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on February 23, 2016
I just finished reading this terrific story on Kindle (ASIN: B00LP34EKI). Since Amazon lumps together all reviews for similarly titled products I've included the ASIN number so you know which version of this book I'm referring to. There are 10 illustrations and photos at the very end of the book. Only three are about this story with the rest being various photos of the author as a child, a young man, etc. You can do a lot better just by doing an image search "Treasure Island". I won't rehash the story here since it's quite well known by everyone already or at least the framework of the story is.

Some of the nautical terms and pirate jargon in the story were unfamiliar to me and I found the CliffNotes Treasure Island Glossary to be very useful in understanding them. It defines terms like alow and aloft; assizes; dead-eye; my cock, as in rooster and meaning a fine young man (that one tripped me up for a few seconds) and many others. Amazon won't let me post a link to it so just do a search for "Full Glossary for Treasure Island - CliffsNotes". It'll probably be the first hit in the list and it's free.

There are many images on the Web for Treasure Island. I did a Search for 'Treasure Island Map' and I found one that helped in getting a better idea of where action was taking place. I hope you enjoy the story and if you have young children why not read it aloud with them.

By the way, if you want to see the film I highly recommend you watch the 1950 Disney version starring Robert Newton as Long John Silver. One RottenTomatoes critic said this; "Newton's Long John Silver is the ultimate buccaneer, a one-legged, squinty-eyed blackguard so piratical he even concludes a prayer with a hammy 'Ahhhhhrrrmen...'" And Silver could also be the most charming, silver-tongued devil around when it suited him.
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on June 28, 2017
I would give this review zero stars if I could. This is not a legit book but rather some bound version of a combo typed/xerox copy of the original, made in the USA, San Bernardino, California, 25 June 2017, 3 days ago, upon my order apparently.

This was going to be a gift for a 9 year old looking to engage further in chapter reading. No longer.

I thought a rollicking pirate adventure, illustrated by N. C. Wyeth, might be fun. This poor replica is anything but fun...the cover is pixelated and the illustration plates are muddied grays, and I haven't even addressed how a 9-year old is going to try to read the disjointed copy spacing and chapter headings, as well as typos and misspellings. Please see photos.

On top of this my copy was bent and sticky, go figure packing crew.

100% dissatisfied long-term Amazon customer.
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on November 30, 2017
A well-written tale that held my interest. I did not find it to be anything special though, just a good, well-written book but then it should be especially considering the author's high position in the literary ranks. It certainly stands above some of the other classics with which I have had issues. It was worth the read but definitely does not rank, in my opinion, as a must read unless you wish to become a novelist.
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Top Contributor: Cookingon November 2, 2015
A classic in every sense of the word. From the cultural icons of Long John Silver, pirates with peg legs, parrots on shoulders, and lively sea shanties being sung by a crew...Treasure Island is the place where most ideas of what a pirate looks like came from.
There is violence...it's a book about pirates, after all...but nothing too graphic or gratuitous. Yes, people are shot and run through with swords, but you don't have the "blood spatter details" we're subjected to in so many media formats today. Leaving things to the imagination seems to be a lost art form, especially when everyone seems to feel the need to "one-up" the last book with even more graphic descriptions of violence...thankfully this book was written before that began, so you can let your teens or even tweens read this without having to worry about them being exposed to salacious details.

Numerous other books, movies, even music have been influenced by Treasure Island. You really owe it to yourself to read this great adventure book and reinvigorate your imagination.
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on July 11, 2015
The illustrations in this book are amazing full-color woodcuts. There are plenty of full-page illustrations and 2-page spreads for added excitement. The illustrations are incredible. 5 stars for the illustrations.

This book offers the full text of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, a book that needs to be abridged. It's a great story, but not a great book. There is little benefit to owning the ENTIRE story, except as a vehicle for these illustrations.

My son is a wanna-be illustrator, and these woodcuts are inspirational. You could almost put together a fantastic wordless picture book based on these woodcuts.

I'm raising a family of boys, so this is based on personal experience: I can't recommend a family buy this, since the Robert Louis Stevenson's book is so... overboard. $20 is too much money to spend on a book no child wants to read. But as a work of art, I highly recommend the book.

