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on May 15, 2011
I watched this after seeing news/reviews about it on A lot of comparisons are made between Cloverfield and it, but I feel that it is rather quite different movie. There are moments of action and it is far from dull, but it is really not deserving of classifications as "thriller" or "horror" of which I've seen. That's not to say I didn't thoroughly enjoy it. It has a really great documentary feel and is really interesting look to the culture and folklore of the area. It really feels fresh, unlike a lot of the crap Hollywood is pumping out these days. I highly recommend it, and in fact, I will be watching it again today.
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on April 2, 2014
"trollhunter" starts out as the story of three documentary film students in pursuit of a man who appears to be a bear poacher -- he is seen more than once leaving the site of mysteriously dead bears. well, it turns out (and this gives nothing away) that the bear hunter accusations are part of a government conspiracy to hide the depredations of rogue trolls who are rampaging off the norwegian troll reservation. the students soon learn that the bear hunter is really a troll hunter, the only man in norway who can deal with the rogue troll menace. and so the adventure really begins.

as you watch, you gradually realize that this apparently serious horror mystery film in the genre of "blair witch project" or "cloverfield" is actually a deadpan parody of that whole pseudo documentary horror genre. and a very adroit and droll parody it is, right down to the techniques used to detect trolls, the smelly goop used to evade trolls, the troll ethnography and biology, and so on. the troll scenes are not horrific but hilarious, from the various battles between the lone ranger and the rampaging trolls to the cave of trolls farting in their sleep. it turns out trolls eat christians, which creates a problem for the covert christian cameraman among the students. but no matter, a muslim girl is his replacement for the expedition into back country mountains, where the group has the climactic boss battle with a 200 foot mountain troll. the students are only saved when the trollhunter in his trollhunting range rover lures the troll away with loudspeakers playing the hymn, "a friend in jesus". if you are laughing already, this film is for you. great fun.
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on January 28, 2016
This unexpectedly fun, quirky action film from Norway features crazy college students, a cynical jaded troll hunter who is secretly obsessed with his quarry, a primer on troll eating habits and reproductive behavior, and of course, a government cover-up! It's not high tech but I enjoyed it hugely. Just hearing the college kids screaming in Norwegian as they are pursued by a hungry three headed troll through the dank boreal forest is not to be missed.
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on October 3, 2016
This is a very fun mockumentary - I've watched it on a streaming service, with English subtitles, but I'm curious to see how it work work with the English track enabled.

Several film students decide to investigate bear attacks, and in the beginning of the film, are at the scene of a bear that has been killed. The bear has been blamed for missing hikers, and the wildlife service is out there to record the incident and handle the press, when one of the local bear hunters state that the large, brooding man at the edge of the crowd is probably a bear poacher. The students investigate the man, which leads them to a darkened wood, where they see flashes of light over the crest of the hill, and suddenly the man runs past them yelling "TROLL!" After that, the film follows the students and the man as he investigates trolls in Norway. Very fun film, lots of dry humor, though I expect people who aren't paying attention to not really pick up on the small moments that make the film so enjoyable.
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on November 20, 2016
If you are looking foor the most realistic thing ever, then please skip or don't just one star it here, move along to more expensive productions. Also, the story is interesting but I'm not sure how the movie attempts to portray trolls as natural mammals who just happen to live in darkness while at the same time dealing with the fact that they smell Christians... at glance you might think... it's good not to be a Christian....but then one realizes... why do these bad creatures have a scent for the religious? Maybe because it is the truth? I have no Idea... I just wanted to put the hard paradox this movie did not quite answer... but anyway, if you like big monsters and cameras falling while people pant in the background... then this movie is for you!!
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on November 2, 2015
I have a mock non-fiction book on the existence of dragons, their anatomy and physiology and the fact that we never see them because they are extremely proficient at camouflage and mimicry. This film is sort of the equivalent if instead of book it were a movie and if instead of dragons it was trolls.

This is not really a horror film, I think it could be considered a (straight) Cinéma Vérité mockumentary following the "Dirty Jobs" exploits of an troll control expert as recorded by a student crew who originally intended to make a documentary on bear poaching.

Other than prepare the viewer this way I do not want to spoil anything else.

It's on Amazon Prime - you've got nothing to lose. Watch it.

Would probably make a good double feature with Rare Exports.
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on December 9, 2012
This is a movie that I think some people will really be into, but others won't at all. When I first saw the trailer, I thought that is was pretty lame and cheesy, but the more I watched it, the more I knew I had to see it.

Personally, I think it's about as legitimate as someone can make a movie about trolls actually existing. This is not a slight at all and I personally really love this movie. So much so I bought it on Bluray even though it's on Netflix.

As for the specifics, the story is pretty good, for a mockumentary, it seemed pretty real for a group of students hunting trolls. I also thought that the special effects were really good. I wasn't really expecting the quality of it and I thought it was a really real way to show what trolls "actually" are. Also, unlike movies like cloverfield, the recording is much less shaky than other movies shot in this manner. They do run around a lot, but they use a high quality camera with night vision and such to great effect.

This movie was actually pretty tense at some points and definitely sucked me in. Overall, I would really recommend this movie for anyone who is into sci fi or just looking for an interesting movie. Look past the initial cheesy-ness and watch it.
**Note, this movie is subtitled, but there isn't a lot of conversation, so you really don't notice much.
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on August 24, 2015
Very unique subject matter that was nicely realized on film. Some very well-staged scenes. The camera work doesn't make you nauseous (well, it might if you have a delicate stomach or an inner ear infection). The hunter was very well played, and his Land Rover and trailer are great props -- all well thought out and quite believable actually. Very cleverly scripted -- the lady vet has some of the best lines! This film really should be seen by everyone except young children, really. It's well filmed and acted for the most part. It doesn't have a Blair Witch level of seriousness, but it by no means takes the subject matter lightly or plays it for laughs. It strikes a great balance.

Well done, Norway!!
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on December 22, 2011
This is a marvelous, delightful film. Get it now, the original, in Norwegian, before Hollywood gets their hands on it and homogenizes it or turns the trolls into Big Foot or such.

The concept here isn't wildly original. It's Blair Witch Project meets X Files. But the execution is what counts and they pulled it off beautifully. It's a serious film that also will have you laughing. The best moment was when the skeptical intellectuals reacted automatically to "Troll!" being yelled at them. They ran and felt abashed later. It was a perfectly done moment to show how ingrained in the culture, and in them, trolls--real trolls--were. If, like me, you come from Norwegian heritage and grew up on tales of trolls in the "Old Country", you'll find an extra bonus in this movie showing were it all came from.

Gorgeous scenery.

The special effects were also quite good.

Great film. Highly recommended. A new favorite.
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on November 10, 2016
I will always love this movie. To ten, forever. The trolls are the classic Norwegian style and I get a little bit of childhood nostalgia when I see them come to life in a realistically plotted documentary style. Plus, talk about the first hero in a story in a while that's not a Byronic Hero bore. All I have to say is "TROLLLL!!!"
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