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I purchased the 16GB version (Transcend 16GB SDHC CARD with Compact Card Reader) of this package a few months ago. The card was meant to be used in my Canon S5 camera. But I soon discovered that it works extremely well with the included card reader as an USB flash drive (much larger and faster than my SanDisk 4GB Cruzer Micro). So I ended up using it mainly for data backup and transfer between my laptop and desktop computers. The card has proven to be fast and reliable in the past 2-3 months of daily usage.

As first I was skeptical about Transcend's speed rating of 'class 6', which means minimum 6MB/S when writing. But my own benchmark results (see Customer Images) showed that this card is capable of writing typical photo files at 10.5MB/S - nearly twice its specified minimum data transfer rate. Just for reference, the Sandisk 8GB EXTREME III claims a faster speed of 20MB/S, but it costs about twice as much.

Considering its low cost and respectable speed, this Transcend card is an excellent buy. But please make sure that you order it from a reputable vendor only. Several reviewers who ordered the 16GB version from TheMemStore complained that they received some no-name card reader (instead of the Transcend DRS5). This may explain why some people have encountered problems when using this card.

[update on June 8, 2009]
I have purchased a total of three Transcend SDHC cards (two 16GB + one 8GB) in the past 10 months. They all worked perfectly so far. The second 16GB card is for use in my new Canon Rebel T1i/500D. I have heard that some other brands of 'class-6' cards cannot keep up with the camera in video mode, and will cause buffer overflow within a few minutes. But the Transcend card has no problems at all. I'm going to purchase my 3rd 16GB card next.

[Update on Sep 14, 2009]
I have highly recommended Transcend SDHC cards in the past, becuase they were much cheaper than Sandisk Extreme III (class-6) cards, and worked just fine in my applications. But in light of many complaints about Transcend card failures, and my recent finding that SanDisk Ultra II (class-2/4) cards are just as fast as Transcend 'class-6' cards, I must now recommend Sandisk Ultra II as a better and safer choice.
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I've been using a couple of Transcend 8 GB SDHC cards for over a year now and decided to get this to keep a small card reader in my camera bag. It works. My other cards have been reliable so I expect this one to be, too. The card reader transfers the images to my computers at full USB 2 speed.

What the product photo doesn't show is that the card reader is wide enough to crowd out adjacent USB ports. I expected the side with the card sticking out to keep me from using an adjacent port on one side. I didn't expect it to be wide enough to block the port on the other side too. It does, forcing me to pull another peripheral off my computer when I download photos. That's a minor annoyance. On the other hand the card reader adds little to the cost of the card it comes with. It's small, light, and it works.
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on October 22, 2008
I bought this from Amazon frankly because at $14.99 the price was right (a special offer they had out there for awhile). I already own a multi-format Transcend card reader, which, unlike many other vendor products, actually handles all card formats, so I figured these folks know what they are doing and this package confirms that. The SDHC card in the package outperforms the minimum standard for class 6 SDHC by a good bit, perfect for my Canon SD800 (gives me over an hour of movie time). The reader Transcend included in the package is a bonus, providing means for using up my collection of older and more capacity challenged SD format cards, particularly when I want to leave something with a client to take home to their equipment - beats giving up a thumb drive!
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on February 25, 2009
I already had the card but didn't realize I needed the reader too. Should have bought this in the first place. The price is great. I have a new Canon SD-1100 and this card works just perfect in it. Fantastic pictures. It's fast and problem-free.

The reader is extremely good. Just plug and play. Uploads fast. Is quickly recognized in the computer. Only trouble is you might have a problem finding a handy USB port. Not an easy fit the way it's made. But not a big deal. I have a long USB cord that I use and it works fine. You might want to pick one up.

I highly recommend both the card and the reader. Best to buy them together. I bought mine direct from Amazon and got it one day after shipping --- a total of two days. Not half bad.

- Susanna K. Hutcheson
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on September 15, 2017
Excellent. The card and card reader both are still going strong after years of repeated use.
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I was a little dubious about buying this card and reader after reading some of the reviews. I usually buy SanDisk products but this card had both the features and the price that I was looking for.

I bought the Transcend 8GB SDHC Card to use in my Samsung SC-HMX20C High Definition camcorder. Although the camera comes with 8GB internal memory I wanted to have more since I plan on using it for video taping wild birds in the field and might not have access to my laptop for downloading the videos. It was essential that I have a Class 6 card since I will be recording in High Definition and will need that kind of speed.

This card worked perfectly in my camcorder, giving me another 70 minutes of HD recording time. When I plugged the reader and card into my laptop it was recognized immediately. I then downloaded the files to my desktop and viewed them right away. What more could you ask for? I liked it so much that I bought a second one, this time the 16GB. I have tested both of my cards in the field and they live up to my expectations.

