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on March 20, 2015
Prius owners take note, while this is the correct size for 2010 (3rd gen) Prius front Driver and Passenger wipers, and is a high-quality and great low-price solution, you will need to do some tinkering for this to work on your Prius. The Prius wipers are low profile with the camber induced solely by steel bands of the blades, not by the wiper assembly. To use these inserts on the Prius, you either need to substitute and tweak the original Prius metal bands, or carefully bend the metal bands supplied with these blades. I opted to use the Prius bands because they are thicker and heavier-duty. The drawback of the Prius steel bands is that they do not have a clip to hold them in place, and friction alone will not hold them in place for long unless you also slide one of the supplied metal bands down the middle back of the blade to tighten it up. A tight blade is better in other ways too. Alternately, and the easier solution is that the supplied bands do have the locking clip which will hold everything in place, but are looser and will need bending to induce camber. This product almost earns 5-stars, but due to havign to futz with it, and that it is slightly squeeky rubber and slightly loose, I'm docking a star.

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on November 20, 2013
I own a Subaru Tribeca that has odd and different size wipers between the driver and passenger side. To my knowledge, the only set you can purchase ready for direct replacement is from the dealer. I had read that I can try refills with my Subaru and this 8mm Trico product would fit the existing driver's side arm. I didn't have to modify the length of this refill, it was the length I needed.
The process took about 10 minutes, was extremely easy and the results are better than the OEM blades ever were.
Wonderful product quality and design ... very reasonable price as well.
I couldn't be happier.
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on June 26, 2017
These wiper refills work very well. Adjusting the length was easy. I snapped-off the metal tensioner strips to the proper length. Then I cut the rubber about 1/4" longer with diagonal pliers. I much prefer this to having to try to inventory a bunch of different refill sizes!

Beyond these steps, it was easy (or not so easy depending on your dexterity and facility with tools) to replace the existing rubber refills in my wiper blades. The hardest part of this job is removing the old refills. I find that large needle-nose pliers are very helpful for releasing the old refills. If you find this process too difficult then perhaps you should not be replacing your wiper blade refills? Have someone else do it for you, or buy replacement blades.

Be sure to order the correct model for the cross-section of your blade.
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on July 26, 2015
I did Not want to purchase new wiper blades as they cost about ~50 bucks plus i would have to throw away my existing wipers which are only 2 years old (original eqip), hence decided to give this a shot.

1. The wiper inserts come with the long metal strings/blades, hence there is no reason to use the metal blades from the existing wiper inserts.
2. These metal blades (long strings that go along with the rubber) are pre-inserted and there are three tabs to keep them in place. This is a big plus during installation of the inserts into the wiper blades.
3. The metal blades can be cut easily as the manufacturer has a provided a easy cut lining at equidistant one inch intervals.

