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on December 5, 2013
This is a great product but you need to be careful in setup in order to avoid crashing and blackouts.

Recommend following steps to enjoy this wonderful device:

1. Read as much of favorable and unfavorable reviews on Amazon before powering up.
2. Fully charge before powering up.
3. Do not do any windows update until you do #4
4. Go to "pc settings" and change windows update setting from auto install to "download updates but let me choose whether to install them". So much of crashing has been due to auto update installation coming off sleep mode or during booting(especially the large update right off the bat). Windows will let you know that there are updates to be installed. Now you are able to review and choose ones you want to install. More importantly, you are installing updates while the device is up and running (thereby reducing the risk of being locked out). I've had two instances of "failed to install" on updates during this manual installation but no crashing. When I retried to install on the next day, installation was successful in both cases. By the way, I have installed all updates so far.
5. Asus has new BIOS update on their website - strongly recommend updating to BIOS 220
6. Turn off three finger and edge gesture on touchpad.
7. I use my Samsung galaxy note 2 charger with no problem. I think any Samsung or LG smartphone chargers would work. Its not any faster but has longer cord.
8. Call Asus customer service with any issues. Generally they are helpful. If Asus recommend sending in for repair, try returning it to the retailer for exchange or refund first.
9. Buy illumishield screen protector - your screen is no longer a fingerprint magnet.
10. Get 64GB as 32GB is not enough.

Hope above helps. This is a fantastic device, doubly so at this price.

I've had this device for nearly three weeks with no problem whatsoever. In fact, with Windows and BIOS updates, its performance has improved. For example, the touchpad works better and battery consumption during sleep mode has gone down from 5% per hour to 1%.

I have kept my windows update setting to manual installation and do not intend to allow auto installation until crashing issues are completely resolved. There is nothing to lose by taking this precaution and judging by many Windows update related crashes still being reported, this is a prudent action.

Update 2:
Its been nearly month and half and this devise has mostly replaced my desktop. I bought 22 inch Samsung HDTV to replace 17 inch monitor. Micro HDMI to HDMI cable connection allows me to watch Netflix while doing email, web surf, or word doc on TV screen. Simply amazing.

For the past week, I have changed windows update setting to auto installation with no issues - got tired of almost daily windows defender update.

I still recommend new users to maintain manual windows update installation for the first three weeks. My daughter recently purchased Dell Venue 11 Pro (for bigger screen and slightly better spec) and got locked out after allowing automatic windows update installation. As is the case with T100, there is a large initial windows update on Dell Venue. The thing would not turn on no matter what we tried. She received a new one few days ago and needless to say, MANUAL INSTALLATION only.
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on October 30, 2013
I was very excited to get this device, so when I opened it and wasn't able to turn on it on, I wasn't too thrilled to see that the manual told me to charge it for 8 hours initially. I can't blame the tablet for that. Going against my better judgment, the little kid in me didn't want to wait for that, so I turned it on after only about a half-hour of charge. I will say that during initial Windows setup, it shut off due to a lack of charge.... My fault. The reason I'm including that is because it is a possible cause of how the device behaved initially.

The device while plugged in, seemed to not be charging or doing so at a very poor pace, as others have mentioned. It was sluggish, webpages were loading very slowly in desktop mode and in the Modern IE app. The WiFi randomly cut out, and most of the modern apps (The Metro UI) would open for a second and then force close with no error message. I was aggravated and very close to returning it. However I had read many reviews that lead me to believe that this was not the case for some people.

I work in IT, and I'm not a person who can just give up on a device like this without troubleshooting first, regardless of how strong the urge may be. The first thing I tried was a very simple factory restore, not thinking it would do much but it was worth a shot as a starting point. To my surprise, it worked. The device was suddenly much more responsive, the apps were opening quickly and not force closing, the WiFi was working fine, and the battery was definitely charging whether the screen was on or off. Also to address another review, the charging LED by the power button DOES go from orange to white when it is fully charged. While it may not be the fastest charging device, it charged a lot faster than my 3rd Gen iPad.

Now to actually discuss a few things about the physical device. The Screen is nice, not as bright or pixel dense as my iPad was but the extra functionality I receive with Windows 8 is well worth the trade-off. Besides, I didn't really notice a huge difference when watching Netflix or Hulu. The difference was only noticeable with text, but either way it is still a nice and perfectly adequate screen with nice viewing angles and pretty decent color.

