only on this. Do moderate exercise while you work on this all-important life-style change. The effort involved while you work on changing your taste buds from enjoying greasy, bad food to actually enjoying vegetables, fruits, clean grains and proteins is IMMENSE. Go easy on yourself. Love yourself while you make mistakes with it.

#1: The Dynamic Eating Plan -- Well. There are a couple issues. While I commend her for the excellent food choices (fruit, veggies, low fat proteins), she is a bit irresponsible with certain aspects. For example, during a Body Reset week, she has a person eating only 750 calories a day!!! This in NOT, repeat, NOT ok. DO NOT try to eat less than 1200 calories a day! ESPECIALLY if you are exercising an hour a day. She is very naïve about this. She deals with movie stars fitting into Academy Award gowns. This is not realistic or safe. Please don't do this. Her naivete is further evidenced by statements like "if you are allergic to chestnuts, just substitute them with berries". These are not nutritional equivalents and I am not sure what she is thinking. Use the eating plan for examples of good food to eat. And eat a lot of it. YOU MUST increase your intake of this type of good food in order to have the energy to do the work out. (If you are not there yet, go back.) DO NOT under any circumstances load your diet up with "light drinks" , or "low calorie vitamin waters" or Kashi (CRAZY!!!!) bars. These are garbage loaded with artificial sweeteners, gmo's and additives that will make you feel like garbage. Because they are garbage. This poor girl needs a nutrition 101 class. Oh well. Also it is ok to lower your carb intake dramatically, and make it more like quinoa or sprouted grain breads - like Ezekial Bread. But I wouldn't eliminate them altogether as she seems to suggest. Your body will need carbs to complete proteins present in vegetables and to have the energy needed to burn for exercise. LEARN ABOUT NUTRITION FIRST. There is a ton of great information out there. Her "diet" plan should NOT be your resource for this.

#2 Yes -- the cardio routine is a bit silly. BUT. Listen a few times to what she talks about during the routine and why she chooses the moves she does, the reasons for them. My legs always get HUGE from step routines, or running, or "circuit" training or even walking. I have always hated it. She tells you why this happens and why it is so vital to do the types of moves she does. Once you learn what she is talking about, you can turn the whole thing off, make a 30 minute playlist of dance music and freestyle the whole thing. It is FUN and I now look forward to cardio, knowing my thighs aren't blowing up, but actually slimming and my butt is lifting. PS: If you already have a cardio routine such as jogging that you already know works well for you and your body, don't do this one. Also, it has taken me 2 months! to get anywhere near the level of cardio she is at. I am still pushing my system to do the whole 30 minutes. I slow down often, still. But I keep moving as much like her as I possibly can. If I don't push a ton of good foods and water, I totally bonk.

#3 The Transform. And here why you NEED TO BUY THIS. The reviewer who "watched" the set before letting us all know she wasted her money is a bit of a ninny. (Yes I just used that word, lol) These are not your typical "Jane Fonda" Movements. Not by a longshot, honey. I have been doing exercise videos and classes since Jane Fonda was popular (yes, I even had one when I was 14). This is DIFFERENT. These moves CHANGE YOUR LEGS. They work on the accessory muscles (which Jane Fonda didn't even know existed - she just starved herself and toned a couple large muscle groups, by her own admission). They pull you from the inside out. You will wake up sore in places deep within your legs, places you didn't know existed. This is GENIUS. why? A).Because when we build these small muscles, we take the stress off our skeletal system (building large muscles without building these accessories, weakens the accessories and taxes our skeletal system. Overworking large muscles causes breakdowns in knees, hips and shoulders, where these accessories are located. Body builders, runners, lifters, often injure their knees, hips, and shoulders for this very reason. They are tearing their accessory muscles.)
B) These small, accessory muscles require FEWER CALORIES to sustain them. You can eat minimally and remain strong. Why is that good? Well fewer calories means fewer chances in a day to make a bad choice about what we put in our mouth. Large Muscle groups require tons of protein to maintain. You start putting crap like protein powders into your veggie smoothie. This is disgusting and BAD FOR YOU. Needing more calories means wanting to "stop" while you're on the road for food. And we all know what this means. Giant Muscles are High Maintenance and cause very bad habits. We all know how easily that large muscles turn to fat.
C) This one is just my opinion but I have always thought that Large Muscle Groups look like crap on a woman. Our bodies were designed to look longer and leaner than a man's who historically has had to use large muscle groups for lifting, etc. I don't think large muscles are beneficial to either men or women due to the two reasons cited above (my husband has large muscles and his joints are breaking, not to mention he can put away 3000 calories a day without gaining. This is fine until he eats an entire ice cream carton in one sitting and then feels like crap for two days). But for women, this just seems especially true......I don't know why. Maybe because we are just supposed to be smarter than that.

