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This absolutely will not fall off your flash, if mounted correctly. See pictures to explain how to mount. The velcro strap that mounts to your camera uses no adhesive, but has very strong "sticky" friction surface on one side -- so it won't goo up your flash, can be removed when you want to, but will not fall off on it's own. Even pulling on it, is very difficult to get off.

This softbox is just the right size so that once folded, it can fit in a small camera bag. Also has windows on top and bottom of softbox that you can secure open or closed with velcro attachments. Those might be useful to throw some flash up and back for bounce effect. Its construction is excellent - should be quite durable, not just a cheap plastic item. It will fit any flashgun with reasonably standard dimensions - see photos.

So I give 5 stars because of it's construction and secure mounting. But take a star away because I'm really not convinced that it softens any shadows in the test photos I've taken so far -- I cannot see a difference with the device on or off. I'll give it some more tries, but I'm thinking this is just too small to adequately diffuse light - it cannot replace a shoot-through umbrella for sure.

But for the price - I'd little reason not to try it for yourself.
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on December 13, 2014
These come in an envelope, and are flat. When you look at the package, (envelope) you can't imagine what it could be, and then you open it. You think, "wow this is really chintzy and cheap", and then you put it together (in 10 seconds) and think, "its not bad". Then you use it and you are hooked. Once you try one of these, you wont be without. For a few $ these solve every flash problem---harsh lighting, harsh shadows, red eye, small flash coverage, and many more. Its so ingenious and the fact that it folds flat is an even bigger benefit for storing and carrying in a bag/backpack/etc.

The TRICK to get the most benefit from these is you MUST leave as much space between the flash (lens) and the front of this thing. The idea being to allow the light to fill the space between (flash/front) and then it "spills" out. If you put the front of this flush against the front of the flash, you will not get any benefit or will get limited benefit.
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on September 13, 2015
I rarely use a flashgun, but when I do, I usually prefer to use a diffuser to cut the harsh shadows and glare, especially taking photos of people indoors. This product is inexpensive, and more importantly it folds up flat; I store it in the laptop computer compartment of my LowePro camera backpack, and it fits in there perfectly. I can still get the laptop in the pack too. The product is kind of flimsy and has a makeshift feel to it, so any professional shooting weddings or the like would no doubt be better off with a more sturdily built softbox. But, this product is perfect if you only need a flash diffuser a couple times a year, and it needs to be able to store flat and not take up a lot of space in your camera bag when not needed. These diffusers come in a couple of different sizes and shapes (octogon and rectangle), there's a small one, that's about 4" x 6", then a medium 6" x 8" model, and this one, which is the largest rectangular diffuser in this model line at 8" x 12". I got the largest one as I assumed it would be the most effective at reducing harsh shadows. It works okay. A big softbox or umbrella is of course more effective, but considering the portability of this model, it's not bad. The way it attaches to your flash gun is kind of flimsy, and the diffuser will flop around if you are moving a lot, or rapidly: for example, a photographer doing a shoot of a clothing fashion model, where's there's a lot of moving around to get different camera angles, would not be able to use this product; it would probably shake itself loose and fall off within the first two or three minutes. But if you are are just doing a few photos, like a group photo at a retirement lunch or something like that, it's fine.
NOTE: For photoflash guns with LED Focus Assist Lamps, or Slave sensors to synchronize them to another master flash gun, this large 8" x 12" diffuser might block the sensor or LED focus assist emitter. I am using it on a Yongnuo 565, and is does block the focus assist lamp when the flash head is horizontal. If you tilt the head up to about 30° or more (like if you are bouncing the light off of a ceiling), it will unblock the LED emitter.
SUMMARY: Inexpensive, folds up flat and doesn't take up much storage space, works okay considering it's much smaller than a stand-mounted softbox or photo umbrella. Recommended for occasional use if you won't be needing a professional quality softbox often enough to justify the cost in purchase price and storage.
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on September 14, 2014
It comes with a white fabric diffuser on the inside that does a wonderful job when you attach it properly of distributing the light across the entire outside diffuser. We had to sew boning into it to keep it from decompressing if you will, or collapsing. This can be done by sewing it into the side that doesn't fold, then sewing snap connectors into the other side to snap the boning in place so it is still collapsable by unsnapping the boning on the folding side and folding it. Other than that it generally stays in place very well. Without the boning it collapses and the light only falls on a small part of the outside diffuser and it is almost worthless. I would still highly recommend it as the lighting it provides is amazing and now we can't do without it.
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on January 4, 2017
1/4/17 Just tried a few shots last night. It definitely does the job - softening and generally more pleasing photos. It makes my cheap Bower flash much more consistent.

A few concerns:
1. It is a pain to put on / take off. The Velcro is TOO strong. You need really need the flash off the camera to get it right - otherwise risk damaging the shoe mount.
2. Need to step up your flash a bit of course to compensate for the lost light.
3. Storing is in a camera bag will probably require removal. I wish it was collapsible and would tuck away while mounted
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on September 6, 2015
Doesn't quite fit the Neewer VK750 I bought it to go with - a little small. Doesn't want to really "pop out" straight. That said, I used it to shoot a few pix with the speedlight on top of my camera, and it worked well enough I'd take it if I were taking my speedlight along on a trip. If you're going to point your flash at your subject, it's better than nothing.
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on December 31, 2014
Got to try it out over the holidays and it really improved the effect from my flash. As another review pointed out, you need to apply the flash-side Velcro strip smooth, slightly clingy, plastic in, against the flash unit. It will cling to the plastic housing and will not move around. Then you can Velcro on the flaps of the diffuser. Takes a little practice to get all the flaps seated (hold back three of them, and apply the top or bottom flap first, then the flap on the opposite side). Reverse to remove - takes a bit of a tug to get them off especially when new. Super compact and tucks into the odd corner of your camera bag, backpack, etc.

Also, makes your flash unit look freakin' awesome!
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on December 22, 2015
For the price of about $11, don't expect great quality, and you get what you pay for. Attaching this to the flash is done with an elastic strap with velcro. I bought this to try out the softbox size and at that it functions well, once I use extra tape so the softbox doesn't fall off. The reflective coating on the inside helps efficiency, still you will need a lot more flash power for proper lighting than without the softbox. Unfortunately, the softbox also has a tendency to collapse when attached to the flash, and also falls off easily from the flash (even using some tape). All and all too cheaply made, that made this softbox almost unusable. The lighting is very nice compared to a straight flash (one extra star for that).
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on November 14, 2017
This makes a great on-the-fly diffuser. I wouldn't use it for high volume photography as it does cause my Speedlight to overheat after even nominal use, but it does well to diffuse the flash.
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on March 30, 2016
You'll only be looking at this if you're a beginner (most likely). While this serves a purpose for just starting out - get something bigger! I hardly use this thing anymore, even though it does help to soften the light. You just aren't going to see *amazing* changes in your flash photography with something in this size range. If you're okay with spending the money to use this once or twice, go for it. Otherwise, keep your money and look for a larger softbox. The larger the light source (and the closer it is to your subject), the softer the light. This may be good for small, still life objects. Quality is fine and it stays put on my flash when put together properly.
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