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on April 13, 2013
I picked these little guys up as they promised total privacy in use. And realistically they do just that. Compared to GMRS/FRS these will not have interference from other users unless they are within range AND on the happen to use the same channel (1000 choices)! And, yes I suppose someone with REALLY specialized equipment could listen in but the reality is that these are about as private as you can get.
In the field they work well. They have about the same range as FRS type radios (also licence free), but the big plus is NO interference. Additionally you can use these commercially also, not so with GMRS/FRS.
My radios arrive very quickly and worked out of the box, but after a few days of playing with them I noticed one battery had some charging issues, A letter to Trisquare with some other questions and remarks went unanswered, so manufacturers support is nil. Too bad this is a great product. I ended up ordering a spare battery. Oddly these look like a standard 3 cell Nimh AA pack (and are labelled HiMh) but provide 4.8 volts. I'll have to do surgery on the bad pack when the good one arrives.
The other issue was that on some occasions they seem to loose sync. Turning the radio off and back on seems to solve that problem. The build quality is adequate for personal use, they are not commercial quality but they don't cost like one either. Motorola has a similar system that runs around $260 a radio! Now you have commercial quality!
A few weeks later I scored a set of TSX300 radios at a local sports store and now my family can go to the Bronx Zoo and keep in touch without interference or noise from kids screaming on their FRS radios.
A really great idea, to bad Trisquare is no longer making these.
Only four stars due to poor response from the manufacturer and the occasional glitch.
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on February 3, 2010
Nobody seems to mention these radios can use AA batteries which is a big plus. High capacity AA batteries can easily double the capacity of the supplied battery packs, and primary cells can be used when you are away from the recharger. This is great for travel.

The "roger beep" feature has an interesting twist. Usually, such a feature is controlled by the sending unit, not the receiver. In this case, it's controlled by the receiving unit. For these radios it is almost a necessity, as there is almost no audible indication of the end of transmission, because there is no squelch tail or other giveaway that analog radios have.

These are the only "digital" radios I could find on the market for home use. The "privacy" feature is not so much strong privacy, due to there only being 1000 possible channels, as it is freedom from interference and use by others. And that's a huge advantage in any crowded situation. If you want some privacy, make sure to hide the "channel" you're using, as this is all anyone needs to receive your transmissions.

The number of buttons is just right. Most such products strive to minimize buttons, which makes them hard to use. Others have too many unnecessary ones for what seem to be cosmetic reasons. This model has it just right. Enough to make use easy and few enough to make use easy to remember.

If you need short range commo protected from interference, these are going to be hard to beat.

Update 2010-0205

I wanted to add that the radios are protected from interference but not immune to it nor encrypted to be immune from eavesdropping. These are by no means to be considered "private" or "secure" radios. Consumer radios give you a great choice of bands, 900 ISM, 462/7 GMRS/FRS, 151/4 MURS and 27 CB. Which band and which equipment you use will greatly depend on what kind of situation you have. These radios are likely to be best in crowded areas where other users in the other bands are likely to be present and for short ranges.

If you really want a more detailed look at the privacy and interception issue, refer to the following link which describes how eXRS radios can be received on conventional scanners.

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on April 18, 2011
We took these radios on a recent cruise. The radios worked great! There was absolutely no interference from other radios or devices. The range was as expected. They worked fine across the entire ship, and for our friends staying in cabins with windows on deck 2 to all other areas of the ship. They did not work from the interior stateroom on deck 2 to upper decks. This room would only reach other radios within the same deck, and one above. There is a lot of metal that would block any transmitter, including my cell phone. We were on one of the new super ships, 952 feet long, 11 decks,

We would get about 36 hours of standby time before the battery went totally dead. We did not do a lot of talking on the radios, probably 20 min total in that 36 hour period.

Around our neighborhood the radio will transmit up to about 1/4 mile - what I would expect from any radio in our area. There are a lot of houses and trees in our typical Southern California tract. They work fine for our young daughters walking the dog around the block. I haven't tested it on more open areas such as large fields, freeways, or open water.

A great radio! I highly recommend this radio as a better alternative to FRS/GMRS radios.
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on September 8, 2008
I bought a pair of TSX-100's after reading a review of TriSquare's upmarket but similiar TSX-300 900mHz radios in a radio hobby magazine. My intent was to use them to keep track of my bike riding buddy on longer road trips. They more or less work in this application but I have found them much more useful for staying in contact with my wife when out for extended walks or while shopping in malls & power centers.

The range is highly variable (sometimes several miles) and it seems to have gotten better in the 8 months I've had them. The batteries will hold a charge all day (8 hours anyway) after a full overnight session in the charger. While we're carrying them, my wife & I never power 'em off until we get home.

