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on July 17, 2012
I bought this as an "impulse buy" when Amazon fed it to me when I purchased a new Olympus VN-702PC Voice Recorder. Hey, it's an SD card and the price was right. (Beats Fry's Electronics.) As long as it holds data and is reliable, I'm happy.

It came pre-formated as FAT32, which I'd expect.

I haven't tested it for speed, so I don't know whether it's really Class 6 or not. I read the manufacturer's specs, and Transcend says it has "wear leveling" circuitry, so it should last a long time. We'll see. (FWIW, it've blown a flash drive out before in the winter with static electricity. (Or "ESD" as we call it in the trade.) Hard to protect against that as a manufacturer.)

I'm leaving this review primarily to tell you that it didn't come with the RecoveRx software that the Transcend part of the Amazon sell page says it comes with. Not even a hint about it in the sale brochure stuff in the "frustration-free" packaging. I dug around using a search engine and found Rx v 1.5 (Nov 2011) on Transcend's website. (When I searched for it on Transcen's website proper, all I got were hits for sales brochures. Not the actual download.) I expect one of the free tools (like Recuva) will work just as well to recover data too.

In the Rx zip file is also an executable called "Protector." Apparently some kind of encryption program. I didn't try it.
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on July 27, 2010
The card is fast. I don't have any benchmark software to measure the speed, but in my ENV Touch cell phone it stores and accesses photos and mp3 music files much faster than my previous card, which was an 8Gig class 4 Kingston microSDHC card I was very happy with, other than I wanted a bigger card to store more music on the phone.

Again, I don't have any benchmark software, but comparing the read/write times to my previous class 4 card, you can see and tell a difference in read/write speed.

I read several mixed reviews on the Transcend card, but figured that for the price, it was worth the chance. Besides, Amazon has a very consumer friendly return policy. I've had the card for several weeks and have uploaded & downloaded music to and from the card several times now, without any problems whatsoever. I will report back and update this review if the card suffers any mishaps, over time.

Usable storage on the card is in the mid-14 gigabyte range after I formatted the card in my cell phone.

I'm not sure if formatting in different devices for different purposes will yield variations in usable space, but I knew when I bought the card, you never get the full published storage space of the card. The mid-14Gig range seems about right since my previous 8Gig card offered up a little over 7Gigs usable space after formatting. I was not disappointed with mid-14Gig usable storage as other reviewers have indicated they were surprised after formatting they had less than 16Gigs of space available.

Packaging was minimal, which I actually appreciated. There were no hard plastic blister packs to struggle with, or risk life and limb trying to open. It came in a neatly sealed heavyweight envelop. The included plastic storage case is more than enough to protect the card.

Let me sidebar from this review a little, since its related and relevant.

I originally bought a slower 16Gig Class 2 SanDisk microSDHC card on Amazon about 3 months ago, to replace the class 4 8Gig Kingston microSDHC card I had. I figured I would sacrifice speed for capacity to keep the cost in check. The card works fine and can't report anything directly negative about the card, but being class 2, it was noticeably slower than my class 4. Another, more significant issue, however, was that I was getting nothing but read errors with the class 2 SanDisk card in my ENV Touch cell phone. So, all in all, this was a mission failure.

I suppose I could have returned the card to, but felt it really wasn't the card's fault, and more to do with both the slower speed combined with the larger capacity that may have lead to longer read times than the phone was patient enough to handle. In addition, the class 2 SanDisk works fine in my daughter's ENV3 phone so I gave it to her to use. Not sure why it worked just fine in one phone, but not the other, other than my speculative hypothesis, above.

All-in-all, so far I am very happy with the Transcend 16Gig Class 6 microSDHC card I purchased on and would recommend this card.
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on March 10, 2010
For those of you who don't understand why you'd pay more for this, it's simple: SPEED! Class 2 is what most MicroSD cards out there are rated at, but you'll get 2MB/s speed out of them. Then there's Class 4 = 4MB/s. THIS card is a Class 6, which gives you 6MB/s . Why should this matter to you? Well, it'll decrease your wait time for things to load and save files.

