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on January 5, 2016
Watched One Of My All Time Favorite Non Musical Disney films Films Treasure Planet amazing voice Performances from Joseph Gordon-Levitt(Angels In The Outfield) as Jim Hawkins, Emma Thompson(Sense & Sensibility ) as Captain Amelia also starring Laurie Metcalf(Toy Story) as Sarah Hawkins , David Hyde Pierce(Frasier) as Doctor Delbert Doppler ,Patrick McGoohan (Braveheart) as Billy Bones, Roscoe Lee Brown(Logans Run) as Mr. Arrow , Michael Wincott(The Count Of Monte Cristo) as Mr.Scroop and Brian Murray(The Tempest) as Long John Silver The films main villain. The film is exciting and has high octane action adventure feel to also enjoyed its more exciting Interpretation of Robert Louis Stevensons Treasure Island blending Sci-Fi & Steampunk Elements also really liked Jim Hawkins who just trying to find where he fits in and dreams of Adventure also it was cool to see Silver try to be a father figure to him also Amazing score by James Newton Howard(Dinosaur), Screenplay /Direction by John Musker & Ron Clements(Aladdin) Defenitley Disneys Best Non Musical Film . 10/10
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on November 8, 2014
A near-forgotten Disney film, this, in my opinion, this is one of the most amazing adaptations of a classic tale, ever! Imaginative with a wonderful use of poetic license, while still staying true to the spirit of the original tale ("Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson, in case anyone was wondering),while featuring one of the finest blending of traditional and computer-based animation...it is impactful, meaningful, and downright enjoyable.

Most Disney films don't have too much to worry about in the content realm...and this film is no exception. I must note, though, that there is a stronger sense of violence (space pirates...kinda comes with the territory) and even two deaths - well to be exact, these specific characters fall(?) into the depths of space...so you don't see them "killed", but it is rather obvious that they died.

This movie, as stated above, is based upon "Treasure Island" and it stays quite close to the core plot and spirit of the tale. However, what amazes me is how they use that foundation to build such fantastic world that feels like a fresh blend of both sci-fi and fantasy. The pacing is balanced well, and the characters leave lasting impressions. The internal struggles are also relatable and there were many powerful moments which drove me to tears (both sadness and happiness). It really is a solid film that the crew seemed to enjoy putting together. What stood out to me most, though was how focused the tale was. Yes, there were several tangents and "side-plots", but they always remembered their main story and used even the tangents to help augment the tale as a whole. It really left me thinking and contemplating it.

Though a lot of this movie shines, none of the other aspects can really exist if it weren't for the interesting cast of characters. Not only are they memorable (even many of the minor ones), but the actors and actresses carry their parts really well. It felt so natural and the cast chemistry was exceptionally good.

I liked all the extras. They are really in-depth and give you good information about the source material, the technology used to produce the movie, and the inspirations they had for many of the concepts. They also have a mini-documentary about the life of a pirate. They put a lot of thought and production value into it. Most extras in DVDs I usually like one or two things...if any. This is one of the few times that all of it is worth it and really feels like you are getting more than your money's worth.

I love this film and have watched it several times...you know, I'll probably watch it even more times. This is a wonderful tale about coming of age and redemption. It is also a wonderful tale about finding purpose and direction in life...and discovering how strong your beliefs are, or what they are in the first place. Definitely recommended.
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on July 29, 2017
My only regret is not discovering this movie sooner. Overall, the film is beautifully done, the characters, well designed especially James Hawkins who is coming of age throughout the film. The animation is beautifully done especially for its time and the combination of 3D and 2D aspects makes city and space scenes that much more jaw breaking. Nice combination of heartfelt moments, comedy, action, and adventure that could please anyone. Highly recommend this underrated Disney film.
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on August 24, 2012
Treasure Planet is one of Disney's most obscure and unpopular movies. When it arrived in theaters on Nov. 2002, the film was a box office bomb failing to recoup even half its production cost. It received some recognition and it was even nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature but after this, it was condemned to oblivion.

That's a shame actually since Treasure Planet is a great movie. It's not up there with the Disney classics or can be called a masterpiece but has enough power to be given a chance and this BD is the perfect opportunity to revisit or check this underrated treasure for the first time.

Treasure Planet adapts the Robert Louis Stevenson's classic "Treasure Island" and converts the high sea adventure into an epic space adventure. The story follows Jim Hawkins, a 15 year old who lives with his mother and can't stay out of trouble. His father abandoned him when he was younger and this has affected Jim throughout his short life. His mother can't seem to understand him and Jim doesn't know where his place is. One day, an opportunity is given to Jim to finally prove himself and go in a quest that will change his life: the search of the mysterious Treasure Planet where an incalculable treasure is buried. Action, drama and adventure ensures in this epic journey.

