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This was my third try to find a fast micro SDHC card for use in my new Optoma PK201 Pico Pocket Projector, which unexpectedly turned out to have a memory limit of 16GB.

I've had good luck with Transcend SD cards from Amazon before, so after two larger capacity and higher speed SD cards failed to work in the Optoma and had to be returned, I chose to go with it, trusting its claim to work with all SDHC devices.

Turned out to be a good choice at a good price, received in frustration-free packaging less than 18 hours after I ordered it via Amazon Prime 2 day shipping. Class 6 isn't quite as fast as Class 10 alternatives, but I'm not noticing any slowdown in using it on the Optoma compared to the also excellent but more costly Sandisk Class 10 45Mb/S non-micro 32GB SDHC card I also bought recently for use in the Sony DSC-RX100 20.2 MP Exmor CMOS Sensor Digital Camera with 3.6x Zoom.

Definitely recommended.
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Transcend 8GB card and the sleeve worked well. I used the card for a video camera and it worked well. The card in the sleeve was recognized in my PC without problems.

To test the speed of the card I tested Transcend 8 GB microSDHC Class 6 Flash Memory Card by copying a large set of mp3 files totalling 638916 Kbytes. I measured CPU time and clock time. For comparison I including numbers for copying the same set of files from and to hard disk of my computer, and to USB2 memory stick.

I ran each test twice, and the numbers you see is the average of the two tests.

✔ Transcent microSDHC : 1.482s (CPU time), 1:33.97 (clock time)

✔ USB2: 1.358s (CPU time), 1:23.53 (clock time)

✔ Hard Drive: 0.703s (CPU time), 0:10.06 (clock time)

Good price, card works well, I would buy it again.

Ali Julia review
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on September 2, 2011
This card was originally wonderful - it tested faster than a Class 10 from Kingston, so I sang its praises to everyone within earshot.

Well, 5 months or so later, I was installing a new ROM onto my Nexus 1, and got many errors. I tried doing wipes upon wipes, to no avail. XDA members tried to help unbrick me, again, to no avail. Having given up on that phone, I used this card to replace a 4gb car in my "backup" phone. Well..that phone started freezing up every time I took a photo, couldn't cache songs from Slacker reliably, and even Swiftkey's language module was acting up.

Lucky for me, this MicroSD started shifting to read-only before it completely died. I was able to do a complete backup, and my Nexus 1 is now working great, with a Sandisk Class 2 (which is somehow way faster) instead.

If anyone is wondering

- The item was direct from Amazon, and I verified that it is authentic

- I tried contacting Transcend tech support, and WOW are they beyond worthless! The hold times were 40+ minutes the first time I called (ended up hanging up), and 25+ the next time I called a few days later (also hung up). When I did get through, the human operator said they would send me an RMA email, but ended up sending me some generic message about checking the "lock" switch on the card (SD cards have lock switches, but MicroSD doesn't!).

I'm a huge Android fan, but incidents like this make me slightly appreciate Apple's keep it simple (at a rather large cost, of course) philosophy. I can't imagine Joe User trying to figure out why their camera won't work or how frustrated they would be if the card wiped everything out for good.
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on November 30, 2010
This review is for the Transcend 16GB class 6 microSD card.

I won't bother getting too much into the technical specs of this card since that information can be found in the product's details as well as other reviews here. When purchasing a new memory card for various electronic devices, there is always that little bit of fear that it may not be compatible, so I mainly wanted to write this review to reflect my experiences with it in my htc EVO 4G.

My EVO came stock with an 8 GB class 2 microSD card. While it seemed to work great, I noticed a small problem after shooting some test video in 720 HD: Occasionally the video would freeze. Thinking it may be a playback issue on the phone, I copied the video over to my PC and the video freezes were in the same place. My conclusion was simple: The memory card simply couldn't write the HD data fast enough.

I don't really listen to music on my EVO (MP3s), nor do I typically watch a lot of videos on it either. But I wanted to know that should something come up where I wanted to record a video in HD, it would do a decent job at it. After shooting a couple 5 minute videos with the new memory card, I was happy to see that there were no freezes in the video, so for that I am happy. Will a faster memory card magically turn a cell phone into a professional video camera? Of course not. While it no longer freezes, it is still pretty typical cell phone video (particularly prone to motion blur) albeit probably better quality than many other cell phone videos (but that is the phone's hardware, not the memory card).

I had heard that a class 4 card would do the job as well, and I actually originally ordered a class 4 card from a different manufacturer but what I received was an empty box from the post office (no kidding, and it even had a USPS sticker on it stating that *they* received it unsealed). After shopping with Amazon for MANY years, this was a first for me and Amazon was quick with the refund as expected.