As for build quality, I don't know what people are complaining about. I was expecting to pick this up and have it feel really cheap and light, and not a good kind of lightweight. This thing isn't too heavy but has a nice solid weight to it as well as the keyboard dock. I'm not saying it felt as "premium" as the iPad did, but it is perfectly fine to me and not just because of the price. The touchpad on the dock is a little erratic at times and doesn't feel great, but it works fine for me. The keyboard is a little small as well, but I'd still prefer it over always using the on-screen keyboard. I applaud Asus for including the dock at this price because to be honest using Desktop mode in Windows 8 sometimes requires a mouse or trackpad to avoid a lot of frustration from mis-taps.

Overall, I'm glad I purchased this device. Anything intensive I can do on my desktop, though this little guy seems to be pretty capable. Obviously this won't replace your main computer unless you really only use it for web browsing, watching videos, and creating/editing documents (Comes with Office Home and Student for free..or at least bundled into the great price.) But it is great for what I do with a tablet and a little more. So if you order this and have issues with it, give it a chance and at least attempt a factory restore, which is very simple to do.
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on November 9, 2013
This has got to be one of the best tech values besides the Nexus 5 and Nokia 520. Fro $350-400, you get a FULL FEATURED 10 inch Windows 8 tablet that comes with a keyboard dock! Tablet one second, netbook the other! Its a fantastic device that gets 5 stars for its superb value alone!

+ Great screen! People online may gripe on the 720p display, but you'll never notice using it
+ Battery life: Took it off the charger 7am this morning, and been using it straight since browsing the internet, viewing several Youtube videos both on Flash and Metrotube app, reading PDFs with Bluetooth and Webcam on. Now at 4pm, and still have 40% on the tank! Definetly liberating from netbooks where under clocking underpowered devices was a necessity to get that battery life. About as good as my iPad.
+The Speakers! As an iPad owner, I'm impressed. Very clear and very loud. definitely betrays their size. I've never had reason to crank it up past 50% so far.
+ FULL WINDOWS 8.1! This can't be said enough. I think almost everyone who has bought a Netbook did so to get a full Windows experience in a relatively portable format, where I do not feel afraid to use the device on a subway, and doesn't require me to bring a charger.
+ This things a BEAST for its size. Wana watch a flash Youtube video while browsing the net on the same screen? No problem! Wana do some photo editing while watching said video? No sweat! Everything is buttery smooth on Bay Trail. Hell, it seems faster than my Core2Duo 2009 White Macbook that I've been using as my primary computer (very happily especially with Mavericks) for 4 years now.
+ MicroSD card slot: Format it so NTFS, and you have an additional 32-64GB Hard Drive, so space no longer becomes a big issue.


- The Dock: I REALLY want to like this thing. Truly. But its pretty terrible. The keyboard has the same configuration and size as my 1000HE, which I've been using regularly until recently (broken fan). But its for some reason a pain in the ___ to type on. I think its because the keys are recessed in to the case too far, and the boarders around the keyboard are too high. Makes it very awkward to type on. Keys are also a bit stiff, but I personally don't mind that too much. Also, like others are reporting, there's still Q/A issues with these: Bought it from BestBuy yesterday (32GB) so its a brand new batch. The space bar is already squeaking after just a days use. Now very difficult to type on. Gonna send it in for return.

The Touchpad is also pretty bad. However, there's a way to make it pretty decent:

1- realize that Asus put some stupid power saving feature to turn off the touchpad after 10 seconds or so. When you wana use it, just tap on it and use it. Small 6/10 second thing, but it makes it much more bearable.

2- On the Desktop, double click "Asus Smart Gesture" on the bottom right where the Dock is (where you see your Battery indicator). Go to "Edge Gesture" and TURN THAT SHAITE OFF!!! Whoever thought that was a good idea in the first place should be fired! This thing already has the ability to do gestures with the touch screen. What's the point in adding all these unusable gestures to such a small touchpad? Leave it alone! The only gesture it needs is 2 finger scrolling. The rest is pointless.

3- After that, go to Mouse Settings on the Control Panel and crank up both touch sensitivity and scrolling speed.

