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on March 31, 2015
I ordered this from the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean and my package came in a week and undamaged. All 4 pieces were in perfect condition all inside one another or rather all packed inside the largest of the 4. Material color matched exactly what is presented online with no discoloration or distortion. No un-seams, no scratches as with some reviews I saw and very thing looks in pretty good working condition. The carry on is also a standard size and the small duffel bag is pretty light weight and has a Velcro strap on the back to fasten onto the carry on if you so please. I've uplodded some pictures for anyone wondering.
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on November 30, 2015
This Travelers Choice luggage set is a home run if you have realistic expectations. I toiled over which set to buy and went cross-eyed reading all the mixed bag reviews. After much deliberation, and thanks in part to a sale, I settled on this set (actually bought two sets ). Here is a breakdown of what all the other reviews taught me, a synopsis of our experiences with this luggage and a helpful hint to increase the look and durability of these suitcases:

First off, the luggage looks very upscale; the front side is vibrantly colored (in this case royal blue), and the tightly woven fabric has good fit & finish. There are two metal zipper pulls on each compartment which is convenient, however the zippers themselves and the pull attachments are adequate but not of superior durability. The bags are generously sized, deeper than our previous (Atlantic brand) set and this allows the bags to swallow a lot more stuff yet remain portable.
The insides are fully lined and contain straps to secure the contents. While the lining is thin and not the highest quality, it is a nice feature on a set in this price range; our previous set cost twice as much fifteen years ago and had no lining.
Each of the pull pieces have two nicely functioning wheels and an expandable handle to let you drag the bag behind; you can even attach the duffel bag onto an extended handle via a back strap. Speaking of the handles- although none of them have given out on us yet, these handles are a bit awkward to use and will possibly be the first things to act up as they are the flimsiest part of this luggage set. The farther you telescope them out, the more likely they feel as if they are going to break under the weight of the bag, especially if the bags are filled.

HINT: A good hint with which I can "pay it forward" is to Scotch-Guard Fabric them prior to using. I picked up a can and sprayed the sets prior to use and that five dollar investment is helping these bags avoid all sorts of staining and discoloring at the hands of the baggage claim and after repeated uses they still look great.

Overall, this set was a terrific buy for my family's needs and should be the same for most casual travelers as well.
Again, have realistic expectations from what a set of this price should deliver and I think you will be pleased. I posted a few pics of this luggage set so you can visualize what they look like and how they all fit or "nest" together during storage. Should there be any noteworthy experiences (good or bad) as we use them in the future, I will be sure to update. Good luck.

UPDATE: 7/2016: After several more uses, this luggage set continues to function well and look very nice. The handles I mocked in my initial write up still feel a bit flimsy but they are holding up fine. The only other minor issue we have seen is that the metal skeleton between the lining and the outer fabric that helps keep the suitcase's shape is stretching the fabric in the corners of some of the is not yet effecting the performance but it looks a bit unsightly on the black bottom-side of some of the pieces. No big deal and I continue to be impressed with this set.
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on May 19, 2011
I'll be honest, I haven't taken this on a trip yet. I bought mine for a long trip to Korea in August. However, I took mine apart, toyed with it all, and stress tested all the handles, wheels, and zippers. It's pretty sturdy for the most part and has good stitching and fastening on the main handles. The zippers ran relatively smooth and didn't catch on any of the inside material or anything (a major pet peeve of mine). The zippers are pretty large too which makes it easy, and it comes with simple locks for basic security. There's not many compartments on the set (the pics reveal all), but for the average traveler it should be sufficient. The look of it is also really nice (I bought the charcoal set) and it seems like great luggage for an affordable price.

One thing I'd worry about and stress test in advance: the extending handles used for rolling around on each one. These do seem rather flimsy, especially the release button for it. I'd recommend playing with each a few times and pulling firmly to see if it'll hold without breaking. Mine held fine but I can see where people may snap there's accidentally (especially if you're not careful). I'd be curious if people would give more specifics as to what broke on their handles (the release button, the telescoping part, or the actual handle itself). I'm also curious whether they were using this handle to carry the luggage or if it broke just rolling it around.

Just buy in advance and test it all out well before you leave, don't blind buy and never try it until you pack for the airport.

Update 6/20/11: I took these to Vegas for a weekend trip and they held up well. I used the handles and pulled them around for a while on the trip. I had to take these around the airport for hours since my flight was cancelled and I checked in a two hotels. For a single weekend I got a lot of use out of them and they were sturdy. Everything held up perfectly.

Update 7/23/11: I moved from Los Angeles to Seoul, Korea, then to Gwangju, Korea. This set has had its fair share of use by now and I've been lugging it around a lot in the past couple weeks in Korea. It's still going great and holding up perfectly under stress. No issues whatsoever.

Update 3/28/12: This luggage is still awesome. I took it to Tokyo, Japan for a week and carted it around a lot on subways, trains, stairs, etc. and it's still perfectly intact.

