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on November 17, 2011
I did some research and prefer to never check a bag (even for 3 or 4 niters if my wardrobe can allow.) So I wanted to make the best use of my space and preferred a rollaboard-style.

I was nervous spending extra for a premium bag, but was interested in the features and quality of this bag, and hope it will outlast 3 of the cheap bags I've used in the past (since it was 3x the price.)

The big concern I had when I took it out of the box was the size constraint. The actual luggage portion is 22x14x9, but that doesn't account for clearance for handles, wheels, etc. That made me nervous that I'd be force to check this bag every time.

Well I am happy to report it fit perfectly in the overhead bin of 3 flights this week (2 Continental and 1 Southwest, all of which were 737's,) wheels first (not sideways!) I was happy with the compartmentalization of the shoe area and the suiter is great as well for me.

The product seems durable, was the perfect size I wanted, and the extending handle was a great size and structure as well.
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on December 8, 2010
Well built... Perfect size, though I have only compared it with my old, purchased from target carry on, now retired after over a hundred trips... Looks like this one will fit the bins without much hassle. I was actually delighted once this one was out of the box after returning the samsonite 22". The samsonite was of lower quality and 22x15x9... An inch over what's allowed on major airlines which is 22x14x9. Can't wait to use it on upcoming trips. Decent set of pockets and straps too. Advantage over the 20" is that shirts from the cleaners will fit more easily without having to tuck them at ends. Happy travels...

1/3/2011 update - interestingly on a 777 this bag did not fit the side bins head first, center bin was not an issue though.
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on October 20, 2012
Generally like the design, seems reasonably solid overall, other than the telescoping pull handle feeling a little loose when extended. But on my 2nd trip with it one of the screws holding the side handle popped out, along with a plastic collar that surrounds the screw head, and I couldn't find them on the ground. Hoping to avoid having to go through the time and expense of shipping it to the company for repair just to have them put in a screw, I went to the online parts catalog. The catalog is pretty useless, doesn't show any screw that matches the one that popped out, and the screw it does show in one photo isn't listed on the parts ordering sheet. Plus no screw collar listed anywhere. It's a generally poorly put-together document, loaded with typos and omissions. Called the company's service number, spent more than a half-hour listening to a recording saying, "Your call is the next to be answered." Now I'm wondering what else will be popping off, and how big a hassle it will be to get it fixed.
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on March 18, 2013
I purchased this roller board because it was promoted as being intended for frequent travelers. My experiece is that it isn't any better than the other mid priced brands. The pull handle broke after about 18 months. I do travel a lot and accept that I might use mine more than the average person. However, the Travelpro brand is promoted as being used by frequent travelers and airline employees. What made things worse is that their customer service is very poor as well. The part that broke, the pull handle, is very simple to replace, with only 4 screws holding the handle on. I have been waiting over 3 weeks and still do not have the part. I have called them 5 times and each time they promise to call me back to confirm that my part is shipping, but do not.
I guess if you travel only a few times a year then this bag would be fine. However, if you are a business traveler don't waste your money. It simply doesn't hold up.
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on January 8, 2013
I bought this TravelPro bag after reading review after review about products in this category. As always, it's difficult to justify spending so much money on a rolling bag when there are cheap knockoffs priced at $25 and up, and my parents were aghast that I'd spend such an amount on a bag.

Well, I don't regret it one bit. In the time since I bought this bag, my parents have been through THREE sets of flimsy luggage. The bag I bought looks almost-new and has absolutely no wear to speak of. It's the perfect size for my travel needs, which are typically 3 to 7 day trips, and comfortably fits whatever wardrobe I need to bring, from formal dresswear for a wedding to heavy winter clothes.

My brother used my bag and liked it so much that he bought one immediately after he returned from his trip.

I can't recommend this bag more.

as a note, I owned the 20" bag before, and it was slightly too small.
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on March 2, 2012
I am not a travel guru or an airline pilot, I just wanted a travel case for weekend adventures and the like. For all intents and purposes, it works pretty well. It fits nicely in the overhead compartment of planes, I have not had much of an issue there. I did get stopped once because I hastily stuffed a sweater into the zip up compartment on the front of the bag which made it too big. You should definitely be aware of that. You're going to want to use the main compartment if you plan on storing it in the overhead bin. My only complaint is that the front compartment is only good for very small items if you're planning on storing it in the overhead bin, but it's a minor gripe. The wheels are so silky smooth it's like rolling on a cloud. It has never tipped over, but I am not keen on piling like 4 bags on the handrail. I believe it is the best quality travel case for the price by quite a bit. I consider it an excellent bargain compared to some of the other options out there.
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on November 7, 2012
Bag purchased less than 45 days ago and in 3 uses the exterior zipper is GONE....called for support and Travelpro is less than helpful. Want the bag brought to a service center for inspection (nearest is 100 miles away) - next option is mail bag back to Travelpro at my cost for inspection and possible repair - lead time for repair is 2 1/2-3 weeks. Basically you get what you pay for - although bag is probably reasonable for cost there is very little warranty help and my bag zipper (not the pull but the whole zipper) lasted only 3 light uses.
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on July 5, 2011
Hi I'd just like to say that this isn't really a review more a fact bag does pass easy jet's estimates as it fits very easily in the cabin as carry on, even though its technically 23-24" length including wheels and handles my measurements fit 23 inches though depth is in fact when filled up between 10-11" and width 14-15" max the 15 was for the small pocket on the side which doesn't really count I guess. Too bad its not 18" as that's the allowed max width on easy Jet.

So yes if your flying with easy jet they should technically allow this as It does fit in the overhead carry on extremely easily, and its perfect size as fits quite a lot of stuff, as for the quality it really is great quality, and the wheels really are solid I'd have to agree though with the main top handle the plastic feels a bit cheap to me but so far has not broken but I don't have anything that heavy in it just some clothes.

I do recommend this bag to everyone but buy the black version as it is better looking. Black and Silver is the best compliment together, I wanted to try something new so I went with spruce alas I wish I went with the black. Maybe buy another one in the future.
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on May 25, 2012
I travel 180 days a year. So, when I had to replace my carry on I have done extensive research to purchase a durable but practical bag to haul with me. I have been using a Tumi Leather carry on since late 2006 and have not has much problems with it. It truly handled a lot of abuse but kept on giving. It was my loyal companion that I have betrayed. It was not time for replacing it but wanted change. I thought about buying another newer Tumi but was swayed with the reviews of the Travel pro. I have to say I am very disappointed. Less than 6 months of use and a large chunk of rubber from the wheels hav e come off. One of the selling points of my purchase was the durability of the carry on and especially the wheels. This is not true. I would not recommend this for any of my travel warriors. It is suitable for the amateur and casual traveller. Although the Tumi is more expensive it is well worth its price over the long haul. Sometimes Cheap is expensive. The options I have is either buy new set of wheels or dump the bag for my old faithful Tumi.

Travelpro Crew 8 22 Inch Expandable Rollaboard Suiter
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on November 22, 2012
Travelpro's reputation as the best wheeled luggage in the world led me to buy this item. Whilst it is a fantastic product, I was a little disappointed in the general quality.

You only notice the quality issues when you push the bag to its limit, e.g. Quick pivoting turns, generally moving fast, etc.

Of particular concern is the handle. It is not as robust as it should be, and there is quite a bit of play within the mechanism when it's extended. Also, mine sometimes has problems locking into place when extending. Whilst the handle is holding up, I know it will be the first hing that breaks on this bag.

I travel about twice a month on average and do tend to torture my luggage a bit. If you are a less frequent flyer, this bag is unlikely to let you down.
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