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on September 30, 2017
First things first - the film's story and acting gets no praise from me. On that alone, I'd give AGE OF EXTINCTION two stars. That said, Michael Bay knows how to direct action and put a gorgeous picture on screen. Still, that doesn't warrant an additional star, let alone two. The four stars are awarded for an absolutely breathtaking 3D experience and the 360 degree, immersive Dolby Atmos soundtrack. Hands down, this is of the highest reference level for both and regardless of your thoughts on the movie, for the current price of $17 any 3D enthusiast would be foolish not to pick this up. The picture quality is nearly flawless with just the right combination of depth and pop-out effects. In the opening scene, when the cuddly dino raises his head up and toward the viewer, it truly feels like he's coming out of the TV. I can't rave enough about this 3D presentation. And the Atmos sound is exhilarating as you're enveloped in the action with objects rotating around the room from left rear to right rear and seamlessly flowing all the way to the front. Highly recommended on technical merits alone.

Viewed on my LG E6 Series OLED65E6P with Samsung HW-K950 soundbar using Samsung UBD-K8500 4K player
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on October 8, 2017
I'm sorry I rented it. I liked the first two movies. Felt meh to the third. Now...

Horrible movie. No character development. Plot holes. Nothing makes sense. I only felt a connection to Bumblebee because of the OTHER movies. Lost respect for Optimus because he says he's going to kill a human (I get that it's happened, but he's never sought one out on purpose). All the rest of the bots are just way too stereotypical. Like really, a fat bot with a beard and a cigar? W.t.f?

And what makes it worse, is that Michael Bay sat in a room, watched this, and said "Yes! THIS is my movie!!" .... grumble >:-(
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on February 7, 2016
Generally enjoyable for what it is; not a "great movie", but entertaining for a couple of hours. Fairly remarkable how much computer graphics / special effects can be thrown into a movie these days. I've seen the first Transformers movie a couple of times, but never saw #2 or #3 -- this one, Age of Extinction, is the 4th in the series. Having missed those two, it took me a bit to get the context, with the head of the CIA being evil and ruthless, and a capitalist egomaniac being in league with him until he realizes just how evil the CIA has become. Still not 100% clear about the "creators" and their motivation -- seems that not everything back at home for Optimus and his friends is all positive. I guess we'll learn more in the planned next installment in 2017.

I'll watch something like this instead of sitcom episodes on TV, or instead of NCIS or Castle reruns. Happy to see it on Amazon Prime, because it's part of the package. But I would feel a bit dopey if I had spent the money needed to see this in a movie theater. If I have time to kill in front of the TV, this is worth it...once. But that's about as far as I'd go in recommending it.
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on November 19, 2014
First I'll say I'm a huge fan of the first three Transformer movies and rate those 5 out of 5. I found the human element tied in perfectly to a story that is based on living machines, there was a perfect blend of action with drama story line, and I "bonded" with all characters whether they are human or machine. Over time I can still go back and watch them with enjoyment. When I saw the first trailer for AoE I couldn't wait. Like many other reviewers though I was sadly disappointed and even found myself fast forwarding through most of the last half of the movie. Not a good sign. I feel like AoE is what you get when you remove the human element (aka Sam Witwicky) that so many fans complained about in the first three movies. Although there were new human elements they just never connected with me. Characters like Shane robbed the film of this connection with his disrespectful attitude towards the father (Cade) that ultimately just got on my nerves as well as the daughter. The villains were played well and the special effects where awesome but nothing connected me to this movie at all. Even Optimus was an empty shell. There was so much potential for this new series but it just fell flat.
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on July 16, 2017
Best thing about this movie is that it gives voice actors such as Peter Cullen a job. I'd give credit to some of the amazing special effects work micheal bay and his crew does, but with shaky cameras and odd angles, you never really see the immense amount of work put into it. Story is the last thing I want to try and go over and I feel the production/writing team felt the same way. I want to love this movie, but the lack of care put into the overall package was enough to make me want my 3 hours back. (And yes, this movie is 3 hours long....)
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on July 18, 2015
I've never written a review on Amazon before, but I felt morally obligated to comment... I watched it simply expecting an inanely stupid source of mindless entertainment, but came away disappointed even on that sole basis. The writing appears to have been scripted as fan fiction by a sub-average grade schooler with behavioral issues, so the pacing, dialogue, and plot are absolutely spastic. The characters are equally nonsensical and impossible to like or even care about (for instance, of the three women in the entire movie, and in typical Michael Bay fashion I might mention, they're all obscenely hot women who are introduced as intelligent to please the female audience, but could be replaced by mentally challenged characters and it would end up IMPROVING the story. Not even kidding. Think it over if you ever get stuck watching this movie as a result of some "Saw"-esque torture scenario). A good sense for the movie might be gleaned by describing it as a glitter-ridden clown having a stroke in a ball pit at a sad child's birthday party. The CGI was somewhat pretty but felt really overdone and the action scenes were not remotely exciting, which is the whole point of the movie, yet I found myself wandering off to do other things during the gigantic robot fight-to-the-death scenes. I found the struggle of the editor trying to eke some coherent scenes out of this oscillating over-acting/under-acting train wreck were the most compelling parts of this movie. I actually (mostly) watched it to completion out of a morbid appreciation for the incipient stupidity I felt the movie was producing in me. I do not recommend, and if you watched it, may God have mercy on your mortal soul.
But then, there were robot dinosaurs, so two stars.
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on August 18, 2015
For reference, the only other movie I walked out on was Phone Booth (miraculously before it ended).

