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on June 15, 2014
I've been using this for about 2-1/2 months and like it. I've had no prior experience using touch-screen commands but had very little difficulty adjusting. Other comments you've read including battery life are accurate from my experience. Be aware there are limitations: Only one USB port; no camera a la iPad; very small key pad especially if you've got large hands and are used to full size keyboards; 32GB pad is really too small for heavy usage.

Confirming other's comments plus some of my own:
1. Do purchase 64GB pad even though it costs extra.
2. Immediately set updates for manual selection vs automatic.
3. I've left keypad "as-is" and have been very satisfied with default settings.
4. I immediately set-up Firefox as default browser (with ixQuick HTTPS overlay for security).
5. I immediately set-up Classic-Shell overlay to maintain Win-7 versatility. (Installed easily and works fine).
6. I immediately added Glary Utilities; CCleaner; MalwareBytes; and a few others I use regularly - no problems.
7. I immediately added a Logitech mouse simply because I prefer it to a keypad for daily usage.
8. Consider buying/using a USB dock due to the single USB port provided in the keyboard. (You won't need separate power supply since the keyboard USB port will automatically power the external dock).
9. There are a bunch of aps installed that I don't use or want (social media, et Al) but I've not yet deleted. I'm guessing I'd free up more space on my limited 32GB pad since I made the mistake of not ordering the 64GB version.
10. I've downloaded programs directly and I've transfered programs/data via thumb drive; all with no problems.
11. The system works simultaneously with mouse and touch-screen commands both activated at the same time.
12. Be aware there is no CD drive (or DVD drive). Not a problem since you can add with a portable USB connector. Mine works fine for both the CD/DVD drive and the older 3-1/2" floppy drive (guess I just really dated myself).

Hope this helps you with your eval. I would have liked to have known much of this prior to my purchase. The single change I would have made in my order would have been to upgrade to the 64GB pad.
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on April 25, 2014
So, I spent a lot of time looking at various windows 8 tablets. The big requirement was that it be the full version of windows 8, not the RT. As I looked, I researched a bit on the new Bay Trail processors that are found in these tablets. From the reviews I read, they seemed to be a fairly good option for the casual user. I must confess, I was very hesitant to buy this tablet at first because I was worried about having a slow processor. I had just upgraded my processor in my desktop purely because of my dissatisfaction with a slower processer(which was still more than enough for what I normally do with it). I just like to have the newest and the best. Anyways, as I looked around, I realized that at the price point I was looking, there were really only three viable competitors depending on the price I could get. My options narrowed down to the Asus T100, the HP Omni 10, and the Dell Venue 11. Both the HP and Dell had a slightly faster processor, along with the 1080p screens. However, unlike the T100, neither came with the keyboard dock and both were a little more expensive.
I had originally discounted the importance of the keyboard dock. After all, how could it be any good at this price point? In the end, I sold my previous laptop, a bulky machine and decided to turn around and buy a laptop. A couple things made me bite the bullet and choose the T100. First, the processor was only one step below the other two, I figured id be fine considering i'm only using it for school. Also, my laptop had the same resolution as this tablet, and it was fine on a 15.6" screen, so I figured that being so much smaller, I really didn't stand to gain much going for the higher resolution. When I sat down to buy the tablet, I was going to get the 64 gb version and get a micro sd card for it at 64 gb as well. Well, during the checkout process, I realized that for 15 dollars more, I could sacrifice some internal storage down to a 32 gb, but get a 500 gb hard drive built in to the hard drive. That seemed like a steal, so I decided to pull the trigger and just get it. With four dollar overnight shipping(finally FedEx got it to me when I asked for it), I was ready to use it the next day. I plugged it in like it asked and got impatient, so I started the set up while it was plugged in so as to avoid the problems I read about from not charging. Turns out I had 100% battery within 30 minutes. surprising. lol. The first thing I noticed setting it up is the build quality. Everything uses a plastic, however, it all feels sturdy. I have no flex in the keyboard, and the Chiclet keys are easy to type on. I am writing this review on the keyboard a day or two after I got it. I will admit, the shift key is a little small, but otherwise Im almost used to it already. It isn't that hard to type on. The trackpad I feel could use a little work, but for its size and what I was expecting, im fairly impressed. There is the initial lag when you have to turn it on again, but that is minimal and you get used to it.
Once the tablet was actually set up, I have used it for everything. The screen quality is great! With it on my lap, I notice no pixels or anything and everything is very crisp and clear with great colors and is very satisfying to use. Its clear and really doesn't take away from any of the experience. With the Bay Trail processor, I rarely get hung up on anything. It handles everything ive thrown at it. In the last hour and 20 minutes, ive been surfing the web and writing papers on Microsoft word, and ive used about 17% battery so far. Plenty for a full school day. Im also listening to my music collection from the 500 gb hard drive, and going into a stats class with SPSS(statistics program) installed and ready to go. Also, some random guy just said it looks cool and asked to hold it to see how light it is, literally while I was writing this paragraph. Im pretty much a celebrity now. Anyways, its awesome. Light, cheap, fast, and has plenty to offer for a casual user who desires the portability of a netbook but the productivity of a normal windows laptop. Especially for the price, I highly recommend this thing!
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I did a bit of research before choosing the ASUS T100 2-in-1 (I'll just call it the T100 from now on). I wanted something useful, current and affordable. The T100 was the best choice, and it has received good reviews all over the Internet. I received mine a few days ago and, like many other reviewers, will share some tips and ideas. Many items below have been mentioned in other reviews here on Amazon, so thanks to those reviewers for their advice (of which I followed!). I've updated some information based on those tips as well.

