Customer Reviews: Transformers Reveal the Shield Deluxe Class Special Ops Jazz
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on December 16, 2010
I'm starting to get into the newer retro-style Transformers, and bought "Special Ops" Jazz and "Turbo" Tracks together. They're under the "Reveal The Shield" banner, meaning their symbol has to be "rubbed" (actually, just heated up) to show their faction. Other than that, these toys are basically a continuation of the Classics and Generations lines.

I'll make brief points about Jazz here. He's a pretty good figure except for a few annoyances.

+Looks great in either "street rally" car mode or robot mode, both retaining some of the g1 toys' styling
+Speakers look great and can be deployed outside of windows in car mode, outside of door "wings" in robot mode, or clipped around gun
+Rolls really well, better than most classics
+Rear spoiler moves up and down (not sure why)
+Cool head reveal (move hood/chest down and the head rotates up)
+The usual good articulation, including big feet for stability
+Balljointed head has a nice range of movement (can look down and slightly up)
+Forearms are killer and go well with his gun

-Limited paint apps, including a bland rear end in car mode (rear window, tail lights and exhaust pipes are unpainted) and robot mode in mostly white, grey and black plastic
-Autobot symbol is on his roof but ends up on his back (I moved it to the front of the hood so you can see it in robot mode)
-Head is a bit small - looks undersized compared to Sunstreaker
-Lower legs look strange and can be difficult to transform (shins are flaps connected to springs)
-Chest and head plate don't tab or lock into anything, so you have to hold them when you move his arms (the biggest problem with the figure)
-Can be annoying trying to get his hood back in place (so the doors close all the way) going back to car mode
-What's up with the frown...he's Jazz and should be smiling, or at least smirking!
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on June 19, 2011
Being a collector of Transformers Classics since the line started in 2006, I have wondered since the start why a key character like Jazz hadn't been included. So when he was finally announced as part of the continuation of the line labelled as 'Reveal the Shield', I eagerly anticipated opening the package at last!

Firstly, most fans will consider the Generations, Universe 2010, and now Reveal the Shield to be continuations of Classics, as the styling is remains classic G1. Jazz is no exception, down to his color scheme & number '4'. Toy engineering continues to improve however, and he is better than most early classics - the transformation is complicated, joints are nice & tight, and he even has deployable speakers that come with a nice chrome paint. The car design hides the seams quite nicely, and the spoiler is adjustable for a little extra value. The robot mode is beaut with great articulation, including waist rotation which is not always present in Deluxe models.

Negatives? The white plastic would be the main gripe for most, as it's a little plain - more paint would've helped particularly at the rear, the rims, and at the front grille. He doesn't have ankle swivels so there's really only a limited way to pose his legs with the feet flat. And... the transform may be a bit too complicated for some children - specifically getting the speakers to fold back in.

Overall, despite some minor negatives, Jazz is a most welcome addition to the Classics/Generations/Universe line-up!
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on May 3, 2011
This is a very nice version of Jazz that looks great in both car mode and especially robot mode, and this is probably my favorite version I currently have (including my origal G1).

A big bonus I found with this version as well is the simple transformation. Too many of the new Transformers coming out, especially a number of the Generations lines, have transformations that are frustrating not because there are many steps, but because either pieces fall off during transformation, or parts get in the way of other parts as you are trying to transform them. This one held together nicely and no piece got in the way of any other, which also makes it a nice addition to a child's collection as well as the adult collector's (except for the price).

The only drawback I found was the quality of the plastic had a lighter than usual feel than most other Transformers. So while the transformation is a plus for kids, I am uncertain as to how well it will stand up to rough play.
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on August 13, 2013
The original Jazz action figure was one of my most beloved figures from the original line. However, like the majority of figures from the line (excluding Jetfire, of course), he lacked one major thing: articulation. Sure, his arms could move around and point his weapon at evil Decepticons, but that was the extent of his range of motion. His legs just weren't designed to be posed. Neither were many of the other figures, like Optimus Prime, Wheeljack, or the Seekers. It's OK, Hasbro, we forgive you. We understand why.

Fast forward to 2010. Toy engineering is light years ahead of where it previously was, and Hasbro finally releases the Jazz figure I've always imagined and desired with "Special Ops Jazz" in the Reveal the Shield line.

His transformation scheme is similar if not identical to his previous incarnation. The front end of the car becomes his chest; his doors become "wings;' wheels for shoulders, and the rear of the car are his cankles. Only this time, his head is on a ball joint. His shoulders have ball joints. His biceps have swivels, he has double-jointed elbows, and he has limited movement in his wrists. His legs feature swivels in the hips and thighs; his knees are double-jointed, and he has some swivel movement in his ankles; no side-to-side pivot, unfortunately. Jazz can now stand up on my shelf and be posed kicking Starscream in his whiny little chest with his gun pointed at Thundercracker.

In his alt-mode, Jazz resembles a sports car that isn't completely Porsche, but isn't exactly not a Solstice, either. Either way, it looks snazzy and remains a great homage to his G1 self. The paint scheme is very G1-ish, from the blue & red stripe right smack down in the middle, to the stripes along the sideskirts and rear fenders, to the large number '4' applied to his doors and hood. Take that, G2 Jazz. His weapon folds up stores on the underside of his vehicle mode within the engine area, but does have a tendency to drag a bit if you push the car across a surface. An added gimmick is a pair of large speakers that fold up and out of the passenger area from behind the doors. It's a nice extra detail, but I personally don't care for it.

