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on December 13, 2014
These come in an envelope, and are flat. When you look at the package, (envelope) you can't imagine what it could be, and then you open it. You think, "wow this is really chintzy and cheap", and then you put it together (in 10 seconds) and think, "its not bad". Then you use it and you are hooked. Once you try one of these, you wont be without. For a few $ these solve every flash problem---harsh lighting, harsh shadows, red eye, small flash coverage, and many more. Its so ingenious and the fact that it folds flat is an even bigger benefit for storing and carrying in a bag/backpack/etc.

The TRICK to get the most benefit from these is you MUST leave as much space between the flash (lens) and the front of this thing. The idea being to allow the light to fill the space between (flash/front) and then it "spills" out. If you put the front of this flush against the front of the flash, you will not get any benefit or will get limited benefit.
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This absolutely will not fall off your flash, if mounted correctly. See pictures to explain how to mount. The velcro strap that mounts to your camera uses no adhesive, but has very strong "sticky" friction surface on one side -- so it won't goo up your flash, can be removed when you want to, but will not fall off on it's own. Even pulling on it, is very difficult to get off.

This softbox is just the right size so that once folded, it can fit in a small camera bag. Also has windows on top and bottom of softbox that you can secure open or closed with velcro attachments. Those might be useful to throw some flash up and back for bounce effect. Its construction is excellent - should be quite durable, not just a cheap plastic item. It will fit any flashgun with reasonably standard dimensions - see photos.

So I give 5 stars because of it's construction and secure mounting. But take a star away because I'm really not convinced that it softens any shadows in the test photos I've taken so far -- I cannot see a difference with the device on or off. I'll give it some more tries, but I'm thinking this is just too small to adequately diffuse light - it cannot replace a shoot-through umbrella for sure.

But for the price - I'd little reason not to try it for yourself.
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 NOTE: I am no professional and this is just my opinion of the product. I purchased this 6x8 softbox last year for my canon flash it has done its job for a cheap softbox. For a few bucks you would be surprised at much it changes your photos. Its held up nicely with a bit of abuse cramming it in my bag and tossing it about. I have provided a video review and I encourage you to watch it to see a better in depth review. It has a velcro ring that attaches to your light then you add the softbox to it. It also has 2 openings in the back to allow less light through which is nice. It gives you some options to play with. The biggest thing for me as a hobbyist photographer was learning lighting and the various techniques and this has really helped me. The only thing I am knocking one star for is the fact that it needs a bit more room between the flash and the front of the box to allow it to fill better and spill the light. The way its designed its kinda tricky to get that distance. The picture you see on here shows a perfect softbox with decent distance. With mine its not quite like that..its a bit more smashed, so to speak. All in all I like the product and I am giving it 4 stars for its ease of use and durability. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you found my review helpful, let me know. Lets keep making better buying decisions together. Thank you for reading and as always Be Safe & Happy Shopping!!
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on June 14, 2015
Works well for up-close shots on or off-camera, however the soft light is still somewhat tight due to the size. That said, I've still managed to capture some decent portraits mounting this to my SB-700 flash off-camera when augmenting this with a reflector 90°, with the fash turned slightly offset from my subject toward said opposing reflector. See attached portrait of my daughter (flash with the NEEWER 6x8" Softbox 45° to the right, and silver reflector 45° to the left).
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on May 22, 2016
Outstanding tool to prevent hot spots that are formed by the regular flash configuration! I highly recommend the softbox to any photographer. Check out the attached photo for an example of what a photo I shot looks like. The flash is aimed directly at the model from close range without creating any blown out areas.
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on August 3, 2014
At first I thought the velcro was to wrap around the outside is the flash diffuser box, but it always falls off like this. Once I figured out how it actually works though, it's quite ingenious. The velcro had a soft rubbery feeling side to it that is not slippery when against the plastic housing of the flash. Your supposed to wrap the velcro step securely and tightly around the edge of the housing on the flash so that the soft plastic is on the inside and the velcro is on the outside. Then the diffuser attaches to the velcro on the flash. Then it becomes easy to put on and take off the diffuser when you need it. The velcro part basically stays on the flash until you take it off. Everyone who has problems with it falling off I suspect I'd not using it right. It fits snug and tight and never falls off when I attach it this way.

Otherwise, quality is great, does what it's supposed to in diffusing flashes so it's not so harsh on the subject. I also like how it folds flat to store easily in camera bag. Works greatwith my m4/3 compact setup.

Great buy for the money. I only docked 1 star for lack of instructions on how to use the attachment velcro properly.
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on December 21, 2017
Just what I was looking for and the price can't be beaten. I was using a snap on the white plastic diffuser, but not that happy with the results. This mini-light box is perfect and really easy to put on securely with a nice velcro strap. Inside it is silver for maximum light output and a nice diffusion panel to soften the light.

I cover a lot of events, trade, and consumer shows and this is perfect. I would normally put the flash off camera and file it as a slave, but I don't feel I will need to do this now for the bulk of what I am shooting. Photos show available light and with flash and Neewer Light Box
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on January 26, 2018
When I first received it, I wasn't overly pleased. They sit in their travel cases folded up in a way that means when you unfold it, the edges are crumpled in and it looks like the light from the flash won't actually reach the whole white area. However, with a little careful stretching and unfolding you can get the edges pretty straight, and when I took a photo of the flash going off behind this diffuser, it did indeed fill the whole white area with light as it's supposed to. The velcro strap also didn't feel tight enough, I was worried they would fall off. But after a number of uses in the field it actually has worked just fine and I'm very pleased. I'm sure there are higher quality products out there but this works great for me and for the price I think it deserves 5 stars. It makes macro shots way better! I would say get as big of one as you can. If you need diffused light then the bigger the better. I'm using 2 on a pair of off-camera flashes for a macro setup I have, and I bought the middle size (6x5 inches), and it's either just right or a little too small. If I only had one flash I'd definitely want the bigger one.
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on December 30, 2016
As an hobbyist who from time to time get asked to take photos in weddings, anniversaries and other kind of parties.
This diffuser works really well, both indoors and outdoors.
My only caveat is the weird mechanism to make the product fit and hold on to the flash head. Its still a bit loose and wobbles.
And that it adds a bit of weight "forward" the camera. So prepare to counter this weight. (be particularly careful when using tripods)

Note that the installation of this product is not in the way logic would dictate. you need to "set" the band with Velcro on the head first.. then attach the softbox AROUND it.
If you do it in the opposite way ( softbox first, then Velcro band around it) the products will slide and fall easily.

This thing is pretty portable too. You just squeze it and fits in an envelope (it flattens itself) and you can keep it easily in any bag. Not stealing any space in your camera bag.
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It's not hard to use and it's not hard to install, didn't find it cumbersome at all. Used it on several Canon Speedlites, and a Quantaray and it fit all of them without any hassles or issues. The Velcro strap you place on the flash unit holds the larger part in place and it's not hard to deal with, nor did I have a problem with it falling off.

I'm only giving this three stars because, yes, it does work, but it doesn't diffuse the light nearly as much as you would expect. The white covering is actually very thin and it still causes a great deal of much harder light than I would've expected. It's better than nothing, but looking at a bunch of test images, it was hard to tell which ones were taken with the thing on and which ones with it off. I did experiment and stuffed it full of white Kleenex (no kidding) and that actually did a pretty decent job of toning down the light, but then it keeps you from being able to fold this thing up and put it back in your gadget bag. It's a good idea, they just need to make the facing material a good bit thicker and it would likely work well.
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