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Size: 36-Inch by 20-Inch Bed, 600-Pound Capacity, 10-Inch Tires, Padded Straight Handle|Change
Price:$73.00 - $159.99
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on September 16, 2014
This cart is great for light loads but doesn't do well with the heavy stuff as advertised. One of the rear wheels had to be replaced within a month of purchase due to bearings becoming defective (the vendor was very good to replace the tire assembly under warranty.) It is hard to empty the last of the load, this has to be done manually. If filled to the suggested weight limit it would be too hard to move if it could be moved. Bought the heavier duty model but question if the lighter duty would have worked as well for normal use. Not the best purchase.
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on September 7, 2015
I'm afraid that this thing is going to be a loser. The first part of my review is about the frustrating assemby procedure. Since the instructions fail to let the user know what kind of tools to use, let me list them: 1 each deep well 1/2" socket wrench, 2 each 1/2" combo wrench, 1 each biggest Phillips head screwdriver you can find. Don't try this with an adjustable wrench; the hardware is so cheap and soft that the wrench will wear it round. And yes, two combo wrenches. You'll see why when the tools get stuck in the creative places the Gorilla engineers came up with to jam a tool in. And it may take three people to do this job. One to hold the giant screwdriver in place on the soft metal hardware, one to operate the socket wrench, and one to hold the flimsy plastic tub still while the other two strip the cheap hardware. After it was assembled, it was pretty clear that the cart isn't going to stand up to anywhere near the 600 pound capacity the description claimed. Two 50 pound daughters flexed the tub and the wheels toed in trying to keep up. Prediction: The carriage bolts are going to rip through the plastic tub and the wheels are going to grind off the axles.

If this cart makes it anywhere near the one year warranty I'll revise this review, but right now my experience (marine engineer and tradesman) tells me that I should have bought a decent wheel barrow for the same money.
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on December 2, 2015
Ok, so I bought this to help haul water and feed around to my animals this winter and I'm not so sure it will be up for much more then that task. I don't really have the luxury of returning it, as winter is here and I need it for some light duty work right now. Many of the issues with it I've had to suck up and/or fix.
The smell from the tires was enough to make my wife gag, and personally I've never purchased anything that smelled so bad out of the box, ever. A trivial problem that I'm sure will go away with time. During assembly one of the cheap bolts stripped, as the cheap nuts easily cross thread if you're not extremely careful. Not a huge deal, they cut off easily with a rotary tool cutter, almost too easily, and can be replaced at the local hardware store with higher quality stock that thread better. After having it fully assembled, I discovered that the front wheels rub on the frame, and the dump lock doesn't line up properly. I had to basically put together a lift kit consisting of 1/2 inch worth of washers and a longer bolt to space the dumper frame from the front axle frame so the tires didn't rub. As far as the dumper lock, some grinding will be required to make that work properly. Luckily for me I don't need that function until spring and I'll probably stick to my wheel barrel for those heavy jobs, so it's not high on my priority list. Seems to work ok now that I've made that adjustment, at least it rolls now.
Some other areas of concern are the tire assembly, the lack of reinforcement for the plastic bucket, and the frame seems a little on the light duty side. I don't know where they got the weight rating from, but I wouldn't trust mine to move more than a couple hundred lbs on a flat level surface, especially since it required some backyard engineering to get it to even roll properly.
I would not recommend this product to anybody requiring it to carry more than a couple hundred lbs, even if they get one that doesn't have the problems mine did. If you've got light duty stuff you need one of these for, there are probably better, cheaper options that require less trips to the hardware store to function.
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on April 16, 2014

1 - the plastic is out-gassing foul smells. At first I thought my cat had decorated the new box, but no, that smell is coming from inside the box.
2 - parts missing: the 'hardware pack' of bolts, nuts, washers, and cotter pins consists of a blister pack on cardboard. The pack had opened in shipment so all the parts were loose in the box. Half of them are missing.
3 - the manual says 'DO NOT RETURN TO RETAILER', but rather go to their friendly website where all will be made good.
4 - their website is friendly like a porcupine.
a - There is no obvious 'missing parts' section, though there is an option to buy a new hardware pack ($8 plus shipping).
b - I opted to fill in a customer-service form, which devolved into a 'missing parts' form halfway through. It requires you to
1 - know the date of manufacture of the wagon which is ???
2 - upload a pdf of your receipt
3 - the name of your first pet. Not really, but still, why should I care where this is manufactured? That information is for them to try to straighten out their defective QC, which is commendable except insofar as it relies on the input of a pissed-off customer.

