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on September 27, 2014
There are things I really liked about this slingshot design... I like having the brace, as it helps to steady your shots and makes it easier to begin shooting without having to build up wrist strength first... I also like that this brace design allows you to fold it up in either direction, depending on situation...

I also like the strength and pull weight of the red tapered bands... I had the black, high strength, pull bands before and found them a strain to shoot at first, or often, for a great while afterward... these are a good mix of strong enough, but comfortable...

I also like this hollow handle design... I've had some slingshots before that had ammo handles I did not like, but the flip design of this one seems to be secure enough but also easy to access... as with other ammo holding handles tho, use of a hard shot tends to rattle around inside once it isn't completely full and makes it less useful for hunting from a noise perspective, but I like the idea of using this handle to hold matches, fishing gear, tinder, bandaids, and other survival items that would come in handy...

I did have a few issues with this slingshot however that are definitely worth mentioning to a perspective buyer...

Firstly, I got this one with sights because I had seen them and just Had to try them out to see how useful they were before I knew for sure whether to get them...
essentially, these sights are a gimmick... perhaps if you shot in the (unrecommended) vertical position, they could be used to aim, but I find that shooting with the prongs upright is too awkward for me... shooting with your slingshot held horizontally, which is preferred, makes the sights essentially useless... when I shoot, my upper band essentially covers both of the sights from my view making their reference impossible... I also found that my shot would hit the sights on several occasions... shooting paintballs for practice, I had several shatter before they left my sling because they hit the sights...

The sights also make the connections to the forks very shaky and loose feeling... whether or not they will improve the life of your bands by allowing a recoil is dubious, and I found it felt more rattly than I had expected... The rotation of the sights not only doesn't always get them out of the way, causing shot to hit them, but their movement makes a quick follow up shot difficult because the bands tend to twist out of alignment after you shoot...

Most annoyingly however, I found that my bands kept Sliding OFF the mounts while I shot... several times they would come Off the forks while someone was aiming and one of us got hit in the face with the loose end before they could shoot!
While I put them back on again and again, it made for yet another issue to distract you from your aiming... and was annoying to have happen again and again!

So, while I like parts of this slingshot, It seems that all of the weak points hinge (pun) upon the sights... too loose of a connection, cannot swing out of the way all the time, not useful for shooting horizontally, and not able to hold your bands on properly... I'm now looking for an option with all the positives and none of the negatives, which is to say, one without sights...

I had to try this slingshot and the sights to know for sure, and now I have, I do know... for sure!
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on April 11, 2014
the fiber optic sites are awesome the way they catch the surrounding light and brighten as you draw and aim slingshot true..
got here VERY quickly and although its got a lightweight plastic handle, its hollow for ammo storage. VERY accurrate sligshot, super fun!!
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on May 10, 2015
The fiber optic sighting is a joke, if you ask me. Well, not a joke, but a marketing ploy. They move with the slingshot (aren't fixed, so they wobble to and fro) and they do not line up or accurately sight in anything. I mean, if you think about it, how could they? It's a sling-shot. The shot is going to go PAST and BETWEEN the sights. If you pull the bands back in any fashion other than -straight- back, the shot is going to be off. And the sights will still show the same 'sight picture'.

All of that said and done: the slingshot is more accurate than I am. I am new to sling shots, so I believe this will (and already has began to) change. I purchased this model because it came with the red, tapered bands. I also ordered Trumark black heavy bands as spares for either small game hunting or replacements for when the reds wear out. So far there is no signs of any wear from the shot pouch or the bands.

As others have said, the slingshot's shot compartment (say that 3 times fast) has too much room so if you put solid shot in there it becomes a baby's rattle. For the price you pay, you get a solid sling shot. I was able to put a shot THROUGH a grapefruit which then proceeded to hit the back of my wooden fence and bounce into the air behind me. I think that's pretty sufficient power. And fun, of course.

Be safe. Have fun.
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on June 11, 2014
This is the first slingshot I've had in a long time. I've never had the model with sights. Now that I've purchased it, I'd say the sights are overrated. To me, it is not worth the extra $15 over the standard Trumark folding slingshot. I kinda feel like I wasted the money on the model with sights, as I find I'm more accurate when I ignore them and just shoot instinctively. Your mileage may vary. Otherwise, nice, decent slingshot. Comes with a small packed of 303 protectant, which is nice. Workmanship on my example seems to be pretty good. The handle storage is a nice idea, but loud with ammo inside as others have mentioned. Probably would be a 5 star if it were only $5 more or so than the model without sights.
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on June 28, 2017
It was real fun while it lasted, which was less than a week, with only a bit of shooting on a few of the days. The band broke at the pouch. I'm bot sure it's worth the price of a replacement for another few days of shooting.
review image
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on April 9, 2015
I use this slingshot with a fishing weight to launch temporary Amateur radio wire antennas into trees. It'll easily launch a fishing sinker to 60' with 100lb fishing light attached to it. I've launched quite a few antennas with this, and it works every time.
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on May 16, 2017
It is an okay sling shot. My kids like to use it. The 'aiming sights' are gimmicky and worthless. Will probably break them off at some point in near future.
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on May 18, 2012
I bought this slingshot for my father in law who has been having consistent problems with squirrels getting into his bird feeder. I got to play with it shortly after giving it to him when the in-laws were visiting for father's day. After a few minutes I seemed to get the hang of it and was able to launch a pebble fairly accurately over 30 yards. The band included with the slingshot was pretty strong and was able to shoot a pebble further than I could follow it against the sky. The swiveling prongs should help extend the life of the band and the fiber optic sights allowed me to quickly get feel for the aim. It also helps you square up the shot and make sure your form is consistent. Unfortunately, slingshots with wrist brace are illegal in New York State(can't fathom why), but Amazon delivered it to my New York address with no problem and the FSX-FO wrist brace can be removed and re-installed in seconds.
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on March 29, 2015
Bought it to try on some of my wood pecker friends. The while "fiber-optic sight" thing is a little hokey. Most of your aim is based on a straight pull back. Put a target out on a tree, and I think the woodpecker isn't in any danger from this. But you never know. Would have rather gotten a little CO2 pistol, but the wife and local laws kind of frown on firing it in the city (not having it, mind you). I guess if I practiced a ton, I might hit something. Don't expect any quick success.
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on May 2, 2015
I bought a box of ammo (quantity 250). Used less than half before the bands broke. The sights were of no use to me. The leather pouched seemed offset. If it was then maybe that's why the sights didn't work. I don't know. Might look to return it. Haven't returned anything before. If I do I will update.
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