1. You'll be extremely eager to use your T100 out of the box. Don't. Use it, that is. You can be as eager as you want. The user manual -- apparently updated recently -- specifically states the device must be charged for a full 8 hours prior to use. Charge it. 8 hours. No less.

2. My model, the T100-TA-H1-GR (32GB with 500GB hard drive), came with an AD adapter -- no USB adaptor as mentioned by others. The user manual -- very generic -- states that different models of the T100 come with different types of adapters. I'm perfectly fine with the AC adapter. It's a microUSB adapter, so many standard chargers will work. (Though the charging may dwindle to a slow trickle)

3. Don't dis Windows 8.1. I've been using the Metro/Tiles screen, and I rather like it. You can easily switch back and forth between that view and the normal desktop, though. I've yet to confuse myself (and sometimes that's pretty easy to do). It also walks you through an insanely easy "set up" system the first time you log on. Just have your network password ready and your Windows account information if you have one.

4. Check your BIOS version prior to doing anything else. Here's how you do this: Click the Start button, choose Run, and type in "msinfo32". On the screen that pops up, one of the lines will list your current BIOS version. The latest ASUS BIOS is 304, and that's what was installed on my system. In fact, everything ASUS was current.

5. As stated in another review, you should go into your settings and change how Windows Updates works. Choose the "download updates and let me choose whether to install them". This way, you can ensure you're plugged in and have enough power. When I first checked for updates, I had over 46. It took a while. And quite a few "reboots." Once that's done, you can start having fun.

6. Somebody mentioned a program called "StartIsBack". It allows you a better Start menu in the desktop view. I tried it. Loved it. Bought it. It's currently only $2.99, and I think it's well worth the cost. At least until Windows fixes the Start menu.

7. I think the 32GB version is plenty. Why? I have a 500GB hard drive and I also put a 64GB microSD card on the tablet portion. Important to note: If you detach the screen/tablet from the keyboard, you do NOT have access to the 500GB drive, so your apps and documents MUST be saved on that microSD card. 64GB is plenty of space for my music files, as my normal documents are all stored in the cloud (I use DropBox and much prefer it to the Microsoft OneDrive system).

8. The touchpad and keyboard take some getting used to, but I've had zero issues with either. Again, know what you're buying. This is NOT a full-sized laptop.

