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on January 19, 2014
this is the pot to order if you will be doing a meat fondue either in broth or oil. I bought this pot and did the three course fondue my first try. I started with the cheese fondue (using the ceramic insert) then heated oil for steak and lobster, then used the ceramic insert again for chocolate fondue. The instructions recommend heating everything on the stove first. I found that this was not only not necessary but a waste of cleaning pots/pans. This pot heats up quickly enough that the cheese course took roughly 5 min to mix and melt. The meat (oil) took less than 10 minutes to heat and a good chunk of steak cooked through in less than a minute or two. The chocolate took less than five minutes to melt.
My first attempt I heated the oil in a pot on the stove first, big mistake!!! When you go to transfer the hot oil into the stainless steel fondue pot it splashes everywhere!!!! Skip heating it on the stove, it heats quickly enough right in the pot.
Also, one site recommended putting a chunk of raw potato in the bottom of the oil to reduce splattering. I did this and didn't have a problem. The splash guard provided also helped.
I would recommend this size pot for up to four people. If you are doing a 'meal' in the pot, not just cheese or chocolate, I would recommend two pots for more than four people.
Some reviewers complained about the power chord. It is short and I had to use an extension chord (need a high voltage chord with three prongs) and had no problem with the chord disconnecting from the fondue pot. It magnetically connects to the pot so if the chord is accidentally tripped over it wont send the boiling liguid everywhere. A GREAT safety feature when my dog came smelling around the table and pulled the chord. All I had to do was reconnect it to get it heating again.
Recipes provided are basic but there are plenty of online sites for more. Overall, this was a huge it and my family asked me to do this over and over again. I've even pulled it out on weeknights using a Mojo broth. I just cut up some chicken and raw vegetables, pour the ingredients in the pot and in ten minutes my family is 'cooking' themselves dinner. Great for busy weeknights. Also used the cheese fondue as an appetizer for a girls wine night at my house. The ladies loved it. I cant cook a lick, so they were very impressed but I didn't have to worry about messing it up.
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on January 20, 2015
I used to work in a fondue restaurant for 2 years, so I'm familiar with fondue.
This is a great set that I'd recommend for two people. I've done up to four, but have needed to make a second round of cheese for that amount of people.
It is very helpful to put already boiling water into the bottom of the pot, or else the heating plate has a hard time getting the contents of the ceramic pot hot enough.
Cooking meats in just the metal bowl has been fine; it does get hot enough.
For the price point this is definitely the fondue pot I recommend to friends, who inevitable always want one after coming over for a fondue dinner,
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on December 23, 2009
I researched tons of fondue pots and I was prepared to spend $100 for a quality product. I finally chose this one for much less and it is an excellent product. It is beautiful, too.
You can find great recipes online and if you look up Melting Pot fondue recipes and look around, you can find a full three course. I had the Melting Pot beer cheese fondue first and the oil-less red wine and broth for my main course. It was delicious!
One of the great things about this product is that, since you have the separate ceramic bowl, you don't necessarily have to clean the pot in the middle of the meal. First, I made the broth and left it to simmer on the stove. Then I told everyone to get the veggies out while I began to make the cheese fondue. Meanwhile, I had water heating in the steel fondue pot, with the empty ceramic bowl on top. Once the cheese melted, I poured it into the ceramic bowl, which was already hot. Everyone loved it! Since it is not direct heat, the cheese remained evenly heated. The only draw back is that it was hard to get the cheese to a comfortable temperature, but I'm sure with a little practice and patience, I'll get it right.
After that course, I just took potholders and lifted the ceramic bowl out, put it in the sink, again using the potholders, dumped out the water in the silver bowl, and poured the broth from the stove in. Viola! Ready for the next course. This time, again, the drawback is that it is hard to get the right temp, but I think this would be true with any pot; you just have to learn the proper setting and be patient. With practice and practice, we'll get it right!
I think that it would be a pain to try to have three courses, since you would have to clean the cheese course to get to the chocolate. This product is the only one that I found that even offers two CONVENIENT options.
Order with confidence.
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on December 7, 2010
The unit works great. It is much safer to use than the sterno flame type fondue pots and it is much easier to manage the temperature control versus sterno units. It is very easy to set up, and cleans up well and packs away nicely. All in all, a very good value.

I've used this unit for cheese fondue using a recipe very similar to the one provided in the booklet, and the fondue was excellent and kept the cheese to the temperature needed until the dish was gone. We have not used it for chocolate but plan to do so over the holidays.

We tried it a week later with peanut oil and meat, and again, the unit worked well. The unit doesn't have a temperature gauge per se, and I think it got a little overheated as I was trying to get it to the perfect temperature. I would recommend using about 3/4 of the max temperature for starters and work it from there.

The cord is only a few feet long so we had to use a small extension cord to be able to get the fondue pot situated correctly. The safety trade-off of electricity versus sterno is worth it for that minor inconvenience. The power cord is magnetically attached to the unit so if you were to trip over the cord, the cord would disconnect without spilling the liquid, although I admit we did not try to do that.

