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VINE VOICEon July 15, 2014
The T100TA-C1-GR(S) is the 2014 version of the T100TA-C1-GR. Looks like ASUS is following the `S' convention for minor upgrades ;o) This upgrade is indeed minor - seems like the only two differences between this 2014 model and its 2013 predecessor is, 1. Increase in processor clock speed from 1.33 GHz to 1.46 GHz, and, 2. Addition of two new colors - Red and White (ok, ok...this is a little more than a minor upgrade!).

The T100(S) is a great little Windows 8 transformer laptop/tablet with a few flaws. It fills in the void for those who need a reliable keyboard laptop but yearn for a tablet. I would have thought that there would be more choices out there at the T100 (S)'s price point but even a year later there aren't very many competitors (Lenovo Yoga, maybe?!!)

The T100(S) is equipped with a new generation Intel Atom Quad Core Processor with 2 GB of DDR3 RAM and a 64GB SSD. The sum of this configuration greatly aids the T100(S) to deal effectively and efficiently with Windows 8.1 and its intensive graphic and touch features. My T100(S) operates just as well on Win 8.1 as my Retina iPad does on iOS7!

The T100(S) has a bright, clear 10.1" 1366 x 768 HD IPS multi-touch display. The touch function coupled with the snappy hardware delivers. There is barely any lag.

The tablet docks into the keyboard which houses a full size USB 3.0 port. The tablet has a micro-USB port which is the charging port but can also be used as a regular micro-USB port. It is also equipped with a micro-HDMI port, a micro-SD card slot and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The T100(S) is primarily constructed of plastic composite and glass. It weighs 2.46 lbs - 1.26 lbs for the tablet and 1.2 lbs for the keyboard. The keyboard does seem a little heavier than it should be, especially since it does not house any batteries. The top of the keyboard including the wrist-rest and touch-pad areas could be aluminium and might explain the weight. The back of the tablet is smooth plastic while the back of the keyboard is rubberized.

The keyboard is smaller and in proportion to the size of the laptop. The keys are a little smaller but just as functional as any regular laptop. The keys do not feel like an add-on peripheral, they feel more like a built-in laptop keyboard.

The primary issues I have had with the laptop:
1. The laptop is charged through the micro-USB port. This would not have necessarily been an issue but for the fact that, unlike conventional laptops, the T100(S) needs to acquire some (~10%) charge before it starts and is usable.
2. The battery has been of a little concern. Starting with a 100% charge, the behavior has been inconsistent. At times, it will hold its charge in standby for 4-5 days with very little decay. Other days, it will be discharge in standby mode within a day. I have been playing around with settings in Win8.1 as it seems that the batteries have the potential to hold a charge for a long duration. (See Tips below)
3. The dock connection is still a little flimsy as the 2013 model. Even after the tablet has clicked into place, closing it over the keyboard seems to press against the dock release button and causes it to slip out of the dock. 9 out of 10 times I will pull it out of my case and the tablet would have partially slipped out of the dock.
4. Though this might be more an Win8.1 issue, the touchpad seems to, at times, have a mind of its own.

Bonus Features:
1. Microsoft Office 2013 Home/Student included - this is a very valued bonus.
2. Unlimited ASUS cloud storage for 1 year.

A definite Recommend.

I was experiencing erratic usage times when recovering from "Sleep" mode. I was unable to enable the "Hibernate" option on this version of Windows and on researching found that I would have to add a "Hibernate" shortcut. The "Hibernate" start-up times are very similar to "Sleep" mode and battery life is the same as where I left it when hibernating.

Right click on a blank area on the desktop, Select 'New -> Shortcut', type 'shutdown.exe /h' in the 'Type the location of the item:' text-box. Click 'Next', Type a name for the shortcut and click 'Finish'. Find the shortcut on the desktop and click 'Properties' to set a 'Shortcut key' or to 'Change Icon' There are great icons available for free on the web to fit in with the Windows 8 schemes. You can add the shortcut to your Metro interface for a one-touch Hibernate.

