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on February 22, 2013
I hoped the sleeve and keyboard make this close to the "Clover Trail Microsoft Surface", and I have to say I'm a bit disappointed. In short they simply don't work as elegantly as either cover of Surface's. Although they eventually serve the purpose, from time to time it can be a little awkward.

First the TranSleeve. Yes, it's a cover which you can fold it into a stand for the tablet. It's attached to the tab by a magnet, and there is another magnet in the sleeve to help hold the folded shape as the stand. So what's the problem? The magnet holding it to the tab is rather loose, so it detaches from the tablet rather easily. Also the connection between the holding magnet and the sleeve doesn't give you those high quality feeling. Perhaps it's necessary to have that piece of plastic there, since the sleeve does close properly with or without the keyboard (or the TransBoard) sandwiched there.

Other than the touch, another issue I have is folding it into the stand. While there is only one configuration the folding will allow the magnets to hold it in the folded state, unfortunately there are multiple ways to fold it, and it might take couple tries for you to find the correct way to fold it. Not that it's difficult, but it "can" be annoying when it doesn't fold into the right way by itself the first time. Once it's folded, it holds your tab fairly well. I would say it's not as robust as the kickstand on Surfaces, but it's quite decent. Here comes one aspect it beats the kickstand on Surface: it provides you two different angles to hold your tab. In the regular angle, the tab stands like a typical PC monitor (or a Surface). The other angles it lays lower, you need to turn the tab upside down (so the Windows button is on the top and webcam on the bottom), but since the screen rotates too so it's not a huge deal. For using it on your laps, I personally find the regular angle close to impossible, but the up-side-down angle is not a bad choice.

I personally found more design issues with the TransBoard. First of all you need to charge it, which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, the charging port is at the top of the board, which makes it impossible to charge it when sandwiched between the sleeve and the tab. My guess is you're supposed to charge it as a stand alone item, not altogether with the tab. The set-up is another minor annoyance. ASUS provides very limited instructions on how to set it up, and it's not all automatic, that you do need to add a Bluetooth keyboard. I don't know whether it's limited by Windows 8, when the keyboard is paired and I touch a field for text input, the on screen keyboard still shows first, and it disappears only after I start to key in on the keyboard. I hope this can be fixed, as Surface when a cover is attached.

The keyboard itself is not bad. It's little tight, and the shift on the right is a bit too small for me, and I often mistakenly hit the right ctrl instead of left arrow, but in general it's not bad. The typing feeling is very similar to that of a Type Cover. I personally think the trackpad is actually a little better than those Surface's covers, at least the Touch Cover. Another problem is, when the board is sandwiched between the sleeve and tab, the total assembly feels kind of thick.

Overall the TranSleeve and TransBoard do work, but they don't work "very well", compared with the tab itself. I think t's a bit unfortunate since VivoTab Smart is a terrific Clover Trail tablet, and I'm afraid the sleeve and board don't match the great work of the tab.
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on June 3, 2013
It's not the chicklet keys -- there's plenty of space.

Why is this sleeve being sold with this keyboard? You cannot take use all 3 pieces simulaneously -- they fall apart -- magnet doesn't hold well.

The sleeve with the tablet is fine. Add the keyboard and something is going to drop.

No instructions, just confusing diagrams, but once it's on the device, it's easy to figure out.

With my tablet, the Asus ME400, you have to make adjustments to have the keyboard automatically recognized. It's not easy to find, but you have to go into the desktop side, find Power Management and create your own power profile because the tablet doesn't come with a power profile that will stop the problem. Otherwise EACH and EVERY TIME your tablet goes to sleep, your keyboard stops working. You can't click and reconnect, you have to specifically remove the keyboard as a device and have it be recognized again.

How much battery power is left on the keyboard? Who knows, there's no indicator that tells you.
Is the keyboard off or on? Difficult to tell because a light flickers once and then goes out. Did you turn it off or did you turn it on.
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on July 13, 2014
It is excellent in theory. But, as previously mentioned, there are serious design flaws. My TranSleeve cover came with the keyboard. The keyboard was tre excelente. But, after maybe 15 minutes spent figuring out how to make the TSC (TranSleeve Cover) into a viable stand without attaching it to the ASUS ME400. I thought that was the tricky part. But, as Jesse Pinkman once said, "Magnets, b***h!"
So, upon attaching the TSC to the tablet, I found it quite difficult to position the tablet in such a manner that it would sit flat on the table. Then, unlike other reviewers, my magnets were incredibly strong. So strong that when I tried to take the TSC off the tablet, the bar containing the magnets detached from the TSC and stayed firmly on the tablet. Every time I tried to place the magnet bar back in the sleeve, it would detach itself from the TSC and remain on the tablet.
Eventually, I superglued the magnet bar to the TSC to prevent magnet-induced extraction upon tablet contact. So far, the tablet is standing and the magnet bar still attached to the TSC, but I truly cannot fathom this lasting longer than a week or so. Additionally, the tenuous and frequently shifting TSC, seemingly unable to find a comfortable spot on the tablet to be a viable stand, makes me quite nervous to actually TOUCH the tablet while the TSC is in stand mode. When I do, the TSC slips, changes position, or completely unfolds. I would highly recommend one of the hundreds of other tablet cover-stand combos that does not have the serious flaws of the TSC. Just because something is made by the same brand does not mean its the best product.
I would give this one star, but I feel like the engineers put effort into the TSC; it was probably hailed as a revolution when presented on paper. Also, theoretically, when the magnet bar isn't detaching itself from the TSC, it works as a cover. Mostly. I don't know why they bundled it with the keyboard, because there is absolutely no room for keyboard with this cover.

