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VINE VOICEon August 22, 2010
I like keeping a small pen in my pocket for moments such as when I'm at the ATM and realize I don't have anything to fill out the deposit slip with. I've used the Inka pen and PicoPen and found both to be very capable. However the Inka is slightly large for my keychain, and the PicoPen, while small enough, is a little uncomfortable to use because it is so small. The Telepen hits a nice sweet spot. It is actually the shortest of the 3 pens, although it has a larger diameter than the PicoPen. But once you extend it, it is just long enough for me to hold semi-comfortably. Because of the smaller-than-average diameter, it's not as comfortable as holding a regular size pen, but it is good enough to use for short periods of time.

One feature that is a plus and a minus is the cap. The pen snaps very securely into the cap so there is very little danger of it accidentally falling out. However it usually requires two hands and a very firm pull to remove the pen from the cap. I prefer the one-handed easy opening of the PicoPen.

The build quality seems ok. I have been EDCing it in my pocket for a couple months and it has held up fine so far. So it appears to be solid enough to withstand normal wear and tear even though it doesn't feel quite as well-built as the other pens.

It comes with 3 refills, but each refill contains less than 1" worth of ink so it doesn't hold much ink. But you can refill it easily since it uses the same diameter refill as some other pens such as the BAZIC Silver Mini 4-Color Pen with Cushion Grip 4 Per Pack,Red/Green/Blue/Black, although you have to cut down the length to fit in the Telepen.

One other plus of the Telepen is the low cost. It's very inexpensive compared to most other keychain pens.

Overall I like the Telepen best for keychain duty. The PicoPen is a better wallet pen because of the smaller diameter. And the Inka Pen is more versatile because it can be extended to a full-size pen. But for everyday pocket duty, the Telepen works best for me.
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on December 19, 2015
I see some of the negative reviews regarding the pen and feel they are unwarranted. This is a good quality mini key chain pen for what it is. The ink reservoir is small, but how often you use it will depend on how fast it runs out. It does come with a couple of extra refills and plastic case like all True Utility products. For me, this would be something that I use once in awhile in an urgent 'pen' situation like when I'm waiting to sign my check after dinner so we can catch that movie but the cashier forgot to bring a pen with the check type of situation. If you actually use this for EDC use as a normal pen, it is kind of small and the ink does take a second to get going since it is housed upright with gravity working against the ball point roller. Also, I feel like the roller cone tip gets a little loose at times and jiggles around. It can be easily fixed by screwing on a little tighter by hand. It's not a deal breaker, but does hurt on that last star. As for people losing the pen, I don't think they are securing it correctly. You should grab the segment by the writing tip of the pen while fully extended and snap the tip into the cap until you feel it pop and secure into place. Then you can retract the pen into place and the friction should hold it in place. It really does take a significant amount of force to pull the pen off and if you lose it in that way or are in situations where that can happen, this pen is probably not for you.
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on November 24, 2014
Nice pen but it pulls the catch off the ring on the first try. A touch of superglue seems to be holding but it's just stupid design by a company whose other stuff is excellent.

The problem is that there is a brief pull needed to extend the pen when you remove it from the small piece that attaches to the ring. The force of the pull needed to get the pen out exceeds the ability of the stupid brass shivs and the whole damn thing comes off. Since there is never a reason that you would want the piece on the ring to come apart, why not just weld the thing on? (or whatever).

It just makes a cool-looking and rather useful device a useless, guaranteed-to-be-lost waste of money.

Now, I'm trying Superglue and it's holding (today). But Superglue has never worked before and I shouldn't have to fix the product after the first time I use it.

