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on February 7, 2016
Generally enjoyable for what it is; not a "great movie", but entertaining for a couple of hours. Fairly remarkable how much computer graphics / special effects can be thrown into a movie these days. I've seen the first Transformers movie a couple of times, but never saw #2 or #3 -- this one, Age of Extinction, is the 4th in the series. Having missed those two, it took me a bit to get the context, with the head of the CIA being evil and ruthless, and a capitalist egomaniac being in league with him until he realizes just how evil the CIA has become. Still not 100% clear about the "creators" and their motivation -- seems that not everything back at home for Optimus and his friends is all positive. I guess we'll learn more in the planned next installment in 2017.

I'll watch something like this instead of sitcom episodes on TV, or instead of NCIS or Castle reruns. Happy to see it on Amazon Prime, because it's part of the package. But I would feel a bit dopey if I had spent the money needed to see this in a movie theater. If I have time to kill in front of the TV, this is worth it...once. But that's about as far as I'd go in recommending it.
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on July 16, 2017
Best thing about this movie is that it gives voice actors such as Peter Cullen a job. I'd give credit to some of the amazing special effects work micheal bay and his crew does, but with shaky cameras and odd angles, you never really see the immense amount of work put into it. Story is the last thing I want to try and go over and I feel the production/writing team felt the same way. I want to love this movie, but the lack of care put into the overall package was enough to make me want my 3 hours back. (And yes, this movie is 3 hours long....)
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Enthusiast: Cookingon November 18, 2017
Sure, is not an academy award winning film, But it’s action packed, visual and fun.
Love sci-if films, especially those Blu-Ray’s shot in 3D which I heard / read is a dying thing in the USA market. They’re even dropping mfg of 3D capable TV’s & the get them while you can.
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on August 9, 2015
Let's start with the positives:
- impressive visual effects
- "dinosaurs"

And the negatives (and apologies for possible spoilers):
Plot? C'mon, you've got dozens of digitized cars destroying one another repeatedly. Isn't that enough?
Logic? Please. You started with the premise that hundreds of years ago a robot from another planet that happens to look exactly like a modern semi truck here on earth and alternately tries to preserve and kill all of humanity for rather vague reasons. And you want to debate logic? Hush and enjoy the popcorn and eye candy.
Physics? Inertia is a myth that can be overcome for cinematic effect. Cables pulled taut under tension like to bounce and flail. A small alien rifle apparently does more damage than a 30 ton towering mecha (in addition to having unlimited ammo). And Tranformium is apparently exempt from anything Newton ever proposed.
Plot holes. Listing them here would be too spoilerish, but if you pay attention, they are hard to avoid.
Stanley Tucci. Yes, when I'm a mad billionaire scientist, the world is under attack, and I'm being chased for my very life, I can suddenly think of nothing more than how attractive my head of Chinese operations is.
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on June 29, 2015
Ok so I'm a fan of the Transformers series. I loved the first. The second is my favorite. The third is mind numbingly stupid. And this one isn't much better. The more actors Michael Bay has had a problem with, the more terrible the replacement actors are. It's the same plot and strategy in all of them, suburban dude finds car, takes car, car introduces him to robot life, dude fights robots in robot life, dude gets some girl, bombs bombs fights, they kiss, optimus prime gives heroic speech, takes off, and end with angst punk rock song. I guess I like the pattern but the story itself is so far fetched, that would NEVER be what you expect from a sequel series. And I just want Megatron to die, is that too much to ask for? The most we shook it up was the third one where he ends up fighting Setinol Prime (I know I didn't spell that right), and then megatron. I want shia lebouf back, even though she sucks, she sucks WAY less than these other chicks, I want megan fox back, and the parents they were the bees knees. And a good story line. I liked the CGI,the explosions,the robot with the actual butt, that was unexpected. And I liked certain parts and the dinosaurs. But other than that, I'm all tuckered out with them. It's really just an obligation to watch it at this point in the series. I wish this was the last one. But eh.
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on July 7, 2015
This movie has well over an hour of animated robots hitting each other without a word of dialogue. Worse yet, at about the two hour mark, when when even the biggest transformers fans are already a little tired of all of the CGI pretend fighting, there's a solid 30 minute fight scene that just gets incredibly boring. This could have been easily edited down to a decent hour and forty-five minutes. They could have really trimmed the fat and gotten an hour and thirty minutes of movie that was actually good.

A handful of other negatives, as you've surely already heard, the dinobots are only in the last 15 minutes of the movie and they don't even speak. There was a pretty big part of me that was upset the evil transformers don't even transform but simply morph in a magical cloud of dust from one shape to another. I love transformers, I played with the toys, heck, I even drive a yellow camaro. I need story with my fight scenes. The original cartoon movie from the '80s was a lot better than the last 3 by M. Bay. But, even with all of the negatives, this is still better than the last two. Not a glowing endorsement but it is what it is. Hopefully, instead of replacing the lead role we can replace the director for the next one. Camera lens flare and explosions...yay.
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on June 1, 2016
I am an action flick chick and proud of it. My Netflix and Prime Video playlists look like I'm a 16 year old boy. I've also watched my share fair of crap movies. I love Starship husband thinks I had a closed head injury to even remotely "like" that movie. Nonetheless, I could barely stomach this horrid piece of celluloid. The acting was horrific and the story line was all over the place. There was very little cohesion between the first two movies and this one. It was like some greedy toy exec said, "Hey, let's make a movie so we can sell a bunch of toys"!

The whole premise of the movie, I thought, was these dinosaur transformers which had their only 15 minutes of fame at the end of the movie. Otherwise, just a lot of human backstabbing against the Autobots. It's a huge snorefest. Save your time and watch something...anything else.
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on June 21, 2016
Another terrible Michael Bay adaptation of a great 80s series. The storyline is abysmal and does not follow the original series. Dinobots don't appear until the last 40 minutes of the movie. The acting is horrible especially Mark Wahlberg, the Tara Reid-like daughter, & the Irish boyfriend. The robots don't really transform as in the series but just change from one form to another. Optimus is dark and foreboding rather than humanitarian & optimistic. He even kills humans which is counter to his character entirely. All the special effects are way over the top and the humans involved never get a scratch. The girl literally falls out of bumble bee going high speed and rolls a full block down a road without one bit of road rash. Michael Bay has to be one of the WORST directors of all time. Literally, this film is a steaming pile of rookie.
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on January 8, 2016
Good movie. Don't know why people don't like it. The comic relief is a bit annoying but they almost always are. The movie is a bit long though. I feel they could have easily taken out a half an hour or more of it and told the same story. 3D Effect and Dolby atmos sound kick some serious ass, and of course ya gotta love marky mark. Worth a view id say, if for no other reason then to give your system a workout.
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on July 29, 2016
This had its moments but it was full of cheesy cliches that were poorly delivered. Usual scrap metal action. Sound track was a bit boring. Highlights were the few times Mark Wahlberg delivered a line that you actually felt he put some meaning behind (and I like Mark Wahlberg, but it seemed like his heart wasn't in this at all), and then, of course, John Goodman's voice overs. I was bored to tears after an hour. I forced myself to keep watching it. Hoping it would improve. It did not. I finally gave up on it and went to bed 30 minutes prior to the conclusion. I'd probably feel like I lost two hours of my life that I won't be getting back if I had anything else I felt like doing except wasting time when I watched this. Probably should give it two stars but I'm trying not to be too harsh.
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