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on December 20, 2014
After owning this spatula for about a year, I can easily say that it is one of my most cherished and frequently used kitchen tools. It is one of those things that made me think: "Why didn't I buy this sooner?!"

I use spatulas exclusively while doing all of my stove-top tasks: sauteing veggies, making scrambled eggs, and stirring sauces. (This is of course in addition to more conventional spatula uses like scraping bowls, blenders, food processors etc.) Because I do so much with heat and spatulas, I know that a silicone spatula is the best option for me.

In the past I used to have a silicone spatula with a silicone end and a plastic handle. This was bad because: 1) I would accidentally rest the spatula against the pan edge for too long and it would start to melt. 2) I would try to stir with it but it was hard to grip because the handle was flat on both sides. 3) The handle broke when I was stirring a thick batter by hand. 4) It was always prone to getting mold/mildew inside the rubber end where it slid on to the handle, so I would have to remove this and make sure it was dry while doing dishes.

This Trudeau spatula solves all of those problems!
1) The entire spatula is silicone - you can rest it in the hot pan between stirs, and the handle stays cool to the touch and doesn't melt.
2) The handle is rounded, so it feels comfy to grip while you mix stuff.
3) The spatula is very strong and sturdy - fine for any mixing task.
4) The spatula is all one piece with no seams, i.e. annoying places to clean.

I bought this alone with the Trudeau Silicone 12-Inch (Orange), and the 10-inch Spatula ( Red). Both of those have a pointed design on the top.
I have to say that out of all of them, I use this one almost 10x as much because it is a nice size for usability when I'm using the stove-top, and I also think the design is better for scooping stuff out of the food processor, or a bowl. I also think that it might be slightly less rigid than the other two, although it is important to keep in mind that all of the spatulas from this brand are quite sturdy compared to "your grandmother's rubber spatula."

Go for it; you won't regret it!
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on February 4, 2013
I am so happy I added the 9-inch blue silicone Trudeau spatula to my collection. Some reviewers acted like this spatula was really small - I have no idea why they think that. This is a wonderful size. I use it all the time to stir batter and scramble eggs. The only thing that may be confusing is that you may not realize that the Blue spatula is a spoon spatula. The end of it is concave instead of flat across like other spatulas.

I do not think that is a bad thing at all. In fact, it is super useful around the kitchen! But just thought I'd mention that in the review so you don't get any surprises in the mail. I have a couple of the orange Trudeau spatulas, too. I love them all and would recommend them to anyone.

They handle the stovetop heat and the dishwasher very well. I also like that these are one piece of silicone, so there's nowhere for bacteria to get in and hang out. Buy it, you'll love it!
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on November 27, 2012
We had gotten the Zyliss Silicone Spatula - Colors May Vary YEARS ago on account of a recommendation from Alton Brown's Gear for Your Kitchen - BTW, definitely recommend those also. The reason was it is a silicone coated spatula with as little space for food particles to get trapped, and therefore gross stuff to build up. That was when the whole silicone craze was just getting started so that was the best thing out there at the time. (Still good as we bought another with this item.)

Now that those had become battle worn and ready to replace, I of course looked for an improved model since silicone has become a staple in kitchen ware. Found these and decided to give one a try and have been VERY pleased. This thing is COMPLETELY coated in silicone and has NO nooks and crannies for nasty bits to get trapped. The head has a curved edge and a more cornered edge for multiple applications and the handle being coated in silicone provides a nice solid grip. We love it and would definitely recommend.
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on February 12, 2013
As I make natural, botanical personal care products, I need a one piece "spatula" and wanted a non-reactive silicone to replace some two piece ones that were a pain to clean. These fit the bill perfectly! the texturing is really good too as it helps grip perfectly with protective medical grade examining gloves as well as thicker industrial style lined nitrile gloves
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on March 2, 2013
I haven't used this item yet, just received it in the mail yesterday. This particular spatula gets me closer to what I am looking for, just not sure it meets all of my needs. I can report that it is indeed one entire piece (eliminates handle slippage from the head of the spatula. Problem solved). The center base of the handle feels very durable and rugged, I am glad for this.

