Customer Reviews: Troy-Bilt TB516 EC 29cc 4-Cycle Wheeled Edger with JumpStart Technology
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on November 4, 2011
To anyone looking to purchase this product after reading these reviews would probably stay away. But I bought this at Lowe's and am going to tell you my side.

Out of the box the assembly was easy. It was up and running in about 10 minutes. Everything was provided in the box except the gasoline obviously. After adding a little gasoline I primed it about 10 times and it started on the 3rd or 4th pull.

-Cuts nice
-Easy to use
-Starts quick

-Feels a bit flimsy (plastic made)

I can't really think of anything else to add. I've had this for about 5 months now. Unfortunately I am about to replace the blade due to wear and tear on the blade hitting the cement. (I have a tendency to hug the cement spot) Other then that it's a decent buy.

I think i paid about $150 though. It's not worth something close to $200. Hope this helps.
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on July 4, 2012
I thought it was assembled backwards, but have since learned that the counterclockwise blade direction was purposeful! What pure idiocy. I purchased this item with the intent of using it as I have every other edger I've purchased, to edge my driveway and sidewalks. It is lightweight, starts easily, and is easy to manuever. Looking like a 5 out of 5. Go to edge grass, cutting like I am dragging an edger backwards, not cutting well at all. Notice the blade action, it is spinning backward, so as you move the edger forward the front edge of the blade is moving up and the rear moving backward, the unit wants to kick back and when it strikes the concrete (as all blades occasionally do), it does so not as a glancing scrape but as a blunt thud. Horrible design. Pure idiocy. I read that the Troy Built astroturf is out here trying to do damage control by having commentors appear and make comments like, "oh,you want rocks and grass to hit you?, this is much safer" and "don't you know that all edger blades spin that way?" Really? With a straight face? I only wish I could switch the blade action, then I'd be writing a favorable reivew. But since I can't I am going to beat it with an aluminum bat and shoot fireworks at it tonight. Happy Birthday America! 7/4..... I'd like someone from Troy Built to answer for this. This thing is awful. Who thought of this? Who let this fly out the door, did some consumer safety twit scare you into doing this so that a pebble wouldn't fly out and hit a customer? So you make the cutting action completely safe and completely deficient. FAIL.
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on June 6, 2011
Some Troy Bilt product engineer decided it would be nice if this little 4-cycle edger turned its cutting blade in reverse... the leading edge of the blade is moving upward as you move forward. The result is, of course, that against driveways and sidewalks (what else would we be edging?) you're left with a ragged edge. On curved edges, it's virtually impossible to force the trailing edge of the blade (descending) in place to do any edging at all. Don't even think about buying this edger. Oh yeah... did I mention it's hard to start?
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on September 21, 2014
Troy-Bilt has been a good manufacturer in the past, so this was a surprise to me. I have this model, given to me (free) by my neighbor because he couldn't start it. He bought an 18 volt battery powered model edger (did not mention the brand) and is much happier with it. This 4-stroke Troy-Bilt edger was used very little according to the size and wear on the blade. After reading the start directions (pump the primer button 10x) It started on the 3rd pull and ran a little rough until the new gas got into the carb, then it revved up smooth and took rapid throttle changes, just like a motorcycle engine would. I thought WOW!! What a sweet deal this thing is going to be . . . for FREE!
Then I started using it to edge my Bermuda grass lawn that was climbing over the cement driveway and sidewalk. It was immediately apparent that the throttle has to be worked with my right hand as the cutting load changes. The hand set type throttle connects directly to the throttle butterfly shaft, NOT a governor speed regulating mechanism. That means just beyond 60% throttle setting the engine very obviously over-revs and the valves actually "float", but sounding like it is running with the choke on (there is no choke on this carb, just the primer bulb). That hand set lawnmower type throttle system is NOT meant for this engine!! It should be a pistol trigger type throttle like string trimmers have, so you can quickly respond to cutting load changes.
That is not the worst part of this machine's design. The worst part became obvious to me the first 5 feet of grass I tried to trim away. The blade turns the WRONG WAY!!!! It lifts up the grass it is trying to cut, flipping most of it out of the way until the blade goes by, then the uncut grass drops down back onto the concrete, leaving a mix of uncut and partially cut grass strands laying on the concrete. Running near maximum RPM cuts better, but it still leaves grass uncut. In its wake, it also leaves a lot of scattered debris on the concrete.
Whats good about it? The 4 cycle engine starts easy (when you read the directions on the handle), runs evenly and the exhaust won't make you sick like 2-smoke engines do. The oversized air filter element is a 1 inch thick rectangle of high quality oiled foam and it's easy to access for detergent cleaning, drying and re-oiling. The handsome rocker type kill switch is spring loaded, so you'll never forget to turn the ignition switch to the "run" (On) position. It also looks like a serious, practical piece of equipment, but its' cutting performance will leave you with an expensive regret.
I also have a full sized 2 decades old 3HP Tecumseh engined commercial grade trimmer, a Power Trim Model 200 that I thought I would then be able to sell, after using my almost new, cool looking Troy-Bilt edger. No way!! THAT old 3HP war horse has the blade on the left side and the engine drive pulley also on the left side, meaning the blade turns the correct way, knocking the grass downward and positively cutting thru it as you go forward. The grass gets sheared off between the rotating blade and the concrete. It also has a left/right tilt function so the blade can incrementally bank in either direction by 45 degrees, making easy work of the tilted street drain curbing running the full 110 foot length of my front lawn. The blade guard fully shelters the blade and tilts with the blade, preventing any projectiles from hitting the operator.
Troy-Bilt edger Bottom Line: Stay away from this poorly "designed by novices" edger. It is not very effective at what it is supposed to do. Even after 3 passes, there were still some uncut grass blades remaining. It could NOT have actually been beta tested by honest people before manufacturing it. They had to have chosen its' drive-on-the-right "normal" appearance at the start and stuck with it. Remember, I got it for free from my neighbor, so I'm OK with it's barely marginal performance and will use it for quick trims until anytime I decide the big, heavy unit is needed for a perfect line cut. My first 1 star rating ever on a product sold by Amazon . . . . and it deserves it, especially at this price!!
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on August 13, 2011
I got the troy-bilt tb516ec to use in place of my B&D electric edger. I edged along the curb for myself and the two neighbors. The next day I edged on both sides of my 40' sidewalk which hadn't been done in years. It worked find except for the last 6' which needed some 6" deep by 6" wide sod cut away manually. I used a snow shovel to sweep up the cuttings onto a tarp, which I could barely drag afterward. Happy with the edger. Easy to start. Was easy to assemble.
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on September 4, 2011
I have always loathed the mixing of gas and oil for 2-cycle engines so a couple of years ago I sold my Stihl 2-cycle edger and replaced it with this. At the same time I started using 18-volt trimmer and blower. You know, trying to do my part to save the planet.

