Customer Reviews: True Mirror, 12 x 12 Inches, Black
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on April 2, 2015
Was really looking forward to getting this. On the one hand, the actual true mirror experience is great and very singular. It's a real trip to see yourself the way people actually see you, and it's definitely better than a selfie camera or seeing yourself onscreen somehow. However, this is a really poor implementation of this idea. This item looks like its made of really cheap materials. The casing looks like really crappy ikea material. The mirrors themselves appeared warped. The knob was tiny and very stiff and nearly impossible to turn easily. The mirror was poorly packaged, and arrived at our house badly scratched, both on the mirror itself and the casing. The casing has cheesy silver stickers, that were applied poorly with bubbles in them. The quality of this product was *not* commensurate with very hefty price. We were really disappointed and have returned it. Hopefully there's another manufacturer somewhere that has taken this idea and implemented it better.
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on January 3, 2014
This is a cool piece of work, and the effect it gives to the psyche is quite profound. Looking into this mirror is a lot different than looking into a conventional mirror. At first glance your face will seem scarily out of proportion, but after your brain gets used to it you'll turn back into a human. I found that my reflection in this mirror reveals far more depth and detail than a normal mirror, it's more like i'm looking at another person rather than my reflection. You can also read and harness your own facial expressions MUCH more effectively. But be warned, you may notice some asymmetry you hadn't noticed before, this is all discussed in the pamphlet included with your purchase (which i recommend reading before looking into the mirror.)
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on December 9, 2013
The idea behind how this mirror works is very simple, but the effect is profound. Two specialty mirrors are angled at perfect 45 degree angles to each other reversing the normal reversing effects of a typical mirror thus showing a “true” reflection of yourself…what other people see when they look at you. The more you look at this, the more amazing it gets (assuming you’re the kind of person that likes to ponder the meaning of self). There is no doubt Freud and Jung would have had one of these if they could have…well maybe just Freud.

Now, LET’S SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT….you are very unlikely to be able to build one of these on your own. Why? It comes down to the transition point where the two 45 degree mirrors meet. In order for the two mirrors to look like one seamless one, the reflective surfaces have to meet in the center with an incredible degree of precision. To accomplish this, the maker (whose name I unfortunately cannot recall) uses two mirrors that have the reflective surface on the front face, as opposed to 1/8” back under glass the way 99% of mirrors are manufactured. This allows the reflective surfaces to meet perfectly. Both mirrors are also mounted on an adjustable mechanism that allows you to dial in the seam perfectly. This is the only way to really get this to work as atmospheric changes in the environment are likely to cause subtle shifts to the mirrors and box and break the illusion. In short, while the concept of the mechanics of this are very simple, the construction is much more complicated than it looks.

Is it worth $200? That depends on what your interests are. I say undoubtedly yes. I saw these for the first time at Burning Man 8 years ago and was blown away. The connection you make with yourself is unlike anything you will ever experience through a picture or video. It is the closest you will come to meeting yourself in person. The experience is uncanny and difficult to describe without seeming like someone who has mentally left planet earth, but it is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience. I still haven’t ponied up for one because it is definitely a chunk of money, but I thought that while I’m saving up it would be a kind deed to all those who are interested to know how amazing these really are.

UPDATE 12/1/2015: For those of you who are disappointed with the plastic case...I agree. I know that John used to make the cases out of wood, but it is my understanding that they were more prone to flexing than the plastic ones. This in turn causes the mirrors to need regular adjustment. That being said, many wood workers use high grade plywood with real wood veneers for this same reason (most high end cabinets are built this way as well). I could definitely see the quality (and potential heirloom issue) taking a huge leap forward if John were to construct these out of high grade plywood instead and finish it with solid wood edging. Solid wood would of course look amazing, but sounds like the payoff may not be worth it.
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on August 30, 2014
If you're not ready to drop $200 on a true mirror but you want to experience seeing yourself as others see you then the closest you're going to get is a webcam or phone camera. A webcam (especially a nice HD one) does a pretty good job at showing you what you really look like but it's not the full experience. There are two problems:

stereopsis- The image you see on your computer screen will be 2d whereas this true mirror shows your reflection in 3d. You would need two webcams perfectly aligned at eye width as well as the appropriate software and computer monitor to truly see your 3d true reflection using a webcam.

resolution- Because the true mirror has no resolution (other than the wavelength of light that is) you will only be able to see yourself as others truly see you using a mirror like this. I don't care how HD your video is, you lose some of the magic when you're experiencing something through a screen rather than your own two eyes.