The texture of the silicone leads me to think that will be less likely to slip out of the hand when hovering over a bowl of whatever concoction the cook in the kitchen will be making.

I can report that the end of the handle yields a bit as do the edges of the spatula head. I haven't used it yet to bake, so I'll have to wait and see if it begins to irritate me that this is not an entirely firm spatula head, but we'll see. More updates to come....
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on February 2, 2011
My dear husband loves to help out in the kitchen to save me time... gotta love him for that. However, he made a habit of using rubber spatulas while cooking on top of the stove. They were not heat resistant! In spite of my friendly reminders, he continued to flip eggs and pancakes, and use them for all sorts of tasks they were not designed to accomplish. After each reminder, I would replace the spatula with the same (inferior) brand, and he would slip back into his old habits and destroy more rubber spatulas. I had nothing to scrap my bowls with and was getting frustrated. I hate buying the same item twice, so I looked for a better solution.

I wasn't familiar with Trudeau spatulas until I found them on Amazon. I bought this one, and hoped that I would not have to replace it. To my delight, it has been totally heat-resistant and dishwasher safe. He now uses this during cooking; I still have an intact spatula for scraping. It's a win-win!

I have also invested in some other Trudeau products - the 10" green spatula, the red Balancia Spoon, and the blue Balancia Spatula. These have all been durable and I believe it will be a long time before I ever have to replace them.
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on April 15, 2014
This wonderful spoon shaped spatula is so useful I ordered a second one for myself, and got several more to include in baking themed gift baskets. The flexibility and the spoon shape let you cleanly scoop every bit out of a pan or jar. Withstands heat and can go in the dishwasher. Comes in several bright colors, too. Excellent product!
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on February 2, 2015
I use mine way too much at times, but I like these far better than my wooden utensils...

The only down side to these is partly my own fault: When I'm using these to get every bit out of a can of soup (like cream of chicken or mushroom), the base of the handle, right where it starts to flare out for the spatula, is just the right size, shape, and location to get nicked by the sharp edges of the cans, sometimes leaving small slivers of the silicone in the food...

Is that the products fault? No, but if anywhere could have used some reinforcement or material change, that would be the one area I'd adjust...
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on April 22, 2011
I've found countless uses for this handy spoon-shaped spatula.

* It is the ideal tool for cooking greens in my chef's pan. It is highly heat resistant, it doesn't scratch the pan, and it easily and thoroughly scrapes the sides and bottom of the pan.
* It is perfect for stirring large jars of natural-style peanut butter -- stiff enough to mix well while flexible enough to get the sides and bottom of the jar.
* Better than a spoon for scraping out the contents of a can, whether it be tomato sauce or dog food.
* Great for making scrambled eggs.
* More efficient than a knife for spreading cream cheese, butter or other condiments if you make pinwheel, sub or other large sandwiches.

This spatula is much easier to clean than the wooden spoon I used to cook with; it is short enough to go in the cutlery rack of the dishwasher, or can simply be rinsed and wiped clean with no scrubbing necessary.

I gave my parents one as a gift and they told me it is their favorite kitchen tool. It is easy for my mom to grip and maneuver with her arthritic hands.
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on July 24, 2008
These are the best! I'm so glad they weren't around when my grandparents were alive. My grandparents were excellent candy makers. My job was to eat what was left in the bowl after they finished beating the fudge or the penuche. I'd watch impatiently as they scraped their well-beaten fudge into a pan to finish cooling, hoping that they'd leave a decent amount clinging to the sides of the bowl.

I was very good at scraping that last bit of fudge out of the bowl. I believe that the very best fudge, cake batter, ice cream, and cookie dough is the part left clinging to the sides of the bowl. That's what fingers are for. I know this from experience.

The Trudeau silicone spatulas allow you to get every bit of dough, batter, or sauce out of the pan. The edges flex, while the center is firm enough to lift heavy ingredients. They are one molded piece so the end doesn't come off in your batter, revealing something ugly that should have been washed better.

They withstand high temps, so they don't melt when you scramble your eggs... leaving you holding a stubby spatula and wondering where the end of it actually went.

While this scraper will allow me to scrape all the fudge out of my bowl, I promise to leave the final scraping to my granddaughter.
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