Now, the keyboard. It is a beauty. It is thin, quite responsive, equipped with a far-better-than-expected touchpad, and awkwardly detached from the TSC. I don't know why they bundle these items. The keyboard, though is superb. But, at the same time, the keyboard is costly upon realizing that it operates in the same capacity as would ANY OTHER bluetooth keyboard. Simply, there is no advantage to buying the ASUS keyboard over far cheaper and likely just as functional other bluetooth keyboards with touchpads.

ASUS makes you believe that the TSC+Keyboard accessory is a must for your tablet. My advice? Get a better cover/stand with a keyboard sleeve to make a seamless accessory instead of this disjointed and ill-conceived product.
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on May 13, 2013
I will break down this review in the sum of its parts:
Magnets - to me and my tablet, they are strong and do not have a problem latching onto the tablet, or folding to create the stand. it takes effort to break the stand (i.e. push at the tablets highest leverage point, and hard to get the stand to dislodge from the tablet) I say the Magnet is great, and I even grabbed the tablet by the cover to find that the tablet did not dislodge unless shaken or pulled at an angle.

Cover - the cover is great in my opinion, it gets the job done and looks cool doing it. it has a double hinge that will allow you to put the keyboard between the tablet and cover, however I have not found that to be my most popular use case. I generally keep the keyboard in my back and leave the tablet with the cover on. its functional, thin, and best of all easy to carry.

keyboard - This is where my 1 star is taken from. I love the idea of having a chargeable, wireless, and slim keyboard to go with my tablet. The keyboard is just like a slim desktop keyboard (keys you push in, and they bounce back) it feels good, it feels like a home keyboard in a lot of ways, and did I mention slim? because for what it adds to your tablet it sure is thin and light. However what I have begun to take away is that although the tablet gets far more functionality from having a keyboard, the trackpad is lacking. how does it lack? well its sensitivity is interesting. It does do the job, but feels like the lowest common denominator in quality. The trackpad will actually allow you to "Click" like a mouse would. it sounds good from the point of view of a gamer/desktop PC junky. but in practice, clicking the mouse moves its location enough for you to miss the target on the screen. perhaps with some practice it could get better, but I am reviewing after a month, and still notice it.

Despite that one gripe. I have to say I love the package, getting the keyboard adds far more functionality to windows 8 and the vivotab smart. the cover is brilliant and does not show age easily.

I feel that if you have bought into the vivotab smart, then you might as well buy into this kit of accessories. why limit what you have purchased? you will at least love the ability to do keyboard shortcuts, and typing on a real keyboard is functionally a lot better then the on screen. The cover again, is brilliant and adds a lot to your 450+ investment. get it, you will not regret it, I don't.
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VINE VOICEon May 4, 2014
If you are looking for a 2 in 1 convertible tablet and laptop, then close to ideal is probably ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-H1-GR 10.1-Inch Detachable 2 in 1 Touchscreen Laptop, 32GB SSD + 500GB HDD. You can snap off the computer from the keyboard, and it becomes a tablet. The only problem there is that you have to charge both computer and the keyboard separately.

I got Asus VivoTab a good price and so bought these Transleeve covered in keyboard. But folding of Transleeve is tricky, the support provided to the tablet is very poor, and the tablet is always unstable. Keyboard quality is not very good, definitely not worth the price and the Bluetooth connection keeps disconnecting.

There are two other much cheaper and better cover and keyboard combinations available for this Asus tablet.Poetic KeyBook Bluetooth Keyboard Case for ASUS VivoTab Smart ME400C 10.1 inch Windows 8 tablet(3 Year Manufacturer Warranty From Poetic) and GreatShield 2 Go Detachable Leather Bluetooth Keyboard Case for ASUS VivoTab Smart ME400C Tablet.

You better but slightly bulkier solution is Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard which is a much better quality keyboard and whose cover functions as a tablet stand. And if you do not want to use the touchscreen and need a separate mouse, then Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouseis also very good. But you will have three separate items now, and you will need a bag like AmazonBasics 11.6-inch Laptop / Chromebook / MacBook Air Sleeve.

