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on December 20, 2012
I needed these in a pinch for travel i was going on and chose it based on its size, reviews, and available colors. I liked that i could get a different color than a standard plain black, and the green suited me just fine, and also if a friend ever needed to borrow it it would be gender neutral as opposed to a pink one (which i would have loved lol). Though true to other reviews the green color is NOT as bright and pretty as it appears on the photo, it is a little more muted, but a little more woodsy than olive id say. I have a ton of pics i took from various angles of all its features and even with it stuff full but i don't see where i can post them on this particular items page. :(

I have no complaints over the durability of the suitcase (i don't use the mini one) kinda stupid, don't know if anyone ever uses them, not big enough for my laptop. So the suitcase will be the main point of my review.

The item held up just fine and had no problems with it as a carry on. I flew through American Airlines for all flights and never once had any question of its size/weight issue and didn't have to check it. It rolled smoothly through the airport. the wheels worked well and had no issues with the handle. extended/retracted simple and quickly with a push of the button on top. there was an occasional tip or flip, but i attribute that to my handling of the bag as its a narrower than a larger one so it was easy to accidentally twist when pulling it up next to you, But that was mainly just how i was handling it.

It can actually fit a pretty good amount of stuff in it. I had 2 pairs of jeans, house sweats, yoga style sweats, 8 shirts, 10 underwear and a couple bras, 4 pairs of socks, and a pair of low profile sneakers, pair of flats, and heels. Oh and an extra hoodie on top of all of that. Also had my makeup bag stashed in it too. All that WITHOUT the use of the 3" extender that unzips if you need it. I didn't want to risk having to check it. However on one of my flights, to/from an airforce base in a tiny plane, they had no room for carry ons so they had to be checked (no fee i might add) and it help up fine against their rough handling.

Made it through the airports 6 times and came home in just as good condition as we left. Fortunately no scuffs or marks from being handled by agents or thrown on the belt or plane, and held a ton of stuff! all the intimates and socks and things were stowed in the zip mesh pocket on the inside, packed shoes in the bottom, then pants, then tops, then hoodie,

I am very please with the durability and quality of this piece for a pretty decent price. It did what i needed it to do and did its job well. i really have no complaints about it at all and can't wait to go on another trip with it.
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on September 30, 2016
I recommend this set to all my family and friends. I had won a blue set from an Amazon giveaway right at the time I was looking for luggage for our Christmas Vacation. It was perfect so I ordered 3 more sets, the yellow set, the purple set and the green set. The luggage is the correct carry on size and the smaller bag can fit under the set on the plane. They roll great and my kids were able to handle their own luggage. As you can tell from pictures, the smaller bag fits on top of the bigger bag perfectly.
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on April 23, 2012
I have owned this carry-on set for about 6 months now, and got to use it for a few trips (3 weekend getaways, and 2 five day trips).

Since I do not travel a lot, I did not want to pay too much for a luggage set. This one fits the bill perfectly.

Here are the good points I see:
* the price is right. I will not be mad if one day I have to check the luggage in, and the airline looses them.
* it is a real carry-on for ANY airline: sure, some airlines will accept over-sized carry-on. But the day the plane is really full, they start being picky and asking people to check the carry-on in. With this set, you would be very unlucky if it was to happen to you. Also, rolling it down the aisle is easy as the bigger piece is narrow.
* color is nice. I got the green one for me, and my wife chose the orange (that is more yellow in my opinion). Both are really a nice change from the regular black/brown you usually get, but it might stain more easily of you were to check it in, which hopefully will not happen.
* quality: I was expecting less for the price. If you avoid checking it in, it should last a while. Fabric and zippers feel durable. The handle might be the weakest part, as it does not feel that strong, but so far, so good.
* the small piece fits on top of the bigger one, and has a strap to be attached to the handle. In this configuration, getting out of the plane, switching plane and walking in the airport is very convenient, as you only need one hand for both pieces.
* The small piece is the perfect size to fit a tablet or a kindle, as well as whatever you would need close to you during the flight or for your trip. I am able to fit: full size headphones, one tablet, one travel guide, a collapsible umbrella.
* For me, this set size is enough for a few days trip. But it might be too small for others. This is hard to comment on this.

