Customer Reviews: The True Furqan
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on December 16, 2005
Don't even waste your time or money on this book. It belongs in the garbage. If you want real poetry and real divine words, the Holy Quran is available, unchanged from the time it was revealed by Jibreel to the Prophet Muhammad (saw) hundreds of years ago. I'd also like to note that most of the positive reviews (5 stars) for this book come from people with stereotypical "Muslim" names and this is the only thing they've reviewed on this site or they review similar books but put the same review, promoting this garbage book. If you see a positive review for this book, just click on "Read my other reviews." Obviously, they were all written by people who work for the publishing company because they can't get genuinely positive reviews. They use fake Muslim names to make it seem like Muslims like this book. Nice try!
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on January 5, 2006
Let me tell you something. Ages and ages back, men recieved guidance by way of prophets and messengers who wrote down the word of GOD. Unfortunately it was due to later man's own vice and corrupt nature that he changed its contents to befit his own agenda. Among those inclusions was the advent of the Trinity (created some 300 hundred years after the 'death' of Christ.) which continues through modern day to be the prominant Christian theory of the nature of God. Now once you read this book, it becomes evident that it actually an attempt to integrate the religions of both Christianity and Islam in order to benefit the Christian religion and draw more believers. WHY SO? Because more and more people are realizing that the TRINITY is just a hoax, a man-made one at that, which cannot be explained by even the most knowledgeable of clergy members. This has been done by copying the Arabic words used in the Quran and Arabic script on the right side and trying to mimicking the Glorious Quran. For all those people who have found this work to be beautiful, yes you would, because some of the rhetoric you refer to as poetry has been 'inspired' by the true Quran itself although the content is absolute garbage to the Muslim. Sorry, no offense intended, but this is not a book for Muslims. For all you Christians and Zionists out there, have a good time reading this book and take what you will from it. But none of you will find the fulfillment, peace and resolve from this so-called duplication of the original Masterpiece, the one and only Quran. Fellow Muslims, our faith is too deep and we have all come across many non-believers who have tried to demean our faith, but they fail to understand the depth of our allegiance to our Lord. We will never leave Islam for anything. We will live and die as Believers. Woe to those who try to defame Islam and our Loving and Merciful God Allah! May we always be united and stand strong against those who oppose. Ameen!
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on October 21, 2006
Read the real Quran instead rather than wasting your time reading something that was written by the enemies of Islam! Can't they see their own actions are leading them to the depths of Hellfire?
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on December 28, 2005
Here is information from a US Government Website on "The True Furqan"....

A small, private evangelical Christian group in the United States has written ...The True Furqan, which seeks to convert Muslims to Christianity, but this group has no connection with the U.S. government. The True Furqan was published openly, in the United States in 1999 & is available on the Internet...The True Furqan was written in Arabic and translated into English by evangelical Christian Arabs. The book contains both the Arabic and English texts.
The True Furqan is a private attempt by evangelical Christian Arabs to convert Muslims to Christianity. Its translator, Dr. Anis Shorrosh, describes it as "a tool to evangelize Muslims." Dr. Shorrosh says the book is similar to the Quran "in style and substance ... but contains the gospel message."
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on January 3, 2006
I am very SAD if truly Christian Arabs had anything to do with it.

I am a Christian Arab and I have read the true Furqan as well as the Quran..

In my opinion, the Quran is far superior to the furqan in its linguistic beauty. I am sure that some professor of Semitic language approves of the furqan (WAS HE PAID, IS HE ENANGELIST, DOES HE HATE MUSLIMS..) but however I think native Arabs are better judges of their language. The Quran dazzled poets and intellectuals for over 1400 years. Written in the language of poets such as Mutanbee and Khanasa'a , the Quran is a linguistic miracle. I, as a Christian, who knows Arabic and who studied jurisprudence in Arabic and have taught poetry in Arabic and French and who could read Khalila wa dimnah and Moliere in their original language proclaim that furqan is an infantile try.

But people have lost SIGHTof the challenge in the Quran. The challenge I believe is a multilevel one. Not just a linguistic, but scientific, social, theological, dogmatic, logic and so forth........

The saddest part is, the Furqan makes evangelical Christian sound more like used cars salesmen than people of God. And that's tragic.