This Transleeve and keyboard are definitely not worth's the price.
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on September 5, 2014
I read the reviews for this prior to ordering, but I figured for this price I had to give it a try. When I first bought my tablet 6 months ago, I purchased a generic folio case with a flimsy USB keyboard. I hate the look and I hated the quality of the keyboard. The price was only 10 dollars less than what I paid for this combo.
Not to insult anyone that gave a negative review, but in reading some of them I wonder if they actually knew the correct way to use the transleeve cover. I admit it was tricky the first time, but I have not seen the same issues once I learned how to properly fold it into the stand. It holds securely and it folds back with no issues. I can understand that maybe some of these do have issues with the magnet strength, but I luckily wasn't one of them.
I also found the keyboard to be the best portable keyboard I have personally used. Very thin but also solid and well designed. It paired with my tablet very easily and it connects every time I turn it on after booting windows on the tablet.
If you own an Asus VIVOTAB ME400, you would definitely be completing your experience by getting this Transleeve Keyboard.
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on August 29, 2013
The keyboard is pretty nice. The cover is a travesty. Really, just awful in almost every way.

The other reviewers pegged it. Only one magnet works when I fold it. It does stay folded, but feels like it is alway on the brink of coming unfolded. I bet it would be great with that other magnet working. Also, the magnets that hold it to the tablet are pretty weak. They probably function well for just keeping it all together when closed, but are much more shaky when you count on them to hold the tablet up. I have no doubts that if you accidentally grab the tablet by just the cover, then it will fall off completely. Also, the auto sleep/wake (smart cover) feature does not work. I bought a cheaper case with that feature and it works fine with that one, so it is simply a fault of the asus cover and not the tablet.

On the flip side, the keyboard is pretty impressive. It's SOOOO thin and light. It connects right away and works great. I even paired it with my iPhone. The track pad is a little annoying because of the way you click the buttons, but that's only a small complaint. I'm actually quite pleased with the whole thing. The most surprising part is how well the keyboard sticks to the cover with the magnets. I've literally picked the cover up with the keyboard attached and tried to shake it loose. It comes off, but only after some very vigorous attempts to shake it loose. I can't believe they got that part right and couldn't get the cover to stay on the tablet!

All in all, I will probably keep it because I like the keyboard. I wish you could buy it separate from the cover. I would NEVER buy the cover on its own!

I bought another case/cover here on Amazon. It's a cheap one by Moko and I have been blown away by how well it works. It's thin, light, and feels/looks like a quality product. Plus, it has magnets that hold it closed, the auto sleep/wake "smart cover" functionality works, and it won't fall off if I look at it wrong.
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on May 29, 2013
The keyboard is very comfortable and a pleasure to use. It feels like I am using a slim laptop keyboard. The Transleeve I could have done without. The magnets on that connect it to the tablet are not that strong, and in my opinion the only real purpose that it serves is to hold the tablet up when it is folded (this is not hard to do, unlike the many reviews that say it is). It is flimsy, and not very good at protecting the tablet. In addition, unlike the Surface and Transformer lines, the keyboard can't be attached to the tablet, so using on your lap like a laptop requires a flat surface. All in all, the set up is unique, but there are better covers available, and the combo is a tad overpriced.

The transleeve is garbage. My tablet fell from my side table onto the carpet with the transleeve on it and the screen was still damaged. I have no idea what the purpose of this product is for. Find another cover that will offer protection or purchase the squaretrade warranty. The keyboard is still good, I would give it four stars. I would recommend purchasing the keyboard separately, however, I don't believe you can purchase them separately.
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on April 15, 2014
Cover easily folds into a stand and the tablet stands up against it at a table viewing angle.
But... the only thing that keeps the tablet from slipping back down to lie flat on table, is a
flapping magnet bar on the bottom of the cover. Problem is the bar does not stay connected enough to the tablet. It does not clip onto the tablet or hold the tablet up other than magnetism. Only its not a strong enough magnetic force to keep the tablet propped up.
The keyboard is nice that its bluetooth and does not steal the only available usb port.
But... the trackball is useless. You fight with the finger dragging cursor to accurately select a click point. So I prop the tablet with a wedge sponge, use the bluetooth keyboard, and also a wireless usb mouse - just to make it feel and act as a desktop.
Did not need any of this - just could have gone with usb mouse and keyboard combo.
And a few pieces of cardboard to protect tablet in transit.
As a tablet with metro use, Asus is nice for the money.
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on December 13, 2013
You might think that this keyboard and even transleve is only for the Asus tablet but it's not. Just tape the keyboard to the cover horizontally and you'll have the most amazing experience with any tablet in the middle. The keyboard itself is a professional grade. Very lovely to use. The only thing that I didn't like is that it's painful to use it with two devices. You'll have to unpair it from device one to pair it with device two. It's designed to work with one device. And by the way, the trackpad works with android tablets. So you'll have a chrome book. Alt tab also works with android so you can swiftly switch between apps.
Tip, put the keyboard and cover face down on the table facing each other. Scotch tape them with a black leather like scotch tape (bought from apple store for the MacBook Air) and then flip them. Adjust the cover so it holds any tablet and the the keyboard will be laying down in front of the tablet to have amazing chrome book experience. I'm using it with sony expedia tablet z and iPad
I hope you enjoy the review as now I have many friends willing to do the same.
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