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on October 11, 2013
I ordered these traps to control an infestation of wolf spiders. Preferring not to use chemicals, I have carried my trusty broom -- like Sting at Frodo's side -- into the deep, dark recesses of my garage and basement. (If only my broom glowed when a wolf spider was near!) After spending five days hunting these monsters, I had killed 131 of them, and they were becoming harder to reach. So, to finish the job, trapping them became my best option. Only three hours after placing these traps around my basement, I had caught three spiders, two of which were unlucky enough to be caught in one trap (see the customer photo). Placement is key, so take some time to find hot spots and put these traps directly in paths of travel (usually along walls). The only downside to these traps is that anything caught is going to remain alive for a while, so to prevent unnecessary suffering I recommend checking your traps as often as possible and putting the little critters out of their misery. I'm very pleased with this product, but I hope I won't need it for much longer. Either way, I will always keep a stock of these on hand.
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on May 13, 2011
We moved into a new house in Fayetteville TN, and within 5 months, our 21 year old daughter was bitten by a Brown recluse. She reacted with a golf ball sized black circle of dead tissue that turned to ooze over the next 2 months. It has left a nasty scar and may require a tissue graft. The cost ran well over 1000$ even before counting future grafts. It was the worst pain she has ever felt as the tissue slowly died and turned to jelly.

It was really terrifying as she ran a fever and threw up which is somewhat rare and a pretty heavy reaction. Our younger daughter reacts even worse to insect bites so we were/are very worried. I am an engineer so I did significant methodical web research and settled on these traps. We set out 10 or so of these traps downstairs. Over the next month we caught 9 recluses (as well as 30 other assorted bugs). Sadly - we have been catching 2 to 1 harmless wolf spiders over recluses (edit: One of the other reviewers said wolf spiders do bite - go figure).

These traps seem to work really well. We set more in the master bedroom and caught another 8 - one was by my headboard, two were next to shoe trees. 4 were right by my wife's dresser. It's like a horror movie. Needless to say, this whole ordeal has gotten our attention in a big way. I am on a mission to vacuum crevices with a shop vac and then silicone up any hiding places. We are throwing away a ton of stuff and sorting a number of boxes we carried for years. I didn't realize I was in the Brown Recluse belt (or even what they looked like) - but now I have learned what a problem they are in my part of the country. Sadly - no more peacefully co-existing with spiders as I was taught as a youngster.

These spiders are not aggressive - but if they happen to get in your clothing or your bed, you are likely to suffer a really nasty bite.

Even with two German Shepherds (constantly shedding hair) - these traps stay good for over a month. Our house is very dusty as we aren't regular vacuum users - but I was pleasantly surprised at the longevity of the traps.

The recluses seem to mainly come down to take a peek when a beetle or other bug is trapped, then they are trapped.

I am a believer in these traps (and really don't like poisons) and am ordering another 180 so we can rotate them through multiple rooms. It seems to be one of the few effective weapons in our battle.

They aren't real attractive (not sure what would be) and they don't stick on all walls or ceilings well and seem most effective at ground level.

Note that while we have caught 20+ Recluses in the house over 3 months - we have never seen one inside the house outside a trap (edit: Not true now... as we have become more conscious of where they are we see them - mainly playing dead or moving slowly)! I have seen a number in my WoodShop in the wild as I moved around old plywood etc. It is the next target (edit: HUGE number of them... I think it is a lost cause to exterminate them, but I will make it safer). Edit: I insulated and sealed my garage, sheetrocked and caulked EVERYTHING so it is darn near airtight. Put down epoxy floors and surprisingly, they come in from outside and crawl around the garage door seals (they actually had a nest IN the old garage door seal). These traps catch them as they come in as they are strategically placed around doors and walls.


update - 7/5/2012 I continue to use these traps. Sadly, I had more spiders than I thought in all my outbuildings and in my house. I have caught well over 200 recluses in the house over the last 2 years. No one else has been bitten and we are methodical shoe shakers now. Just ordered another 180 traps.
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on July 9, 2017
The traps are fine. It's equivalent to putting some double sided tape on some heavy paper. But, it's nice to purchase these and not have to make them oneself. It could be helpful for example to place under the legs of a bed if the bed had bugs in it, in order to prevent that for example.
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on August 23, 2017
it didn't seem to work with cockroach if you leave it stand alone. So I have to put some food in the middle to attract them, but just few of cockroach get trapped (for 2days) while my apartment where I live have at least a thousand of cockroach so this is absolutely not an effective way to kill the cockroach
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on December 16, 2017
These things are amazing. I put them in my garage and they were filled with crickets, bugs, and spiders. I will say that the placement of the trap is important. I put them a few places with no success, but I randomly moved them until I started seeing insects on them.
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on July 19, 2016
For the price, these were okay. Since the wooded area behind my home has been cut down, I've been seeing a few spiders creeping in. The adhesive on the back doesn't work too well, it's a very small strip. In order to get it to stick you have to push down on the glue area and when you remove the glue cover, it peels it right from where you tried to stick it too. If you peel the glue covering off first, naturally, your hand gets stuck and it lifts from the area.
Many of the traps were difficult to peel away the covering too. It took more force than expected to peep it back and the paper cover would tear no matter what corner you'd peel from.
You can't really beat the price for the amount you get. Basic glue traps....I'm still waiting to catch a spider on one.
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on July 4, 2017
Not happy with this product. I don't find it effective catching cave crickets that infest my basement or any other creepy crawler. Used Catchmaster in the past with great results. Also the paper covering over the adhesive does not come off in one piece.
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on June 12, 2013
When I first deployed these it was autumn. I don't remember the month. At first I didn't see much in the way of results - not enough to make it seem worth the money. I did catch a few beetles. Well, this spring we started having trouble with ants in the bathroom. I set some new traps out and caught a few ants. I tried "baiting" it with water thinking that the ants might be looking for moisture in our dry climate. That didn't noticeably help. Then I tried the traps in my indoor potted plants that were getting gnats. They worked REALLY WELL at trapping the gnats! I have caught 100s - probably 1000s. Also, as spiders became more active again this spring I also caught a few spiders (my main concern to begin with).

We were having company the first of this month (June '13) and I decided to go change all the traps in the house. Imagine my surprise when I found not only had I caught all these critters I've mentioned, but I had bugs and spiders in several traps as well as a large tree roach and scorpion in one trap! Now I'm sold. I handed out some of the extra traps to family member and plan to order more. They have definitely been worth the money for us in this bug paradise we live in!
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on August 4, 2015
These work great! For us, they seem to work better the lower we go in our house. If I put traps out on the top floor, I'm lucky if I get a single spider by the time I remember to check it - which is often months - but if I put it in the basement (I have a tri-level home) I am guaranteed to fill the trap in a couple of weeks. 95% of the bugs I catch are spiders and we've seen a vast improvement over the number of spiders we've seen wondering through the house since we started using these.

This is my second order of these since we went through the first batch. I'm convinced we've made a sizable dent in the spider population of our home. I've always heard there are thousands of spiders living in everyone's walls, I'm hopeful that I now only have a few hundred or maybe only a few dozen. I hope one day to look at a basement trap and find it empty...but I'm guessing that won't happen anytime soon.

In any case, these work great! I strongly recommend them to everyone searching for a solution to indoor bugs.
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on May 2, 2017
Works like a charm, but keep your kitties away, it will rip out all their pretty, kitty fur! Ouch!
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