Overall, a good fit, now have to wait and see if it would last at least for 2 years in the south west driving condition(we don't get as much as rain as north west), paid about seven bucks.
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on September 12, 2014
Bought these for my 2005 Corolla which had the standard square slide through openings. I measured the old blades with a micrometer and found they were 8mm. These fit perfectly. They come 2 to a package. $3.50 each? An outstanding price. They are made with what feels like high quality rubber. The blades are 26 inches long and made to be cut to most any length. They come with the metal strips that line both sides of each blade. The metal strips are scored every inch or so. You only need to bend them slightly and they break into the perfect length. After the metal is broken you only need to cut the excess rubber away with a pair of scissors. Very easy. If there is any problem with the fit, the slide through openings can be adjusted with the squeeze of a pair of pliers. I'm very environmental minded and hate to through away the entire blade and holder. Now it's just the blade in the trash. Love these.
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on July 26, 2017
RE: Trico 47-800 8mm Break to Fit Narrow Refill - 17" to 26" (Sold as Pair) The way these blade refills attempt to lock into the bottom claw is not a guaranteed fit. This product came up when I entered my Year, Make and Model car (2015 Hyundai Sonata), so I figured they should work. Their width was correct for my OE blade assemblies (8 mm), no problem there.... each claw fit as it should around the rubber and metal strip.... THE PROBLEM was the way these refills are supposed to lock into the bottom claw. They are not at all like the OE part. The original rubber blade has a indentation at the base where the claw plugs into. BUT THESE REFILLS ARE NOT LIKE THAT. The Trico rubber is the same on both ends, i guess so they don't have to spend money on production and materials. Their rubber is just one long strip -- the same from one end to the other. So the way Trico tries to lock the rubber into the claw is with a modification they have engineered into the metal strips that come with the blade. SO IF YOU'RE THINKING YOU'LL REUSE YOUR METAL STRIPS FORGET IT.... your refill won't lock in without using the Trico strips. AND THAT's THE PROBLEM -- they don't work well. Each Trico metal strip is die cut at one end with a set of metal spines angled outward, which are supposed to grab the outside of the bottom claw fore-and-aft. But, but, but... it doesn't work well, at least not on my car. The spacing on the spines was not wide enough for the claw to sit between them, leaving one of the spines jammed on the inside of the claw. This caused the base of the refill to twist in the claw, and not sit level. To make matters worse, I thought I was ordering them SHIPPED & SOLD by Amazon, but it turns out I ordered them from AutoPartsKart (a storefront retailer)... so when I went to return the parts - OMG - they wanted me to pay for shipping. Well, that is almost the cost of the product. So live and learn friends. Just because a listing pops up and says it fits your automobile, it MIGHT NOT! And avoid ordering from anyone that doesn't guarantee postage on the return if the part doesn't fit as described. This is twice now I've run into a storefront where a part arrives that doesn't fit as described. Hey, but local auto parts stores can have the same problem with incorrect specs; but at least it only costs me a few cents gas to return an item locally. I guess the Trico's from AutoPartsKart will go into the landfill . What a waste. For the record I also ordered the PIAA 94065 Silicone Wiper Blade Refill, 26" (Pack of 1) and they fit just like the originals, where the bottom claw plugs into a molded indentation in the rubber itself. I ordered two of the 26", reused my strip for the short blade and cut the length of the rubber to fit. The PIAA's fit my Hyundai well. It sort of makes sense that the Japaense PIAA's might fit a Korean car. Finding refills for Hyundai OE blades is difficult. Even the car dealers here sell aftermarket full-blade assemblies and they don't sell refills. But the original blades work better. If you're looking for a refill to fit a 2015 Hyundai Sonata... the Trico's ARE NOT A GOOD CHOICE. Maybe Trico has some specifically designed for my car, but I haven't encountered them. I will be writing a review for the PIAA's after I've used them for a while. Thanks for reading.
review image
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on April 2, 2017
47-800 fit my 07 Accord 26" drivers side. Honda uses two different wiper blade widths on most of their cars. My Accord is 8 or 9mm drivers side and 6 or 7mm on the passenger side. Really annoying if you're looking for replacement blades. These Trico refills come with metal strips. When you remove your oem ones hold on to the metal strips, you might go back to oem refills in the future and they don't come with new strips. The trico strips are slightly different but they work great with the oem blade arm.
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on August 12, 2015
Been using these for years on several different cars/trucks.
Changing the inserts versus the whole wiper assembly Saves A LOT of money.
Have you priced the dealer replacements? Right...

They are becoming difficult to find in auto parts stores, so
I keep at least one in each car/truck.

One word of caution when changing wiper blades or inserts;
ALWAYS block the wiper arm to protect the windscreen from damage.

Highly Recommended.
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on November 2, 2016
This is very good quality and VERY easy to install. However, I have my 2016 Mazda CX-5 in Amazon garage and these were listed to fit the left side wiper, and the 7 mm for the right. This would apply to the 2012-16 CX-5. This was the correct size wiper refill for this car on BOTH sides. You will see a clip side with 2 metal prongs on either side of the refill, when you insert the first prong slides easy and then the prong facing toward pushing it in will need to be pressed in with pliers to install all the way. When you are done a flat head screw driver can be used to pry the prong back out to clip the wiper refill in place.
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on April 17, 2013
I needed a 24" long refill for a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe driver's side wiper. But most "narrow" refills are 6mm or even the confusing 7mm "trapezoidal" refills. In any case, this one comes in a pair so it should last at least a year when using my 6-month wiper replacement schedule. Easy break-to-fit using a pair of pliers thanks to score lines every 1" in the plastic holder. The rubber wiper itself will require a pair of scissors or a blade to cut. I recommend using a pair of pliers for removal, as the metal clip at the end is sharp and can easily cut if your fingers slip off the very small flat pinch spots.
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