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on April 30, 2012
I purchased this tablet from 10 months ago. The on/off button has been touchy since the get-go....just thought it was "normal."
About a month back, I tried to turn the tablet on and couldn't. I had to use an object to "help" press the on/off button to get it to turn on. Also can't get the tablet to turn off as the switch is so sensitive, it puts the tablet to sleep whenever you can get the button to work.
Searched Google and found this is a very common problem with this tablet. So, I contact ASUS RMA service and have been trapped in foreign CS hell for weeks now! They need the serial number....fine....WHERE IS IT???? I find the number under settings, send it to the CS rep. A week goes by....I get an email stating the serial is wrong, to send the correct number. I look all over the ^%@$%@# tablet - NOTHING. I finally find the instruction manual - Alas! Another - DIFFERENT - serial number. I send it along....wait several days....and receive an RMA from ASUS....only, the return instructions state that if the serial number isn't physically on the product, the warranty is void?!? WHAT???
So, now I am - once again - waiting for a response from these people about WHERE the serial number is supposed to be located on the tablet and WHY the serial number on the manual doesn't match what's under the "settings" tab on the tablet!!
To me, it seems like an excuse to get out of warranty coverage!!! And, after the run-around, I'm supposed to feel confident in sending my tablet - which cost hundreds - off into the sunset to these people?!?!?
Other than the sucky customer service at ASUS, the tablet has been okay at best. We ended up buying an Ipad several months back - which blows the TF101 out of the water.
Given the obvious issue's with the on/off button (search Google) and the lack of customer service, I'd say this is my first and LAST ASUS purchase. Go for the IPAD - skip the TF101 unless you're "in" to taking gambles...
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on August 6, 2011
We looked at them all at Best Buy and decided on the Asus because of the specs and the keyboard. We purchased two and one keyboard to share. One was exchanged right away due to excessive creaking on the left side. Overall we are happy with the quality and functionality of the tablets and my wife really likes to use the keyboard. Apps are a bit iffy yet as the Android software is upgrading and some apps that I really use alot are not up to speed. Not Asus fault on that.

It's sure nice to be able to relax, read emails, etc. without a hot heavy laptop on my lap. I don't even start the laptop anymore.

March 1, 2012
After using the tablet for awhile we found them to be satisfactory. But then the last update hit and the lack of customer support will no doubt make us not walk but run to Apple. I've waited 3 days for an email request for information. Contacting them by phone and waiting on hold for 15 minutes I found them to be uncaring and unhelpful considering that their last update has completely ruined the functionality of my tablet.

Its too bad that these companies don't seem to get it. Just buy an Apple or Kindle Fire and forget Asus.
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on August 4, 2012
Let's start off with the good. I purchased the Transformer for my wife, so that she could look up recipes while in the kitchen experimenting. My thought was that she could use it instead of junk up the laptop with food and kill it with viruses from odd websites. It worked good for just that and occasionally I would use it for transferring pictures from my desktop pc and carrying the transformer for showing portfolio pictures to my clients. It worked ok for that as well except for occassionally getting to a meeting and the transformer wouldn't power on with a full battery. Asus tech support couldn't help much other than say I downloaded something that is causing it to do that. Then one day I called Asus tech support waay before the 1 year warranty was up and they said the won't help with support unless I buy a plan so they can assist me. After around 20 hard resets and maybe 7 factory resets now the unit is completely dead and i am now 8 days out of my 1 year warranty. I paid somewhere around $350 for this transformer. With what I know now and the trouble associated with this unit, I will definitely be buying an Ipad. Losing out on quality and craftsmanship was a bad mistake. No more cheapskating for me and I pass this on to anyone that reads this.
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on March 6, 2012
My Asus transformer died in less than 6 months. The transformer was not turning on, i tried connecting to a computer, connected to the wall adapter, but nothing worked. I called the customer care and they tried to cold boot the transformer by asking me to press vol down button and the power button. Since nothing worked they gave me an RMA number and asked me to sent the transformer to their repair facility. I had to spend 15$ for shipping even though the return shipping was free but it took around 14 days for the total repair process. Their customer service is worse, they won't update the status online regularly and if you call then they will say that it will be done in 14 business days not customer friendly at all. After I received my transformer last week my wall charger started not working, again i called Asus support and they asked me to send it for repair again. I had to spend another 4$ for shipping and this time I am not able to view the status online at all. Less than 8 months I have to send it for repair two times. I am more worried because my 1 year warranty will soon expire.