My example: I have a Sirius Stiletto 2, which I had a Class 2 8GB MicroSD. When I go to the music Library, it would take sooo long for the list of songs to slow that I could scroll down the list and the song names would STILL be loading :( . Yeah. Now, with the Class 6 card, the songs load MUCH FASTER and even if I tried to scroll down the list, I cannot keep up anymore. THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE!!

I dunno if there are cameras out there that use MicroSD, but even those cameras will be delayed in taking the next picture because it isn't done writing to the Class 2 card, resulting in wait times. Let's say, one picture is 5MB in size. On a Class 2 card, you'd have to wait 2.5 seconds THEN you can take your next pic. This doesn't include the time your camera needs to reset itself for the next pic. That would be terrible in situations in birthdays when cutting the cake and blowing out the candles. On a Class 6 card, it would finish writing that pic within 1 second! You'll notice an improvement in camera response.

And that's why you want a Class 6. Pay the few extra bucks for the 3x speed increase. It'll save you a lot of pain down the road ;)
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on December 30, 2010
I bought this device for use in my LG Lotus Elite phone with the plan to copy MP3s onto it. For a couple of months I just took some photos with the phone, and they stored fine. This week I tried to transfer 14 GB of MP3s to the device and the device flaked out and stopped being recognized by either the phone or a SanDisk media adaptor (with Windows XP). I tried doing the transfer using both the phone (via USB) and the SanDisk media adaptor. In both cases the transfer appeared to succeed, but the device then failed (hard) on first read access. Both windows and the phone were happy to "format" the device and claim success, but after copying even one GB of data onto the device, both Windows and the phone would refuse to access it.

Amazon sent the device to me in "hassle free" packaging. I must be a retard because it took me about 10 minutes to extract the device from this weird packaging. The packaging is anything but "hassle free". I have now placed a Kingston device on order and if it works properly, then it seems safe to assume that the Trancend device is faulty rather than both my phone and my SanDisk adaptor.
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on September 14, 2010
my phone has 16gb built in storage and i need a sd card that is cheap w/ fast write speed and high capacity. i looked at the 16 gb class 6 but is like $90. its too expensive plus considering the fact that my phone already has 16gb built in, i thought that adding a 16gb more is a bit overkill(my internal mem. still has 13gb left). and putting +10gb worth of data on a thing thats got a history of getting worn out and eventually not working seems too risky for me. 4gb is too small and might cost you even more coz if you filled that up, you will likely to buy another microsd w/ higher capacity. so 8gb(mine got 7.59gb wc i thought was great) for me is the perfect one. The packaging was surprisingly easy to open. its now made of paper(i just recently learned about amazons "reduced packaging"). its great they got rid of those stupid hard plastic packaging that is a pain in the butt to open and can cut your fingers bad.

its got what i needed, and so far i think this microsd is very robust. the adapter works good. i have only owned this product for less than a week , written and deleted huge files multiple times and the write speed is wicked fast. you can really see a huge difference bet c2 and c4 microsd. that extra write speed i think is very much worth the addtional cost you will be paying. put HD(720p) vids on the this one and the playback has no lag at all. im just not sure how a 1080p vid will playback with this, because 1080p's playback is @ 9mbps and i only put 720p vids on this microsd because i only use it for my phone a 1080p will not make much of a difference on how it appears on my phone's screen.

