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on July 17, 2013
So I have challenged myself to travel for 9 days in London/Paris with just a carry on. I knew it was possible, and I ordered three different brands of "packing cubes" to make sure I could meet my goal. I ordered this set from Travelwise, a cheaper four piece set, and then a 3 piece set from eBags. I wasn't sold on the purple color but it's a little deeper in person. These bags arrived first and I was impressed. They are heavy duty, but not heavy. The zippers are solid, and I am impressed with the thickness of the bag themselves, as well as the mesh. My set from ebags arrived today and I have to say I am disappointed. I love the color from ebags, but the quality is NO WHERE near these bags. They are much lighter, and thinner. The ebag cubes feel a little plastic like while the Travelwise cubes feel like a heavy duty One thing I really liked about these bags is that the handle on the bag is double stitched into the material at the top. The strap itself is pretty much the length of the bag, so you aren't pulling on a tiny strap to move it around. The ebags strap is only single stitch and is small in comparison. Although I haven't traveled yet, I can tell you that based on thickness and handle design, I am much more in love with this set than that ebags. The ebags will be going back!
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on March 20, 2016
Honestly, I don't know how I ever got along without these. I have an upcoming 3 week trip to the UK & Europe, and am determined to pack everything I need in a 20" bag and a personal carry-on. The second these arrived, I mocked it up to see how it worked out, and boy was I happy! By rolling all of my clothes, I was able to fit 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of slacks, 2 maxi skirts, 7 pairs of underwear, 7 pairs of socks, a slip, and a pair of tights in the large cube. I fit 8 shirts (2 tanks, 2 short sleeve, 2 3/4 sleeve, 2 long sleeve) and a pair of heavy duty gloves into the medium cube. I still had plenty of room to spare in both. I also didn't even touch the small cube yet, so I'm thinking I will probably use it to organize chargers/electronics in my personal bag. The pictures I uploaded show how much room these take up in an Ikea 20" carry-on bag including the 3-1-1 bag, as well as a black bag holding a pair of flats and a pair of flip flops. I will be using a different suitcase for the trip that holds more, but I wanted to see the power of these cubes right away. It's amazing, I still have room!! In fact, I loved them so much I ordered sets for my traveling companions and family - and have already suggested to friends who travel that they seriously need to jump on the bandwagon.
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on September 29, 2016
I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the amount of items I was able to fit into these cubes.

- Easy to store as the cubes collapse to be flat and can be folded when empty.
- Despite the above, they hold the shape quite well once items are placed in
- They do work to minimize space and organize items witho0ut adding bulk and weight of their own.
- Even when really full, they are easy to zip up
- The material is low friction, so they easily slice in and out of tight backpack spaces, but they don't move much when placed on top of each other in a suitcase.

CONS: (so far NONE, just some minor concerns)
- The zippers do look flimsy, so I am not very optimistic about them holding up over time, but only time will tell.

Improvement wishlist:
- The placement of the mesh still blocks considerable portions of the contents. It would be more useful to have diagonally shaped mesh windows or a more revealing design
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on June 5, 2014
A friend told me about these travel cubes so since I travel often and live out of a suitcase on my trips I thought I'd check them out. What a great idea! Normally when I travel my suitcase becomes very messy when I'm at my destination, taking out a shirt for the day and making other clothes tumble over, having to straighten them again. Not with these travel cubes. I used them for my last trip and it was so easy, keeping my clothes organized in my suitcase and making it quick to find what I needed each day. These are a little smaller than I anticipated but for a 4 or 5 day trip they were fine. I used one cube for my underclothes and another for my tops. When my husband travels with me we usually just use one large suitcase so I'll use the largest one for his clothes keeping things separated and easier for him to find.

Packing has never been a challenge for me, but these travel cubes make it easier and neater. Check them out!
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on March 10, 2015
Just what I was looking for in travel organizers. I bought 2 sets. I use the large and mid size for clothing and the small size for misc electronics (spare chargers, steamer, mini flashlight, etc.) and assorted oddities. Once these are packed with rolled up clothes, I throw them in my suitcase, add an extra pair of shoes and a small, spill proof toiletries bag and....voila! Packing is completed and it will be so, so easy to find everything when I arrive. These are good quality, equally good to much more expensive cubes, and the service was terrific.
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on July 26, 2017
I probably should not be writing this, as I have not even used this product!!!! But, I have used one just like it for several years, and I LOVE the design and size.. The other set is of great quality, and the set fits in my carry on backpack, perfectly!!! I have been around the earth twice with my other set, and have traveled from the far north to tip of South America, all with a set like this.. I got this set because it was on sale, and I could use it in one of my other bags!!!! I recommend them....
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on July 23, 2013
I still prefer the lightweight material of the eBags over these, but in a pinch I needed some for my mom before our trip and these are the only ones that offered Prime shipping at the time. They work great and are made from quality material and zippers. I can't say enough about how amazing packing cubes in general are, when organizing your suitcase. I just got back from a two week trip around Europe, and it is the first time ever that my bag doesn't look like a tornado ran through it, thanks to packing cubes!
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on July 2, 2014
I have used these once so far and I really like them. I can see the quality of the material is not the best- as I ordered the same items made by eagle creek, but ill tell you why I kept these instead of those. #1- the material on the eagle creek cubes was thicker and seemed higher quality, but this is a packing cube for inside of my luggage so why do I care for a thicker/heavier cube to organize my clothes? #2- these were lighter. #3- These sizes are better. I wish they sold them individually because I really don't need another huge cube but the medium and small are a good size. the eagle creek large is the size of the travelwise medium. the other eagle creek sizes would have been useless for me. anything that small I can stick into the pockets the luggage already has. I actually like the 1 huge cube by travelwise because it basically covers the bottom of my luggage and im able to keep all of my pants and jeans in there. I packed a carry on for a 1 week trip because of these cubes and I didn't even use all of the clothes I brought with me. from someone who travels very often, i definitely noticed a significant difference when using these cubes. Oh last point, #4- these are much cheaper. go buy them.
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on August 31, 2016
To be honest I did not expect much for a $9.95 product and was pleasantly surprised! These have already travelled with me to the Philippines and Mexico this summer. The material is thin to be able to wash and dry quickly. I have no idea how I packed my suitcase before these and buying a second set.

The mini one is great for socks and undies with the larger ones perfect for shirts/ pants/ shorts etc. Now when I open my suitcase it is very organized by these packing cubes.

By the way I purchased the teal color and when it arrived it was a bit darker than the light color on the screen.
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on July 23, 2017
I love these for packing our family for trips. Makes traveling with one suitcase for three people simple, especially since we have these in several colors, everyone gets their own color for their items. Sizes work well for adult to child sized clothing. Mesh tops make identifying contents quick and easy. The zippers have held up wonderfully over several trips in the last two years. We definitely recommend these!
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