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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on October 28, 2005
Well, after a wait of 3 years (during which we heard some retirement rumours from Quik), DJ Quik, the greatest producer in the game is back!! "Trauma" is Quik's 7th album, and it's almost 15 years since the relaese of his classic "Quik is the Name". Now, on "Trauma", Quik gave us another classic, and to me, it's the best album he's had since "Rhythm-al-ism" in 1998. Don't get me wrong "Under Tha Influence" and "Ballance & Options" were both 5 star classics, but this one has the same consistency as "Rhytmalism". Trauma is just a PERFECT album, with every single song being amazing, different, and coherent with the album. To me, Quik is the best producer on the West Coast, and in the rap game, period!... The man is a genius. His sound is so RICH, so melodical, so MUSICAL. You actually get to hear LIVE instruments, instead of samples or monotonic repetitive beats! Quik always innovates, never duplicates and he changes his style a bit on every single album. As far as rapping is conerned, it seems Quik just gets better with each album. He always was a GREAT rapper, and on Trauma he drops some of his best verses ever. You know he always had that sense of humor, but it's more than that. Quik is a mature cat, and on this album, he really gets much more PERSONAL - quite a few songs deal with things Quik has been through in the last few years (the industry, the trouble with his familly, growing up in Compton, the death of Mauberg and Roger Troutman, beefing with some members of his crew - especially Suga Free, and many other personal issues). So, on this one, you really get to know Quik a lot better. Quik doesn't necessarily spit the biggest words in the dictionary, but he does combine the words he uses together in clever and visually evocative ways. Quik is also a lyricist who is not hung up on rhyming every single line, willing to rhyme three times in two lines and then flip assonance for several lines or not even use a rhyme at all if it would get in the way of making an impactful point lyrically Other than the album being personal, it's mostly about making you feel good. Most of it is laid-back and mellow. As other Quik albums you get a lot of top-notch guests, including : B-Real, T.I., The Game (coming out with another mediocre verse, mentioning as usual Dr. Dre and 2Pac), Wyclef Jean (a GREAT performance by him on the song), Nate Dogg (doing the best singing you've heard from him in the last 10 years), Jodecci, Ludacris, Chingy (who actually soung very good on the song "Get Down".). And of course you can't have a Quik album, without AMG being on it! AMG is the only one that's on 2 songs, and he's his usual dope self... Quik isn't messing with Suga Free (Quik called him a "dope addict" on an interview he did, and he also said "Fu** Suga Free) since he feels Suga Free and some of his former partners aren't that serious about their work as he is...Anyway, you get another perfect album by the Compton legend. Too bad it's less than 45 minutes long, but hey - it's short and sweet, and you'll never skip a song! Unfortunately, "Trauma" won't get him the attention and sales he deserves, but I guess Quik is used to that already... Real fans should hope this genius doesn't quit, and keeps releasing those Way too funky albums (pun intended)!
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on October 7, 2017
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on April 24, 2016
Classic DJ Quik in this album, great for a party or driving around. Fandango is my favorite song on the album.
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on April 19, 2016
Dj Quik went hard.
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on April 30, 2014
Dj quik, doesn't need to prove anything he's just genius. Everything he does is tight, from all the beats to the lyrics he's mastering the craft
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on October 22, 2015
DJ Quik took it the next level.
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on September 13, 2005
YEZ! Once again the Quiksta released a masterpiece. This album is much better than "Under The Influence", all the songs are bangers, no skip-songs, it's crazy. AH-AH.

01. Doctor's Office
02. Intro For Roger 9/10
03. Fandango 10/10
04. Til Jesus Comes 10/10 (my favorite song)
05. Black Mercedes 9/10
06. Get Up 9,5/10
07. Get Down 9/10
08. Ladies And Thugs 9/10
09. Catch 22 9/10
10. Indescretions In The Back Of The Limo 9/10
11. Spur Of The Moment 10/10
12. Quikstrumental 10/10 (wow!!!)
13. Jet Set 10/10
14. California 9/10

The best West Coast album in years!
Can you please stop sleeping on this guy? Thanks
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on December 16, 2012
If you call yourself a fan of DJ Quik, you should feel required to listen to this album. It's wonderful.
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on September 19, 2005
As a DJ Quik fan from Quik is the Name, this album represents the growth and development as a producer and artist that Quik always talks about in interviews. This album is the continuation of the creativity and expression shown on Rhythmalism, and is without question one of the best DJ Quik albums ever. Although Quik's sound has changed since his heavily sample driven days on Quik is the Name and Way 2 Fonky, the live instrumentation and true Funk sound are giant steps forward.

This is the Quik album that I really hope does well and finally places him squarely in the conversations of hip-hop heads and casual fans alike, regarding great producers (both old and new)- right there with Dre ,Primo, Timbaland and the Neptunes.

As a musical opus you are not going to find anything on the shelves that is the quality of production of this album (and that includes Kanye and everyone else you can think of). And the guest appearances, as mentioned by other reviewers, are some of the artists' best works, with T.I. and Ludacris making outstanding appearances.

For those who don't know DJ Quik and his pedigree, this is a great starting to point to get to know his work. And for those who are familiar with what the Quikster can do, this belongs in your collection.
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on September 13, 2005
Before Kanye West even thought about going into the studio, DJ Quik was the artist/producer who made it "cool to be cocky". Since 1991, Quik has been hitting 'em upside the head with smooth and laid-back anthems on album after album. Unfortunately, it seems like with each album comes more drama for the Quikster. He's been through a diss battle with MC Eiht, a falling out with nearly every artist in his stable, and poor label deals with Profile and Arista respectively. All of these setbacks are nothing comapred to the tragedy that befell when his protege, Mausberg, was murdered in 2000. All of the personal turmoil mixed with Quik's inability to get the type of respect he deserved resulted in Quik briefly retiring from the rap game. With his seventh album, "Trauma", Quik is out of retirement and doing it like only he can.

"Trauma" is DJ Quik's best work in years and easily the best album of the year so far. There is just too much going on with this record. Quik has collected an all-star line-up including The Game, Ludacris, B-Real, T.I., Wyclef Jean, Chingy, Jodeci, and Nate Dogg, for this one. Even if you're not a fan of some of those listed artists, you'll be hard-pressed to hate what Quik has done with them. Chingy has never sounded as dope as he does on "Get Down". The outrageous "Fandago" has Quik wilding out with B-Real over an anarchy-inducing instrumental. The smooth "Quikstrumental" featuring Jodeci is like some mid-90's R&B on crack. "Ladies & Thugs" with guest Wyclef Jean is a hyper-active musical masterpiece. And what would a DJ Quik album be without AMG? His long-time collaborator shows up along with The Game on "Get Up" and helps close out the LP with the hard-hitting "California".

While "Trauma" is only fourteen tracks deep and runs under forty-five minutes, it covers so much ground. It's got a little bit of everything. You won't need that "skip" button on this one. DJ Quik remains one of rap's most underrated producers and the best-kept secret in music but if "Trauma" finds its way into your CD player, it may not find its way out for awhile. If you're not too familiar with Quik's work and are really looking to hear something different, I strongly suggest that you give this one a listen.
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