Customer Reviews: A PATH LESS TRAVELED: Christian Dramatic Romance and Women's Fiction (A Miller's Creek Novel Book 2)
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VINE VOICEon December 1, 2010
Like the first book in the Miller's Creek series, Texas Roads, I enjoyed this story. It's engaging and each time I set it down, I wanted to get back to it. I liked Trish, but found myself annoyed at times with her pride and stubborn, pathological refusal to accept help from anyone. Andy is a sweetheart and has a troubled past and I wished for more details about him. In fact, I wished for more details about everyone. Things are said or instances happen and then we're kind of left hanging at times, waiting for some closure, which isn't always important, but can be niggling.

This is a story about faith and finding oneself and understanding the role God not only plays in our lives, but how he directs our paths. A thoughtful, engaging read and one I can recommend.

A Path Less Traveled is a sequel to Texas Roads, and follows Steve's sister Trish. While the story stands alone, it is helpful to have read the first book, just for the background on the characters. I look forward to more from the Miller's Creek series.
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on June 29, 2012
This is a faith oriented book and is Christian faith in nature. The second in the Miller's Creek Series, it continues the story of Trish James, sister of Steve, who was one of the main protagonists in the Texas story. It is not necessary to have read the first in the series to enjoy this story, it stands well alone.

Trish James has been widowed at a very young age, along with her son she is still grieving the unexpected death of her husband from an accident. An accident which has left Trish feeling responsible for. As she struggles both financially and emotionally to begin a new life Trish is drawn to a new man in town. One who will force her to question her trust in her faith and her life choices.

Andy Tyler has come to Miller's Creek for a wedding and does not expect to run into a prickly widow who sets his heart on fire. Along with her young son, Trish is making Andy think he may find someone to spend his life with. But having been left by his last love for her career, Andy is wary of his own heart.

Nicely written and edited, clean and crisp this is a well developed story of love and faith. Understanding the heart of a widow Ms. Bryant delivers her protagonist with warmth and compassion. I recommend this one for all my faith based friends.

Karen Bryant Doering,
Parents' Little Black Book
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on April 7, 2012
Life is often so hard. This sweet story gives one continual reminders that God is in charge and that thru faith in his love for his chidren, he will see us through our struggles. i was deeply moved by both of Cathy's works. My one regret is that I have been unable to find her third book in this series "The Way of Grace".
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on April 21, 2016
This is the second book in the Miller’s Creek series, which is a series about the people in a small Texas town. I would recommend reading Texas Roads before reading this second book to get to know the secondary characters, some of which were the primary characters in the first book.

A Path Less Traveled is a romance novel built around Andy Tyler and Trish James. I really like Andy, a kind and caring person, who is also a successful lawyer. As a widow with a young child, Trish has some major trust issues, especially in trusting God. She is very confused and is struggling to make a new life for herself and her son, Bo, in the aftermath of her husband’s death. There are many things to admire about Trish, as she tries desperately to solve myriad problems. On the other hand, I would have liked to have seen more signs of her spiritual growth along the way.

This is an entertaining story, but also one of learning to rely on God and His provision, rather than relying only on ourselves. I would have enjoyed the story more, if it hadn’t ended so abruptly. The ending, although satisfactory, seems rushed and somewhat contrived.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy small town fiction and family saga romance. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the Miller’s Creek series.
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on July 11, 2015
A Path Less Traveled, Miller's Creek series book 2**** by Cathy Bryant

Trish James is trying to make a life for her and her young son, Bo, since the death of her husband. It has not been easy, but she is determined to make it on her own. Trish's stubbornness and pride gets in the way of letting her family help her. Will she need to leave Miller's Creek or is God leading her elsewhere?

Andy Tyler recently opened his law practice in Miller's Creek and hopes to put his past behind him. He hires Trish to design his office. As the two grow closer, he finds he would like to help her and Bo more. How can he help Trish and Bo if she won't accept help from anyone?

I like the small town of Miller's Creek and those who live there. Being such a small town can be a good thing—as everyone knows each other, but it can be not so good—as everyone knows everything about each other. Pride can get in the way as we see in the story. Trish's grief is clearly shown, a grief that often gets in her way to help her son in his grief. Bo is a sweet little boy who is hurting, I wanted to pick him up and comfort him. I don't think Trish realized just how much her family, friends and small town community meant to her until she let them “in” and help her. I really liked Andy and the way he cares for Trish and Bo. He always surprised me just when I thought he was giving up on Trish. This story covers many emotions, grief, anger, pride, joy, love, humorous situations as well as romance, love, forgiveness, problems with trusting, restoration of faith, God's love and guidance for us and more. I really enjoyed reading Trish, Bo and Andy's story.

~I won an e-book copy of this book from author/book chat, this is my honest review~
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I found myself annoyed throughout this book with Trish's pride and stubborn inability to accept help from anyone and actually lean not on her own understanding, but God's. The Bible verse was woven throughout this book but I don't think it was heeded until the last page, if then. In my opinion she was offensive. I thought the book was depressing with way too many negative aspects. There were opportunities to let joy and goodness shine through but that did not happen. Andy's character left us hanging, only hinting at the troubles he had been through. Andy should have called her bluff and had a few dates with other women. Maybe that could have shaken her.

