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on July 7, 2013
This is a really nice set for air travel. The containers are varied, although it only contains one spray bottle, I bought another one as I wanted more than one, but this is just a personal choice.

I have read that the containers leak when traveling. They do NOT leak just sitting on the counter, btw. However, leaking during a flight is NORMAL. The pressure changes within the plane and the liquids expand causing the leaks.

However, I learned a simple trick that usually keeps liquids from seeping out. First, only fill the containers a maximum of 2/3 full. Then take a plastic bag and cut squares that will cover the threads where the tops screw on. (Any plastic will work, even grocery bags) Open the container and place this plastic square over the opening, covering all the threads. Then screw the lid over the plastic. This creates a better seal and usually keeps leaks from happening. In fact, I have never had a leak using this method.

If you have a spray bottle, you simply remove the spray lid, and replace it with a regular lid. Take the spray lid with you and then when you reach your destination, replace the regular lid with the spray top.
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on December 20, 2015
I like the mix of squeeze bottles and pots. I'm going on a 2-week trip and these hold everything I need. If I need more of something I just use more than 1 bottle. The pots and bottles feel pretty well sealed but I'm going to put the entire bag into a zip lock bag just to be safe. The zipper on this travel pouch is like the zipper on a regular kid's pencil pouch.

It's pretty roomy and it holds a full size Secret antiperspirant. There's also a medium size bottle and another product of similar size, a 1 oz perfume, a large bottle, a small bottle, and 2 large pots and 1 small pot. There's still room for a travel dry shampoo and maybe another medium bottle if I wanted to cram extra stuff in there. Perfect size for me to carry stuff for 2 weeks, but if you're a product junkie you might have a harder time fitting all your liquids into this bag.

The only downside of this product is the cost probably.
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on July 26, 2016
Arrived with zipper pouch already broken. When you're searching for travel products, one would expect them to function well as a first requirement. Regardless of the actual zipper, the top lips of the bag were warped and didn't come together, so I can see how the zipper wouldn't work well anyway. Seeing as this bag was advertised as the appropriate size for traveling, I was hoping it would be much better quality and more durable than the traditional ziplock. The bottles and little canisters were nice, but I won't pay $13 for a cheap product that arrives already broken...Imagine how it would last for a flight! If it wasn't broken, I would still give it 2 stars due to the quality of the carrying case. It was thick, almost inflexible plastic.
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on January 7, 2017
I wouldn't count on the "ziplock" bag to do its job (it's not watertight and the zipper seems like it will break quickly) but I'm pleased with the containers:
- the 2oz bottles are press-to-open, good for more free-flowing things like shampoo. easily squeezable. I imagine this type of bottle will definitely open in flight unless you use the cling-wrap trick described by other reviewers. with that, I had no issues.
- the 1oz flip-top bottles are also easily squeezable. like most bottles of this type, I'm not sure how long it'll be before the top part of the lid breaks off, but that's the nature of this lid type. it doesn't seem especially fragile or especially sturdy compared to similar products
- I haven't flown with the 1oz spray bottle yet. you definitely can't secure it from spilling unless you use a separate lid and then pack the spray mechanism separately. as a result, it would've been nice to have two lids for that bottle, one for transport and one for function. as it is, you'll have to leave one of the other bottles at home to borrow its lid, but all of the lids are interchangeably sized, so at least you get your pick of what to leave behind
- the 1/2 oz bottle has a simple screwtop. it's easily squeeable, but since its lid/opening is the best type for something very viscous like conditioner, it becomes almost impossible to squeeze when it's full. it's a small enough bottle that pounding the opening against your palm is effective even when you get to the dregs at the bottom. tbh, I wish more travel bottle sets came with a higher number of 1/2oz bottles - 2oz bottles will last you several WEEKS for most products, and for a-little-goes-a-long-way products, it's way too much even for a long trip. I find the 1/2oz bottles to be plenty for a lot of things, and wish they weren't so rare
- as I mentioned above, all of the bottles - regardless of size - have the same size mouth, so you can swap the caps around to the different sizes if a different combination suits you better (this is not true of the jars, but they're all the same basic design so it wouldn't be necessary)
- all the tubs fit more stuff than it looks like they do with the lids on, because the necks of the jars extend all the way up inside (see photo). the two larger size jars have some dead space at the bottom in the form of a thick base, but the smallest jar has a base no thicker than the walls. the jars are quite sturdy including the lids and the threads that hold the lids on. like bottles, the largest jar size is surprisingly big, probably too big for most of what you need to bring with you (and therefore not worth the real estate in your carry-on), and the smallest size goes a lot further than you'd guess. I don't know that I'd trust anything super liquid in these jars without planning for leakage. they're made for gels and powders.