Treasure Planet does a lot things right. It's fast paced, its animation is breathtaking, the score is magnificent and the central characters are well developed. The filmmakers capture teen angst in a perfect and poignant way. The relationship between Jim and Silver is handled very well and is a much more complicated relationship than your typical animated film. All this makes the story engaging and interesting for everyone.

Unfortunately, there are other things that Treasure Planet do not handle very well and the main problem are the supporting characters. They are not very well developed and the movie suffers as a result. The ship crew are random alien creatures which add nothing to the picture, it's like the animators just wanted to be crazy but the final result is not engaging. The relationship between Captain Amelia and Doctor Doppler feels forced but the greatest flaw is the robot B.E.N. The character almost ruined the movie. Is over the top and obnoxious in every single scene he's in. I know he was meant for laughs but his antics are unfunny throughout the film. All these characters take weight from the central emotional core of the film and should have been handled better, especially the robot.

Anyhow, flaws and all, Treasure Planet is still a high spirited adventure with a great message and impeccable technical presentation. It does not deserve the reputation it has and hopefully more people will re-discover it and give it a better place in the Disney canon.

Video & Audio
Treasure Planet debuts on BD in a near perfect presentation. Some minor banding appears in some scenes but nothing to be concern about. The picture is crystal clear, colors pop off the screen and detail and delineation is just breathtaking. This is one of Disney's best BD presentations.

The 5.1 DTS-HD MA is a bombastic experience with good directionality and crystal clear dialogue. A wonderful experience all around.

Bonus Features
While no new bonus material was produced for this BD, most of the DVD material has been carried over and while is not as extensive as it could, most of the material is engaging and informative.

You have an audio commentary with the filmmakers and several featurettes concerning the making of the film and the different stages of production (animation, design, music, story, etc), publicity material and more.

A DVD copy is also included.

Final Thoughts
Treasure Planet is an epic adventure that makes for an enjoyable experience. It's not perfect and has some glaring flaws but the final product is far better than its reputation would suggest. It's not Disney's best but it isn't its worst either and deserves to be seen at least once. This BD makes things easier with an impeccable technical presentation and worthy bonus material. Treasure Planet is recommended.
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on May 13, 2017
I've always liked this movie. Interesting movie with dark characters but Its a good, entertaining and sweet movie. The package it arrived in was a little damaged but the actual movie was unharmed.
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on September 2, 2017
A great movie that is a lot of fun to watch, especially with an older child. The anthropomorphic characters in a futuristic setting are an interesting twist on a well known plot. ^_^
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on April 12, 2017
space pirates, black holes, and a lost treasure? like as cheesy as that must sound it is such a good movie, and one of my favorites. if youre more into the princess movies, then maybe not but i definitely enjoyed it.
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on September 2, 2012
I personally am a little bias, I truly enjoyed this movie, based on the Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. A troubled youth acquires in hand a "map" to the legendary treasure planet a treasure trove, "with the loot of a thousand worlds". The adventures involve pirates, space travel, and some extraordinary events which lead to a positive, heart warming outcome.

This review is primarily based on the the product itself as a blu-ray/dvd combo. The digital transfer to blu-ray is astounding. The colors are clear and crisp and the sound is superb, I watched both the DVD and the Blu-ray. The difference is amazing. Originally Treasure Planet is hand drawn movie with CGI integration. The High Definition Quality seems to allow each of the drawing methods to seamlessly integrate.

Regretfully, I must give the movie 4 stars. Not for the movie itself, but for the lack of new or improved extras. The only unfortunate part of this transfer to Blu-ray is that the extras are mostly from the original Treasure Planet DVD release, in standard definition. In most cases it isn't really a big deal, but at the price point of $20 (from August 2012) it made the purchase a little less desirable.

However, for the those who simply think this movie is amazing, check out the High Definition Blu-ray and you will be satisfied with your purchase and it is definitely worth is.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon October 25, 2003
This is an animated science fiction story based on Robert Louis Stevension's Treasure Island. The script is very good though, as usual with Disney, not as enlightened as one would wish or hope. The animation and design are breathtaking, the characters are fun and the songs are minimally intrusive. All-in-all, I was pleasantly surprised by this film, and look forward to re-reading the book so I can see how it compares.

Disney's forte continues to be their state-of-the-art dvd extras, and this disc is no exception. There are trailers and featurettes galore, games, music videos, deleted scenes, an alternate ending and a commentary track with the producer and two directors.

Spoken language options are English, French or Spanish, and English captions are available.
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on March 10, 2017
This is one of the smartest "kids" movies out there. It's a hilarious, exciting retelling of Treasure Island, obviously, but comes out beautifully.
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