Final notes -- I don't do this 6 times a week. (Good Lord Tracy!). I shoot for 4-5 times a week, sometimes even 3, letting my body rest for a day after I have pushed it especially hard, letting these small muscles rest and rebuild. I have never, ever, in two months, been able to complete all the Transform reps on the legs. But it is a goal. Go easy on yourself, LOVE yourself. I am and it IS WORKING!!!!! I will report back after a couple more months.....I did use her tape measure. And I have lost a half to a whole inch or so in each area. (I don't have a scale. But I know my body well enough to know when I take in fewer calories and burn more, I lose weight.) I put a calorie counter on my smart phone. You would be shocked at how quick 1200 calories gets eaten up. Even with healthy food!! Forget crap food - you can't eat hardly any before you reach 1200 calories and you feel like crap. I bought a ninja to make vegetable smoothies. I can't sit and eat whole fruits and vegetables. But grind it up into a smoothie and I can put away five servings like that! Good Luck.
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I gave Tracy Anderson's Hipcentric a try a few years ago when it first came out. I made it through 42 days of the program before I had to stop since I had so much low back pain. I was the smallest I've been in my adult life, and so (ah, vanity!), I decided to give it another go-round, this time with Glutecentric. I posted a separate review of that set, too, but am recording my thoughts about Hipcentric here.

When I did Hipcentric, I had ordered it before the Body Type Calculator was available on her website. Hipcentric ended up deflating my booty, which I guess is one of the classic signs that you're doing the wrong Centric. Before ordering a system, definitely check out her website so you can be sure that you're getting the right set for your body type.

Basically, this set comes with nine Muscular Structure (MS) workouts, each of which you do for ten days. The MS workouts are a half-hour each, and there is also a thirty-minute Dance Cardio workout that comes in the set, which you're supposed to do each day, too. In total, you'll be working out an hour a day with this program.

Although the Tracy Anderson Method (TAM) has some problems, it really does give results if you're consistent with the workouts! Here are some considerations to keep in mind so you can decide if this is right for you.

* Expect to be frustrated. A lot. I don't understand why there couldn't be better cueing on this or, especially in this day and age, chapters so you can repeat segments more easily. I don't always know that I'm doing the correct angles that she is since the cueing is pretty much non-existent in terms of form pointers, but I'm still getting results.

* When you're on the floor, keep in mind that Tracy has her support leg not off to the side, but centered between her arms. I didn't realize this until someone mentioned it on her blog, and since I started doing this, I've had a much easier time.

* I've found that it really helps to watch it the first time through on a laptop (if you have one) that you leave on the floor in front of you so you don't have to tweak your neck to watch a larger TV. After the first time I do a new level, I then watch it on my TV.

* Since the second leg has no cueing, I rewind to the first side and do it over again, on the other leg, so I have the benefit of Tracy telling me when to switch exercises.

* Count on some time added in to stretch. As I said, when I first started, I didn't take time to strech my hip flexors, and really struggled with back pain. I now take time to stretch my hips after each session, and I have no back pain. Allow yourself 1 hour and 15 minutes total to do all this.

* I find the dance cardio disk to be boring and too high impact for my knees, so I've just been doing other dance workouts, kickboxing, and things like Tonique.

* This is a hard workout! Really hard! Expect to be challenged both physically and mentally - but also expect results if you put in the work!

* Yes, her belief that women should only lift three-pound weights is nuts, but when you do high-repetition workouts like this, you can't lift too much more than that anyways.

If you end up hating the program, you could always sell it on the big online auction site. I did that with my Hipcentric set, and almost recovered the full cost that I had originally paid.

I hope this review has been helpful!

UPDATE ON 5-30-13: After the four-week mark of doing Glutecentric, I all of a sudden started getting really "squishy" and cellulite-y. In a panic, I stopped doing the workouts, and moved on to something else. On the Video Fitness forums, however, there has been a conversation this week about how this "squishy" stage is part of the Metamorphosis process. Supposedly, it happens about four or five weeks in in each of the Metamorphosis series, but then around weeks 5 or 6, things start pulling in again.