as someone who only travels 2-3 times a year, I imagine these are going to last me for years - I think they'd hold up well even to more frequent use, with the possible exception of that flip lid
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on June 12, 2016
If I could give a negative 10 star rating for this product, I would. I bought this for a trip to Rome and before I even got there one of the bottles was broken - literally the neck snapped off. This would have ensured that I would have none of my foundation for the trip had I not brought another kind. Despite many many attempts at ensuring the other bottles were tightly screwed and capped I had leakage all inside the plastic bag they were carried in. I was thankful that they were encapsulated in this otherwise I would have had a royal mess on my hands. What can you expect for the price right, but how much can these items cost to produce! I bought this due to brand recognition but never again will I trust this brand. I would like to warn others to stay away.
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on September 8, 2015
Would have given this 5 stars, but the slide that closes the top came off after I opened it, making the plastic pouch useless. So, the required airline quart-size zip-locks I purchase in the store will suffice. Just can't believe they didn't get that part right. However, all the sizes of bottles and jars are perfect. And, still room for something like your roll-on deodorant, or a few extra similar size jars or bottles, if you need them. I decided to do what one of the reviewers did, prior to flying...and that is, to cut squares of a plastic zip lock and place over the opening after filling and then screwing the top on, thus giving bottles and jars a little "extra seal power" for in-flight. Maybe wouldn't need to do this, but I did read a few complaints about leakage, so didn't want to take any chances. Also, didn't fill any of the containers right to the top...Actually didn't use 2 of the small "jars" or the "spray top" bottle...didn't have the need...
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on May 6, 2016
 This is the perfect set for traveling and I'm excited to use it!!!
You get plenty of bottles,
The bottles are "squeezeable" so you won't waste anything you put into them.
It even comes with a small bottle perfect for vitamins!
The ziplock baggy they come in will last 1 or 2 trips, It's not highly durable, But it's good enough that I'm happy with it.

T.I.P: dont completely fill the bottles, and "squeeze" them a bit so they don't leak during flight.
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on January 9, 2017
These were just like the star rating said - okay. They aren't airtight (which I knew when I bought them) but like another reviewer suggested, if you put some plastic wrap on top and tape them all down, they won't leak. For the sake of convenience, though, next time I will just buy something airtight because the process of securing them took quite a long time and just added to the stress of packing.
Besides that, the bottles are pretty easy to fill, but in the case of the squeeze bottles, almost impossible to get any liquid out of. I struggled to squeeze shampoo and conditioner out of the larger squeeze bottles, especially when I got down to half a bottle, and the top of the lid (the part with hinges that closes the bottle) of two of my squeeze bottles just completely came off. The bag is nice, though, it was the perfect size, and I've actually kept it to store makeup in at home.
Overall, I think if I could do it over again, I would buy another product, but these do fit all the TSA regulations if that's your main concern.
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on May 7, 2018

On April 5, 2018, I flew from Fargo, ND to Miami, FL, for a monthly business trip. The week prior, I had purchased the "Travel Smart Travel Bottle Set” because it purported to “conform with TSA guidelines” and be “ideal for shampoo, conditioners, hairspray, lotions, creams, etc.” Equally important is that it “ships from and sold by <>.” I’ve been an Amazon customer for over 15 years, and it has come to be my most trusted place to shop. And as an Amazon Prime member, I needed this kit to arrive fast as it was eligible for two day delivery, and so I chose this one. And boy do I regret it.

I filled the bottles and jars with my liquids and gels and sealed them properly, placed them in the bag they came in, zipped it, and then placed my MacBook Pro laptop--which is my primary source of business and personal communication and work--in my carry-on backpack laptop sleeve. I then packed other important items, including this new travel bottle set, on top, so that I could take it out for TSA screening and it would not be crushed.

I arrived in Miami and stayed at a friends’ apartment on Miami Beach. The following morning, I woke up to start work on presentation that I was to give in a couple days, only to find that my computer screen was sticky and hard to open, and the computer was not on, which didn’t make sense, since the battery had been charged the day before. I tried to turn it on, and nothing happened—totally dead. I showed it to my friends, and the husband discovered that there was something gooey in the outlets and portals, which smelled minty.