If this is your favorite story from childhood, then by all means, indulge. But if you think this would be a lovely present for your favorite niece or grandson, they probably won't read it.
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on July 12, 2017
Believe it or not, I am 59 years old & had never read Treasure Island before. What an enjoyable book, made even more enjoyable by the wonderful narration!

All of the sayings & characters that I have heard for years finally come together in this book. Long John Silver & his parrot, "Yo Ho Ho & a bottle of Rum", 15 men on a dead man's chest.....the list goes on & one. I don't know why I waited so long to read it.

I don't know anything about sailing or a lot of the sailing terms that were used in the book, but it really doesn't matter. What matters is the descriptions of the characters, the trip, the adventure, the treasure. There was enough backstabbing, adventure, piracy and the like to entertain all, no matter their age.

The narrator does a great job, but it does take some getting used to his very English accent. However, the accents that are used are what makes the book so much fun to listen to! I was given an Audible version of this book by the narrator/publisher & chose to review it.
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on November 15, 2015
Good for all seasons, I am 73 and I am reading Treasure Island for the first and second times this year.
The writing is fabulous.
My elder brother always used to say, Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, but as his middle sister, I did not know it was this good.
I am especially encouraged as I am reading a centenary edition, of N.C. Wyeth's illustrations and I am holding it in my hand while lying on my futon to read.
I have known about the Wyeths and Chads Ford even while I was living in Burma, from seeing reproductions of Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World.
Subsequently, without ever thinking it possible, I came to have a strong Philadelphia connection.
And I once saw an N.C. Wyeth original with pirates and all, being scanned on a table for museum quality laser prints at a facility called Qoro in Wilmington, Delaware.
So I felt as if I had died and gone to heaven, or else was hiding in a barrel of apples on deck overhearing Long John Silver.

Read it.

Your life will not be complete without it.
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The Black Spot. What a cool name for a seaside bar. Long John Silver. An actual name of a restaurant chain though not as cool. Pieces of Eight. Another cool name for a bar. If you're looking for a synopsis or my thoughts on this book, you may as well keep looking. The book's been around for over a hundred years. It's a classic and maybe you're thinking to yourself, hey. I can just read what people have to say about it on Amazon so I can chime in during freshman English class. Or, hey I can just read the ClifNotes on the book and skirt by. Don't be that person. That person sucks. Be the person that actually reads the book and understands what it represents. Being good is cool but being a pirate is cooler. Just ask Captain Jack Sparrow.
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on February 3, 2018
Exceptional in both physical form and story.

The book is small, approximately 4 inches by 6 inches and perhaps 3/4 inch thick. It comes as hardcover, with a paper jacket and a built in ribbon bookmark. This book would make an aesthetically excellent addition to any library, but may be a bit off putting for the more macho reader (it's light blue hardcover and ribbon are a bit much) - that being said, perhaps the skull on the paper jacket front will compensate a bit.

As for the story, there isn't much I can write that a paid scholar hasn't already stated more coherently. For the average reader, this book is as simple as the classics come. What I can only imagine as a tale written for an adolescent male, this story is altogether suspenseful, and transportive. Taking the reader into the 1800s (or earlier) you're plunged into the world of a influenced and curious young man, bound for an epic journey amongst truly scallywags and chivalrous men. Take a gander at the novel that all our pirate stereotypes are based upon, and revisit the naivety and excitement that we all overlooked in our youngest years.
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on June 3, 2015
I enjoyed this classic novel. I have seen several movies made from this book, my most favorite being the 1950, version with Robert Newton as Long John Silver. As I read the book, I was able to see the movie in my mind and visualize every scene. If I had not seen the movies, "Treasure Island" would still be one of my favorite books. The author, Robert Louis Stevenson, brings his characters to life and every depiction of action is a real image of life. His ship board chapters are very real as they were in, "Two Years Before the Mast", by Richard Henry Dana Jr. The research into life aboard a sailing ship was masterful. His portrayal of the characters and their personalities made them come alive, very close to the style and depth of Charles Dickens.I would recommend this book for readers of ages from mid-teen to all above. It is fun and fast reading, which is guaranteed to keep your attention and the need to see the next page. Happy Reading.
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