So in conclusion, if you want a FULL 10 inch Windows Tablet that has a dock to use as a stand, case, and occasional keyboard, then get the Asus T100 without hesitation. Its perfect.

If, like me, you are looking to get one as a netbook replacement, then wait a bit longer. Either until Asus fixes their Q/A issues, for competitor models that WILL be coming, or ditch the Tablet part and wait for the eventual touch screen Bay Trail netbooks.

In my 1 day use, the tablet part adds to the Netbook experience. Complementing it with the fast processing and amazing battery life, this machine should be the Ultimate Computational Device.

However, it isn't right now. My thumb is tired from hitting this squeaky space bar, so signing off!

Edit: Just got back from Bestbuy to exchange the keyboard, and the overall response is much better. Think the keyboard was defective all around. If it holds up after the next few weeks, I'll bump it up to 4 stars. Still, be wary of the quality control issues on this product, and make sure you buy it from somewhere that has a very flexible return policy.

Edit 2: Well, it's been a month and so far, so good! The new dock has shown no wear and is now holding up well. after about a month, it's staring to replace my iPad as a tablet. Not entirely, but it's getting there. 4:3 aspect ratio is still ideal for tablet browsing, and Windows store is sorely lacking apps...but considering that I never intended this little thing to replace my MacBook OR iPad, I gotta say Tablet internet Explorer has grown on me! And I haven't really touched my MacBook since getting this, as I am able to do all my editing fine with the T100.

Another thing to be wary of: The plastics in the tablet are cheap. No joke. I put it in my book bag with the dock snug in a relatively safe compartment. Never banged it, or dropped it, etc. took it out, and found a very small crack on the side of the tablet. It's very small and everything works perfect, but considering the amount of drops and damage I've done with my old Asus Netbook, it's a bit disappointing it's that brittle. When in use, get a case for the whole thing. AmazonBasics has a cheap $9 case for 10 inch tablets that fits well and gives good enough protection.
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on October 23, 2013
I've been using this unique machine for about five hours now (update below). Before I review it, I want to give some context: I regularly use the Nexus 10 for mobile computing with a keyboard - arguably the best screen you can buy on a tablet. I also have the first Nexus 7. I have tried to present on my Nexus 10 and it crashed the projector. So I have been using my Asus 1201n running Win8.1 to handle all MS programs.

Enter the Asus T100. I didn't buy it for the tablet option, though that is useful. I bought it for a few reasons - 10 hrs of Microsoft usage without plugging in. Good touchscreen. Light - very important - it must fit in my small shoulder bag with my Nexus 10 and a book without strain. Fast processor - at least four times faster than the Atom dual core in my Asus 1201n, which really was cutting edge in Sept. 2010 (still pretty solid).

My initial verdict.
Screen - you won't be upset. Any rendering problems are Microsoft's and not due to the pixel count. If the pixel count was higher on this size screen MS rendering would make everything really small (Android is much better with this 10" form). Asus's reading mode turns the screen a yellow hue, but may help the eyes. Touch functionality is exceptional - though reviewers say it only has 5 pt touch, not 10 (which used to be standard - not sure why this has been reduced - though I never use 10 fingers on the screen at once). Track pad is also quite good, though I'm not a clicker - I like to double tap - which this does well.

Charging - slow

Keyboard - cramped compared to my 12 inch netbook. Cramped compared to my Bluetooth Motorola android keyboard (which is superb). But in five hours I feel like I'm already about 50% adapted to the key layout. Way better than typing on the screen. Definitely takes some getting used to.

Processor and performance - Snappy. This is not an i5 chip, for sure. But you won't wait for anything to load when launching apps. This is my fastest machine - it feels like a work horse to me, but I don't do video editing and I don't play pc games. I do regularly use ppt, vlc, youtube ripper, lots of chrome. Let's say I'm an aggressive word processor, browser, ppt user. This is ideal for me, though I could enjoy a 12 inch screen. The biggest issue that makes the screen feel cramped is simply the small Win8 text rendering - which can be adjusted.

My advice - I'd buy this over a Chromebook . I'd buy this over the high priced but attractive looking Yoga and any other Win8 running Mac Book Air competitor (definitely buy it over a surface - you'd have to be crazy to pull the trigger on a surface pro over this baby). The 2gb of ram is much speedier on this machine than the 4gb ram in my Asus 1201n (that I upgraded). I haven't had a ram issue yet and I'm running lots of programs and apps simultaneously.