This is when I realized that my new Conair toiletries bag, which I had removed the night before and noticed it was sticky on the inside, had leaked into the computer! I then inspected each container and noticed that my shampoo bottle, which I had properly sealed upon packing, had nonetheless leaked at least an inch of its contents, and one of the small containers with the twist-on cap, which had a liquid eye cream substance in it upon packing and closing, had almost completely drained out. These were the two most “liquid” of my toiletries. The other creams seemed gooey enough to stay put in their jars, but not the actual liquids.

This was a tragic but totally foreseeable incident on the companies part—that is Amazon and Conair— where the toiletry bag is placed on top of everything else—where it should be--but the liquids leaked from their sealed containers, and then leaked through the zipped bag that nonetheless comes with gaps and small holes. This hole must have been situated exactly on top of my computer portals.

So began an awful and expensive couple weeks of visits to the Apple Store in Miami Beach and the nearby Apple authorized dealer, Proatics, feeling too much pressure due to the extremely expensive diagnostic bill I’d been given to fix it ($1650 was the first estimate I received from the Apple authorized dealer, having diagnosed it as Stage 4 liquid damage that had fried everything but my hard drive, which he was thankfully able to extract before the shampoo reached it.) I gave my presentation as best I could, though was very stressed out and drained from this experience, having luckily emailed myself a draft of my presentation, which I was then able to do a cursory edit on a friend's computer. But beyond that I was not able to do other work throughout this time, and so have effectively lost three weeks in this mess.

On Wednesday, April 11, I flew to the Twin Cities and made several visits to the Apple store there, trying to decide what was the best course of action. Their workers confirmed the stage 4 liquid damage from shampoo, but advised given the high cost of sending it to repair, that I replace the used and damaged machine with a new one.

I contacted twice about this incident, including full documentation, and have received two cursory emails from their Executive Customer Relations person, Gabor Kiss, expressing sympathy but saying that it is not their responsibility, but Conair’s, and I must contact them. Kiss also refunded the $12 and change for the travel kit, and gave me a $30 (!) Amazon credit in response to my request for $2,417.58 of actual, documented expenses incurred to replace my computer. Kiss stated in his emails that to Amazon, “product safety is extremely important” and they are “really sorry” to hear about this incident. But a $30 credit gives the lie to both those statements.

I have since spoken with a corporate malpractice law firm, who looked at the case and advises me that given the well over 100 negative reviews that this product has — which we have since gone back to read and I even sent them as attachments to Amazon — that Amazon and Conair have been on notice for five years that this product “leaks on the first time”, “cracks”, “ran all over my bag”, “opens in the air”, is “junk” and “others be warned,” to quote just a few titles. Hundreds of customers have been diligent in documenting the dangers of this product, some even posting pictures.

But what was Gabor Kiss and Amazon’s response? he wrote "Reviews while helpful, may not speak towards the exact same manufacturing batch as your specific unit.” So in other words, it's a total crapshoot what you’re going to get with this product, despite it leaking over five years. Apparently Amazon feels no responsibility to pull a product that is clearly harming their customers, year after year, ruining their business trips and vacations, and putting their expensive electronics, important documents, clothes and other personal effects at risk each time we fly. Apparently Amazon (and Conair) have never heard of such a thing as quality control. Or products liability. And all the effort that we customers put into rating these products really doesnt matter to them, because nobody on their end is checking, or taking us seriously.

Since this whole fiasco began, I and my family have refrained from purchasing anything from your company. They should pay for this well-documented damage, and yet they continue to dodge responsibility . Because of it, they have lost a very loyal customer, since I am now shopping online at Walmart, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, You Tube, etc. My family (and my lawyer) we surprised by their shady treatment. I have contacted Conair and we will see what they say. But Amazon buyers beware—this company takes zero responsibility for the products it sells. Maybe they should have stuck to books, after all.

A very disappointed, formerly loyal, ex-customer
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on November 17, 2016
I bought this set specifically for the jars. I used all of the containers on an 8 day trip (except for the spray bottle) and they held plenty of product for that period of time. In fact, I'm still using the product in them after being home for 5 days. This is the travel set I bought to keep with me in my carry-on. I had other bottles in my overnight case that was packed in my suitcase. I always expect those bottles to leak because there is no pressurization in the cargo hold so I put them in plastic bags. Sometimes they leak, sometimes they don't. In any event, no harm done. I prefer a quart size zip lock bag but I used the bag included in this purchase for other non-liquid items that also went in my carry-on. I have experienced no issues with either the quality of the jars or the quality of the included bag. Labels would have been nice but I made my own and was able to make them in a font large enough that I could read them without my glasses which has been a problem in the past. All in all, I recommend this set both for quality and for the size.
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