So I tried to call their 800 number. It placed to a nice recording telling me I had won free tickets to the Bahamas if only I entered by credit card number to pay 'port fees'. No, really, this is what happened.

I would suggest you not buy this object unless you are patient and enjoy abuse-by-neglect. I'll short their stock.

The wagon, btw, appears to be decent. Once assembled and aired for a month, I suspect it will perform as well as any other inexpensive garden wagon.
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on May 17, 2016
I've wanted one of these carts for some time to use on our property. We have 2 acres, a large garden, chickens, and lots of pets. These have gotten rave reviews, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

It came in a medium sized box. It smells - badly. I had to leave it in my garage for days to off gas before even attempting to put it together. I'm serious - this is one of the worst off-gassing products I've ever owned.

It was relatively easy to assemble - took me about one hour. The metal frame seems sturdy enough, but the plastic tray is flimsy. I get the feeling that this will break if overloaded, which apparently can hold 600 pounds. There is no way on this planet that I feel this cart can carry that much weight.

It dumps easily, but really can't carry that much stuff. My wheelbarrow can carry more, and didn't smell nearly as bad. I was not impressed with this cart.
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on November 1, 2015
I'm giving this two stars because of how difficult it was to put together. At times it's defiantly a two person operation do the awkwardness of trying to screw it in place

The interruptions are very poorly written and lack detail and clear pictures. I would highly recommend having a ratchet set handy as trying to using a wrench is very frustrating and almost a non starter. Also make sure to have a larger Philips head screwdriver.

As for use, it's ok. It does the job, though just barley. To be fair, I used it for moving landscaping stones and probably would have been better suited using a traditional wheel barrow. I imagine if you're doing traditional gardening this will be fine.

Outside of the assembly process I also have concerns about durability. Thought it looks well constructed, I have my doubts. The actual plastic holder is flimsy and and very unimpressive.

Overall, if you have to have the dumping mechanism, then I would assume there are worse directions to go and the price is fair. If you don't need the dumping feature, skip this and go another route.
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on November 5, 2015
You have to ut this item together almost from scratch and the instructions are very difficult to understand. The bolts don't seem to be correct, leaving the pieces very loose. The worst thing about it is the horrendous smell. Even when it was inside the boce sealed, the smell permeated the entire garage' If I ever get it together, it will have to be left out in the yard for that reason. I tried to return it, but when I found out it would cost almost half the price of the item, I gave up on that idea. My advice, they sell this item at Lowes and if you want to try it out, at least you can return it to the store without the penalty of outrageous shipping charges.
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on December 7, 2016
We were very disappointed that the many screws that were needed for assembly were impossible to tighten. We spent over two hours trying to tighten the 6 screws in the first part of the assembly instructions. We even called the company and they gave us a few ways to try to do this and none of them worked. The company representative admitted that these screws are very difficult to tighten. Seems to us it should be a simple matter to offer screws that can be easily tightened. As a result of this assembly issue we returned it to Amazon. The unit seemed very sturdy and well made and the instructions were fairly clear. However, not being able to tighten the many screws made the product unacceptable to us.
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on October 15, 2016
Overall I was pretty unimpressed w this cart. Let's start with the assembly of this thing.....the nuts and bolts are absolutely horrible!! I ended up having to replace them all to assemble this cart.

The sides are pretty shallow and really doesn't hold that much without modding it. Surprisingly it tips over pretty easily when it takes a turn.

Overall I expected a lot more.
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on May 21, 2016
It STINKS! I put the parts out on the deck to air out - hasn't lost the stench yet. The box has stunk up the garage as well while waiting for an empty trash barrel..

This might be a good cart once it is put together. The instructions are printed so small and light that they are nigh onto impossible to read. The pictures are at best confusing. I looked for instructions on the internet that I could print out in much larger type, but found none .

I have put together a lot of furniture, and done some mechanicing - this was the most difficult assembly, I've ever encountered. You have to be both a contortionist and a master mechanic to get it right.
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