Customer Reviews: Tropiclean Fresh Breath Plaque Remover Pet Clean Teeth Gel 4oz
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on July 13, 2014
This stuff is amazing. I don't know why my dog produces so much plaque, but she does. I've tried so many products that didn't work, wasting hundreds of dollars. I didn't expect a lot from this product but boy oh boy did it deliver! Within days I was picking chunks off her teeth! Once a day you put this stuff directly on the teeth with plaque -- no brushing required! While she doesn't enjoy it, she hates it a lot less than brushing. I also bought a scraper figuring it wouldn't hurt to scuff up the plaque a little to give this a fighting chance. Both together have taken her teeth from the land that dentistry forgot to Hollywood pearly whites. NOT kidding -- night and day results!

Ps -- I suspect the people who aren't getting the results most of us got aren't using it correctly. Put a small amount on your fingertip (right before bedtime so no eating or drinking) and rub right over the "bad" teeth. Do that nightly for about a week then start brushing or using a dental tool to remove the plaque. My dog's teeth were really bad, so I used the scraper to roughen up the plaque while I used this. Again, only once a day right before bed worked for my dog.
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on March 16, 2010
We'd been giving our cocker spaniel a daily Denta Stix for dental care and thought we were doing our share of his dental care. WRONG!!! Fudge is only 3 and his teeth were discolored and covered in tartar. It wasn't the worst case, but it was bad enough. I immediatly thought of how we lost our cat due to gum disease and thought I would never lose a pet due to dental issues again. Next I thought of how dangerous it is to put them under anesthesia. I'd be lying if I didn't say the expense wasn't of a concern. However, there is NOTHING we wouldn't do for their health. We went to Petco to see if they had some kind of toothpaste that helped remove plaque and tartar and hubby saw this product. It cost $20 in the store and I thought that was a lot for a small bottle of gel, but it claimed to do exactly what I needed so we purchased it. I went home and did some research but could only find reviews for a product called Petzlife. It's also a gel and the results on their site were amazing as well. Anyway, having seen that a gel made of natural ingredients actually worked, I decided to try the TropiClean. Well, it's only been nine days and his teeth are 75% better! And it's so easy! Not to mention that he likes the taste of it. I'm only nine days in and I can't wait to see what his teeth are going to look like when the 30 days are up. I imagine they'll be clean before that because this product really works. I will NEVER be without this as long as my pets have teeth. P.S. works on cats too!
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on January 18, 2016
I don't know if this magical stuff is made from the tears of unicorns or what, but if that's the case--well, sorry Mr. Unicorn, but my dog's teeth have never looked so amazing. Now, dachshunds often have awful teeth due to their elongated snout. It’s impossible to keep them clean and healthy, especially the crowded upper and lower incisors. My pup has had more tooth problems than any dachshund I've had. I've tried brushing, Arm & Hammer dental foam, water additives and Greenies but nothing has really made much of a difference. His Banfield Vet plan includes an annual dental cleaning, and every year the vet has to jackhammer the tartar off his teeth. He's only six years old, and yet he's already had to have three of his upper incisors pulled because of tooth decay. Although I know it's necessary for his health, I've absolutely dreaded taking him to his annual dental cleanings because the anesthesia leaves him nauseous afterwards. Plus, general anesthesia always carries a degree of risk, so I’d prefer that he avoid it where possible.

I bought this gel a month ago. Within two weeks, most of the tartar was simply gone. My dog had one of his wellness checkups this afternoon. Normally by this time, his teeth are so awful that the vet recommends that I pay for a second cleaning out-of-pocket. Today, though, she checked his teeth and asked what I’d been doing differently. I told her about the product, and she had her assistant google it and print out the product information so she could research it.

Then came the best part: She told me that I should DROP the more expensive dental plan when it came up for renewal six months from now. She said she'd never seen a dachshund's teeth in such excellent condition before; if I was getting the same results in six months, there was no reason to put my dog under general anesthesia for a dental cleaning he wouldn't need. I asked her to please let me know if she researched the gel and found that it’s active ingredient turned out to be, like, sulfuric acid or something. She assured me that she would call immediately if she found that it contained anything harmful (and I'll be sure to update this review if that happens).

Thank you to everyone else who took the time to review before me. Without those reviews, I’m not sure I would’ve tried the product myself. Given my results, it would it would’ve been inexcusable for me not to share my experience with other pet owners. I wish I had some "before" pictures of my dog's teeth, but I wasn't really expecting such amazing results. But here are his teeth six months post-cleaning after using the gel for one month. I can't believe that more vets and pet stores aren't aware of this stuff.
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on March 16, 2011
I have tried the CET solution and the toothpaste with both soft brushes and rubber nubs but neither did a thing for my dog. This is simply a miracle in a bottle. I should also mention my dog broke a few back teeth on a bone so the protective coating is off and it's bare tooth. In week one the canines went from dark orange to mostly white. Week two they looked bright white. The back teeth are much improved after the third week and I will give it a month of daily treatment before going to the twice weekly regimen. Like any dog owner, I do worry about everything I put in my dog's body and this is no different. It says all natural, which I like, but you just never know when it comes to animal products. The company hasn't been around for a long time, but I weighed the pros and cons between using it and the effects of tartar on my dog's organs. Also, it is now being sold at my local feed store and he is very particular as to what products he offers.