9. Get a stylus. Period.

10. The screen resolution is FINE. I know this is a huge deal for many. If you're that hung up on it and you're a power user, why are you buying this in the first place? I Facebook, email, browse the web, listen to music, watch movies on Netflix, and sometimes use Office. This works great for all of those.

11. Yes, the full version of Office 2013 (Home and Student) is included. This is a great deal, btw. You can use the Windows appstore for apps (hugely disappointed in their selections right now, though) or install full versions of software providing you have space on either the microSD card you install or the hard drive. For music, I have iTunes on the hard drive and use the Music app when I'm in Tablet mode. (My files, remember, are on the microSD card on the tablet portion).

12. Get a good screen protector. While a case/cover isn't necessary (at least for me), a good screen protector is just a necessity with any piece of touchscreen technology.

Main issues?

1. The small keyboard. Not a design flaw, though. Merely getting my fingers in the habit of using a smaller keyboard!
2. The tablet/on-screen keyboard is HUGE and I can't figure out how to change it or if that's even possible. Nor can you "swype" on it. (Though the handwriting feature is kinda neat.)
3. The Windows app store is less than stellar. You can, though, have "tiles" for regular programs and files.

If you're still unsure, go to a big-box retailer and check one out so you know what you'll be getting. I did, and an hour later, ordered it from Amazon.
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on May 14, 2014
I purchased this system for personal use almost a month ago now - and while there have been the occasional odd fluke come up, overall I have been very pleased with the unit.

A couple of reasons I'm going with a 4-star instead of a 5-star overall review:
When docked and installing programs, you still have to specify for the files to go to the 500GB D: drive - the default C: drive is the tablet and if you don't see this initially, you'll end up like I did where all of a sudden you're out of room. Moving most of the files wasn't that big of a deal, fortunately, but it was an added annoyance initially.

The on board mousepad is extremely jumpy - it is constantly jumping, even in mid click, to the far outreaches of the screen, usually the bottom left corner where your taskbar is by default - which means you're in the middle of clicking something and all of a sudden files start opening up instead, or you get swapped to the Windows 8 screen randomly because the icon gets clicked instead of the button on the webpage over which you were hovering when you actually clicked on it.

The connection to the internet is a bit weird - I'm listing this last because I'm still unable to figure out if this is an issues with the Unit or something my internet's side. Frequently when I return home with this computer, it register's the WiFi, but insists that I have the wrong product key (even though I can see it and know that the passcode is correct). It will do this for several minutes and refuse to connect to the internet, then all of a sudden it will be fine and just hook up. I know some others have had hook-up issues as well, which is part of the reason that I'm unsure if it's the computer or my WiFi. Either way, time seems to fix the issue.

So those are my only complaints: Watch your storage (default is Tablet even when docked), flukey mousepad, occasionally malcontent internet connection

Even with those 3 items, I'm highly satisfied and very pleased with my purchase. This system has been great. Solid, durable. Perfect for my uses both at home and on the run. League of Legends runs fine. It Streams like a champ. The audio is pretty solid especially for a machine of its size. Color is vivid. System is solidly designed and quick. A very solid purchase.

I've got 3 kids under 4yrs old. One of them knocked the computer off a side table onto the floor (about a 3 foot drop) within the first week of it getting here and you'd never know it was knocked down. Great job Asus! One of the selling points to me was the Drop and Water Damage insurance package as well, fortunately I've not had to use it so far and I hope to never have to - but the fact that it was available is great, the durability it's already shown is even better.
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on April 26, 2014
First, I guess I should say that Apple's iDevices are more elegant with their glass and aluminum cases and near foolproof interfiace. But beyond that, a similar iPad would cost nearly $200 more and NOT have a physical keyboard or hard drive. So, value points definitely go to the Asus T100 and Windows 8.1. Win 8 is definitely better than Android, although the Windows app store is somewhat pathetic. So many of the apps that I have on both my iOS and Android devices are not available from Windows. But taking the previous caveats into consideration, I love my new notebook/tablet. For one thing, there is an actual delete key (not just a backspace key that is called "delete") on the physical keyboard, something that is not available on either Apple or Android. Plus this uses the same file system as all other Windows computers and as such makes adding and managing music, documents and other files really easy, especially when I have been using PC's for more than 20 years. Only four stars due to plastic construction and sad app store, but well the money in every other aspect. If you are looking for a small notebook that can also double as a tablet, look no farther. This is the real deal!!!