Won't buy any Asus product again.
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on September 9, 2014
I had a tough time making the decision of what star rating I would give the ASUS Eee Pad and reason being is because when I received it new it seemed to perform okay with a few glitches at times, but as I used the device more it started to run slower and finally it really had problems. I was told by a tech to reset the device back to the factory settings and that it should take care of the performance issues. I hesitated in doing this because of loss of all I had already downloaded on the device, but after consideration I did reset the device, but to my frustration and disappointment the device continued to have the same issues. Needless to say I am no longer using it and feel that I did waste a lot of money on it.
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on January 29, 2012
I have had two transformers, both of which quit working after about 3 months. In each instance, at around the third month, it spontaneously quit "waking up" when I hit the power button. No matter how long I hold the button down, alone or in various combinations with the up/down button, it still does not work. When I researched this problem on the internet, it appeared to be a common problem related to a poor connection between the tablet and the battery. This leaves the user with only two choices, try to fix the problem yourself and void the warranty or send it back to Asus for repair. Neither is an acceptable choice for a product that is supposed to withstand routine use on a daily basis. While I will this one repaired, I will not be purchasing another Transformer absent some explanation from ASUS as to how they are going to avoid this problem in the future. Please note neither of my tablets have been dropped.
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on January 26, 2012
Having owned the product for about 6 months I am a little less enthusiastic now. The power button has started to fail and requires more and more force to trigger on/off. You can turn on and off after a few attempts but any reset requiring prolonged press is a real problem. Searching Google for "asus transformer power button" shows that I am one of many facing this problem. Those who have been brave enough to take the bezel apart mention that the power button looks like a pretty cheap piece of plastic that easily gets out of alignment. The product is good while it works, but is really frustrating when you need to use the power button. What a place to scrimp and what a way to destroy a potentially great product!! I have contacted Asus by email which per the website is responded to in 48 hours. However 6 days later the status of my inquiry still shows as "This mail didn't reply yet": whatever that's supposed to mean! No point sending it in even if it is still under warranty, as replacing with the same button will just postpone my misery by a few months, if at all that long. Being a happy Droid X user, should have gone with the Xoom. At least they have good power buttons. Certainly would not buy (again) or recommend the product.
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on January 3, 2012
I bought his unit as it had high ratings versus the Samsung tablet, and I liked the transformer keyboard console I bought with it. The two work great together, what really ticks me of is that I cannot video conference with programs such as Skype. To quote the description of the capability (smooth HD video conferencing and playback,)- (Front (1.2 MP) and rear (5 MP) cameras for face-to-face video chats and on-the-go video and picture capturing (Learn more))-(Experience the wonders of video chat and crisp digital photography with front (1.2MP) and rear (5MP) facing cameras,) According to Skype they do not have the capability as there is no interface that works yet with the NVIDIA Chip, is there another means / download that is available to make this work? I haven't found one yet, therefore I have a very nice tablet that lets me do even less than a Net Book Lap Top. I don't play games such as Angry Bird, I bought this unit as a tool for work, and it does not cut it comm wise. I can call on Skype but no video, I can hook up my MagicJack with better calling results. Unless there is another means available to enable Video Chat, then I regard the sales pitch as not only misleading but false advertising. Any Comment from other buyers??
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on May 1, 2012
Since purchasing this unit, we have had to have it serviced twice. The first time it was due to my niece dropping the unit. The customer service person that answers the phone knows nothing! After having to call twice, we finally shipped it off for repair. They then lost the unit, because they had us ship it to the wrong place. We finally received our unit back more than a month later. Less than one month after repair, it is showing signs of what it did the first time. We called again for an RMA and an uninformed cs agent took our call. He could not locate our previous RMA information. He said we'd get our new RMA number by email within 5 minutes of the end of the call. Guess what? No RMA still a day later. I guess we will have to call again! Truly regretting this purchase. When the unit functions, we love the picture quality and ease of use, but this service business is truly disappointing.
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on October 28, 2013
This device worked for eighteen months and stopped working. Unfortunately, ASUS refused to back their device, persuading me to spend $317 (242+50+25), for motherboard, labor and taxes respectively. Motherboard? For a device, I kept spotless, do not buy, ASUS will not back the devoice when needed. I have two of their devices, ultra book 31a and the 202e, but I will have to return the later still under warranty. It is a shame
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