A few minor points that explain the 4 star rating:
* when I received the set, the chemical smell was quite strong. The smell went away fairly quickly by leaving the pieces open for a few days in a well ventilated room. But it would have been great if the manufacturer took care of removing the smell for me.
* When you expand the bigger piece, and fill it completely, it will loose it's balance and not be able to stand vertically by itself. This is not too much of an issue as I did use only this feature once. To try to make it better on the way back, I tried to put the heavier items first, and toward the bottom. Balance was better, but I could tell it was still close from falling if I was to let it stand there.
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on January 8, 2010
I bought this set for a recent trip, and was pleased with how well it was constructed. It even had a nice interior cover that can be zipped over your clothes and includes a sort of compression strap system that was helpful in getting everything packed in there. The collapsible handle is sturdy and locks in place to prevent damage by overly enthusiastic baggage handlers. It also has convenient carry handles on the top and bottom to aid in retrieving the bag from an overhead bin. The smaller bag was perfect as a carry-on. I used it to hold my books, iPod, etc.

Just be aware that if you take advantage of the expansion panel feature on the bag it may not fit in an airline overhead compartment. I had to check the larger bag on the way back because I had opened up the expansion panels and stuffed it full.

I definitely recommend this luggage.
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on September 10, 2015
This Luggage set was perfect for my Vegas trip. I ended up having to check the luggage twice, as I had flights that were extremely packed and couldn't fit any more rolling carry ons. Yes I travel Coach, but hey I saved a lot of money. Money I could use towards shopping, going to the Grand Canyon, etc. But I digress. It survived the bumps during the baggage claim situation, especially when people were picking it up and realized that the suitcase wasn't theirs then proceeded to throw it back on the carousel. I Witnessed this with my own two eyes haha. This luggage is perfect. Small but I expected that. I could still fit all of my clothing I made sure to take a picture of it next to a larger suitcase that I own for you to see the comparison.
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on March 16, 2017
I knew I would be traveling more often so I decided to get some new luggage. This luggage is awesome!! You can fit so much inside and it's very durable. The best part is, even when expanded, it's still small enough to fit in any airlines over-head storage bin! I noticed a lot of travelers had these giant, heavy carry-ons and struggled to lift them or fit them in the over head bins, but this sucker is built so well, and has multiple handles to help lift it up, it made traveling a breeze. I was able to fit 1 pair of riding boots, 1 pair of heels, 1 dress, 1 pair of jeans, 4 blouses, 4 panties, 2 bras, travel-sized hair dryer, 2 pairs of socks, 2 combs, small make up bag, 1 toiletries bag packed to brim, 1 sweater and 1 scarf. I'm telling you, I stuffed the hell out of this thing and nothing got squished, leaked, etc. I even weighed it before I left and it was 20lbs, but I had no problem running through the airport to catch a flight or lifting it over my head into the bins. Mine always seemed the smallest when compared to the other bags in the bins.