When I went to put another order in, I saw this one for a bit more money and went for this one instead. So far I am very pleased with this card's performance in my EVO, and certain other things on the phone seem a bit zippier too but it's really hard to gauge.

The bottom line is this: This card does work in the EVO, and it works well.
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on November 14, 2015
This card did not work out for me. I bought it based on the ratings and the price for use in my phone. Within a year it started eating my photos (vacation photo that I did NOT get back). I looked online and many blamed the Gallery app on my phone so I did nothing and looked for a solution. Then I noticed that my music would skip and play a song scrambled (they had become corrupt also). I finally realized it was the card when it would not even let me copy my data to somewhere else, let alone move, delete or add data. Should I have backed up my photos? Absolutely. But if you have to back it up each time you take a photo - unacceptable.
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on May 25, 2013
I bought this card because my old one suddenly died after just about a year ( ).

That card was giving me 40-50 MB/s read speeds and 10 or so write speeds.

The Transcend card is a bit disappointing, here are three speed tests:

Test 1:
4.9 MB/s Write
4.1 MB/s Read

Test 2:
5.8 MB/s Write
4.7 MB/s Read

Test 3:
5.2 MB/s Write
4.6 MB/s Read

All tests on both cards were done with an app on android called SD Tools. They were performed on the same phone (LGL55C) with the same ROM (AreaRomQ 2.1).

After boosting the speed of the card with an app called SD Speed Increase I was able to score the following speeds (4096 Kb setting):

Test 1:
6.1 MB/s Write
28.1 MB/s Read

Test 2:
6.2 MB/s Write
31.9 MB/s Read

Test 3:
6.0 MB/s Write
28.1 MB/s Read

The 3072 Kb and 2048 Kb settings in SD Speed Increase did not really effect the speeds of the test using the 3096 Kb setting.

You can get the apps here:
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Wow i have purchased these a while ago and it still works today. Amazing performance for the buck. I used it on a cellphone but now it is an extra storage on the laptop. Reliable and high quality product from an incredible brand.
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on October 14, 2012
I ordered two of these class 10 cards with good results-- as expected.

I use one in a tiny video camera as an upgrade to allow for greater video storage on a single battery charge (the card with which it was equipped would fill before the camera battery was expended). This card also provides for quicker uploads from the camera (being a faster class 10 replacing a class 6).

I use the other micro (in its supplied standard SD adapter) for my netbook Window's 7 system's "ReadyBoost." Reboot or wake from hibernate is very fast as a result, and my machine accepts punishing workloads easier than when I used a 2 GB class 4 SD card. I understand that anything faster than class 6 and anything larger than 4GB will work, but with no increase in performance. However, it is convenient to have a fast 8GB storage device always available which I can eject and use in an emergency.

I also appreciate the clear markings, making it easy for me to keep up with my small collection. They work fine.

UPDATE: With more or less daily use, each card lasted just about five months. My videos suddenly became unplayable on the first, and my netbook stopped recognizing the other. The failures were within a week or two of each other.

I believe that is about the same longevity of the one this replaced in the video camera, but considerably less than the much slower one replaced in the netbook, and so was not disappointed.
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on September 24, 2011
I bought this card for the sole purpose of running Android on the Nook Color. Several other people said it worked. Well, it does work, but very slowly. The reason is because the random write performance of this card is 0.012 MB/s, which causes Android to stutter and hang. In contrast, the flash memory built into the Nook Color has a random write speed of 1.16 MB/sec, or about 100 times faster than this SD card. So this card is horrible for running Android. See the complete performance list at:


You can also read about another person who had a similar experience with another brand:

Now here's the good news. If you are doing sequental reads or sequential writes, which is what a camera needs, the performance of this card for both reading and writing is over 20 MB/sec (which theoretically makes it a Class 20 card. However, this was tested on a computer with a fast i5 processor, so your camera will probably not come close to this speed.

Note that there's a company on Amazon that sells a high-performance 8GB SD card with Android already loaded:
N2A Cards - 8GB microSD Card
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on January 27, 2013
I purchased this card to use in my new #14 HD key chain video camera. I plan to use the camera mostly for videos from my RC plane. The first Transcend card I got had a consistent chirpy/squeeky noise on playback (kinda like a squeeky wheel). The video was clean however. I requested a replacement. Amazon's supplier quickly sent one and I returned the old one as defective. Unfortunately the replacement card has the same defect and it is supposed to be a class 6 quality! Instead, I decided to use my old 4 GB class 4 Sandisk (also purchased through Amazon) in the new key chain video camera. The Sandisk plays perfectly. Using the Transcend class 6 card in my Tracfone, it works fine, even in audio, so I'll not complain further. I have read a few other reviews that indicate this Transcend Micro SD has the same audio problem for others. I think I will stick with Sandisk from now on.
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