* Good price-point for a convertible laptop
* Good convertible laptop/tablet
* Bright, clear 10.1" 1366 x 768 HD IPS multi-touch display
* Great hardware: New generation Intel Atom Quad Core Processor with 2 GB of DDR3 RAM and a 64GB SSD
* Valuable ports: MicroSD, Micro HDMI & Micro USB
* Well built keyboard
* USB 3.0 port on keyboard
* Up to 11 hrs battery life
* Microsoft Office 2013 Home/Student included

* Unlike conventional laptops, the T100(S) needs to acquire some (~10%) charge before it starts and is usable
* Keyboard is not backlit
* Dock is a little flimsy, the dock release button seems to get activated when the tablet is closed over the keyboard
* The dock design adds bulk to the laptop and is un-elegant
* Tablet angle has to be considered when docked to ensure that the center of gravity does not shift behind the tablet and cause it to topple over
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on July 23, 2014
I was in the market for a Surface Pro 3 (over $1,000 when you add on the keyboard, software, etc...) and came across this in my research. I was weary at first... Based on the price it seemed too good to be true, but I hate dumping $1,000 + into technology that is going to obsolete in 2-3 years. At this price I consider it "disposable" and I can get a newer, faster better one for $400 three years from now and that's still only $800 for both...

I have had this product for over a month and am extremely happy with it. I bought this for work purposes, so I didn't have to lug around a laptop anymore. I have an iPad and tried to use it as a productivity device but the iPad has too many limitations for productivity purposes. My iPad ended up giving me the feeling I was carrying around a large paperweight all day that would just end up distracting me from my work. I still use and love my iPad, but I use it for what its meant to be used for... Playing games!

The ASUS is exactly as advertised: A touchscreen tablet that runs Windows mobile OS, which also doubles as a laptop that runs full Windows OS and comes with Office Home preinstalled. I highly recommend the 64GB model, the 32GB would not have been enough for me. I do all of my work on a "cloud" so I didn't need the model with the 500 GB drive built into the keyboard.

Now... I was originally a hater of Windows 8. I even went so far as to download a program to emulate the old school start button to access everything. Then I started playing with it and realized everything is there and you just have to re-learn how to find everything. Took me about 2 days of playing with it to find everything and pin them.

Before you buy, keep in mind a few things:

- This is a productivity device not a consumer device. You will be supremely disappointed if you plan on replacing your iPad with this device.

- It is a Microsoft product so IT DOES REQUIRE SOME SET UP! I am computer savvy (not an expert, just savvy), so if you are not it will probably frustrate you "out of the box."

- Office Home does NOT include Outlook. It includes full versions of word, excel, power point etc...

- It is a "cheaper build" than the Surface and does not have the same processor, but because it is so affordable I bought a skin (so it still docks to the keyboard), a screen protector and a leather case (for tablet only) all for $35 on amazon which solved the "cheaper build" issue and gave me some options for carrying it around. When I am "on the go" I prefer the leather case for the tablet only and leave the keyboard dock at home. With or without the keyboard dock it fits neatly into the drivers side door compartment in my car.

Now for some extras... I purchased a 1080p micro HDMI to HDMI cord, a micro HDMI to HDMI adaptor, a micro USB to USB adaptor, a full wireless keyboard and mouse and a mini wireless keyboard with touchpad (all for only $40 on amazon!). Only draw back was that some of the cords and adaptors came from China so it took about 3 weeks for delivery. With all this, now I can hook it up to my computer monitor and use it as a desktop or hook it up to my living room TV coupled with the wireless mini keyboard/touchpad and use it as a multi media center. Try doing that with your iPad! Even with all of the extras I spent $450 for everything vs. $1,000+ for the Surface Pro 3 (just for the tablet, docking keyboard, Office).

UPDATE: People have been asking for all the extra stuff I bought.. Here are the links:


The Extras:
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on September 8, 2014
I purchased 7 of these for the Jr. High classroom in the school I'm the IT Director for. These things are absolutely fantastic. The key factor is that the operating system can be upgraded to a 32-bit version of Professional or Enterprise Windows 8.1. Which makes this a phenomenal device for school systems and businesses that are looking for something inexpensive and mobile to work with that can connect to their servers.

The only gripes people have is the back of the device is very susceptible to finger prints. And some people don't like how small they are. I personally love that the device is as small as it is. It makes it amazingly mobile.

I had a couple of teacher's purchase these as well and they are loving it. No issues so far. They got the leather case with theirs, which is actually nice material and well made.

Some tips for those that aren't super computer savvy, but want to install the upgraded version of Windows on it.

