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on July 7, 2013
This is a really nice set for air travel. The containers are varied, although it only contains one spray bottle, I bought another one as I wanted more than one, but this is just a personal choice.

I have read that the containers leak when traveling. They do NOT leak just sitting on the counter, btw. However, leaking during a flight is NORMAL. The pressure changes within the plane and the liquids expand causing the leaks.

However, I learned a simple trick that usually keeps liquids from seeping out. First, only fill the containers a maximum of 2/3 full. Then take a plastic bag and cut squares that will cover the threads where the tops screw on. (Any plastic will work, even grocery bags) Open the container and place this plastic square over the opening, covering all the threads. Then screw the lid over the plastic. This creates a better seal and usually keeps leaks from happening. In fact, I have never had a leak using this method.

If you have a spray bottle, you simply remove the spray lid, and replace it with a regular lid. Take the spray lid with you and then when you reach your destination, replace the regular lid with the spray top.
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on July 13, 2017
I want to give this 5 stars, but only gave it 4 because the clear zipper pull came off of one side on the first use. I managed to put it back on but it kept coming off and that was annoying. Also, the little white lids on the jars kept cracking and breaking. Other than that, if you are trying to get all of your liquid goodies in a carry on through TSA, these bottles and jars are pretty good for that. With the clear zipper being so iffy, I made sure it was upright in my bag throughout the trip. There was a bit of leakage with the jars and bottles, but I expect that with anything crammed and squashed into a carry on.
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on January 9, 2017
These were just like the star rating said - okay. They aren't airtight (which I knew when I bought them) but like another reviewer suggested, if you put some plastic wrap on top and tape them all down, they won't leak. For the sake of convenience, though, next time I will just buy something airtight because the process of securing them took quite a long time and just added to the stress of packing.
Besides that, the bottles are pretty easy to fill, but in the case of the squeeze bottles, almost impossible to get any liquid out of. I struggled to squeeze shampoo and conditioner out of the larger squeeze bottles, especially when I got down to half a bottle, and the top of the lid (the part with hinges that closes the bottle) of two of my squeeze bottles just completely came off. The bag is nice, though, it was the perfect size, and I've actually kept it to store makeup in at home.
Overall, I think if I could do it over again, I would buy another product, but these do fit all the TSA regulations if that's your main concern.
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on November 17, 2016
I bought this set specifically for the jars. I used all of the containers on an 8 day trip (except for the spray bottle) and they held plenty of product for that period of time. In fact, I'm still using the product in them after being home for 5 days. This is the travel set I bought to keep with me in my carry-on. I had other bottles in my overnight case that was packed in my suitcase. I always expect those bottles to leak because there is no pressurization in the cargo hold so I put them in plastic bags. Sometimes they leak, sometimes they don't. In any event, no harm done. I prefer a quart size zip lock bag but I used the bag included in this purchase for other non-liquid items that also went in my carry-on. I have experienced no issues with either the quality of the jars or the quality of the included bag. Labels would have been nice but I made my own and was able to make them in a font large enough that I could read them without my glasses which has been a problem in the past. All in all, I recommend this set both for quality and for the size.
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on July 1, 2016
I have gone on about 5 short trips since i bought this set.
1) don't have to carry whole containers of hair/beauty product (saves space + potential mess)
2) gives multiple size bottles for different product
3) affordable + practical. makes packing up for a short trip a breeze.

1) the bottles are not the highest quality plastic, kind of thin
2) i wrote little phrases like (COND, SHAM, TOOTH...) to label the bottles in Sharpie marker - but it didn't stay permanent
3) can be frustrating trying to figure out what product is in what bottle.

BOTTOM LINE: i would recommend for travelers with lots of beauty products who wants to pack light!
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on June 12, 2016
Not worth the price. You can find it cheaper elsewhere. They were made out of cheap plastic and while they pass tsa, one of the bottle top pop open and lotion spilled all over my purse.
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on January 16, 2016
I love using these kits when I travel, this one did not come with the typical pre made labels though (i made my own at work- sometime shampoo & condition can look the same for example). Also, ALL the spin top jars tops cracked, and unfortunately I had put a body oil in one of mine that got all over everything in the bag. Not the end of the world- at least the closure lasted through the flight, as many of these then to break. This one has a zipper, instead of a slide closure, and I had no problems. I would buy it again especially b/c the bag is larger than most for these sets, and I always take a lot of products when I travel. Never had a problem going through TSA with it- I always keep liquids on me- never in a packed suitcase if I can help it- just for fear of leakage alone!
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on January 6, 2016
Softer plastic for bottles, making them somewhat squeezable. Nice variety of sizes and types of caps - twist off, spray top, flip open, disc top (push down for small opening). Jar sizes are a nice variety as well (1/8 ounce are perfect for eye cream, other 2 sizes are great for day moisturizer and night cream). I also use the jars for my essential oil rose ointment.

The only reason I gave it a 4 star is because the zipper on the bag was missing (and it did not fall off in the box it was mailed it). Bag arrived zipped up and sealed, but I had to use my fingernail and find a tiny gap at the end of the zipper in order to "unzip" the bag. I can still zip it up like a regular zip lock bag, and use my fingernail to unzip it, it's just inconvenient.
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on December 8, 2016
I bought this set because I was going to Europe for 2 weeks and I didn't want to lug all of my full sized beauty products around. I liked that this set specifically because it had a variety of sizes for the pots/drams. I used 3 of the large pots and they were packed in my carry on luggage going both ways on my trip, so they didn't experience a lot of trauma. The pot with my foundation in it had the lid crack on the way there, creating a mess in my make-up bag that went on for 2 weeks. The pot with my moisturizer in it had the rim of the pot crack and crumble into little pieces on the journey home. The bottles were fine, but you can buy these types of bottles anywhere. Also, the bag's sliding zipper broke before I even finished packing for the trip and I ended up using a ziploc. You get what you pay for. Next time I will invest in something better.
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on May 5, 2015
Great variety for the price. I am surprised to read other reviews that were surprised that the zipper didn't hold up well. The BAG itself is NOT a good reason to purchase the item and shouldn't be expected. All items can fit in a sturdy Ziplock or in a cosmetic bag. Be sure to slightly compress the bottles after filling and avoid filling them to the top. You can add a small piece of cling wrap between the lid and bottle neck to better limit the chance of leakage if you have hesitation.
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