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on February 27, 2011
I've been reading the "In Death" series for years. I stumbled onto "Witness in Death" and read it before realizing it was part of a series. I loved Witness so much I read all the titles that had been released to that point in a matter of days. For a series of novels involving the same core of characters, Robb manages to keep every novel fresh. I admit, there was a lull for me in a couple of books, but I loved the characters and pace of writing so much I stayed loyal and kept reading. I'm so glad now that I did. Somehow this author has breathed all new life and excitement into a series that spans so many books it's almost inconceivable that it's still SO good.

As with all lengthy series, there are some books that hit me on deep levels and set themselves apart from the others. "Treachery in Death" is definitely one of those. Without giving away anything--while saying enough that those who have already read it will understand--the final scene in Oberman's bullpen actually brought tears to my eyes. I almost think this book would have lived up to the title of "Loyalty in Death" even more so than the novel actually by that name. I loved, loved, loved this book.

I laughed right out loud when the Candy Thief was brought back into play. I can't help but be curious about who the Thief is but I live in fear of the book that outs him/her. I feel like that will be a major clue the series is coming to its end. I am really not prepared to deal with that, not by a long shot.

Great book, great plot, typical pithy banter. All the ingredients that make this series so addictive.
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on February 26, 2011
Treachery in Death by J.D. Robb is the one we have all been waiting for. It is what keeps readers coming back to this series. The plot line with Peabody overhearing bad cops discuss bad business is the seed for this detailed excursion through NYPSD's attempt to stop internal corruption.
The process of protecting the invesitigation, the trust issues at each turn of the case are masterfully handled by Robb. We get our little glimpses of the supporting characters we all want desperately to experience again. Maevis gets to go on the grift once more, Bella worms her way a little closer to Eve's heart and Louise comes to the rescue when most needed. Feeney, McNabb and Roarke work instant EDD miracles. In the last two books, Feeney and Dallas have expanded their teasing and verbal byplay. It is fun to be audience to this relationship. The book had sappy elements, via Roarke and Eve's ever tightening bond, but it wasn't unpalatable. This segment had a strong dose of philosophy in it. Everyone's take on the responsiblitlies of leadership and roles as officers. The lessons were a little heavy handed, but well melded so that one doesn't object too much. We get a glimpse of Whitney's wish to install Dallas in the role of Commander and we get a glimpse of the application of her reluctant talent to do just that. I felt Peabody was again shuffled to the side, as in Indulgence and Kindred in Death. But moving her away allowed Dallas to operate smoothly and independently, which the plot really required. It was good to get back to a case that was center of the book, instead of a relationship. For this one, I wanted a really long epilogue. What happened to Webster and Darcia? Did Strong make it back? And who will now be in charge of Central's Illegals Division? I so hope the next one fills in some of the holes left in this one. Well done, J.D., well done.
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on March 27, 2013
4.5 stars!

After basically years of seeing this series around and reading about this mystical Roarke, I gave in and decided to read the In Death Books. It was quite an undertaking, since when I started there were 33 books already released in the series, not counting short stories and novellas. Besides that, deciding to read this series was a big commitment in two fronts. One, I simply had to by 33 books and secondly, I would not be reading anything else until I was done. That's how psychotic I can be when it comes to book series.

December 2011 was when my journey began and by February 2012 I was done and now there is NO turning back. I am IN LOVE with this series! I not only obviously love Roarke, but I love Eve and all the secondary characters that make up this great story as well.

Yes, I have become irritated with Eve at times, but I adored being able to see her grow throughout the series. It has been quite a ride, but one I will never regret hopping aboard.

This series is a great mix of mystery, police drama and romance. I love every aspect of it, from the near futuristic setting, to the way J.D. Robb writes her prose. If there is one thing that bothers me, is that considering the series has 35 books published, the span of time that has passed is very short and I wish the lapse between books was a bit longer. But if you read the books throughout a longer period of time, it won't really matter, but reading them so close together made me wish for that longer lapse.

Eve is such a complex character. All that she has been through has made who she is, but her story is not less heartbreaking because of it. For that matter, so is Roarke's and the fact that these two found each other is nothing less than serendipity. They need each other and I am sure they would never have grown to be who they are in the series by book 35, if not for each other's presence in their lives. Not to mention the "family" they have built with their dear friends.