Transcend 16 GB SDHC Class 6 Flash Memory Card with Compact Card Reader
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on August 12, 2009
I'm the kind of electronics customer that does my homework first before making a purchase. This combination card and USB adapter are the PERFECT compliment to my digital camera and soft-case combination. The card spends most of its life inside the camera, and the adapter spends most of its life alongside the camera in a neatly tucked mini-pocket, ensuring I have easy access to my and others' computers anytime I need to upload/download photos or other files. With this I've been able to stow away all awkward/bulky/knotty cables that have been such a pain in the past.

The card itself is very fast - I didn't go all out and benchmark this as many others have already done, but rest assured this thing does NOT bottleneck my camera when shooting rapidfire RAW's (it's the other way around).

The size is about right for me, as I am the type to take hundreds of photos before getting around to offloading them to my computer. If I had to start over I would target 8Gb again for myself.

I would only recommend something larger if you take a TON of photos at a time (like it's your job), or if you have the foresight to get a fast and hi-capacity card for shared/future use with a digital HD camcorder that uses the SD format.

The USB adapter is the envy of my office mates, where our multi-format flash card readers are dying out on our home and office computers. It has an orange light that glows when the card is being accessed (hidden behind the white plastic), and has a relatively slim profile allowing it to fit around tight nooks in computer cases that many flash drives cannot.
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on November 1, 2008
I have purchased multiples of both the 8g and 16g Transcend SDHC cards with the bonus reader. Simply put, they deliver as promised. Fast and reliable. I use them with my Canon Rebel XSI.

One vendor I ordered from sent me a Digitalmatrex USB reader instead of the Transcend USB reader. The Digitalmatrex USB reader was less than half the speed of the Transcend USB reader (with a Transcend 16g card). For example, "Test Card" from Lexar diagnostic tools took over an hour with the Digitalmatrex SDHC 150x Card reader, less than 30 minutes with the Transcend USB reader (same 16g card). Do note, the name is indeed Digitalmatrex, this is not a typo. I recommend the Lexar Image Rescue suite too, but that is another review :-)

To their credit, the vendor refunded me in total (item and shipping) for their incorrect shipping. If you look around a little at Transcend reviews on Amazon you will infer who the vendor is.

The card has a lifetime guarantee, the reader two years. You really can not go wrong with this combo.
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VINE VOICEon August 31, 2009
Over the past 50 days (7/11-8/30), I've taken 935 shots (which includes a few videos) so far and have not been disappointed yet. Transcend's 8 GB card has plenty of space for my Canon SD1200IS at full resolution, 12 MB. Even though I've copied photos from the SD card to my laptop several times, there is no need to delete anything yet due to the remaining space for another 1,969 shots (more than I needed for my Hawaii trip this month, needless to say). I've also used it to transfer some photos to my Nintendo Wii console, which is quite convenient.

As a spare for my upcoming Aruba trip, I am purchasing my second Transcend card today (with the card reader, it's only 2 bucks more, which is nice and slim to fit in any pocket). The spare is good especially if I accidentally leave the SD card in the laptop during downloading, and won't get stuck with a camera without a memory card away from home (yes, it has happened more than once, to my own dismay). As for size, I deliberated between 8 and 16 GB, because the price difference is not significant. However, I am shying away from the bigger card which can lead to laziness in downloading in a timely manner, thus increasing the probability of losing valuable Kodak Moments in the rare case that a card does become defective. Unless you are a professional photographer or take a significant amount of video within a short time period, such as a 1 week or a month, the 8 GB should be more than plenty.

I will admit that I was weary of the brand because I had not heard of it before. I've had Sandisk and Kingston in the past, but Transcend seems to perform just as quick. The camera itself is more of a factor in limiting the speed in my experience. As for the price comparison, Transcend seems to offer the best value ($ to GB), especially on Amazon.
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on June 7, 2009
This card and reader combo has been fine for me. I've been using the card in my 12.3mp Nikon D90, which filled the card in about 700 pictures in NEF (Or Raw...also, format the card when you put it in the camera, if that's what you're using it for...). Also, it's useful to note that the camera says 529 pictures as an estimate when I pop it in empty, but as you get towards the end of the memory space, I've found it's more than that, so don't be concerned if you put it in and it doesn't immediately seem to be as advertised. My DSLR has been a blast though, so if you're like me, you may want to have a back up or two on hand. The upload speed is pretty quick, I'm getting about 20-26mb/s, but 8 gigs still takes a while. I don't take many pictures to push the transfer/save speed on the card, so I can't tell you about that, but I think most class 6 cards handle that pretty well. The reader is decent, works fine, although I do worry about accidentally knocking it while it sticks out or something. Also, I'm hiking/traveling with the camera a lot, so it'd be great to have a reader with a case, but for the cost, this is a perfectly good combo. Haven't had any compatibility issues with my Macbook running OS X 10.5 or the windows parallel either... solid little card.
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