For what it is worth, I agree with most everything said in this review: [...]


Update after a few days of use:

The battery is exceptional. On a typical day I use the computer about 7 hours and I regularly have 30% left by the time I close the lid (brightness is set to auto adjust). It also accepts a charge from my external battery pushing my mobile work time up to double the reported 10 hrs.

I'm adjusting to the keyboard, but like many reviewers have noted, the right shift key is small and I often miss it. Please note: the two feet of the hinge, which touch the table when the screen is up, can scratch a wood finish very easily. I produced three scratches at home before I figured out what the sound was. Like one reviewer as well, my keyboard had a slight warp that made it wobble. I've bent it back into shape. Some parts of the construction seem needlessly cheap, like the warped keyboard and the glossy and sometimes flimsy back of the tablet. Less like the Nexus 10 back and more like the lid to my old Asus 1201n. You don't notice the flex until you pick up the screen in tablet mode.

Overall, I continue to be impressed with the performance and functionality of the T100. Win 8.1 is great on this machine. It is everything I wanted in Android that Google or MS won't allow - split screen, great multitasking, great MS Office experience. It has an awesome Baytrail chip with an exceptional balance between power and battery life. Rumor is, too, that once the first Android Baytrails are launched the T100 will be able to dual boot Android and Win 8.1.

Update after one month of use:

My concerns about the keyboard are gone. I'm fully adjusted to the size and placement of keys and I can type as comfortably on this machine as I can on a full sized keyboard. I did notice the reduction in size for about two weeks, then it faded from consciousness and my typing seemed normal.
This is my daily driver - I have no need of any other computer or tablet with this machine. I did load up a few indie games - particularly FEZ. The tablet keyboard combo seems to be ideal for this type of game. You have about 10hrs of battery, so the only problem you will have playing relatively simple games on here is that they'll be difficult to put down. My initial concerns about build quality diminish the more I use the device. In my opinion this is the top of the pack for tablet and "air laptop" usage.
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on November 21, 2013
I absolutely love this product. It can do everything my HP Laptop ENVY DV7 72172nr with 8.1 does plus it has Touch Screen in Mtro and Desktop Mode. With the keyboard attached I can connect a mouse and use it in Desktop or Metro.
CAUTION!!!!! After doing setup, installing programs, activating Office and installing some apps I ran some programs and opened several apps. It performed GREAT!! The next day I went to the APP Store for some Free APPs and got error "Could Not Perform Purchase. I spent several hours with ASUS and then tried a REPAIR. It T100 entered a DEATH SPIRAL. No matter repair option I took it would restart in REPAIR MODE. I could not do A normal Startup. I decided to do a RESET.which told me I had to free up space on the "C" Drive. IMPOSSIBLE since I could not start th.. t100. Same problem with trying to do a RECOVERY (Factory Settings).
Apparently ASUS needs 10-12GB free space on the "C" drive to do a RESET or RECOVERY. I returned the 32GB and ordered a 64GB System and purchased a 32GB SD Card where I will store Documents, Pictures, Videos, downloads and possibly Email.
I will just store programs on "C" ensuring a large amount of FREE SPACE if I need to do as REST/RECOVERY.
I'm sure I hit bug that ASUS will fix but I will be prepared next time.
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on November 17, 2013
Pros: Full Win 8.1, NOT RT so you can install desktop programs and Win 8 Metro/Modern Apps.
Comes with Office Home and Student preinstalled, just enter the included product key
2.4 & 5 Ghz wifi
microSD slot
Keyboard dock INCLUDED
USB 3 port on keyboard dock
great battery life

Cons: Not a lot of Apps in the Win8 Store
You can install the desktop versions of what's not in the store but they may not be optimized
for touch.
Trackpad not the most responsive one I've used
Screen and back of case are fingerprint magnets. Don't know why the back is so glossy instead of textured.

I've had mine for a week. Flashed the BIOS/Firmware to the latest version which helped the trackpad some but it still a bit laggy/unresponsive at times. Fast wifi, great display, plays videos fine.