UPDATE (4-29-2014) Be careful when downloading or installing third party programs from any source other than the app store. I downloaded and installed Firefox and set it as the default - juat as I have done with any other Windows computer I have ever used. This basically crashed the machine and I had to look on line to find out how to completely reset the T100 to factory specs. Thankfully this worked and my notebook is just fine again. My review does stays the same - four stars. Just be careful and only get apps from the (pathetic) Windows app store.
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on September 4, 2014
I've had the Transformer Book for almost a month now and absolutely love it. I preface this review as someone who heavily uses their computer for both work, entertainment, and reading.

First off, the price point. You can't beat the pricetag on this machine and no Windows-based 2-in-one comes close to the style, speed, and functionality of T-100.

The T-100 is reasonably fast. It won't blow you away, but the processor and RAM are just enough to do every task you need to and some more. When it comes to work/school, the T-100 can handle having multiple browser windows, word documents, and explorer tabs open without a hassle. For more intensive programs, as long as you only run 1 at time, the machine can handle it at full speed. I am able to play video games such as Hearthstone and League of Legends at 40-60fps which is amazing for a machine so cheap.

Next, is its style. The T-100 is very thin and light, especially for the power it offers. The snap-in design of docking the tablet is awkward at first, but trumps every other 2-in-1 (I'm looking at you Dell and Surface). The keyboard is awesome, large enough to comfortably type on, made of brushed hard plastic which feels very nice. The touchpad is good enough, but I prefer distinct button over this design. As for the tablet, many people complain of fingerprints and they're right. The back of the tablet is sleek plastic and very fond of your fingertips. I bought a pack of touch screen cleaning pads which work well enough.

As for button ergonomics, the mini-usb power, mini-hdmi, and headphone jack are placed perfectly, as is the power button. My only gripe is with the button below the volume rocker. It acts exactly like the Windows key, which is cool, but idk if it's just my machine but the button is horrible to press and just feels bad.

The touted 10 hour battery life is completely true on the T-100. Even when gaming and watching videos with wifi only 100% of the time I can go all day and still be at ~10%.

Screen size is totally fine for me. The 1366 resolution may turn off some people accustomed to the iPad's retina display, but in the end the screen looks fine and gets the job done.

32gb vs 64gb model. I definitely say go for the 32gb and just buy your own 64gb sd card. Make sure to install any applications you need a keyboard for TO THE KEYBOARD's HARDDRIVE.

Driver issues: This was a huge problem for me only because I game. I found out that there is something inherently wrong with the T-100s network adapter, where I would either have huge ping spikes. I tried everything, updating BIOS, updating drivers, Windows updates, even a factory restore. I'm not sure what I did but I eventually fixed it. Be warned. If you are not computer savvy you will run into a few headaches when it comes to internet speeds. My suggestion is to run every Windows update you can and visit the Asus website to install new drivers (do some googling because installing them isn't easy).

Windows 8. I personally like Windows 8 overall, but it definitely gives me some headaches. For example, even if you are docked, touching the screen will result in the on-screen keyboard popping up, which is very annoying. Another problem is with the Windows store. There are not a lot of good apps on there, meaning that I often need to use the desktop mode, which is less than perfect in tablet mode. Other than that Windows 8 has a lot of good features that I like.

To summarize:

-Fast CPU, won't disappoint, but be careful running several programs at once.
-Sleek design, very light and well built. Docking can be awkward at first but you master it quickly.
-GREAT keyboard. Seriously, the keyboard on this is pretty wide and comfortable given the size.
-Battery life, this thing just keeps chugging on.
-Price. You just cant beat it.