Does look good, though.
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on March 17, 2012
I knew from reading reviews that this pen might have a problem with the pen separating from the cap while on a keyring, but decided to take my chances because it was a nice looking compact pen at a good price. When I received it I was incredulous that there could be any separation problem, as it was difficult to get the cap off the pen at first--it was very stiff and held on so firmly that I was afraid I would damage the pen trying to yank the top off. Once I got the top off for the first time, it went on and off much easier and I loved the way it wrote--it had the smoothness of a much more expensive pen and was very comfortable to write with. About 5 days later...the pen portion was missing from my keyring. As I left my office and pulled my keys out of my pocket the pen part apparently fell off. I found it, reattached it, made sure it was firmly in place, then lost that part about 2 days later. Again I was able to find it (outside the front door where I had again removed my keys from my pants pocket). Both times I was wearing jeans with pockets that were slightly--but not extremely--tight. It's clear that once you have separated the top from the pen portion a few times it gets loose enough to lose with normal keychain use (like putting it in and out of a pocket with no apparent yanking or other clue that it is being roughly handled). I removed the pen and now keep it in the change part of my wallet, which is pretty handy, though not as much as hanging off my keychain. I still love its size and the smooth way it writes, but warn you it might not be suitable for a keychain that goes in and out of a pocket a lot.
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on April 15, 2014
Remove the key ring, and this makes a decent wallet pen, especially if you are looking for a very small, thin pen. Others have noted the tendency for the pen to pull out of the cap, and potentially (sooner or later, quite probably?) be lost. In fairness, I can't say it happened to me, but I am reasonably certain it would. I carry my key rings in my pockets, and am constantly in and out of them for keys and other items. If the pen is to be successful on a key ring, it's my opinion the key rings would have to carried in a more protected, far less active location than one's pocket. I actually bought it as a wallet pen, and it is doing a good job in that service. The ink reservoir in the refill is fairly small, even as wallet pens go, so I use it for occasional brief note taking only. Also, with the key ring removed there is no clip, so the pen is loose, tucked in a corner of the wallet. All that said, it is doing fine for the purpose, and takes up the absolute minimum of space. If a small wallet pen is what you are after regardless of other factors, this one might be worth four stars.
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on January 26, 2014
Never have a pen when you need one? This "keychain-able" pen sounds like the perfect solution but there is one major problem - you can lose it without losing your keys with it. Bottom line - get it if you want an on-body pen and you have no great alternative. The telescoping pen is a wonderful idea that clips onto a metal jacket that is extremely well-attached to a keychain ring. When telescoped, it is long enough to feel almost like a full pen in hand and useful, although a bit too flexing for my comfort (I have large hands). But that's not the main problem - the pen can come off the metal jacket and get lost. If you wear it outside your pocket, probably less of a problem. If you put your keys/the pen inside your pocket, the constant in/out contact with materials will eventually result in the pen getting accidentally unclipped and found gone. It's great it comes with all those refills. Too bad I didn't get a chance to use a single one. Still, better than others I've researched and used.
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on February 21, 2011
Everyone has their first review, I guess this in mine. This is a terrific product:

- Always have a pen with you since you always have keys
- Don't need to take the pen off they keychain, the pen securely snaps in and out of it's cap (just the cap is attached to the keychain)
- Pen Keychain is small, smaller than my car key
- Pen is about full sized when extended
- Feels solid, I disagree with other reviewers that it feels's much more sturdy than an antenna
- Comes with three free black refills

Look, you're not going to use this as your primary pen, that's obvious. But I've found I've used it quite frequently because there are lots of times, especially with everything being digital, that I don't have a pen. I had actually bought three and my only complaint is that one of the three did not extend the last section of the pen (no matter how hard I pulled). But even without that section, it was plenty long enough to comfortably write, so I did not bother returning it.
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on August 17, 2012
I thought it would be much flimsier. Very nice product. Everyone thinks it's a whistle or something. It's nice to always have a pen. You never know when you'll need to write something down. I had the wallet pen for a while. I like this much better. The telescoping action does have a little give when you write with it. $6 for shipping?! come on!
03/2014 - UPDATE: WOW! $14 now?! ha. Mine stopped writing after about a month. Even though you can see ink still in the tube. Just doesn't write. Swapped cartridges and it's fine. Just won't stay opened or closed. the smallest of the "tubes" in the telescoping part just won't stay in one place or the other. Slides out when closed and slides closed when open... I don't wanna bend the one above it to try and make it tighter, as I've had problems in the past with something similar (antenna) and that only made it worse (wobbly). Also the way it stays in the cap (friction) seems to wear out about the same speed. So it's unusable and won't stay with my keys. Fail/fail
So what is an excellent idea fails hard in execution. It was great for the first couple of days/weeks.
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on May 29, 2015
The item is everything I expected with the added bonus of a reasonably well constructed hard case. Shipping was quicker than originally expected. This item was bought for my hobby of geocaching and the hardcase will make an excellent geocache container. My initial thought was "high price" but upon receipt with three extra refills . . . well it is worth the price. It will be interesting to see how long the pen will remain attached to its holder on my key ring but it is primarily for backup so I am not overly concerned at the moment.
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on January 5, 2014
Having been caught penless an annoying number of times even though I own a number of small pocket friendly pens I was getting desperate for a really compact pen for my keychain so that I could almost guarantee I'll have one when needed away from home. I almost didn't care how good it was so long as it was tiny and worked. This one ended up impressing me quite a bit. It's truly keychain friendly unlike others I acquired, it writes well enough, it doesn't snap off from the cap in my pocket like i feared, and it even came with refills and a handy utility box as a bonus. It telescopes out to be more usable as a pen, but of course is too thin to write comfortably for extended periods (which isn't the purpose so is not a complaint at all). This is the best backup/spare/emergency pen I've owned and have my doubts I'll find anything to beat it.
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