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on March 20, 2016
Honestly, I don't know how I ever got along without these. I have an upcoming 3 week trip to the UK & Europe, and am determined to pack everything I need in a 20" bag and a personal carry-on. The second these arrived, I mocked it up to see how it worked out, and boy was I happy! By rolling all of my clothes, I was able to fit 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of slacks, 2 maxi skirts, 7 pairs of underwear, 7 pairs of socks, a slip, and a pair of tights in the large cube. I fit 8 shirts (2 tanks, 2 short sleeve, 2 3/4 sleeve, 2 long sleeve) and a pair of heavy duty gloves into the medium cube. I still had plenty of room to spare in both. I also didn't even touch the small cube yet, so I'm thinking I will probably use it to organize chargers/electronics in my personal bag. The pictures I uploaded show how much room these take up in an Ikea 20" carry-on bag including the 3-1-1 bag, as well as a black bag holding a pair of flats and a pair of flip flops. I will be using a different suitcase for the trip that holds more, but I wanted to see the power of these cubes right away. It's amazing, I still have room!! In fact, I loved them so much I ordered sets for my traveling companions and family - and have already suggested to friends who travel that they seriously need to jump on the bandwagon.
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on July 17, 2013
So I have challenged myself to travel for 9 days in London/Paris with just a carry on. I knew it was possible, and I ordered three different brands of "packing cubes" to make sure I could meet my goal. I ordered this set from Travelwise, a cheaper four piece set, and then a 3 piece set from eBags. I wasn't sold on the purple color but it's a little deeper in person. These bags arrived first and I was impressed. They are heavy duty, but not heavy. The zippers are solid, and I am impressed with the thickness of the bag themselves, as well as the mesh. My set from ebags arrived today and I have to say I am disappointed. I love the color from ebags, but the quality is NO WHERE near these bags. They are much lighter, and thinner. The ebag cubes feel a little plastic like while the Travelwise cubes feel like a heavy duty One thing I really liked about these bags is that the handle on the bag is double stitched into the material at the top. The strap itself is pretty much the length of the bag, so you aren't pulling on a tiny strap to move it around. The ebags strap is only single stitch and is small in comparison. Although I haven't traveled yet, I can tell you that based on thickness and handle design, I am much more in love with this set than that ebags. The ebags will be going back!
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on January 13, 2017
These things were a life saver when my wife and I traveled to China. We had never used packing cubes before but since China has strict weight limits for baggage on airplanes, we needed a way to keep our luggage organized and in check with the rules. We bought 4 sets, two teal and two black and they are true to color. After two weeks in three different cities and seven different flights, these packing cubes have held up great! We have not had one tear in them and they still look like they are brand new. The three sizes that come in each pack are a nice variety. The large size is very roomy to be able to pack heavy clothing items such as jeans, jackets, shoes, etc. We actually used the smallest size bags to put our personal care items in. We also use the small bags in our carryons to keep food in and to keep all the electronics that you have to pull out at the airport security checkpoints. These cubes really help you keep your luggage organized. Also, if you are flying multiple times, it is a great way to make sure you don't loose your entire suitcase. My wife and I split our suitcases with half of each persons things so that if a suitcase were to get lost, the other person would still have some of their stuff. The color options made it easy to identify each others stuff. I do not have one negative thing to say about these packing cubes and would highly recommend them to others. They are a great find for the price!
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on December 19, 2016
These are life changing! My boyfriend and I traveled to Mexico a few weeks ago and decided to fit everything for the week long trip into carry-on bags. For him, it's no problem, but for me and my shoes, it is. I had heard about using these cubes and decided to give them a shot.

When they arrived, they were exactly what I had expected. The canvas was a nice sturdy material and everything was securely stitched. The zippers worked smoothly, even after overstuffing each cube.
I was able to pack in just a carry-on suitcase using cubes:
6 dresses
4 shorts
2 maxi skirts
8 tops
2 yoga pants
5 swim suits
4 cover ups
8 under wear
4 bras
1 Jean jacket
2 sandals
1 heels
1 sun hat
All makeup, hygienic necessities.

Upon arrival everything was still neatly in place and with minimal wrinkles. Keep in mind that I was traveling to warm weather so colder weather trips probably won't hold as many items. This is an excellent product at this price that solved a huge problem and kept me organized at the same time!
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I bought these packing cubes in teal, black, and grey - one color for each child. When going on vacation I always pack each child's clothes in their respective colored cube(s) - this is especially helpful while traveling since two of my children share clothes but have some clothing one size different (which means the clothes are very similar and hard to quickly determine whose clothing is whose). The center of the top is mesh and haven't had any issue with this from getting holes (as common with mesh).

I have hand washed the cubes once since using them half a dozen times, and they have held up well. The zippers are sturdy - even after stretched fabric when packed to the max. The colors are all solid and the teal is bright but the grey and black are duller.

I took one star off because there is basically no true structure that holds to these cubes. This could be a positive if you want to squish these into small spaces when not used. This lack of structure makes it slightly difficult to fill.

These cubes are great. The top mesh is great to see what is inside. These cubes completely open on three sides to fill. The different colors are great to keep everyone's clothing separate.