- You need to buy an external sd card, 32gb is too little and the 64gb model is too expensive.
-The back of the tablet is a fingerprint monster.
-Driver issues
-Windows 8 apps suck

I absolutely love this machine. For the price you are hard-pressed to beat it. It's portable, fast, and runs Windows (not some clunky Android OS). The tablet portion is responsive, accurate, and great for reading. If you buy this machine here's my todo list:

1. Buy an external SD card, especially if you have the 32gb model.
2. Run as many updates as possible.
3. Buy a cast to tout this around in. I suggest the iGadgetz one
4. Install a program called "Classic start menu". Just do it.
5. Install keyboard-related programs to the KEYBOARD not the tablet (Office, editing programs, games)
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on June 13, 2014
I have only had this tablet for just over a day. That said, I am thoroughly impressed with it. I bought the tablet as a companion to my primary gaming computer that has always been noisy. I intend to use the Transformer Book in college for note taking, and believe it will serve its purpose very well in that regard. The screen is comparable in size to an iPad 2, but looks much better, 720p and all. Most people will not notice the difference as it is comparable to watching full HD television via broadcast TV versus what comes from cable/satellite. If I can find a proper case for the screen, I am also hoping to use the tablet as a teleprompter while at work. Currently the job is being done by an iPad, and I would like to see if I could use this as another to make recording shows and commercials with multiple cameras easier.

The webcam is passable in good lighting, but is nothing spectacular. The 3.0 USB port is a plus. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I'm excited to try the HDMI port. I can't figure the criticisms of the touch pad for the life of me, the buttons work about as well as any other laptop I have used, and for the most part I tap the touch pad to click when I use the thing at all. The 500GB hard drive is fantastic, but might be unnecessary for those comfortable living in the cloud. Additionally, this is the first Windows 8 machine I have purchased, and I'm not even repulsed. It works really well with the computer, mostly because of the size and touch screen. I can see why those with beefy desktop computers do not get excited about buying expensive monitors and abandoning their gaming mice though.

The real fun, and I suppose novelty of the laptop, comes from using it as a tablet. Facebook, Amazon, Liberty.me, Twitter, and various news websites are modern enough to work pretty well on a touch screen, and the on screen keyboard isn't bad at all. The touch screen is effective, and I would say works about as well as an iPad. Granted, things created for the precision of a mouse are harder to click. Most websites seem to be modern enough for my meaty digits, and I use the keyboard's touchpad as backup for when my fingers can't do the trick.

I have one criticism and am amazed that none of the reviews I read mentioned it. There is a slight hum that comes from one of the hard drives, though I cannot be sure which (I bought the 32GB version with the 500GB keyboard, no regrets so far unless this ends up being caused by my cheapness). There is a slight hum when the hard drive is in use. It doesn't drive me crazy, and I am hoping I will get used to it, but it's there and is reminiscent of a smoke alarm going off at 1/20 the volume. Currently my gaming computer rattles and shakes while I'm trying to concentrate on Walking Dead, so I'm not terribly concerned with a little humming and am still comfortable giving it 5/5 stars.
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on July 29, 2014
I was really excited when I got this. I've had it for 1 and a half months now, and here's some things I've noticed:

Windows 8.1 works great with this touchscreen
Fast, reliable, really everything I was looking for!
The smaller keyboard was easy to adjust to.
Some other reviews said they had trouble with the trackpad, but mine has been great!

Here's a couple things I've noticed:
I've loved the 500 GB hard drive, but it does shorten the battery life. If it's sleeping but still logged in, I've heard the HDD still spinning, and after a few hours, the battery is low again. I have to turn it off completely to preserve the battery life.
The keyboard dock has had a hard time connecting a couple times, but nothing a second try couldn't fix.

Bottom Line:
I still love it, and anticipating having it a long time!
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on August 4, 2014
Before I begin with my review, I have to warn everyone about the one/two star reviews as they are from people complaining that they got a bad unit or that it crashes (the latter sound like they don't know how to use a computer, much less Windows 8.1), or they complain about the battery without mentioning if they charged it 8 hours before the first time using. Some even complain about the shipping speed. Others just say its "bad" and link you to a competitor product. Very bad reviews to look at overall.