Put the new operating system onto a USB flash drive using Zotac WinUSB Maker. Then also run over to the asus t-100 website and download the hotfix driver. It's the largest one and it includes everything you need.

When you install the new OS the tablet side of the drivers are no longer there so you have install those to get things like the touch screen working.

After that if anything doesn't suddenly stops working you can just refresh Windows and then re-run the hotfix drivers.
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on October 15, 2014
Like the overall speed and video quality. Has held up well and was very useful on a month long trip. Had no trouble connecting to any WIFI hotspots. Its light weight was a big plus since I was carrying it everywhere in my backpack for 3 weeks. Got the 64GB model without a hard drive, and added a fast 64GB Samsung micro EVO SDXC to give me more storage. Figured the keyboard hard drive would just add more weight, and likely would be the first thing to break on a tablet we moved around a lot. I can still use an external USB drive with the high speed USB 3.0 port on the keyboard if I really need lots of storage. Recommend immediately getting two types of male-female adapter cables - micro-USB to USB, and micro-HDMI to HDMI (many available quite cheaply on Amazon). With these I can hook up any USB or HDMI devices to the tablet itself (even without the keyboard, which has a regular USB 3.0 port if needed). During our trip ot was nice to be able to regularly download my camera pictures to this tablet for viewing and backup. Just last night tested the micro-HDMI port, and it worked great displaying movie video and sound onto my HDTV.

Only drawback - the main power button sometimes is touchy and won't work unless you press it in just the right way.

Since this is a tablet and moving it around offers lots of opportunity for damage, I decided to go with the 3-year extended warranty. Also gives me peace of mind if any of the buttons start failing (which some others have reported).
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on July 8, 2015
I have been using the t100 for a year and a half at this point. My original review posted in 2015 read: "One of the best purchases, for value per dollar, that I have ever made. Ever. I seriously appreciate this device every day." The review was a four star review.

I have downgraded the review to three stars. It is still true that I love this device, but that has only been made possible with the purchase of two items: an Anker Powerport and USB cable to actually charge the thing properly, and an Anker portable power bank to make up for the completely unreliable battery. These ameliorate two major issues with the device that have become a constant annoyance and frustration to me that I have learned to live with over the past year and a half. These cannot be isolated issues for myself, because both my girlfriend and roommate own the t100 and theirs have developed the same exact problems.

1. Inconsistent charging. This device is so picky about charging. The included power brick and CRIMINALLY short USB cable will do the job, but when that cable finally (and easily) broke, I was left with no easy alternatives. I tried order several cheap one-piece chargers from Amazon that specifically claimed to work with the t100 and charge it more quickly; both did in fact charger it faster, about twice, before something went wrong and they began to charge the device to random maximum percentages rather than 100% or not charge it at all. I had to resort to trickle charging with my HTC phone charge (a VERY slow process, but at least it got the device to 100%.)

The Anker Powerport, which claimed to sense device charging needs and deliver the correct voltage, solved this and charges the device perfectly, even with a 6-foot USB cable.

2. Randomly shutting off with absolutely no warning. At this point, I don't feel safe at any battery percentage under 50%; in fact, what just spurned me to re-write this review was the t100 shutting off at 49% battery while I was in the middle of editing a manuscript; thankfully, Word recovered the document. I generally save every 10 minutes, and I STILL don't feel safe doing anything of value on the t100 because it may shut off at any time.

This has been solved by constantly having the t100 hooked up to an Anker portable power bank, which unfortunately negates the t100's biggest advantage, its extreme portability! Add a 4-port USB hub, which is necessarily for productivity if you want a mouse and USB drive at the same time, and it's suddenly pretty hard to write on the bus. The t100 should excel here! Instead, I'm sweating and filled with anxiety any time I'm doing important work on the device that doesn't automatically back up without the portable power bank hooked up.

I have heard that BIOS updates fix these problems, but have not tried myself yet. I have also heard they do nothing. It's up to you if you want to try.

In the end, I do think the t100 is worth the price, but only because that price is very low. It's a super-portable fully-functioning (software-wise) Windows laptop with a really solid detachable tablet function (that I don't use). The hardware, especially relating to charging and keeping that charge, really let it down though. These are fundamental abilities that a laptop needs to function as a portable device, and the t100 fails.