Final update 10/23/12: I noticed this review is the highest now so I'll make one last update. STILL perfect after traveling across SE Asia. I even mailed the medium piece ground (boat) from Korea to the States. The package was beat up but the luggage was still undamaged.

Okay, I lied. ONE last update: 6/16: It FINALLY broke!! After about 5 years, the handle broke off the main piece. I regret nothing!
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on February 27, 2016
Okay so first, the largest suitcase in this is HUGE. It is more than accomadating.
We are going on a cruise in a few days, initially I had everything packed in our older luggae, however we have a lot of costume materials and it was seeming to take tons and tons of extra space. So I decided we should get a few more bags. However when these came in, I ended up switching ALL of our luggage into these and went from 6 suitcases, to only these 3 bags for me and my fiance. Multiple shoes, costumes, and an abundance of clothes.

These were the lowest price, largest quanitity and size, and best review combination I could find on Amazon and now I see why.

They come nested in one another. Each comes with an attached lock and set of keys (can be removed). The zipper pulls are very thick and sturdy. The color is very vibrant and clean looking. The pockets on the outsides are HUGE and very roomy. The inside is even ROOMIER. They each have a net zipper pouch on the onside, along with two longer cylinder like pockets. Luggage straps are in each one. They have a zippered lining, it is very thin, however it does the job and is not an issue.
The handles extend to a long length, and I love the fact that they lock in and out of place (you have to push a button in on the handle in order to extend or retract them). They roll very well.

I am extremely happy with this purchase and honestly will probably purchase this exact same set on the future of more bags are needed. You cant beat this price for the quality.
Our friends are joining us and also needed luggage, I recommended these and they purchased them in blue. The first thing they said was joking that we could fit another mutual friend in the larger suitcase (we probably could, lol)
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on March 9, 2015
The worst set of luggage I've ever owned! Two broken handles after one trip. Do not waste your money!
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on April 20, 2017
These are very nice, sturdy bags. They really accommodate a lot, too! Two adults and one teenager for 6 days in Europe in April, and the three large bags were perfectly sufficient for our needs. I see where some folks worried about the handles being flimsy when fully extended, and they are a bit wobbly, but they held together just fine through several airports. The light color on the front got dirty right away, but what can you expect from a cargo hold and trips around baggage conveyor equipment. I haven't tried cleaning them, so I can't say if it's permanent, but it hardly matters - they'll just get dirty again and really they are less important (to me) as fashion statements than as functional pieces. But if you're a clean freak or something, you might want to opt for a darker color. All in all, a good purchase at a great price, if they hold up for more trips, it will have been well worth it!
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on July 21, 2017
I don't understand why so many people are writing reviews saying that they "put only a pillow and blanket in the bag and the handle ripped off on their first trip". I have packed everything I can possibly imagine in my bags -- jammed them literally as full as I possibly could -- and have gone on a dozen or more trips with these. I've never had a single problem with them breaking or bending or whatever. Maybe I'm just not as rough with them as some people?? They work great for me. My one and only complaint, and the reason I'm only giving 4 stars instead of 5, is that when you "expand" the bag, the center of balance is thrown off and it doesn't stand up anymore. They need the little feet on the bottom of the case to be out more to carry the center of balance better. When the case is in standard mode, it stands up just fine. This only applies to the carry on bag and only when it is extremely full (which is usually how I travel with it).. The bigger bags stand up no matter what you do to them. It is pretty annoying though because you stop to do something and the next thing you know your bag is toppling over. :-) HA! Oh well. Still an awesome set as far as I'm concerned.
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on July 13, 2017
This was a great buy. I have been putting off replacing our 12 year old luggage because it's hard to buy and expensive. This was the perfect sizes for our family needs and is pretty good quality. For the price I am completely satisfied. I did take one star off because while it is good quality, its not superb. I noticed a few plastic pieces that aren't anchored very well and when the luggage is full the top handle seems like it might not last, we'll see.
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on February 29, 2016
These are amazing!!!!!! The biggest one can fit me sitting up straight and I'm 5'3" these are awesome I bought these because my old suitcase broke and it was a hand me down so this is like twenty steps up from those. Will update durability later. It shipped really quick ordered it Friday and it arrived today on Monday which is great because I have a winter church retreat next week! So excited and the colors matched the pic I would say I'd buy again but unless they break I won't need to!
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on November 14, 2014
I purchased these for a cruise. I didn't want to write a review until I'd used them. My husband used the smallest bag to cart around his laptop. It's very sturdy and held up. We took the largest bag and the second largest with us. I put probably 15 pairs of shoes in one and 18-20 outfits in the other. Read: They were jam packed with stuff! They expanded and zipped with no problem. They got banged around in customs and with loading and unloading from the ship. They didn't fray or come unzipped. No split zipper. The handles feels a little flimsy, but we didn't have a problem with them and that was with my kids pulling the bags. We are planning on taking another trip next month so we'll see how they do then. But they held up incredibly well during our week long vacation.
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