I think all of us had trouble keeping items on the forks so we thought maybe the forks weren't designed properly. We looked at the other fondue set I have and the design was the same. So I don't know, we maybe need to drink less or something.

In short, I highly recommend this product. (I almost never rate anything 5 stars by the way.)
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on January 18, 2010
We (family of four with two teenage children) have been 'fondue-ing' yearly for 16 years with sets that use sterno or the gel fuel. I finally broke down and ordered this electric version after reading the reviews. The problem with the flame pots is the inconsistancy you get in the heating of the oil/broth or water(for chocolate/cheese fondue). It was either too hot or not hot enough; not to mention the worries with the flame. It would take us all night to get through our meal. This electric pot is FANTASTIC. We used it Christmas Eve to make both cheese fondue and oil for beef and chicken. The responsiveness of the heat was amazing and made the experience much more relaxed and enjoyable. I also like the ability to heat the water/oil directly in the pot rather than preheating it on the stove and then having to transfer into the fondue pot. We will fondue more than once a year with this one. I will most likely buy another one so we can fondue with more than four people at a time. The magnetic attachment of the cord did not cause us any problems.
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on November 15, 2012
We've had this fondue pot for a few years now. I'm so pleased with it I'm going to get a second one.

When I was first looking for a fondue pot, I was looking for the following features:

* Able to cook anything from chocolate to meat. This meant we were looking for an electric fondue pot.
* Safety had to be factored in, because a plug would be hanging off the table

The deciding factor in buying this fondue pot was the electric cord: it has a quick release, so if were fonduing chicken in oil, and child gets up from the table, and trips over the cord as he's going to get a glass of water, the cord releases from the fondue pot, and all we need to do is plug it back in again, instead of having hot oil go all over. (The child in question has tripped over the cord several times.)

The safety factor alone makes the fondue pot worthwhile.

The temperature settings can accommodate any food you might possibly want to cook in a fondue pot, and the ceramic bowl, for cheese and chocolate is very convenient if you want to have a fondue don't have to scrub out a pot before getting the next course rolling.

I'd highly recommend also purchasing Dip Into Something Different, the cookbook put out by the Melting Pot. And if you're going to have fondue for dinner sometimes, get enough fondue skewers so each person has two skewers.
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on February 10, 2010
This is the niftiest product we've bought in quite a while ( offered the best price we found). After a very good (and very pricey) dinner at a local fondue chain restaurant, we decided we could create a similar dinner and have more room than the cramped booth for 4 at the restaurant. We used no creativity and duplicated the restaurant's menu. It was easy to find lookalike recipes online for the wine-based cooking broth as well as the cheese and chocolate fondues. This little pot really does it all. We started with a cheese-fondue appetizer using the ceramic insert(we did find that steaming our veggies a little before dipping them made them far superior to the cold, hard ones offered at the restaurant). It was quick and easy to soak the ceramic insert while we used the stainless pot half full of our pre-heated broth to cook tenderloin filet, chicken and shrimp bites (we skewered beef and shrimp on toothpicks and after a minute or so, dipped them out with little mesh dippers...we cooked the chicken bites longer). Then, a quick clean-up of the soaked ceramic insert made it ready to add dark chocolate chips and a little heavy cream to make a quick dessert fondue that was ready by the time the strawberries were washed and hulled. Then to make a great meal greater, the next day I sauteed a couple of onions (sliced thinly) in a little butter and added the refrigerated broth from the previous evening's fondue and we enjoyed the best French onion soup we've ever made.
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on November 28, 2016
My wife purchased this model for me two years ago for the bi-annual fondue nights that we have, one trimming the tree and one on some other special occasion during the year. We used it the first time and it worked fine. The second time it would not turn on. We contacted Trudeau and they did send a new one. We have now used the new one twice and last night, our tree-trimming night we plugged it in for the third time and...DEAD AGAIN! I would never by another product from Trudeau.
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on March 1, 2013
If you're expecting something huge and extravagant that can feed a whole party, this is not it, but if you want a nice little fondue set for a little dinner party (up to 6), this wonderful. We have used it multiple times for cheese and oil fondue and its been great. The neat part is that it comes with dishwasher safe parts, and has a cermaic crock for cheese, and the metal bowl can be used for broth and oil, and the pot can be preheated on the stove so you can use the burner to keep it warm. It comes with 6 forks, a fork holder, a little recipie pamphlet (small but actually has great recipies on it for cheese), and a decent length power cord. This has definitely been a nice addition to all our cooking stuff.
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on April 6, 2011
We've had fondue pots for many years- electric and non-electric. The great advantage of the electric pots is that you don't have to mess with paint thinners or gels for heat; you just plug it the electric pot in and it works fine. This particular arrangement not only allows you to do meat fondue but has an inner, removable ceramic insert that allow you to do cheese. This works fine for both meat and cheese. The only minor complaint I might have is that the cheese and meat are somewhat less warm to the taste than the arrangement done with gels and paint thinners. The meat is a bit rarer and not as well cooked but perfectly fine. The meat heated with paint thinner can get to be somewhat more well done-- and even charred a bit-- which I like. But- this electric set up is fine. The pot can be put in a dishwasher and is unbeatable for convenience.
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