I've wanted one of these things for years and finally worked up the nerve to drop 200 smackers on it for my dad's birthday present this year. The price tag definitely feels expensive as f*** when you pull this thing out of the box but I didn't pay for the plastic, glass and metal, I paid for the experience and I can tell you the product delivers as promised on that front.

I would have given it the full 5 if it didn't feel so cheap and flimsy. The plastic box is not even solid and you can feel the sides flex in when you lift it up. I would have been fully satisfied with my purchase if it had come in a nicer box, even at the cost of a $25-50 price raise. This thing in wood would truly be a magical object that me or my father would keep around a treasure for the rest of time. It might have even become a family heirloom. I cannot see that happening with something that feels so damn cheap when you pick it up. Instead it will probably sooner or later be put away in a closet except maybe for special occasion like kids coming over for the holidays; the black plastic has visible defects from the molding process and is not exactly aesthetically pleasing. Then the case will probably accidentally crack during a move or something and that will be that. I do not regret the purchase, the object might not have felt worth the $200 but the experience was certainly worth every penny.
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on June 11, 2015
Very disappointing. First mirror received had a permanent mold in angle where both mirrors meet. This one however had a perfect alignment so the image is not distorted, just the permanent mold. Ordered replacement. Replacement was clean, however there is a tiny gap on the bottom part where the mirror meets. This is very noticeable and the gap causes a distortion in the image. Can you please just send a clean and perfect aligned mirror? Combine both? Come on this thing is 200$. Can you inspect and make sure it's the way it's supposed to so I don't have this headache?
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on February 24, 2016
Works great, but expect minor imperfections such as light scratches on the black casing and possibly on the mirror. After a few returns on Amazon, I had to buy directly from the True Mirror website and personally ask for special attention to my order in which I received a decent mirror. The first two purchases on Amazon, one had a broken wheel knob, the other had damage near the center for the mirror box where the two mirrors meet.
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on September 14, 2013
A lot of people have been saying that this product is just a corner mirror, and that you could easily replicate the results yourself by placing two mirrors together. This may be true, but without buying this excellent product you would never find out about all the neat things it can do! For example, upon closer examination, I discovered that there are actually TWO FULL mirrors in this box! Also, if you stare at it long enough, it can actually open a gateway to another dimension. It only took about 36 hours of continuous staring, but after that I was able to clearly see into a horrible nightmare realm of true terror and wonder from which there was no waking (a great deal for only 200 bucks. Have you guys seen what Necronomicons are going for these days?!). I would have never gotten this from just putting two normal mirrors together. Thanks True Mirror!
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on March 4, 2015
So, a couple things to note, this mirror will be helpful:

1. If you are interested in improving your smile or seeing how someone else may see your smile or facial expressions. Personally, I noticed that one of my eyes becomes much larger and the other much smaller with the way I currently smile. This is something I don't notice at all in a regular mirror curiously even when I looked specifically for it after noticing it in the True Mirror.

2. If you are applying makeup or a certain hairdo and want to see how it would look to someone else. I don't wear any makeup or have a whole lot of hair to speak of, but if I did either of these activities, I could see some major benefits.

If you are looking for a basic mirror, then you don't need this. If you are looking to do some modeling or come off looking super great (or super awful if that's your thing), then this mirror will definitely help you to see how others will see you when facing you.

A fascinating little known invention!
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on December 18, 2015
It's ok. It's like looking into pictures except it's more alive obviously. For some reason I look cross-eyed even though I aligned it perfectly. Oh well. Is it worth $200 ? If you have the money and/or vain definitely give it a try!
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on August 17, 2014
I first met the charming designer of this product at burning man and vowed to have myself one - someday. It arrived and Im delighted its like looking into a picture box and has opened up dimensions of myself from all angles. I don't like looking in the normal mirror anymore - this I a life changer if your open to it.
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