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on September 5, 2013
I intended to modify the cap, but its glue wilted from Dremel heat, so I discarded it. New cap is polyethylene tubing, from H. Depot (icemaker tubing), 0.250 o.d., 0.170 i.d. Since the inner shoulder on the pen is 0.220, I used a straight-body round file on the cap i.d. to enlarge it just a bit. Cap is very snug now yet fits on all the way. The length overall with new cap is 2.56 (see photo). Body diameter is 0.275. The weight is 8 g.

I didn't like the paint job so I took it off with sandpaper, finishing with P2500 to show the stainless body.

The incarnation I received, also shown in product picture, is a changed design from what can be seen at other sites. It is better. The other ('old'?) design has four telescoping sections total, and the smallest is at the bottom end. I think there is more stress at the bottom than at the top, so three sections with big section down is an improvement in my opinion.

Regarding the telescoping sections: when extended, the two upper sections have 1.2 inch exposed length each. Not strong enough to hammer with, but probably plenty strong for normal use. No sag. No wobble in use. Overall extended length is 4.797.

On refills. The overall length of the original refill is 2.075. Hacking a full length refill below the ink line seems disagreeable, but in my experience it's not so bad. Traditional ballpoint ink has high surface tension, which helps confine it. Voiding the cut area with a toothpick is advisable. Rubber gloves are optional.

Following are quick and subjective judgments of some refills. Score higher equals better, on: line darkness, smoothness, tendency to skip, tendency to blob:
OEM M: 2;3;1;2
Papermate G-Force 1.0: 3;3;3;1 (requires custom fitting at tube shoulder)
Pilot Dr. Grip M: 3;3;3;1 (requires custom fitting at tube shoulder)
Penatia Size-it M: 3;3;3;1
Cross M: 2;3;3;2 (cut with jeweler's file)
BIC Easy-Glide 1.0: N/A (dimensionally incompatible)
PM Trim2Fit M: 2;2;3;2 (excellent fit in TU nozzle)
Pentel RSVP M: 3;2;3;1 (excellent fit in TU nozzle)

Due to its small ink capacity, the TU is not suited for a workhorse role, but as a spare pocket pen it can be recommended. Lately I have developed a thing about mini pens, but I haven't seen a practical writer smaller than this.
review image
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Enthusiast: Petson March 13, 2014
Pen separated from its clip holder while on my keychain. Should have a screw-in design to prevent this.
OK, I found it two weeks later in my car seat. This explains how people are losing this thing. If it is on your
keychain it will get stuck in the fold of a car seat. When driver stands, the key will separate from its holder.
Hope the manufacturer is reading this!!!! One solution is to put the pen around your neck in a lanyard.
Another solution: Separate pen from holder. Ignore holder. Wrap one end of a twister around the back end
of pen and the other end of the twister around your key ring, or (even better) a Carabiner Reel attached to your key ring.
Wrap a small section of velcro backing around open end of pen to make it thicker. Now place an ordinary add-on
pencil eraser top over the pen tip to provide a cover. Your pen is now secure.
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on June 22, 2013
When this arrived on my doorstep, the clip was broken before I even took it out of the package. This definitely wasn't shipping damage. It was packed extremely well, so I'm convinced it was a manufacturing defect. I'm usually pretty good at repairing little things like that, but the clip mechanism was made so cheaply that it just came loose again within a couple minutes of me repairing it. This is really a shame because, otherwise, this it's a cool pen that someone obviously put a lot of thought into designing. The cap fits really nice and tight so it won't come off--but what's the point if the clip is going to fail immediately after putting it on your keyring? I guess if you don't plan on clipping it to anything it would be fine. But when the clip finally does break, you'll basically have a pen with a tiny hook on one end. Fantastic for snagging your pockets and purse lining. :)
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on July 11, 2013
This is advertised as the size of a's about 1-2" longer than any key I own! I went to return it based on that fact because it was for my husband and at that size he didn't want it on his key ring. Amazon did refund me but didn't want the pen back, so I put it on my key ring to try it out (why not, right?) Well I don't think it was more than a couple weeks before I realized that the pen was no longer connected to the lid! I am so glad I got a refund for this because I would have been super mad. The pen does not screw into the lid or have any real mechanism to hold it, so I guess it's no real surprise it could just "disappear" from the lid!
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on June 5, 2013
This was one of those gadgets that looked good on paper, but I thought would be flimsy and cheap. Well, I was wrong. For the ten-dollar cost, this is a neat little thing to have.