One of the biggest issues brought up in this series by J.D. Robb, is the Nature Vs. Nurture debate. I love it! It always makes me think and it is very satisfying to see these people that could have become something very wrong, rise above nature and blood, to become amazing people.

On the crime fighting aspect of the series, I find that Robb uses two types of narrative. Sometimes she carries more of a "Monk" style, where the perpetrator is clear if not early on, but soon. The other one is where we get a punch in the face when we finally find out out who it is. I really enjoy that she doesn't have only one style, since that always keeps me guessing =D

I LOVE this series and if you have yet to check it out, please do so! The first few books might not compel you completely, but keep reading! You won't regret it!
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on March 5, 2011
In the latest installment in the In Death series, Peabody randomly stumbles across a rotten cop conspiracy in the Illegals Division of Central. Dallas and Peabody then lead a team tasked with investigating and rooting out the corruption, which includes several suspicious deaths. The plot is fast paced and the villains are dark and require substantial butt-whooping from Dallas. And the police corruption angle is a fresh and interesting twist for an In Death book. That said, for me the plot is not the most important thing. What keeps me coming back to this series is the incredibly likeable, complex, interesting and quirky cast of characters. The heart of this series is the amazingly strong, moral, rough-and-tough Eve Dallas but I love any excuse to visit the world of Dallas and Roarke, Peabody and McNab, Dr. Mira, Feeney, Mavis and Summerset. Each of them continues to develop over the course of the series and Eve, in particular, has grown and become better and larger than she was in the first book. The fabulous cast of truly unique, compelling characters elevates this mystery series far above the norm.
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on November 19, 2014
I never give Amazon books a five star rating. I'm really not sure what I'm comparing them to. Am I comparing them all the books I've read over a lifetime using only a five point system. Who can do that? It's ridiculous. I can't compare Treachery in Death to Pride and Prejudice, or For Whom the Bell Tolls, Catcher in the Rye, or even King's The Stand. So, I've concluded that I need to think in terms of not all the books I've read, but all the contemporary non-classical books I've read within the last 3 years on Amazon. That being the case, the In Death series contain the best, smartest and most fun reads I have had in a very long time. I've read all the main books up to 33 (New York to Dallas) and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. I don't know how Roberts does it, but she builds her characters so well and they are so real and passionately alive that I have a hard time remembering they aren't. Eve and Roarke are particularly so, but all the main characters are well fleshed out, flawed and imperfect but smart, honest and ethical. She continues to amaze me with her fresh plots, story action, and believable sequence. I never get the sense Robb has written herself into a hole and has to do some fancy - and annoying - footwork to get out of it. I've only read one of Nora Roberts books, and didn't especially care for it. However, Robb and the whole In Death series rocks! But do yourself a favor start with the first book and get to know the characters and understand their development. Don't start with this book.
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on June 21, 2014
Sometimes reading the Eve Dallas IN DEATH series by brilliant author JD Robb is so on the money real, it slices closer to home than I, Ladybug Lin can handle. Ever since I found book one Naked in Death, I am signed up as soon as each new book in Hard Cover becomes available. Not too long ago we moved. With great care and precision I packed our treasured books, walked them across the street turned them over to the Mail Person in the office, paid the fee for sending them via USPS to the people we would be briefly moving in with...while waiting for our apartment to become available. Somehow many of our well cared for and deeply cherished books never made it back into our care. Lost? Maybe...maybe not...but definitely gone.

Now on April 1, of this year, the apartment had a fire two doors down from our apartment and we suffered quite a bit of smoke damage. (Both my adult daughter and I, avid JD Robb fans, have severe lung issues. All the books we did NOT lose in mailing them down here are now ruined from smoke damage.

What to do, what to do? Slowly we are replacing what we can via Amazon's individual sellers.

This is one we JUST REPLACED, and I read for the first time in ages.

J.D. Robb understands the long range effects of sexual abuse, incest, and more, with such precision. I pray she did not learn about it, like me first hand.