Overall, I'd highly recommend purchasing this figure if you haven't already. This iteration is a fantastic addition to any Transformers collection.
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on February 2, 2012
I know that many of the more "hard core" Transformers collectors out there have some issue with the differences in the paint apps from the original 80's toy version, but myself, personally, I think Hasbro actually did a really good rendition for us with this release of Jazz. Sure, they released him in what amounts to an unnecessary line (Reveal the Shield) rather than the regular Generations line, where he should have been (along with Bumblebee, Prime, Perceptor, Turbo Tracks, Seaspray, Grappel, and Tailgate, along with the Legends Class Megatron, Starscream, Optimus, etc.,), but that is a minor thing really. The main thing is that we at least got a Jazz along with a few others to continue rounding out our Generations stuff, so I can overlook a slightly different paint job than he originally had with his decaling applications.

As for the figure itself, Hasbro has done a terrific job on the alternate (car) mode and just as well, if not better, with his robot mode. Like I said before, I know some aren't pleased with the new paints on this Jazz, but given that we have the fans who want their toys strictly 80's toy version, fans who want them strictly cartoon version or even strictly comics style versions, there is just no way to please ALL of us with one version and it isn't cost effective for Hasbro to release so many variant versions (which would cost us all more if the scalpers get to them in stores before the collectors do). I think Hasbro has at least done a very solid blending of those versions to create one really good version that is close enough to be a tribute to all of them at once without costing us out the whazzoo. In addition to the basic car mode being cool, as a tribute to the cartoon version, you can even open his car doors in vehicle mode to reveal his speakers, which can then be unfolded to blast his music at his enemies (music not included, hahaha), just like he used to do in the old 80's cartoons.

The actual robot mode is at least as cool as the car mode, maybe even better, since he is so poseable in bot mode. The original was never so cool as this version, nor as versatile with the pose options. He has great balance and as with his car mode, you can unfold his speakers and blast his enemies with some sounds in his robot mode also. Aside from Red Alert, this guy is probably one of my favorites to look at in either mode, and just a lot of fun to change poses too. Another cool thing is that when he transforms from vehicle to robot, his gun pops out from under the hood, and back into storage there when in car mode, so no keeping up with loose weapons.

Now the negatives, such as they are. As mentioned, the paint apps for some are an issue, this is NOT a problem for me at all. He looks great and if you aren't a stickler for any particular rendering/version of him, you will not have a problem with this either. Aside from that, the only issue(s) I have with Jazz are that his head wants to drop in robot mode at times and that his feet/rear of car can be slightly problematic when returning to car mode, but not always. Both of those things are minor issues though, and do not really hurt the overall product in the least. So far, I have found the toy to be fairly durable and well built, unlike most of the animated line was (My buddy's nephew had one of those Bumblebees that just kept falling apart, so he quit buying the animated stuff.)

I hope this has helped with any decision to buy or not buy Jazz. For me, he is definitely worth the price at retail, and I think most anyone will be very pleased with this product.
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on December 13, 2012
Get this Jazz! He's pretty accurate to his original cartoon appearance, with his paint job and doors behind his shoulders. His gun can fold up into a compact pistol, or fold out into a larger heavy pistol. Jazz also has speakers behind the doors in robot mode, that can be folded out into "deployed" mode for his famous sound attacks, and they also can detach from the doors and attach to his blaster. One of the best Transformers figures ever. Plenty of features without the stupid gimmicks!
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on April 25, 2013
They've made a lot of Jazz toys since he first debuted with the rest of the Transformers in 1984, but few toys capture the spirit of the character or are quite as stylish and impressive as this one. It hits a nice middle ground between the classic nostalgia of the old but rather clunky G1 mold and the highly flexible but less iconic Alternators toy. It looks like just how many fans remember Jazz in the comics and the cartoon, with bright colors, good construction with no excessively fragile areas, and solid joints that hold up to being put into numerous poses. It even includes some handy extra accessories, like a neat folding gun and a pair of deployable speakers so Jazz can rock out. If there's a quibble to be had with the figure, it's that he sports a vaguely Batman-esque frown of mild disapproval, which is rather out of character for someone who's portrayed as being as cheerful as a giant alien robot gets.

If you liked Transformers when it first came out, or heck, if you like Transformers in general, do yourself a favor and buy this version of Jazz. You'll be glad you did.
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on July 29, 2013
It's Jazz. The coolest Autobot in the galaxy. What more do you need to know?

Nicely constructed, very G1 in it's design, with a touch of the modern era TF. And, Lord, the woofers come out! I can hear that metal riff that he played in the original cartoon right know, the one he annoyed everyone with, Decepticons AND Autobots!

Ah, 'nuff said. There's no reason any Transfan shouldn't have this bot in their collection. Or as Jazz himself might say: "The 4 on the door will make you roar and you'll know your score is bound t'soar!"

In Scatman Crothers' voice, of course.
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on March 15, 2011
Special Opts Jazz is a great figure in the long run of Transformers toys. It's a great Modern update to the original Jazz figure, with the addition of his sound system makes him very G1 accurate. The head sculpted is very dead on in resemblance to either his cartoon or comic counterpart yet it is very serious which I do not feel reflects Jazz's Personality from the cartoon and more reflects the comic. I've seen in other, galleries that you can attach his sound system to his gun creating a sonic boom box gun (Blaster must get jealous). The only thing that could improve this figure is more paint apps especially on the front grill. on mine after transforming the feet a couple times their seemed to be some plastic scraping at the rivet, but could be just mine, since I don't plan on transforming him too much anyways I'm not too worried about it. Well worth the price!
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on April 21, 2011
My son loves the toy. He is 11 and loves the toys that he can either build or change. And since he seems to have every else, he is now going to 'out of production' toys...I got to start buying and stashing toys that are hot sellers... :-)
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