Now two years have passed and I've already had to buy a new blower because the other one just didn't hold a charge long enough to get the job done. I replaced with a Troy-Bilt 2-cycle blower and it works great!

This edger will be the next thing to be replaced. I'll get through this cutting season, but I won't be using it next year. Unlike some other reviewers, I have no trouble getting this started. It is like a typical small engine and you have to work with it a bit, but I can always get it started without working up a sweat. The problems are two-fold:
1) It is off balance. Having one leg of the handle removed (to save weight?) makes it very hard to deal with on curbs. I can push it along just fine on the drive way and walkways, but after two years, I still struggle trying to keep it balanced on a curb.

2) It just doesn't have enough power! This is the #1 problem. I have to go back and forth, and back and forth over about 3 feet of concrete at a time. It actually cuts better when I pull it because of the rotation of the blades. I keep tinkering with the motor to see if I can get it to rev up any higher. On its highest setting, it makes a lot of noise and vibrates, but the blade just doesn't seem to be going at a speed to get the job done. With a brand new blade, which I get about twice a year, it does a decent job. The increased length of the blade helps get the speed up a bit and helps cut a smooth edge. Within 3 or 4 uses, however, the performance begins to trail off.

For the money, this is not a bad product. Troy-bilt makes some better products, however, for similar money. For me, I'm probably going to go back to the tried and true 2-cycle 'Stick' edger.
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on September 11, 2013
Not only would the unit bog down as soon as it came in contact with grass roots, the breather cover and everything behind it popped off. After that the pull cord has no tension and won't turn the motor over. Wish I had read the no return policy before purchasing. I have had other Troy-Bilt tools but this item does not live up to their reputation.
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on October 11, 2011
easy to assemble and started right out of the box
used with intelligence for easy edging and trimming makes a handle tool for the yard and garden
light weigh and easy starting make it very manueverable and easy to operate
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on March 17, 2015
I've owned this edger for over a year now and it has good points and bad points. I live in Florida and have a fair amount of grass (8,000 sq ft) with lots of contours and planters to edge around. I was looking for an edger to lighten the workload a bit. My pole edger works fine but by the time I'm done carrying it around the yard for half an hour it gets pretty tiring particularly in the hot, humid Florida summers. So the good:
- Light weight
- No carrying since on wheels
- Easy to start if you follow the directions
- Fairly quite
- Four cycle so no fuel mixing
- Edges well along walks, drive and roadways where it can travel on pavement

The bad:
- Engine a bit under powered for any heavy cutting
- Engine required adjustment after break-in (3rd use) to adjust carb mixture
- Height adjustment by raising or lowering the front wheel instead of moving the blade assembly. This means that to cut at a reasonable depth the front wheel must be raised lowering the edger chassis closer to the ground. This causes the chasis to drag if you edge with the edger over grass verses pavement in Florida grass making it difficult to push / use. I end up switching back to my pole edger for anything other than along pavement.

Bottom line, a light duty, moderately priced and functional edger for use along pavement or over short grass. Not recommended for use in most Florida grasses when needed for other than on pavement use. I should have bought a better edger for my application.
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on July 29, 2012
I have had this edger for 1.5 summers and have regretted it. It is almost impossible to start, the gas tank is very small so you are constantly re-filling it, the blade is very difficult to replace and the cutting action is terrible. The edges on my lawn have never looked worse. I can't wait to get rid of it and get another edger. I have read several other frustrated owners whose drive belts have snapped and whose pulley/starter ropes have broken within the first few hours. This is a piece of garbage that Troy-Bilt discontinued after 1 season. Stay away, unless you want to buy mine used.
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