Armed with this new information, I'm going to pick back up with where I left off, but I wanted to share this information here in case it helps anyone else who panics like I did! :-)
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on July 3, 2014
After having my first child and gaining 80, yes eighty, pounds I purchased Tracy's Post Baby DVD. I liked it but didn't do it consistently, it was really hard for someone so out of shape. A few months later and after dropping a lot of the weight by taking long walks with the stroller I decided I wanted to commit to a program to tone my "ruined" body.

I just finished day 75 of the Hipcentric Meta and I've lost 15 pounds and 19 inches!!! It definitely works if you are consistent, I can count on one hand the number of days I've missed. I get countless comments on my toned arms and I almost don't want to tell people about my little secret, my personal trainer Tracy :)

I don't do the dance cardio or the diet so you definitely can get results without those. I took one look at the diet and laughed it's bogus! The dance cardio shook my entire living room and I was scared my tv would fall! Also a little hard on my ankles/knees. I just do supplemental cardio videos I find on demand on my tv, take long walks with baby and try to do some sort of cardio every day to make me sweat a little!

To sum it up: it will work if you are dedicated, you will see results, tones arms without the "bulking". My body has never looked better (minus the stretch marks and saggy post nursing boobs) and I've never felt so strong and in shape. BUY IT!!!
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on November 30, 2014
I did this system for 8 weeks in 2011. I was hungry, dizzy sometimes and did kickboxing classes instead of that horrible cardio tape. But THIS SYSTEM WORKS! I had always been chubby-chunky-fat. I weighed around 230 when I graduated- lost weight to around 180 and held there for years. Did P90x down to 170. I joined a kickboxing gym and in 2 months lost 5 more pounds. Enter. TAM. In 8 weeks I was down to 130. Arms to die for had I done the full 12 weeks I'm sure my stomach would have at least been a 4 pack. I was tight toned smokingHAWT. Downside. NOT FUN at all. Mix it with something you love (Like Boxing). And you will be fine. Strictly BIZNESS. She never smiles. Dosent 'talk' all voice over but you can cut the voice over. Takes self motivation but really really works if you follow diet and at least muscle workout.
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on February 22, 2014
First of all, I have to say I would have given this workout program five stars, but since I've made modifications to it I figured I shouldn't it go for the full five stars.

My advice to people on this workout is to know what you are getting yourself into before buying it. I bought this workout full aware of at least two things: 1.) The food program is ridiculous and 2.) Tracy does a bad job of cueing. But since none of my other workouts were doing what I wanted (and my food habits weren't working), I decided to give this one a shot. I am 42 years old and have tried a lot of different workouts but this one has definitely yielded me different results (and my husband notices the results too). I've been doing this workout for a little over a month and have lost 8 pounds and several inches from my hips, thighs, and stomach. I have not been sticking to the regimen as strictly as I should be or I probably would be further ahead, but I'm OK with that.

First off, the food program: After spending most of my Sunday securing the foods for the first week, I spent another 3 hours preparing the food for the following week. I tried to make as much of my food in bulk as I could, but it only lasted me for four days. After the food ran out, I couldn't bring myself to spend another three hours making up all the food. I will say, that I wasn't starving and the calorie count (according to MyFitnessPal) was above my recommended 1,200 calorie intake for the day. So I wouldn't call it dangerous in any way for me. Would I do it again? YES. The main thing that happened for me was that it got rid of my sugar and carb addiction, which was something I never realized I had become so reliant on. Also, I gave up diet soda over it too (which now that I've researched it more, is horrible for anybody trying to control their weight) and cut back significantly on dairy. I have a little bit of cheese here and there, but I've replaced my milk with almond milk and have never looked back. Because of the diet changes, my husband (who isn't even doing a regimented workout plan) has lost almost 25 pounds in the past six weeks. I attribute all of this to Tracy's food program or I would have continued to eat yogurt, granola bars, and diet soda, only to continue to never losing any weight.