How many times can Trish pray, with all of the family praying for her as well, and continue to not have a clue? She either does not listen to God and his word or she isn't too bright. And I don't understand the big issue with Doc not being dead long enough. Over and over. How many times did she comment about that? She was so blind to this wonderful God thing, as many of us are from time to time. For someone who loves their child as much as she claimed, she had an odd way of showing it. Her selfishness was just too much.

The ending of this book made me very sad. She never once throughout this book told Sweet Andy that she loved him. Not even when he proposed. Again....selfish. Too wrapped up in self.
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on March 17, 2015
A Path Less Traveled is book 2 in the Miller’s Creek series by Cathy Bryant. Book 2 is a very good book and has a lot of suspense as well as romance.
Trisha has become a widow with a small boy to raise. Although she belonged to a fairly wealthy family, she was almost broke since she had let Doc’s life insurance drop while he was fighting for his life after being kicked by a horse. Trisha is trying to open an interior design business in Miller’s Creek but wasn’t having much success. Her brother and his fiancée, Dani, hired her to decorate for their wedding. Trisha was in the process of decorating the sanctuary when Andy Tyler, Dani’s lawyer friend, arrived from Dallas. He volunteered to help carry in a box of candles and globes from her car. When he brought them in, he tripped and broke the globes and in the ensuing chaos, knocked down what she had already done. This was not a good start to her business. However, she rose to the occasion and created a lovely display for the wedding and reception. Normally, this would result in other offers; but in Miller’s Creek, it didn’t. A friend, Delaine, in Austin asked her to come down to see about a job with an interior designer in Austin. This friend of Delaine’s was interested in hiring a new person and it would be a perfect job for Trisha. One thing held her back, her son Little Bo! He was having problems adjusting to not having a father and really needed his extended family who were willing to help where they could and where Trish would let them. She also loved living in Miller’s Creek, being a housewife and an artist. However, now she was mother, father, and breadwinner. It looked like she had no choice.
Andy Tyler has decided to close his practice in Dallas and open one in Miller’s Creek. While working with Dani, he had come to know the town and liked it. He wasn’t sure of his reception as on his previous visit he had been accused of trying to burn the town down. Nevertheless, he took the position of City Attorney and came to Miller’s Creek. He hired Trisha to decorate his new office and later to help decorate his private practice building and his home. He takes on the challenge of coaching Little Bo’s T-ball team because he identifies with fatherless Little Bo. He begins to really love Little Bo and his mother. Can he convince her to accept his help and possibly his love?
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on February 12, 2016
"A Path Less Traveled" by Cathy Bryant

Another entertaining story about family and friends in Miller's Creek. I love the atmosphere of the little town that Bryant conveys so well in her novels. I want to live there!

I will admit that I had thought to take off one star for the somewhat-overly-agonizing conflict between the two principle characters. It just seemed that poor Trish was being hit from all sides on a regular basis. I kept wondering if perhaps a nuclear bomb was going to land on her head, but one didn't (everything else did, though). Bryant might have eased up just a little bit to have made the story a little less stressful. Still,...

I loved the novel, and I'm on my way to get the next one in the Miller's Creek series. Can't get a better review than that, can you?

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on September 13, 2016
This book had the potential to be a great book, but it turns out to be just okay. While it was hinted that Andy had a dark past, we are never really told what it is. He starts to visit his father, but we are left to wonder about him. While I could relate with Trish feeling guilty about starting a relationship so soon after her husband's death, I couldn't see myself at least asking my family and possibly even my church family to pray for me if I had the financial problems she had. Also, Andy was always pushing Trish to talk to him, but he would clam up about his past. But for a person wondering if God will work in your life, it is a great way to learn that he can.
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on January 9, 2015
As the story continues, Doc has died leaving Trish to fare as best as she can. Determined not to be a burden and to make her own way, she does not let her family in on the secret that she is about to go under financially. This story is about the struggle of a single mom and what can happen when pride gets in the way. Andy comes back to Miller Creek and tries to help Trish, but she can't bring herself to accept help- or to believe that someone can be interested in her. Above that she believes that it is too soon after Doc's death to be involved with anyone- especially Andy who in trying to help her, rubs her the wrong way. Can he ever get through to her? Trish pushes her family away for the same reasons- pride, not wanting to be a burden. The one statement in the book that spoke very loudly to me was "Trust that God is only going to give us what we can handle. Anything else is our struggle to do it on our own." That pretty much sums up the whole book. There are so many examples in this book of that, along with some other nuggets of wisdom. I highly recommend this book for anyone that has ever struggled... you will end up seeing that maybe from now on, you'll rely more on God and His process and His timing, Although it is fiction, I know this one will stay with me for a long time.
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