For $349 this is a great little unit. Add a 64Gb mSD card and one should have enough space to install programs (NOTE: Win Store Apps ONLY install to the C: drive so install your desktop programs to the mSD card). I was looking at Dell's Venue 11 Pro but by the time you add their keyboard dock and Office you're close to $1000. The ability to work on my job docs using Office while on the road with the small size of this T100 is great.
This is the future of what computing is going to.
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I wanted to like this and guess what? I do!

I am so pleased with this purchase, that I not only want give you my feedback on it, but provide a series of insights that will help you to get the most of your T-100.


The Asus T-100 is more of a tablet with attachable keyboard, than a laptop with a detachable screen. I think those who have this perspective are mostly likely to be happy with their purchase. However, in terms of functionality, it combines the power and versatility of both a laptop and a tablet. It is one of the very new generation of tablets that take advantage of Intel's new Quad-core Bay Trail Atom processor. You get the full blown Window 8.1 experience instead of the underpowered and lightweight Windows RT, plus a keyboard that is well-integrated with the tablet.

Just how powerful is the Bay Trail inside the T-100? It's been benchmarked at 6,279 MIPS, which is not far under the i5 processor. Yet, it runs cool (no vent or fan needed) and runs long, up to 11-hour battery life.

Also, in spectacular fashion, it fulfills a promise that was made in 2012, when Intel promised that Ultrabooks would provide us with lighter, faster, cooler-running notebooks with longer battery life. Looking back with 20/20 hindsight, they failed. I know because I have two a highly-related Samsung and HP Ultrabooks. Both are are better from traditional notebook computer. But they still cough, sputter, and boil their way through the day only offering minor improvements over conventional laptops. Yes, I've written positive reviews of the Ultrabooks I own. But in the big picture, the more I've used them, the more they seem to be better than average notebooks, but not game-changers.

Chromebooks and iPads, which I also own, are useful and fun. But the bulk of the serious business still gets done on my Windows-based computers.

Now, into Day 11 of ownership, I'm feeling that the T-100 finally delivers on what Ultrabooks were supposed to have delivered two years ago, when Intel first promised, but failed to deliver lighter, faster, cooler-running notebooks with longer battery life.

The T-100 is an easy to carry-around portable with the power to get serious work done without worrying with enough juice for a day at Starbucks or flying from L.A. to NY.

HERE'S WHAT I LIKE about the version with 64 gb (no 500 gb hard drive) which I believe is the best version to get:

► You get full blown Windows 8.1. So now you can run most if not all the desktop programs you've been running on your Window 7 and XP computers. Thus far, every app I'm tried works fine on the T-100.

► Fast. I have two laptops running an i5. My T-100 seems to perform as well as my two i5 ultrabooks. Further boosting performance is the 64gb of blisteringly fast Solid State storage. I strongly recommend getting the 64gb version instead instead of the one that includes the 500gb hard drive, which will dramatically slow down your performance.

► Boots up fast as fast as my iPad Air. It goes from "off" to login screen in about 7 seconds. After I enter my long password, I'm at the Metro screen instantly with no lag. Once there, it's really operating at optimum speed, until conventional computers whose hard drives are stuttering booting up background processes 5 minutes after you pressed the "on" button.

► Small and lightweight with no fan or vents. The tablet with the keyboard attached feels no heavier than my Chromebook. Best of all the new architecture of Intel's low-power, but fast Bay Trail microprocessor allows the T-100 to run with no noisy fan or van. Now you truly perch a real Windows 8.1 machine on your lap, couch or bed -- while actually getting real work done.

► Windows 8.1. Yes, I was a skeptic, but I after a couple of days of adjustment, I truly see the genius of the Metro interface. It's just like the icons you see on your iPhone or Android, only better. With the flexibility to re-size and change the colors of the tiles, you have much better sense of visual hierarchy.

► Touchpad works fine.

► With table attached to keyboard, it opens and shuts just like a laptop. Some people have commented the angle of movement of the screen is not big enough. I think it's fine.

► Media Player is far better than native Video app on iPad Air. 8.1's media player allows you precisely move to specific time in a time in a long video your watching. This is not possible in the Video in the iPad Air.

► Comes with Windows Office.


► It takes too long to charge. But have a possible solution that works for me (later in this review).