also if your phone can record 720p, i think going for class 6 is the best thing to do. i just hope this microsd will last long engouh to be used for my phone after my current one. i also dont know about this items warranty but i will make an update for that in the future. buy this! you will not go wrong.
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on June 16, 2013
I bought this to wear while on duty (I am a police officer). It is compact enough for me. The video and audio quality is excellent for such a small camera. I use it regularly on traffic and citizen contacts. I don't use the voice activated feature, as it would come on every time my radio says something. It's easy to operate, simple press of button on the top activates and deactivates.
Pros: Compact, user friendly and easy to operate. Good video/audio quality for its size.
Cons: Field of view could be wider. I purchased an 8g HC SD card because I thought the 4g wasn't enought. Turns out the 8g isn't enough either. I can't get more the 5-6 traffic stops or contacts out of it before the card is full. So, if you are using it for my purposes, get the maximum size it will take. I am ordering a larger SD card for it.
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on November 7, 2011
I bought this card to use in my ATT F160 cell phone. It works beautifully in this phone. On this card I've created multiple folders for pictures, video, and music. I've copied quite a bit of content from my PC to it. All such content can be displayed (or played) on my F160 phone. Of course any content obtained directly with the phone can also be stored on the card and/or copied or moved to my PC. The card is very fast. It is an excellent card at an excellent price. Several years ago I bought a similar memory card from Transcend for my Canon digital camera. It has (and continues to) worked flawlessly; it has recording several thousand high-def pictures and some video. So I'm very pleased with both of these Transcent cards.

I did have to buy a card reader to use the 'phone' card because my phone does not connect properly via a USB 2.0 data cable; no drive letter established on the PC to access the card while in the phone. This is a problem of the F160 phone, not of the card. To allow data transfers I bought the Transcend P5 9-in-1 USB 2.0 Flash Memory Card Reader TS-RDP5K. This card reader works fine with this card.
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on October 14, 2009
Was delivered on time in the proper packaging that was indeed worry free, works fine with my brand new Sprint HTC Hero for CDMA networks, and seems to be working very fast when it comes to transferring data. It wasn't too terribly expensive, & the benefits are amazing in that in the the future, all my future phone purchases that can be expanded with Micro SDHC cards will be, due to this memory card, 16GB memory phones. It's like not opting for navigation in a new car purchase because if you just buy a less expensive stand alone portable unit which can make virtually any car you drive, own, buy, rent, lease or even ride in satellite linked for navigation without going through the hassle of adding expensive packages that come with extra features you don't need. But I digress... Unlike the fixed memory of the iPhone which you can't remove, I'll be able to make all my future cell phones 16GB phones, which is basically what I'm saying. Anyway, I'm very happy with my purchase, and actually, the price is actually really inexpensive, and a relative bargain. Go to Best Buy or your cellphone provider's corporate store and you'll see that they likely will only have class 2 or if you're lucky, class 4 cards usually topping out at 8GB, and maybe sometimes you'll find 16GB cards, but they'll usually top out at class 2-4 as well, plus they'll be like $99.99 and up. Anyway, this was a steal, and I'd totally recommend it to anyone looking to find a high quality class 6 card. Yet another flawless and incredibly pleasing purchasing experience using I friggin' love this website.
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on October 20, 2010
I think if anyone owns an Android phone, they should upgrade to a class 6 micro sd card. I bought the 8 gig Transcend card to replace the stock 2 gig card. I must say I'm quite impressed. I did some performance tests using several softwares. On average it writes about 9mb/sec and reads 11 mb/sec. On one occasion, I had a 11mb/sec write and a 13mb/sec read. Very fast indeed. I'm also happy because there's a lifetime warranty with Transcend. Quite versatile too because I can also use this in my camera.

I think the only downside is the design of the sd card itself. Very easy to get lost or misplaced. But other than that, I'm very happy with this purchase. Especially since there were no places selling a class 6 in Hawaii.

Edit: I've been using this sd card for 2 months so far. Very good speeds. The only thing I notice is that the speed somewhat slows down once you write a gig of data. It's no biggie. Definitely beats the stock speeds..My stock speed was 1mb/sec write and 3mb/sec read using the stock Sandisk sd card.
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on November 2, 2011
Bought this card specifically for the Midland XTC-100 Action Camera.
Works perfectly in the camera, removes easily, fits the adapter
exactly and the adapter inserts into the laptop for rapid download.
As a class-6 card, there's no graininess, and no pixelation during playback.
It does everything well, would buy again, and yes, I recommend for use
in this action camera.
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