Edit to add: it also has two great features that interact in a bad way. It has four rubber feet on the bottom that grip really well, and the hinge is built in a genius way that lifts the keyboard up for comfortable typing. But! The keyboard getting lifts up picks the rubber feet off the surface and the thing slides around. The engineers for these features must've not checked with each other. It's a shame! You pretty much have to use a bulky case (I suggest the Poetic, it's great), reducing its beautiful sleek light design.

I also remembered some other crippling issues. The wifi card has some serious issues and will often freeze up, displaying my home network when I'm at a coffee shop, and sometimes it will refuse to connect to any networks at all until the computer is restarted. Also, if you ever put the computer into sleep mode or just close the lid, it seems like there's a 25% chance or so that when you open the computer again, it will just be black. Then, you'll have to hold down the power button for several seconds to force a shut off, then press it again to turn on, and it'll display a blue screen as if it's hibernating, but never hibernate. You'll have lost everything. This happens a LOT. Don't ever leave unsaved work open and close the laptop! Actually, I've found it easier on the mind to just save and close everything and fully power down the laptop any time I need to put it away, even for a little while. This really impedes its ability to allow work to get done on the go! Along with all the other issues...also, the touchpad has some quirks, but I won't get into that.

It's a great device when it's kept on, and plugged in, and attached to a USB hub, and you're using a USB mouse and a USB keyboard. But then it's basically a desktop, right?

Edit May 5 2016: What a terrible piece of hardware. I downgraded to two stars. It just died on my at 70% battery while an external battery was attached and actively charging. Again, this was a sudden lose-everything death, as if the battery had been suddenly ripped out of the shell, not a shutdown. I no longer trust doing anything on this computer, and save everything every couple of minutes. I have set my low battery warning to 80% and my critical battery to 50%, at which point it forces a hibernation. It is basically constrained to sit at my desk, always plugged in, but even that doesn't stop the sudden deaths that could come at any time.
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on October 21, 2015
Great price for a discontinued but new-in-the-box 2014-refresh model T100TA-C1-GR(S) with the full manufacturer's warranty; some other sites are selling refurbished models for the same price or more. The item description didn't even mention the bundled full license for Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013. I was impressed enough that I bought a second one for a gift. But unless you want a forced immediate "upgrade" to Windows 10, watch out for KB3072318, "Windows 8.1 Out-of-Box Experience"; I had to Reset the tablet to factory specs to get rid of it. (To avoid immediate install of Windows 10, skip the first "Connect to the internet" step during setup and sign in using a local account, then connect manually later to get your antivirus and Windows 8.1 updates.) This is a very useful and capable tablet PC with keyboard dock within its limitations, which include only 2GB RAM, a 10.1" 1366x768 screen, and a slow microSD card reader. But you'd have to pay much, much more to get a tablet PC with significantly more capability.
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on October 20, 2014
after a week of use AND PLAYING EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR(HELL YEAH!) with very little problems i have to recommend this badboy. its not a tablet by "mainstream" sense wheni think of a tablet i don't think of a PC that is a touch screen. this is EXACTLY what this is. i have used every site i dream of like a regular computer, i watch videos from videoplayers i knew would not play on any ol' regular mobile device and i watched shows on my tv by plugging in a hdmi cable.
this is a low level computer with windows 8 software, it has everything your pc has including Microsoft office, windows media player, and all those lovely pc options including stocky notes!!!!

you can download any program that this computer can operate with its given hardware, ive been using "google sketchup" on it its a model designing software that allows you to build anything as long as you have the skills.
this is the dream Tablet/laptop/pc i hope every single tablet and touchscreen smartphone will have this software and capabilities

HERE is the problem you cant play music or stream music or really run a program when you press the "power/screen off/sleep" button. so if you got a great song you want to plug into your headphones and walk around with it, or your cant turn the screen off! and another problem i notice is the "sleep bugs" if you leave your computer in sleep for too long most likely youll run into a bug that usually fixes itself, but sometimes needing you to Restart the device(btw no restart function on the power button)

its exactly like a is a pc. you can run any pc program as long as this device has the power
you can hook it up to a T.V. or monitor or projector and run it as a 2nd screen to watch a movie while you work
basically if your pc can do it this device can too
very fast
printing capabilities
fully functioning USB that i used to put music on my mp3 with windows media player(and itunes)
amazing screen that is also very responsive
comes with a keyboard dock that is very responsive and a excellent tool (im writing this review with it now)
Microsoft office!!!! nothing like fixing a college essay while waiting for that class to start ;)
the "transformer" aspect is almost life changing to the amount of usefulness it really brings out the device
split screen for apps option allows you to run two apps on the same screen at the same time!!