There are titles in her IN DEATH Series that are so raw, I cannot bring myself to read them because of the old scabs her words rip open.

That said, I think this is one of my favorite books in her entire series. I only wish she'd written in detail Eve's stripping the starch and snide disdain from Renee Oberman, and Renee being faced with the reality that her Dadddy, a police force hero she chose to disdain even more than she did Eve, was a witness to her mighty unmasking.

However I cheered when Eve stood her ground and let Renee's father know why she would not drop the charges Eve brought down on the head of one of Renee's dirty cops. Bill Garnett. not even posthumously.

As someone who has faced the federal line law enforcement agents often hide behind, it made me glad to see, even if ONLY in fiction, the line not move for either Bill or his monumentally crooked superior.

There are other titles in this series I love so much I will always try my best to have at least one copy of them in Hard Cover...(Hard cover lasts longer when you're an avid re-reader than paperback, but it is one of my most favorites...and always will be.

Thank you J.D. Robb.
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on July 27, 2015
Nora Robets, writing as JD Robb, has somehow produced this miracle of storytelling through her innate talent as a best-selling writer. I'm in awe of her imagination in coming up with such complex murder mysteries. The main characters, especially Homicide Lieutenant Eve and her billionaire husband, are so well developed and vivid, you feel like they are real people you know deeply and hope to meet. They have faults, integrity, fight, love deeply, and hurt just like the rest of us mere mortals. You root for them and feel strongly about their adventures and relationships, quests, and paths towards justice and finding love. The investment in owning the entire series was worth every single penny because Roberts stories are just that amazing, and always a cut above the rest!!! A must-have series for anyone recognising quality.
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on February 26, 2011
I loved reading this book. I finished it in record time last night just before I went to bed, and it was one of the better In Death books. I like the series as a whole, but any series that continues for this many books will have its better books, and the ones that are not as strong.

I'm not going to do a plot review. You can see that in a lot of other reviews. This time, although murder is part of what is going on, it isn't the true focus of why Eve is investigating the people she is investigating. This time her partner falls over a major case of corruption and brings it to Eve as soon as she has made sure of her own safety. There is a lot of politics in this case in addition to the usual murder investigations.

I also liked the fact, partly because of the subject of the investigation, that the author is beginning to talk about and think about what being a manager and a leader for a group like a police unit is all about. Eve is a street cop in a lot of ways, still working cases on her own, but she is also the head of a unit that works together to solve cases.

In this book one of the subjects is management style. Eve's style. The style of the dirty cop that Eve is investigating. The style of the people Eve reports to now and in the past. Even the style of the dirty cop's very honest father when he ran the NYC police. I liked it in part because this series isn't going to be able to continue much longer without Eve being promoted and that is going to slow down her own street cop persona. So I liked seeing Eve managing as well as working on her own. Just a hint of what is probably coming for the series as a whole.
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on March 17, 2017
And won the fight.

The moral of the story is that good, clean cops exist and can rabidly take out the bad seeds.
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VINE VOICEon March 28, 2011
This was a bit of a change of pace for the series. Eve wasn't looking for a killer this time. She was dealing with dirty cops. Peabody overhears something that leads to a massive investigation. Lt. Renee Oberman is the daughter of a decorated and well-respected police officer. She has had all the advantages that Eve missed during her messed up childhood. But Lt. Oberman has decided to go wrong and take most of her squad with her. The contrast between her and Eve forms the heart of this book.

We see Eve reacting to the anger she feels when a cop goes bad and we see her interacting with her colleagues so that we can see how good cops act. This one didn't dig up any more of her or Roarke's past but gave us a clear picture of her ethics and values. The Eve-Roarke moments showed a deepening relationship and showed that they both are learning to compromise and to argue without damaging the relationship.

There wasn't a lot of Eve's personal life in this one. The one moment of lightness came when Mavis left Bella with Eve while she took a quick break. It was funny to see Eve interact with a toddler as though she were a valued adult with opinions of her own. She does seem to be getting more comfortable with the baby. Most of the story concerned the investigation of the dirty cops and the planning needed to expose them and not leave them any loopholes for potential plea bargains or deals.

This was an excellent addition to the In Death series. I look forward to the next one.
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