I haven't used the over the shoulder bag yet, as I normally just take my purse, but I'm sure it's just as useful. The rollers on the bag are super smooth and the handle adjusts to 2 heights or flush with the bag. I even had to check this bag because our flight was delayed and I had no choice on the next flight. I was worried because I didn't have a lock for it (the lock that comes with it is plastic and I wouldn't trust it) but even with being man-handled in the rain, it was in perfect condition on the luggage claim and nothing opened up! (BTW, this is a canvas/fabric material, so not really water proof I think). Overall, I'm super happy with my purchase!
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on October 28, 2012
For the price I don't understand what folks are complaining about. This luggage costs $40 and with Prime was at my house in 2 days! I will agree the colors for the purple set are also inaccurate but it is still a nice purple color. I am also responding to the comments that say this set was too small. I was able to pack for a 3 day trip with no problems and room to spare. I'm a very conservative packer. To keep my bag organized and compact I purchased the e-bags small packing cubes that come in a 3 piece set for $20. I will also add that I am traveling with a newborn so I also had to pack her clothing and bottles, formula and diapers! I used the smaller bag as my diaper bag. Here is a list of what I was able to pack in the suitcase: 6 sets of clothing for 3 mos old baby, 1 Halo micro-fleece sleepsack, 2 tee's, 1 pair of shorts, 1 dress, 2 tanks, 1 pair of pj's, socks, unmentionables, bra, bikini, sunglasses, 1 pair of sandles and 1 large scented candle and gift box as a gift to my host. In the small bag: 2 bottles, two extra nipples, 3 bags of formula enough for 3 days, 25 playtex drop-in bags, 1 tupperware with 5 pre-packed drop-in bags for the airport and flight, bag of pacifiers, teething ring and measuring scoop for formula, 11 diapers, re-usable dirty diaper bag, disposable bags for dirty clothes, wipes, burp cloth, disposable changing pad, 3 paperback books for baby, 1 kindle e-reader for mama, clear ziplock holding my liquids for security check in. I will update my review upon my return for how the suitcases held up on my trip.
11/16/12 Update:
The luggage set did just fine on my trip. I had no problems at all with the in-line skate wheels (taken from a previous review) on the suitcase and I found the travel bag to be just as sturdy. I still give this item 5 stars and I plan on using it again on my upcoming flight to Arizona.
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on March 8, 2015
I bought this luggage set in a pinch when I needed a carry on bag for a long weekend trip. I wanted a good price point on a bag that also had good reviews. Eventually I settled on this set. On my trip I packed for 3 days and 4 nights, so not a lot of stuff. When I got home I noticed the recessed plastic that the telescoping handle sets in had cracked nearly all the way from back to front. The bag wasn't stuffed, nor was it treated roughly at any point during the 4 days. I will be returning the product and opting to spend some extra money on a more well known brand name. The bag was worth a try since we have Amazon prime, the only loss to me is a trip to the UPS store.
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on October 30, 2015
Update: Although I gave this a 3 star before, I decided to come back and edit my review and give it a 4 stars. I'm not as disappointed in it as I was before. It is still smaller than expected and this one was bought for my 15 year old, 6'2" son. It has been used at minimum ten times since I bought this and it has with stood the job of traveling around. It hasn't come apart and is still intact. He has taken this on many small vacations as well as to Hawaii. It has taken the beating of the airplane baggage handle system as well as the multiple trips in and out of the trunk of the car. There is actually no real signs of wear and tear. I am happy with this purchase, I didn't expect it to last so long (and it is stored in the garage), almost a year now. Hope my update helps some of you, if it does please hit button saying my review was helpful. Thanks.

Smaller than expected, but it does the job!
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on June 13, 2016
My boyfriend and I go on vacation a few times a year and we were in the market for a set of luggage. I combed many different sites, through reviews and various prices, when I came across an article about the top rated affordable luggage 2016 (for future reference, these were ordered early June 2016). This set was in the top five of said article, so I looked around for them and found them on sale(!) here at Amazon.

It's like they were made for us, coming in our two favorite colors, as we ordered both a green set for him (olive is the labeled color), and an orange set (mustard is the color) for me. When they arrived, they came together in a large box, opened them up and they were larger than I had expected- we had a black set of another brand that was labeled the same size as these (21 in.) and it felt much smaller. Perhaps that was because our previous luggage did not have any expandable zips or front pockets, and definitely didn't come with a tote, but these are very nice, especially for the price, and they don't feel like they are made of cheap materials. Another feature I like is there are handles on the top, bottom, and left side (facing you). It's easy to pick up no matter where you're grabbing it from. The wheels roll nice and smoothly and the top handle locks into place.

Out of curiosity I packed mine up to see how much I could fit inside, and there was enough clothing for a week long trip, plus toiletries and room enough in the tote for every day items such as the phone, chargers, tablet, wallet, sunglasses, etc.

If I had one criticism it would be the little locks that came with the luggage set, they were like a kid's diary lock, with keys that hardly fit into them, so I had to pick them with a bobby pin to remove them from my luggage, then they promptly went into the garbage. I will say I didn't order these for the locks (obviously!) or even know they were coming with them, but I'd suggest that you don't use them, but rather buy some of the TSA approved locks you can buy from just about anywhere or order some off Amazon of course!

Very nice set of luggage and the price was definitely right, would order again!
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