if you put your device to sleep/screen off you cant play music
if you leave your device in sleep for too long you will notice bugs like a unresponsive screen
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on October 24, 2014
Not much else to add to what others have already said. It is a fingerprint magnet, much worse than I would have expected. However, I think the tablet/notebook is a good value, but not without some shortcomings. While I haven't had any operational problems with the mousepad, the upper right corner of the pad was already beginning to separate from the keyboard when it arrived. Others stated having this same problem, so it's pretty clear that ASUS needs to improve their quality control. I did notice that the manufacturing date for my unit was July 2014, so it's hard to say if this problem has since been corrected. My "old version" unit came with Windows 8.1 and Office Home and Student 2013. However, I haven't found the Word or Excel programs on the "C" drive that would allow me to create a new document from scratch. Not sure what I'm missing here. The machine has good speed, though not stellar. As far as I can tell, there are only two differences between the "old version" and the "new version". First, the old version has a plastic case, whereas and the new version has a metal case. However the old version is cheaper, and comes with Microsoft Home and Student 2013. Conversely, the new version comes with a one year subscription to Microsoft Office 365. Personally, I'd rather save money, accept the plastic case, and get a full copy of Microsoft Home and Student 2013. Overall, I think the ASUS Transformer T100 can't be beat at this price point. One irritation I do have is that ASUS requires you to become a member in order to register your device. Membership includes backing up your data to their "cloud" and agreeing to let them gather and share some of your personal information with their affiliates. Not agreeing to become a member precludes you from registering your device for warranty purposes, and severely restricts the number of appications you can access. Thus far, I haven't found a way around this.
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on August 31, 2014
I really wanted to love this. I ordered two of these right off the bat. The first one had serious wifi connection issues and the second worked perfectly. I returned the first one and amazon sent a replacement. That one would not connect to the keyboard dock at all so I requested another replacement. The third one had a bad HDMI port. I opted to return it for a refund. So ASUS you are 1/4 so far. I have to believe that something weird is going on here. I absolutely love the t100 that is working, but feel horribly for amazon for having to deal with all these replacements. Please note, Amazon was more than willing to work with me on all this.
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on September 4, 2014
Good screen. Good value if you get it used or refrub--cheaper the better. The major flaw is the size of the keyboard. If you have average sized hands its too small. If you have larger sized hands its REALLY too small. But given that its almost a fully functional laptop for pretty cheap, its can have value. I don't know if anyone would really ever detach and use it as a tablet--its too heavy and ill balanced. Attached to keyboard its good and still a very light and tiny laptop.

But at least it has an ips screen. I don't know major speed issues with only 2 meg of ram but curious why they went with 2 and not 4 or 8.

But I predict the market will soon flood with similar laptops maybe cheaper with broadwell chips to compete with chromebooks. So shop around and you should be able to find this for less than $300.


I needed a small portable laptop so I tried this again. Unfortunately the same problems exist--I thought the size was worth getting used to the keyboard. But I was again wrong. The other problem is that now there are new chips powering devices at a similar price point or cheaper. Plus new windows licensing fees for smaller devices is letting microsoft try to flood the market and compete with chromebooks.

Instead of an atom processor you can get 4 gig of ram and a Pentium or Celeron n38230-which has considerably more horsepower, with some minor loss in battery life--but do you want slow and 12 hours or decent speed and 8 hours?

So while the form factor is amazing, while it gets amazing battery life...there are similar devices all over now with much more power than the atom cpu. Dell makes the inspiron 11 3147 with a 500 gig hd , 4 gig ram and a pentium quad core processor for $449--easily got on sale for even less.

So while the tf100 was amazing when it first came out, it now has tremendous competition in the 2-in-1 market. Plus the newer TF100TAM is not much of an upgrade. And the 11 inch version coming out eventually is 3.6 LBS!

So it was a breakthrough device but now has fallen behind a bit.

For those with average hands need to look for 11.6 or a decent keyboard.
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