The TelePen comes in a clear, hard plastic box that reminds me of an aquatic First Aid box. It's hinged at the top, and a black plastic snap closes it. An O-ring is between the two parts of the box, but I'm not testing waterproofness. They call it a "Splash Proof Hard Case". The standard card stock displays the product information, and inside that is a clear plastic mold to hold the pen and three refills. The refills are all black ink with a 0.7mm tip, as is the one pre-loaded into the TelePen. So, you get four total. They appear to be basic ballpoint pen refills, but cut down and have a wax seal over the tip. Nothing fancy. They're 2-1/16" long each, filled so 3/8" of the top is air, and you can cut down almost any other pen cartridge to this length once the TelePen's run out. The ink flows nicely. It's not pressurized, so no fancy upside-down writing, writing through grease, or writing in the rain.

The TelePen itself is neat. The casing is steel and is all black, except for the true Utility logo and accents. The clip is polished stainless steel, and attaches with a simple spring steel wire. There has been no accidental losing of the pen; it hasn't come off my keys unless I wanted it to. Closed, the pen is 3-3/16" long and 1/4" thick. (All of my measurements that mention length include the clip.) Give the polished steel nub a tug, and the pen telescopes to 5-1/2" long. Pull a little harder, and the pen portion pops off the cap. The small polished ring that's visible when the pen is telescoped closed is part of the pen itself, and shows where it pops off. This leaves you with two parts; the cap and clip are 1-1/4" long and the pen is 4-7/8" long when fully extended. The pen has three sections, and you can collapse the pen to 2-1/2" long. The very tip has some knurling, and this unscrews to change the refills. The two telescoping portions of the pen are brushed steel. The nub that you pull on spins freely, but this serves no function other than making sure it doesn't get caught on anything while on your keys.

In use, the TelePen works as advertised. It doesn't collapse unless I want it to. There is a tiny bit of side-to-side play in the sections while writing, but I had to "feel" for it. The refills last about half as long as a standard ballpoint pen, but they are of course half the length. I've had no issues with anything. No ink clumping, not looseness developing in the sections after prolonged usage, no weakening of the pen fitting in the cap, no self-unscrewing of the tip, no weakening of the spring wire. This is a good pen for people who want one on their keys, or just to stash away in a small kit.
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on April 19, 2013
I originally purchased this:

and I lost the tip of the pen (my fault), but the pen never fell out of the key change holder, and I loved it, and I constantly used it. I bought this one to replace it.

This updated model fell out of the key change holder after a week of use (lost forever). I have now gone back and purchase another of the one I originally bought.
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on October 7, 2013
had this thing for few months, a small circle of metal fell out of it while i was opening to inspect why the sliding of extending and closing the pen became hard to move. i believe this acted as some type of o ring or something. I contacted True Utility about two weeks ago and haven't heard from them since. there are other small pens out there you can buy.
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on January 5, 2014
It is a well made pen which is small and very handy and I have used it much more than I thought I would, the only problem with it is that it is a snap-in rather than a screw-in which I have lost the pen now and am out $11 . So I recommend it as a high quality product but I don't recommend it due to the chance of losing it as I did and will not spend another now $15 only for it to pop out and lose another one.
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on February 4, 2017
One of the greatest inventions since the wheel!! It hooks on everything you could possibly want!
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on November 15, 2014
Perfect, writes first time every time, more than I can say for regular pens. Another key ring pen I had I had to scribble a long time to get it working, then it finally dried up, not this one, it always writes, immediately even after not using it for months.
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