For the workouts, I have to say the dance cardio that came with the DVD set is not for me. I tried it for a week or so, and even tried using my own playlists to make it fun for me. After about the seventh workout, my knee (which I injured running a couple of years ago) became so painful from all of the jumping around that I quit doing the dance cardio altogether and have been focusing on the muscle structure workouts. Just lately, I've discovered another Tracy Anderson beginner's dance cardio workout that I bought off Amazon and I LOVE it! She goes through each move and I think after I do this one for several weeks, I might be ready for the one that came with the DVD. The muscle structure workouts are the ones that will really give you the huge payoff. I am shedding inches like never before and sculpting in areas I've never been sculpted. I will say that it is WAY easier playing the DVD on a laptop computer that you can put on the floor with you. You don't have to crane your neck to see the TV screen to see what she's doing. Also, on the computer it is way easier to just skip back to the beginning of the right leg when it's time to workout your left side. Tracy only gives cueing on the right leg.

I'm currently on week three, day one of the muscle structure series. I have not been able to workout continuously for six days straight as shown on Tracy's workout tracker, but I'm still seeing results that I'm very pleased with. I had purchased the Jillian Michael's Body Revolution set back in 2012 and couldn't hardly get out of the week one exercises because the workouts would stress my knee too much. I would always give up before I could get fully into week two, then I would try to pick up week one again only to have it bother my knee. It was a never-ending cycle. This is one workout series that I can see myself sticking with through the whole program.
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VINE VOICEon December 29, 2012
Okay, I've just purchased and watched Tracy's DVDs. I am physically fit -- a runner who also does yoga -- and not overweight. I thought that this program might provide a change from my usual routine. Also, I enjoy dance (9 years of ballet lessons), and a dance fitness program appealed to me.

First, Tracy's program includes a diet that alternates weeks of so-called "nutrition boosting," in which you eat the same 7-8 low-fat foods each day (boring, and very low calorie -- hence the alternate week plan), with weeks of so-called "body resetting," which consists of a standard, low-fat, 2-meal, one nutrition bar daily regime. I am a pescatarian -- I eat fish and veggies, but no meat or poultry - who eats no processed foods. The diet seems to be basically healthy, in that, except for the nutrition bars (and that's an important exception), you are not eating processed foods and probably won't die of starvation. But it is no different from any other, healthy, low-fat diet. You don't need Tracy for this.

Secondly, the "cardiodance" half hour, to be repeated each day, consists of Tracy jumping up and down, kicking her legs out in several directions and waving her arms. She suggests that you might depart from the demonstrated moves and try "free form" -- I suggest that you discard the DVD, put on some fast music, and shake your legs, behind and arms for half an hour. You don't need Tracy for this one, either.

Thirdly, the "Transform" portion of the program, which consists of three DVDs to be performed consecutively over 90 days, is supposedly designed to exercise "small muscles," and thereby mold your body anew. I acknowledge that I am no physical fitness expert. Yet these moves seem to be the same ones that I see in every exercise tape, or in classes at my gym, and are to my eyes no different from those that Jane Fonda was demonstrating in her fitness videos back in the eighties. It's fine to follow Tracy's program; but you'll find similar programs all over the Internet, and for free.

I still have two payments to make on Metamorphosis, and suppose that I'm stuck. Serves me right for falling for hype. I will probably use "Transform" to exercise at those times when I can't get to the gym and don't feel like a home yoga session. I have to say, however, that I don't think that this program is worth the money -- it's expensive. Basically, it's old wine in new bottles.
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on April 26, 2013
OK, I've read EVERY review on Amazon, QVC, etc. about the Tracy Anderson Method. In essence, I'm basically obsessed with the program for some reason, probably because of its polarizing nature. I have never seen a program that is so LOVE/HATE. Anyway, I am NOT going to go on and on about what every other reviewer out there says...not enough instruction vs. they love the minimal instruction; missing counts/cues vs. oh, well, she's human; no physiology training vs. this stuff works, etc. I'm going to address one simple thing that I have NEVER seen in any review of TAM on any website. Those who say the dance cardio is just jumping around and flailing their arms about, hey, we could do this at home by ourselves, why pay for THAT kind of "training?" To those folks I simply ask, "Have you ever just danced about and acted crazy for 3 0 f r i c k i n g m i n u t e s??? You would DIE of trying to come up with alternatives. Trust me, I know!!! I've tried that plenty before even hearing about TAM. When my kids were young and I was trying to fit in cardio wherever I could, I'd be playing w/them while doing burpees, jumping jacks, squats, lunges, crazy moves, etc. And I was always so proud of myself because it felt like, really, I was doing it for at least 20 minutes!!! Lo and behold, I'd look at my clock and WTF, it had only been four minutes!! So while I agree w/folks that the DC isn't anything new, there is something very solid about just jumping along w/someone else taking the lead for 30 minutes without having to improvise on your own. So...for those out there thinking the DC is old news, just get it and jump along w/Tracy for Pete's sake. And if you don't like it after giving it a two-week trial, then go running or spinning or hiking or what have you, just fricking move. The muscular structure is really where it is at...that alone is worth the money for this program.
That being said, I'll leave my review about that particular grievance. Perhaps one day I will chime in w/a full review about why this program is so weirdly effective...and why I am just beginning Year Two of the program that changed my life.
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on March 12, 2016
I really admire Tracy a lot, and have successfully completed and reviewed six of her previous videos. But I am concerned about what would happen to a woman who got ahold of Metamorphosis who was already prone to an eating disorder. (Note: you can find copies of the Dynamic Eating Plan online.)