Anyhow, this laptop-tablet combo is great, especially for the price and I'm very happy with it. Everything good that has been said about it is true, I still haven't run into any problems with the storage size (I have the 32GB model) but I do wish i would have bought the 64GB instead. However, I have seen people complain that the 64GB aren't enough either so getting the 500GB dock is a must.

Processor speed is mind blowing especially for someone like me who is finally upgrading after 4 years from a 6 year old laptop (laptop was 2 years old when i bought it). I can play Game of Thrones on 720p on my 25 inch screen via micro hdmi cable while browsing on Chrome on the tablet without skipping a single frame or freezing. I can run CAD software and some PS2/Gamecube era games.

One thing I really dislike is that the keyboard dock is a few millimeters shorter in width than the tablet, this makes it somewhat difficult to open for those who mainly use it as a laptop. Other than that, the ASUS Transformer book is great for the price. A few tweaks to make it perfect and its almost a steal.
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on June 26, 2014
This is a great product. I've retired my Windows laptop and Android Asus TF300T and use this for everything. Keyboard and screen is better than my TF300, processor is very fast, hard drive in keyboard works great. Many of the negative reviews I see here are simply a lack of technical knowledge. A Windows computer is not as simple as Apple or Android and you will be disappointed if you go in thinking it is. If you've never used Windows before and love your Apple or Android product I wouldn't recommend buying this.

On the other hand, I am running Office Pro, have Outlook again, and can use any peripheral made (wifi printer, mouse, etc). If you want a real computer that also works great as a tablet, this can't be beat.

I don't care for Windows 8.1 but that isn't Asus's fault. App selection sucks and the start screen feels like a pasted on attempt at emulating Android. I primarily just use the desktop myself. You're basically using Windows 7 with a few tweaks if you just use the desktop.

- If you are having trouble getting Windows updates to install successfully: go download the updates directly from Microsoft's website instead of using Windows Update. This is the only way I got several updates to install. It also saves you data usage and time from repeatedly downloading the same update.
- If you have to split up documents between hard drive and tablet storage you can right click on any folder and choose "include in library" so they all show up in My Documents regardless of where they are physically located.
- When buying an HDMI to Micro HDMI adapter, be sure it has a small tip on the micro HDMI end or you will block the charging port. I recommend bringing the computer to the store with you to be sure the adapter fits with the charger plugged in.
- If you need a car charger, be sure it can charge up to 3 amps (15 watts). Most micro USB chargers are 1 or 2 amps and will take forever to charge this. Even with a 3 amp charger it barely adds charge when using the device at the same time.
- If you want to use this docked and hooked up to a larger monitor, all you need is an HDMI adapter, and a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. You could also use Miracast to wirelessly connect to a monitor but reviews say it is too laggy right now so I opted for a wired connection.
- If you want to transfer files quickly from an old Windows laptop to this, buy an external drive case with USB 3.0 and pop your old laptop drive in it. Files transfer very fast through the USB 3.0 port on the dock. Note that Windows Easy Transfer doesn't work if you are going from Windows 7 64 bit to Windows 8.1 32 bit so you have to manually transfer everything.
- The processor is surprisingly good. Coming from a high powered Sager gaming laptop I was surprised that this is smoother and faster when running Office and it also runs Heroes of Might & Magic V better than the laptop. I don't know how they do it, but it's amazing to me.
- The battery life is great except when you are using the USB 3.0 port to drive a power hungry device like an external hard drive or transferring lots of files to and from the hard drive in the dock. Make sure you are at full charge when you start and keep it plugged in during heavy file transfers.

Things I wish this had: a rear camera, better integration of the HDD in the dock so I didn't have to split up my documents and then manually include them in the various libraries, an 11.6 inch screen, HDMI and another USB port in the dock. Probably should have waited for the upcoming Asus T200 which will have most of this but then the new Intel tablets will be coming out for the holidays and be even thinner. Oh well, always something better coming "soon" but this is undoubtedly the best Windows 8 tablet value available right now.
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