► No hard disk means there is no indicator that tells you the T-100 is processing something. So there are times when you're wondering if it's frozen or "thinking." This doesn't happen often, but it is slightly disconcerting.

► Asus Cloud Storage Nag pop-up. I'll explain to you how I silenced it in my Tips section below.

► Cheap plastic netbook look. The Asus T-100 is substance over style for sure. But I also have solution for that.

► Not all that many great apps in the Microsoft App Store. While I got the T-100 in order to run my business-related applications, it would be nice to install some of the great apps that I have on iPad and Android phone. But there's really a great lack in this area that I hope Microsoft eventually overcomes.


1) How I addressed the slow-charge problem. First, let me give you the following disclaimer: I am not recommending the following as a solution for anyone to blindly follow in order to shorten the ridiculous amount of time it takes to fully recharge the ASUS T-100. I have no idea whether it can impact the longevity of the product. Proceed at your own risk. Given that, the ASUS T-100 comes with 2.0 AMP charger. I looked for a "fast charger" and found one from a reputable company that makes a 2.4 AMP charger. Now, rather than having to leave it plugged in overnight, my T-100 is fully recharged in 2 or 4 hours.

2) Add a 64gb (or 128gb) Class 10 UHS 1 Micro SD. This is the one I got: Sony 64GB microSDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card and you'll double your storage. Move your big data files (such as movies) and you'll have a decent amount left for your apps.

3) Don't fight Windows 8.1. Surrender to it and you'll develop a full appreciation of Metro by using the touchscreen. I think you'll come to like it more than the Windows 7 interface as long as you recognize that is for today's users who are getting more and more accustomed to tapping icons on their phones. I really prefer this over Windows 7 now. It far more more efficient than the old START button.

4) Get rid of the Asus Cloud Storage Nag. I did this by signing up. But because I didn't want to get dinged a year from now for having to pay for a Terabyte storage a year from now, I'm identified the icon in the System Tray and disabled it by right clicking and closing it.

5) Get a case for both the Tablet (VSTN® Asus Transformer Book T100 ultra-thin Smart Cover Case (For Asus Transformer Book T100, Black II)) along and the for the keyboard and the table attached together (IVSO® ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity T100 10.1-inch Leather Keyboard Portfolio Stand Cover Case (Black)). These thick cases that go directly against the grain of the "thin, light and beautiful" trend that has been in place since the first iPhones came out. But I really think they increase the visual appeal of the T-100.

Overall, the ASUS T-100 has surprised me in a good way. I initially thought it would be under-powered and was dreading Windows 8.1 I was, thankfully, wrong on both accounts.

I thought I was getting something more like the netbooks of two years ago. Instead, I see this as being a revolutionary product which provides versatility and power on the go for Windows users and quite possibly give Apple a run for their money.

UPDATE 5/29/2014 FIXING A BOTTLENECK just the few weeks since I purchased the T-100, there have been a boatload buyers with reviews across the spectrum between love and hate.

For anyone interested, I discovered an Achilles Heel that this laptop has which is very solvable. In spite of the it's Bay Trail microprocessor and Solid State Drive, I still experienced frustrating periods during which the T-100 seems to hang. But what I discover is that the hanging is not due to processing. Rather, it's due to the weak Wifi radio that's built into it.

How do I know that? Simple, I found the T-100 running slow. I happened to walk closer to Wifi transmitter and instantly, it was racing like a Ferrari. With this evidence, in mind, I did some research and wound up buying the Medialink Wireless-N USB Adapter (300 Mbps) - 802.11n, 2.4 ghz - Compatible with Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP.

It was easy to set up. After activating, I found that it made a huge difference removed the bottlenecks that would occur on any process that was Internet related.
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on December 7, 2013
My background: I am a graduate student. I don't like pirated software. I already had a laptop before buying the Asus t100. This older laptop of mine weighed nearly 4 kg and was a pain to carry to school. And I desperately needed a light weight computer like device through which I could create and read documents and presentations via Microsoft Office. And, I couldn't afford Microsoft Office to install in my Windows Vista laptop.