Also, if you have an older dog and are worried about anesthesia, this is worth a try for a month or two. I wish it was around back then for my previous dog.

4/18 Update. I've been using this every day for a month now and even the broken teeth look clear of tarter. I am now doing it twice a week. My suggestion is after a month, gradually lessen the treatments while monitoring teeth and breath. Like all medicines, the least amount of sessions with satisfactory results is the healthful rule.

8/30 Update. Some people have asked for the ingredients, so here they are...
Teeth Gel: Purified water, corn alcohol, natural mint, glycerin, natural cleanser, aloe vera leaf juice, carbopol, chlorophyllin, green tea leaf extract.

Update 3/21/12 After buying a new bottle a month ago(from a reputable source), it does not work as well as it used to. I am not sure if they changed the formula around but it definitely isn't the same stuff I had been using. I even asked my vet and they weren't sure how it ever worked to begin with based on the ingredients. It did work for a few months so I'm not sure what to think now. I am now reluctantly back to daily brushing using CET tartar formula toothpaste.
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on December 31, 2013
Works great - but to me one of the best things about this product is the way both dogs love it. Our Eskie doesn't mind having his teeth brushed, but our Chinese Crested hates it. Since I have been using fresh breath gel after brushing she is much more tolerant of it, knowing she's getting a "treat" afterwards. The Eskie had some molars that were not coming clean with just brushing (he is a rescue dog and was about 4 years old with horrible teeth when he moved in with us) and now most of the tartar is gone, his teeth look great!
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on September 12, 2013
I was pretty skeptical at first. I work at a Vet's office and have found that A LOT of these products out there do not work through many clients who have tried them. But, I tried it out because some of our clients were saying that it was working for their dogs. They were so excited to find a product that actually worked! I had just had my dog under for some serious ear cleaning from a lot of wax stuck down right at the ear drum and I didn't want to put her back under anesthetic so soon. So, I tried this Tropiclean Fresh Breath Gel. I followed the instructions of putting the Gel over my dog's teeth in the evening and brushed them in the morning for 1 month as directed. The idea of this Gel is that it works with the saliva and helps to soften the tarter on the teeth so that in the morning you can brush a small layer of tarter off. It doesn't promise to take it completely off in 1 day or 1 week. They recommend you try this for at least 1 month every night and day. I found that it worked very well. I would put it on her teeth at night which made her produce a lot of saliva and she would lick a lot. After that, I did not allow her to drink any water (as directed) until the morning when I would then brush her teeth. After 1 month there was no plaque on her back teeth. That part was awesome! However, I found that it didn't really help too much with the front teeth. My theory on that is because they do not get as much saliva "action" around their front teeth as they do around their back teeth with which they do all their chewing with. So, the lower amount of saliva around the front of the mouth doesn't react as much with the gel to soften those teeth's accumulated tarter. Which is why I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5. But, I have found that this product does work! I continue to use it and I recommend this to anybody who wants to keep their dogs teeth clean. (Just as an FYI: Keeping your dogs teeth brushed and clean helps to prevent organ problems - especially heart problems. It's not just to protect against teeth issues or bad breath.)
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on March 10, 2013
I was told about this product from a friend who has three dogs. It is truly the easiest way of keeping my to dogs teeth free of plaque. It is simple to apply and it works!
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on October 4, 2015
My review:
This stuff is awesome. My dog gets horrible breath, and this stuff does the trick. Plus, it does a great job of loosening up the tartar in his teeth so I can brush it away. Brushing alone, his bad breath comes back in a couple hours. Combined with the stuff that I put in his water from the same brand, I don't really have to brush at all. Once the first bottle of this stuff ran out, I tried going without it for awhile, but the nasty breath came back after a month or 2. I have no idea how squirting this stuff on his teeth works, but it does. He hates the taste of it, but sucks for him, because I hate his breath more. And since this is my house, he'll just have to suffer with the taste of this stuff.

My Dog's Review:
This is the worst thing on the face of this earth!!! That little green bottle is terrifying. All of the delicious table scraps and deer poo flavor on my teeth gets replaced by this disgusting minty stuff... and I hate my life. No amount of struggling and glaring at my owner afterward seems to deter him. And I think he may be putting something in my water, too... I'm pretty sure it's poison. At least he's stopped assaulting me with that horrible toothbrush. Somebody please rescue me from this-- is that a cookie?... Forgot what I was going to say. I love my life.

Owner gives 5 stars, dog gives -10 stars, but since nobody really cares very much about the dog's opinion (and since he can't count), let's say 4 stars is fair.
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on February 4, 2015
I was able to de-scale my dog's teeth myself using this 2x a day for about a week then scraping the thick plaque areas with a tartar remover/scraper. It did help the less plaqued areas on by itself. The Vet even commented that for 9 y/o dog he didnt know what I was doing, but whatever it was, to keep doing it. I still use it daily and it has reduced my dog's terrible bad breath to just bad. This tooth in particular was red at the gumline and had a thick layer of plaque on it..
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on November 14, 2012
Unbelievable Works great and fast. Have recommended it to so may people can not get over how great it worked and no need for a tooth brush. Great product
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