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on January 5, 2006
I usually don't write many reviews but i thought i would also share my idea on an attempt like this. so to the authors and publishers, why even try something like this. if you had to do try a great writing in arabic you could have named it anything. there are tons of great arabic peotry books. and probably you would get rating in all 5 stars. but this is merely an attempt based on hate of muslims and trying to mislead people. Do you think there is a difference in a thief who creates the best counterfeit for currency and you. so my dear readers please dont waste time in reading these hundreds of pages. if you really have to read try the real Holy Quran and see what is such a mystery about the book that more than a Billion muslims follow it and it made several great authors to put their heads together to write this furqan thing. Use your freedom of choice and decide for yourself.
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on January 18, 2006
in the name of ALLAH S.W.T.


what are these people thinks they are?try to tell the muslims that the muslims bad?masya allah,remember that we muslims won't and will never move to other religion,only those who are 'too intellectual' may fall to that.

i'm from singapore and i strongly did not agree with what the title is.actually i don't intend to rate it also,but have to as it's the requirements.

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on April 6, 2006
This book has no credibility at all. The author is anonymous, the publishing house is unknown and the editorial description is childish. This book clearly imitates the Quran in style and tackles similar subjects. It is not based on any well-founded arguments and does not support any of its ideas. The only reason why this book came to the surface is because of the negative publicity it received among the Muslims through their chain emails. I believe this book will soon hit the media in the same manner the Danish cartoons did before it. Like the cartoons that provoked a reaction among some Muslims four months after they were published, this book might provoke similar reaction, in a much later fashion indeed - seven years after its presumed date of publication.

With the writer unidentified and the publisher even fishier, a number of Muslim reviewers on this page have unfairly jumped to the conclusion that an American/Western/Zionist conspiracy stands behind this work. Similar accusations were circulating in the massive emails hitting mails of many Muslims. Reviews on this page talk about a presumed Christian-Zionist conspiracy aimed at misguiding the young Muslim minds away from their true religion and the true Quran. Nothing in this book or its editorial credit sustains the imagined conspiracy theory being circulated among these Muslims.

To whoever wrote and published this worthless piece, you should at least step up and claim responsibility for this waste-of-time book. To Muslims who feel angrily offended for this imagined American-Zionist offensive, grow up. You should be more accurate in your analysis and stop throwing accusations right, left and center. Whether any American and/or Israeli stand behind this is not established at all. We should treat this book as it is: A lousy piece of jargon. Just keep politics and imagined conspiracies out of it. The last thing the world needs is being inflamed over such a lousy work. To all Muslim reviewers on this page: Chill, there is no conspiracy through this book. To all other non-Muslim reviewers trying to put in some propaganda: Be fair, this is a worthless book by any Western or academic standard.

And for those who are circulating emails saying that this book is available for $3 in Kuwait, the book is apparently out of print and I couldn't get it for less than $20 in the US. After spending this money on this crap, I thought what I waste of time. After reading the reviewers here before me, I thought oh great, even more waste of time and imagined conspiracies.

Voice of reason guys, that's all what we need!
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on February 11, 2005
Firstly, this book does not deserve a star at all!
The problem that the majority of practicing Muslims have with this book is not anything to do with insecurity over the religion at all. While everyone is entitled to choose ones own religion, it is unjust to tamper with the Qur'an by contradicting Islamic laws that have existed for hundreds of years. How can the authors rewrite some of the Holy Book in other contexts. Simply intolerable!
The issue that arises is not that the authors contradict the religion of Islam, as everyone has the freedom of expression. The problem here is that this book is being associated with the Qur'an, as the 'modern version'. Islam and its holy Book is renowned for it never having been changed since the day that it was revealed, so Muslims have a right to be angry.

2) My concern here is that people interested in Islam will read this book and follow a false 'religion'. If interested in Islam, or a convert to Islam, i strongly advise that you read the unedited Qu'ran in its true form and only read this book to realise its attrocity.
And in reply to [...]
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on July 22, 2006
The information presented in The True Furqan is full of lies and deceit. It does not reflect the true interpretation of the Holy Qura'an. The reader will be unknowingly misguided. If you want to read or learn about the Holy Qura'an (Koran) then look for the words Qura'an (Koran). The "True Furqan" is written by the authors to lead children and others down a wrong path. There intention is to add or change the original Qura'an.

Please be aware of this falsehood.You can discover this by reading the Holy Qura'an.
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