As the thanksgiving approached, I was in hunt for a tablet that fulfilled all these requirements. By some luck, I came across Asus t100 transformer notebook. I bought it in a lightning deal for $299 from Here are the pros and cons from my point of view:

- It comes with a full Windows 8.1. Since this is a tablet, Windows 8.1 is really easy to use with the touchscreen.
- It has a Microsoft Office 2013 student (Only thing the student version lacks is Microsoft Outlook which I don't use; so I don't care about it.)
- 64 GB memory (The maximum memory the best of the Android tablets have is 32 GB).
- The cost includes the keyboard.
- It is very lightweight
- It can be used both as a small computer and as a tablet.
- The screen can be tilted when placed on the keyboard.
- Presence of a USB 3.0 port which means that I can use optical mouse/ pen drive/ external hard disk etc
- Micro-HDMI port is also available (But you need to buy a separate cable to use it)
- You can take handwritten notes in the screen using the One Note application (You need to buy a separate stylus for it)
- I love the reading mode - The screen becomes yellow (like an old, well read book - I am reminded of my well worn Harry Potter books), and that makes it much more comfortable to read.
- Sound quality is pretty good and it produces quite a loud sound for its size.

- The screen might be a bit small (for people who like big screens)
- The keyboard may be cramped for seasoned typists and people with big hands.
- The touch pad is kind of small. (My suggestion is to buy a mouse)
- The screen and the back of the tablet are fingerprint magnets (I bought a skinomi carbon fiber skin+screen guard to rectify this)

I gave 5 stars for this product because this product exactly suits my needs. I am not a gamer (I don't play computer games); I am not a programmer; I am just an ordinary student. And this beauty has become my companion wherever I go. She is beautiful, talented, and understands and caters to my needs. Thank you, Asus for bringing out this beautiful product.
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on November 29, 2013
I used to buy iPad only, but after Windows 8.1 I changed my mind. I have many iPads at home for my 7-year-old for the learning and entertainment purposes. However, I wish I could buy a notebook, both for my son and myself for productivity and project purposes, that can last the whole day without charging in between. And I've looked around the market for 2 years, today I finally found it at a very reasonable price point. I bought ASUS VivoTab one month ago and tested all sorts of functionality. It has been doing good, but not excellent. My son installed Minectaft Computer Version and it was running so slow that he couldn't even play it at all in the most desktop environment of Java Runtime/Virtual Machine.

One month later now it comes to the market this little cute ASUS Transformer Book t100. To make sure its computing power, I went to Best Buy yesterday first to install Minecraft with Java and it runs perfectly smoothly, which means you can count on this tiny "Netbook" to do heavy-duty gaming or graphical design. At this price, you buy the fastest tablet in the marketplace, which sounds like a steal.

And also, the full function keyboard can make you productivity suite run perfectly on the most portable machine. I've tried to buy a bluetooth keyboard and a bluetooth Mouse for my past ASUS VivoTab Smart ME400C, but it's very awkward and the bluetooth connection often lost from time to time. So, I decided next time I would like a tablet with the Original-But-Not-Bluetooth-Connection Keyboard.

And this is it - ASUS T100, which is a fast computer even faster than my wife's working computer Thinkpad, with a free office pre-installed. Also I did a deep research and found 1080p is not good for Wireless Display function. 1366x768 resolution makes Wireless Display function work perfectly since 1080p Miracast Wi-Fi connection often drops due to several times larger real-time network data transfer than in the 1366x768 mode.

Try to think, when you get in your office, your monitor, full-sized keyboard and mouse will be wirelessly connected to this fancy little cutie automatically; When you walk in a presentation room, you can use the big TV screen mounted on the wall in the mirroring mode as a second screen, wirelessly or via and HML-to-HDMI cable. When you go back home, your kid can unplug the keyboard to play Windows-Specific tablet games or just leave the original keyboard plugged to play tons of Legacy Online Java-based Learning Games.

At this price, basically you got a so-far-the-fastest tablet, a free original keyboard, a free Office, sounds too good to be true. Actually, in terms of Wireless Display function, I got a better notebook on ASUS t100 even than my 14" HP notebook with an I3 core, because my I3 HP hotebook processor can't support Wireless Display function at all.

After I placed this order, I went to eBay buying a Samsung Pro 64GB micro SDXC for just a measly $21, then I got 128GB tablet+keyboard+Office in total so that I can download any youtube kids learning stuff as my son wants. For iPad Air at 128GB with a keyboard, you have to pay more than $1000, but it's still a toy, not as open as in the Windows Legacy platform. But this ASUS t100 can get my Word, Excel and Powerpoint jobs done on the go with my Verizon LG G2 phone's hotspot function anywhere anytime.