The advantage (maybe the only one) over FRS radios in the same price range is that you never get interference from other users on "your" channel 'cause you got 999 channels to pick from. This is especially useful on cruise ships where many passengers are using FRS radios to keep track of their family members on board while at sea because they can't use their cell phones. 900mHz radios like this avoid the crowded FRS frequencies.
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on August 20, 2012
I was on the fence between getting a GMSR set or the 900MHz two ways. I decided to go with these because I heard they had better clarity and still good range. When I got them I charged 'em up and tested them around the house, they worked fine, ok clarity (I expected better). Then I had to run a couple miles down the road to the store and I thought I'd take one and try to talk to my kid on it on the way. The two ways would work maybe 6-7 houses down and then they cut out and nothing would get through. Pretty disappointing to me. So if you are looking for a private two way for very short distances go for it, but otherwise look for something else. As far as Battery life goes, we would leave them on most of the day before putting back on the charger (granted most was on standby because we couldn't talk over long distances), so they at least last that long.
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on March 12, 2012
The range and audio quality on these radios is excellent, especially for the price.
They equal some FRS/GMRS radios, of which I have quite a few brands, in range and sound quality, actually better than some FRS/GMRS radios, and have the advantage of it being very unlikely someone can be listening in.
I liked the first pair so much I ordered an additional pair today.
Complaints- the buttons stick out the front more than they need to and have no way to lock them to prevent accidental pressing. The belt clips are poorly designed and don't have the necessary "hook" turned up on the bottom of the back part to prevent them coming off the belt too easily. I also don't care for the catch they use to attach the radios to the belt clip. If it wasn't for the buttons on the front protruding more than necessary I'd just drop them in my pocket. The radios are so light I usually just clip them to my shirt collar, I can hear them better that way anyhow
For better performance I would prefer a full quarter wave antenna that was very flexible rather than the short rigid stubby antenna. A quarter wave for this band is only 3" so size wouldn't be an issue.
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on March 22, 2009
I previously purchased Midland LXT340 with the AVHP3 headsets from Amazon. First, they are garbage. They (midlands) don't go 1/4 mile much less than the 30 miles they boast. Second, the radios (midlands) do not have a VOX option, but are being sold with the VOX headsets.

I was looking at the Trisquare 300's but chose the 100's because they were cheaper, have the same radio function, and I do not text message. So, I bought the TSX-100-2vp with the TSX-10A headsets for VOX capability. Awesome!! I tried them out today while paintballing in Fredricksburg, VA. My partner in some cases was around 1000 yards away and through brush and overgrowth. Heard everything. NO STATIC!! None. It has 3 sensitivity levels, so put it on "3" when you are talking very quite so no one can shoot you. I would recommend that while walking quick to set up the game, put it on PTT because the crinkling leaves will kick the level 3 VOX on. The battery packs that came with the radio last for around 3 hours of constant use at long distance. Luckily, two batt packs and a second charger come with the accessory pack. 4 batt packs, 2 chargers, 2 kick-butt radios, and 2 headsets for under 80 bucks? Yeah. They really are that much better than ANY GRMS, or RMS type radio. I admit I have never tried the cobra ones, but I have at one time or another tryed the majority of the others. Garbage. 12, 18, 20, 30 mile? BS. Trisquare exrs are where the perfomance is at. And so clear, I am buying 4 more for my other team mates.
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on October 7, 2012
Went on a road trip with these...

Range was not so good.

In the city (light urban environment), we got about half a city block of range.
Even on the freeway (albeit in the mountains), they'd be out of range by 500 ft.
On the open water though, we did get some decent range in there (needless to say, because it was flat, and line of sight).

Anyway, these worked and didn't fail. :)

The battery life wasn't so hot, though we did get about 8-9 hours of standby time on the internal battery, which was close to what was advertised. Did not get a chance to stick some AA batteries in there to test that out.
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on February 21, 2011
We are using these at our church. We use them on service days, Wednesday (about three hours) and Sunday (for about 9 hours-for 3 services) . We have a rather large campus ('L' shape and 1/4 mile in each direction with a total of 5 separate buildings of about 176,000 sq. ft.) and we are tight on parking so we park people on campus and about 1/4 mile from our church and bus them in. These radios are able to keep our parking team in contact. We only use the PPT (push to talk) feature. We have some professional type Motorola's and these are not as good as those, but then they are over eight times less costly! We also tried the Motorola Walk-Talkies and while they worked if you are line-of-sight, we have tilt-up concrete type buildings and they don't work through them, so we were resigned to go with the 'pro' Motorola's, but after discovering these babies our parking team is able to keep in touch with each other no matter where we are and at times it is not crystal clear, but still understandable and generally they are very clear. In summary, for the money, they are great. Much better than the walkie-talkies. Since we have only had them a short time I cannot vouch for the battery life.
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on June 12, 2010
I am not a techie so I will just feedback on the two main issues which are voice quality and range.

I've read extensively before buying and noticed that there's substantial negative feedback on its voice quality. Honestly, I find them equal to or even better than Midland's or Motorola's as I've owned them before. The volume is easy to set and it can be pretty loud thus good in noisy areas.

On the topic of range, yep.. its about the same as the others. Line of sight (LOS) is pretty important because back where I am, we have lots of high rise apartments and without LOS and being blocked by the buildings, I cannot communicate even when both talkies were about 200 metres apart, there would be lots of static. But with LOS, wow... the voice quality is still superb even when I am a 1000 metres away. Have not tried them within a building itself though... Should perform well I suppose noting the reviews about them higher frequencies bouncing off walls etc...

But the final thing I like best is the size i.e. portability. Its the smallest yet... easy to bring it around.. No regrets buying them... Only issue is we use 220/240v supply thus the adapter that came along with it cannot be used so I am just using AA batteries now..
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