Tracy makes big promises about how your body will change during her 90 day program, but only if you commit to her eating plan and do 30 minutes of dance aerobics combined with 30 minutes of muscular structure work six days a week.

Basically, her "eating plan" is baby food and green juice. I’m not a nutritionist, but I did type every last ingredient into the computer and determined that the diet is less than 1,000 calories a day and contains barely any protein. The puréed foods plan alternates every other week, but the off weeks aren’t very different in caloric or nutritional content.

Now, I’ve made homemade baby food before. I’ve fed it to my actual babies. But at the same time, I also breastfed them with high protein, high fat, organic, breast milk.

Okay, forget the diet. What about the exercise? I honestly do love TAM, and have been doing it six days a week for the past eight months. Metamorphosis was a nice change of pace from Perfect Design, because it was only one hour a day instead of one and a half.

But here’s the problem. All of that dance cardio was really hard on my 30+ year old body. I’m not overweight, I have a BMI of 19.8. Still, every time I bounced I felt pain in my Achilles tendon. It got so bad that my calf hurt when I was sitting in a chair, or completely still.

I took a week off from TAM when my family went to Walt Disney World and the pain went away even though we were walking twelve miles a day. When we returned from vacation, I decided that instead of doing the high impact dance cardio every day, I would alternate it with Zumba, which is lower impact.

I felt really guilty, because Tracy’s whole shtick is that you’re not supposed to do anything else but TAM. But what does it mean to be “healthy”? To starve yourself? To be in pain?

Diet–scratch. Dance cardio–scratch. At least I was doing the muscular structure workout six days a week. But it was tough, especially for me. You see, in the Abcentric routines Tracy has you spend about twenty minutes in some sort of plank position, with a lot of your weight on your wrist. One of my wrists is really weak because it has two titanium plates in it. Gulp. So now I’m on week five of the muscular structure videos and they are becoming harder and harder. I can complete about 85% of the thirty minutes. At that point, my wrist just can’t do it any more.

I've heard the Metamorphosis Omnicentric program is easier to do. I've thought about switching over to that, but in the meantime I'm back to Zumba and pilates.
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on September 14, 2013
I originally purchased this set because of the amazing results my cousin got after doing the TAM Omnicentric, so I figured I'd try out the one for my body type. I'm almost at the end of Level 2, and while the muscular structure workouts seem to be doing their job, I've had to swap out the cardio (I use the Cardio Axe from Brazilian Butt Lift or the Burn Intervals from Chalean Extreme). After about a week of doing her cardio dance workout almost religiously, I had developed shin splints and it became painful to do most movements involving jumping or shuffling around. My knees were not affected, luckily. I would recommend using really good quality shoes or a rebounder if possible to avoid any long-term injury.

The "free arms" segments don't seem to have a whole lot of logic behind it, and it can be hard to follow, and I'm not far enough in the program to know if the weighted arm segments get any more challenging. The abs involve a lot of variations on crunches, but can tend to strain your neck.

Finally, the part of the workout that actually appeals to me the most- the muscular structure workouts specified to your body type. Since the moves require you to be on all fours, your knees get pretty banged up unless you use a thick mat/cushion or find those cushioned knee bands (braces? whatever you call them, I got them at the Japanese dollar store). For awhile, I was using a pillow under my knees because it hurt too much. But now that I've got all those little details sorted out, I enjoy the leg exercises. Since it's 40 reps of each move, I've got them memorized and can do them anytime without having to pop in the DVD.

Overall, I'd recommend this program if the right equipment is available to you. I'm already seeing results (albeit a little slower than if you stuck to her program exactly) and I'm excited to see my progress in a few more weeks.
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