Without Microsoft's distressed support, ASUS can't release a good product like this, because Microsoft is spending $400 million promotion to sell 16 million tablets like this over this holiday season. Compared to iPad Air, you only pay 1/3 price but can strike a good balance between home entertainment and work productivity.

By the way, don't think the highest screen resolution is boon for customers all the times: I bought iPad 3 and it stutters once for every 5 minutes or so lasting almost an entire year and then Apple upgraded iOS three times I feel better, but after Apple forced me to upgrade to iOS 7, my iPad 3 stutters again now. I dug into the stuttering reason, I found it's the GPU/CPU A6X computing power issue, because iPad 3 uses 2048x1536 resolution, but its GPU is too slow to support, it can only run games at less than 30fps at ~17fps, making the stuttering issue happen all the time from day one. And Apple's Lemon Design has damaged Apple's reputation a bit and Apple has dumped iPad 3 like S***, making it the shortest-lived product in Apple's history.

The only downside is the touch pad works not good enough. Because notebook at this small form factor, ASUS has combined two touchpad keys into one piece: this makes touchpad work stickily. You can try to lift your thumb higher to not touch he touchpad when you use your index finger to move the cursor around. Or you just plugin a USB mouse to solve this issue forever.

Also, the full-sized USB port is very useful since past microUSB port can't read normal USB portable hard drive because tablet microUSB has no power output to power up a normal mechanical drive. Now, I'm waiting Intel-powered next generation phone so that Microsoft can combine Windows, RT and Phone three together into one product. By then, I guess within a few years, your phone will have a computing power simply as powerful as a desktop so that you can carry your pocket super computer anywhere anytime with a 24/7 wireless connection.

To cut the price tag down, ASUS did cut a lot of functions: compared to past version Vivotab Smart, it lacks rear camera and many sensors like NFC Gyro... All in all, this will become ASUS's next Nexus 7 blockbuster, consolidating its No.3 position in the tablet world in the global market.
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on November 4, 2013
I have had the T100 for a week or so. After a rocky start, I find it to be a pint sized powerhouse. Unlike the netbooks of old, the t100 never feels underpowered. I glides effortlessly through all normal computing tasks. The Intel bay trail cpu seems to be what Microsoft needed at the start... It feels right at home as a tablet, and just as happy docked to the keyboard. Having both options is where windows 8 comes alive.

Pros- The Price is beautiful. I don't think you will find a better value out there. The device itself feels solid. It has enough weight to give confidence, while light enough to hold with one hand. The Keys on the dock have a good feel and travel. The hinge and connector feel very secure, with no play. I have never worried about it. When docked I forget it splits into two pieces. The screen looks great and the touch works flawlessly. Battery life is as advertised. Tablet level life with an x86 platform. Awesome. Hook up the micro hdmi out to a monitor and plug a mouse in and you have a workstation. While Subjective I think Asus designs nice looking devices, and the t100 looks good. Oh and again... PRICE!

Cons- The glossy plastic on the back of the screen makes for a fingerprint magnet. It looks nice and feels good in the hand, but be prepared to wipe it down constantly...I mean constantly. The rocky start I mentioned was involving the keyboard dock. I though I had a bad one at first. The keyboard worked for a few minutes and just stopped. This was during the first charging cycle. After it was fully charged the keyboard came back to life. I read that this happened to others. Asus should include this info with the device because I almost shipped it back. Seems to work just fine now though. The touchpad is a little finicky. Mostly when you have the gestures turned on. Because it is so small just moving the cursor around the screen, you will use gestures. Like swipe from right and cycle apps, or pull up the charms bar, when you're just moving the cursor. 2 finger scroll works for the most part but not all the time. Pinch to zoom on the touchpad is also hit and miss. It works though. Would be nice to have a second usb on the dock, but I knew this going in.

So the t100 isn't perfect...So What! It is a $400 ultra portable laptop... and tablet. It is easily powerful enough to be the only computer most people need. It has the battery power to last all day, No moving parts, Quad core x86 cpu, 1366x768 screen, Bluetooth, hdmi out, good build quality, all for $400. What's not to like?
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