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on December 30, 2014
Tag appears to be rugged and solid but there are a couple things that I personally don't like about it. First major thing is it DOES NOT fit a standard business card (3.5"x2"). Some other reviewers say it is "good" for business cards. No way! It is NOT good for business cards. You have to fold/cut a card into the small space provided. That is my fault for just looking at the reviews. The space for information is a 2"x2" square which leads me to a second reason I don't like the tag. The place to write in information is a sticker. For such a rugged tag that will probably outlast a bag/users its not reusable. Sticking in a new piece of paper/card is possible but you would have to tape it down to make sure it does not slide out during normal use. Third thing I don't like about it is you can't view the information without removing the tag. Removal can be tricky if you have never seen it before. The purpose, for me, of a tag is to make sure you have the correct bag or return to the correct person if lost. You want to quickly check information which I guess is supposed to be achieved by the clear window. If you are trying to return the bag, like I said, you have to remove the tag to get full information which could lead to the loss of the tag and bag it was attached to. I prefer a tag you don't have to complete remove from the bag to get the detailed information. Lastly, the strap is not adjustable. I don't like the tag flapping around all over the place so I like to snug it up to the handle I affix it to.
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on August 16, 2015
Ordering these was a shot in the dark, I really didn't know what to expect but I like the privacy aspect while still being able to have contact information on the bag.

As it turns out, I love these tags. There is no way one of these tags is going to just fall off. The hang strap is very tough plastic (synthetic) material and while I have no doubt some airline, somewhere, could break the hang strap it will take some work. Also, unless someone is very familiar with how the hang strap threads through the buckle they're not going to be able to open it in a very short time frame, so short of cutting it off to gain immediate access your more personal information is relatively secure.

The tag itself is molded out of a tough material and the yellow ones I got are bright, which will be nice for spotting them on the luggage carousel.

Several folks have mentioned how they open. Part of the reason for this is because the instructions and information on the packaging is NOT CORRECT. It shows a different style of luggage tag.

To Open: 1) Remove the hang strap, and 2) Pivot the two parts (upper and lower) opposite each other. That's it. What looks like a button (or such) on the tag, at the end opposite the hang strap, is a plastic rivet; the upper and lower half of the tag pivot on the rivet. So, if you remove the hang strap and hold the tag at the hang strap end between your thumb and forefinger then fan them open (like you would fan several playing cards in your hand) the two halves separate very easily. DO NOT pry the two halves apart, you'll break the plastic rivet.
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on August 17, 2015
I ordered two sets, only received one, yellow. I am a frequent traveller and fly over 50,000 miles a year. They are made of a very durable hard plastic and appeal mostly due to the privacy of information contained on the luggage tag. These are especially useful for our international travel. For extra deterrence and security I added a aircraft steel cable as seen in the photo. 2 weeks later I am still waiting on the Berry colored ones. Would recommend.
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on February 5, 2017
They're nice and bright and sturdy, but horrible to use. It's quite time-consuming to open it up to write your name and address in -- and it's not any easier to check your address (in case you can't remember whether you've updated it since moving). Further, if your luggage is ever lost and someone has to look at the address to verify...
(1) They'll probably take one look at it and assume it's just a name, never knowing there's an address inside.
(2) If they do realize there *might* be an address inside, getting to it *requires* removing the tag from your luggage (!), and disassembling the whole thing. Would you really trust them to put it back together right (when they lost your bag in the first place)? If they don't, your luggage will be lost forever.

This is one of the worst product designs I've seen in my life... I am baffled by the 5-star reviews.
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on February 25, 2016
I bought these luggage tags for a big abroad trip.

I love that these only show your last name so that creepers can't creep on you. In order to see the address, you have to unstrap it and the top swivels to the side. That is not super convenient but it should only be necessary if your bag is lost.

The strap is a thick plastic and locks very securely. There have been no issues with is coming undone accidentally. I imagine that would be very hard. The strong might not be quite long enough for some straps or luggage. My strap that I attached it to was kind of fat and this thick plastic is rigid to it only lays well one way. That didn't matter in my use of it.

I also really appreciated that this "berry" was pretty bright and is easy to spot.

Overall, I would buy these again, but I don't think I will need to because these will last well.

Update 8/15/16: I have owned these luggage tags for 7 months now. That is 8 regular round trip adventures (about 32 flights) and 3 abroad adventures. Luggage takes are still full intact and functional like new.
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on March 3, 2016
These have a distinctive -- read "ugly" -- color that will help you ID your bags until everybody else starts using them. Only your name and no other information is readily visible, providing at least the strong possibility that people won't be letting others know you're not home and where that home is. For me, the weakness is that the strap can be opened to reveal the rest of your information, so a large, heavy cable-tie replaced it. How can authorities check my information if that's needed? The plastic rivet at the other end was drilled out and a very small cable-tie was used to keep things secure. If the small cable-tie is missing, I get a heads-up that the tag has been opened. Of course, people could be carrying their own small cable-ties, too. Extra cable-ties are in each bag in case replacement is necessary.
If that seems a touch OCD, it reduces travel stress a touch.
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on August 20, 2016
I bought them knowing exactly how they worked. And I thought I would like them better. If you don't want anything more than your name showing on your tag, then this is certainly for you. In the end I just don't like how you have to take the whole band off to rotate it to view the entire details. Having them in hand and thinking about it, just not what I want for me. I will keep them though, and just use them on some other stuff.

The tags themselves seem sturdy and the band is a thick rubber that snaps into holes on the band. It feels tough, but at the same time I worry the little plastic that goes in the holes will break eventually. I would put the final word on these to be that I don't really recommend them, but I don't want to say stay away entirely. They are just ok.
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on September 24, 2016
I purchased these to replace ones that we have been using for the past 10 years and needed to go. I choose the bright yellow ones--which are a little darker yellow than in the picture--as a good contrast with our red luggage.
I like Travelon products, and am not disappointed with these. What appealed to me was that only my name would show...I am concerned about my privacy, and only put my last name and phone number on my luggage anyway.
They are made of a good quality plastic--about 1/4" thick when in use. They attach to the luggage with a soft plastic strap that seems durable. We will be using them for an extended trip in October, so I will be able to update this after I see how they preform after several flights and a cruise.
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on August 24, 2015
I wanted some cheap, no-nonsense tags that were basic but still stand out so I can easily distinguish my luggage on the plane. These fit the bill! I got the berry color and it looks the same color as the photo, if not a little brighter. They're very cute yet simple and happened to match my backpack, which was a bonus.

The strap is both sturdy and easy to open, it clips together sort of like a belt so I'm confident it's not going anywhere. The window on the tag shows my name without showing my address and phone number, so it maintains privacy. I do wish there was a little more room for your name, because mine is long so I had to squish it in there.

One of my gripes is that in order to swivel the tag open to see your details, you have to remove the tag and the strap completely. It would be nice if you could open it while it's still attached. Also the label is just a sticker inside and it didn't come with replacements, so if you mess up or your info changes, you're out of luck.
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on April 30, 2016
I bought 2 of these to use on my dog's wire crates to list my name, cell number, and any emergency info about my dog or contact info for another person at the show with me. I also have magnetic tags with their names, mine, cell number and microchipped. These might fall off if hit a certain way or simply removed, but the luggage tags is another with info required by the show. Still looking for a more permanent option but for now these plus a lock for crate door, provide their safety and a certain amount of security for crating area

I have some doubt about whether they would hold up/remain intact if used on a checked bag, but perhaps on a carry on, tote bag and such they would be more than adequate and the price is good.
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