Aside from being needlessly long, the movie is riddled with plot holes. Zero effort was put into explaining completely illogical situations. Granted this movie is about robots from outer space, I had tempered my expectations for many thought defying moments; however, (spoilers).........

The fact that an alien spaceship utilized by the transformers would be equip with weapons for humans? Why did Optimus say he needed an Autobot to repair him, but then became 100% operational (physically and visually) without any recognition of how this happened? I mean, really. They could have explained these things away in two seconds, but they didn’t.

Also, I found the relationship amongst the human trio to be gritty and completely aggravating. Both the daughter and the boyfriend were unbelievably stupid, arrogant, and downright disrespectful. Personally, I was hoping they both died.

Aside from these aspects, the crux of the entire movie is the numerous failed attempts at jamming as many climatic fights and moments as possible into a single movie. Additionally, the movie consistently, and needlessly, plot shifted.

All in all, this is a movie you can go without watching. I promise. It destroys your perception of the transformer universe and is just a complete waste of three hours.
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on October 3, 2016
I know a lot of people didn't like this movie. I like the Transformer movies. I think when you sit down to watch a movie like this you have to realize you are not sitting down to watch, Citizen Kane. You have to take it for what it is. It has some great actors in it and they do a pretty good job. There is a lot of action (predictable not) and there is so really funny stuff in it. The CGI is awesome, as usual. I don't think any of the movies in the Transformers franchise have lived up to the first one, but I still like them because I take them on face value.
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on August 9, 2015
Let's start with the positives:
- impressive visual effects
- "dinosaurs"

And the negatives (and apologies for possible spoilers):
Plot? C'mon, you've got dozens of digitized cars destroying one another repeatedly. Isn't that enough?
Logic? Please. You started with the premise that hundreds of years ago a robot from another planet that happens to look exactly like a modern semi truck here on earth and alternately tries to preserve and kill all of humanity for rather vague reasons. And you want to debate logic? Hush and enjoy the popcorn and eye candy.
Physics? Inertia is a myth that can be overcome for cinematic effect. Cables pulled taut under tension like to bounce and flail. A small alien rifle apparently does more damage than a 30 ton towering mecha (in addition to having unlimited ammo). And Tranformium is apparently exempt from anything Newton ever proposed.
Plot holes. Listing them here would be too spoilerish, but if you pay attention, they are hard to avoid.
Stanley Tucci. Yes, when I'm a mad billionaire scientist, the world is under attack, and I'm being chased for my very life, I can suddenly think of nothing more than how attractive my head of Chinese operations is.
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on June 29, 2015
Ok so I'm a fan of the Transformers series. I loved the first. The second is my favorite. The third is mind numbingly stupid. And this one isn't much better. The more actors Michael Bay has had a problem with, the more terrible the replacement actors are. It's the same plot and strategy in all of them, suburban dude finds car, takes car, car introduces him to robot life, dude fights robots in robot life, dude gets some girl, bombs bombs fights, they kiss, optimus prime gives heroic speech, takes off, and end with angst punk rock song. I guess I like the pattern but the story itself is so far fetched, that would NEVER be what you expect from a sequel series. And I just want Megatron to die, is that too much to ask for? The most we shook it up was the third one where he ends up fighting Setinol Prime (I know I didn't spell that right), and then megatron. I want shia lebouf back, even though she sucks, she sucks WAY less than these other chicks, I want megan fox back, and the parents they were the bees knees. And a good story line. I liked the CGI,the explosions,the robot with the actual butt, that was unexpected. And I liked certain parts and the dinosaurs. But other than that, I'm all tuckered out with them. It's really just an obligation to watch it at this point in the series. I wish this was the last one. But eh.
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