The Large is very large, I feel it takes up a large footprint in a carryon suitcase. However, I found that I can pack 2-4 days worth of my kids clothes (diapers, pjs, clothes, and jacket) in the large cube (kids are under 1, 3, and 4). Mediums are great to pack for myself for individual days worth of clothes (outfit, undergarments, pjs) - two of these seem to fit in a carryon (two in one layer). Small - I have yet to find a good use for the small cubes, they would be more useful if the opening on these were smaller (to use more like a bag).

These are great travel cubes and save me a lot of time, energy, and sanity. Biggest issues are: (1) the small cube isn't very useful, and (2) there isn't too much structure to the cubes. I would recommend these to anyone traveling with multiple people. I personally will be buying another set in a different color for myself (as opposed to using exclusively for my children while traveling).

(1) large in carry on (2) two mediums in carry on (3) grey, black, teal sets (4) mesh and (5) teal set small/medium/large - showing handles and size, also see no structure when empty.
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on October 2, 2016
I have bought these in 2 colors- the purple and the green. Colors are much richer than my monitor showed. The mesh makes it so easy to see what is in the bag. Solid material and zippers seem study It is cheaper to buy these in 3's than to buy a set of 6 and now we are color coded! I have taken them on 1 trip and a set will fill up a carry on bag perfectly. It was great to not have to unpack everything when I needed to take something out.
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on March 13, 2018
I'd like to think I'm one of the most minimalistic and efficient packers when we traveling and was weary about packing cubes. However, one of my friends lent me hers to try and I was sold! With flights now days now charging to carry on with reduced fare rates, we find ourselves being limited to bringing backpacks only while traveling. I have two toddlers so this can be a challenge!

However, with these packing cubes, it's totally possible and even stress-free! The cubes act as a compressor of sorts allowing you to pack more into a smaller space easily. They slide into a backpack quickly and when you arrive at your destination, you slide it out and can remove/add clothing to it without having to dig through your bag and unfolding everything. Because more than likely, that one item of clothing you need will be at the bottom of your bag! Since this helps compress and contain your clothing, it also opens up hidden pockets of storage so you can actually pack more things! This worked well with our duffel bag as well. Each person has one "cube" making clothing retrieval quick and simple. This set comes with various sizes so you have options no matter how or what you're packing!
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on October 27, 2016
I was reluctant to invest in a set of these fearing that they would take up more space than they were worth but in the end I find that they do the opposite and save me from rooting around my luggage.
These seem to be well made packing cubes. The stitching is well done and neat. There are 2 zippers on each allowing them to be opened in either direction for easier and more convenient access to the contents. I do wish, though,that the netting spanned a few more inches across the top so that the contents along the edges could be visible but that is a minor issue.
I tried fitting the large cube along the base of a duffle bag and it fit nicely. It helps to keep the clothes from shifting around in such a loose environment.
As far as pacing items in these cubes I find that rolling clothing in a tight roll saves not only space but helps keep the clothing from wrinkling.
There are many ways to configure the layout of these packing cubes as they are very versatile.
I found that the large pack can hold several large clothing items such as skirts,sweaters, and jackets if they are rolled.
The medium can be used for such things as light tops and shorts.
I would use the small pack for socks, underwear and scarves, belts etc...

I will be using them in both my duffle and wheeled carry on bag and may consider buying another set after trying these for awhile.
I bought the gray and find that it is a nice match for my luggage.
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on July 21, 2017
We are both handicapped so we don't really ever travel but my husband and I decided recently that when we go visit my daughter, who is 3 hours away, we will start spending the night most of the time rather than drive up and back in the same day. We've done it twice so far and kind of "packed" haphazardly used a variety of plastic shopping bags to hold our clean clothes, dirty clothes, toiletries, etc. These cubes look like they will be perfect for what we need. The big one will hold enough clothing for him (plus extra socks, etc. just in case) and the medium one will take care of all of my clothes for overnight. The small one will either keep toiletries handy or can hold an extra shirt or sweater or two when it gets cold. They look well made, the zippers work well, they're lightweight and roomy, and much more organized than spur-of-the-moment plastic bag packing.
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on July 27, 2017
Overall: Very versatile. Made with quality material. Would recommend for any type of travel.

I purchased the packing cubes to be able to move my clothes into my dorm without having to bring extra bags in the car. I was able to use the cubes to pack two bags worth of clothes into one bag. It was extremely helpful for organizing my clothes and made it easy to transfer those clothes into my drawers upon arriving. I rolled my clothes and the large cube easily fit 6 outfits (shirt, shorts, underwear, and socks). The medium cube could fit 3 of the same outfits. I used the smaller cube to package my toiletries. The cubes easily fit into the bag or suitcase in which I could pack more clothes or items on top of them.

After moving, I decided to use the smaller cube to hold a change of clothes for the gym. The convenience of having everything that I needed in one place without having to scavenge my bag for what would have been a wrinkled pair of shorts and shirt was a pleasant surprise that I did not expect to get from the packing cubes. I can not wait to use the cubes in different and interesting ways.

The only downside of the cubes sometimes the zipper does not smoothly track and will need to be unzipped and zipped back again. This does not occur very often, but when it does, it is a minor inconvenience. This is the only reason why I gave the cubes four stars instead of five.
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