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on August 27, 2011
For me, Gina Lake's book "Trusting Life, Overcoming the Fear and Beliefs That Block Peace and Happiness," speaks with a gentle and friendly, but also knowing voice, and this writing helps me to look deep within myself and observe what is happening there. On one hand, this experience of reading this book seems like listening to a very close friend, while at the same time, I can hear the same voice that comes from the most true, profound and sacred spiritual traditions and teachers.

Gina Lake's books have all been quite wonderful and helpful to me, and if one is familiar with and finds benefits from say, the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, it seems that they might feel at home with her writings as well. However, Gina Lake also takes the reader further in the direction of examining the practical implications of the spiritual message that is found in teachers like Eckhart, and really explores the ramifications of the balance with living and functioning on the level of "form," or what could perhaps be called the everyday ordinary living experience, and the encounter of the all-pervasive spiritual dimension of our true Self, which she calls Essence. In my view, this book's exploration of the practical side of spiritually inspired life never loses touch with the wellspring of being and life, or Essence.

One reason I find this book, "Trusting Life," so helpful is that it carefully and deeply explores the connection between the unfortunate process of creating and living in a fearful egoic inner state, normally called "me," and the fact that this leads directly to having a sense of not trusting life, which means feeling cut off from a joyful sense of life. With this book, and other sources as well, I have been able to notice and examine previously undiscovered and hidden mind-based thought forms, illusions and memories that have been stored within myself. This has allowed me to uncover, feel within, and then, stop listening to the many fictitious mental belief patterns that I had not previously realized were even there. These often continuous negative thoughts and unconscious mind activity patterns had been creating a life-deadening inner state at times, preventing a life-trusting sense that is needed to really be open to life's deeply natural, abundant and wonderful energy.

Gina Lake's book is a sincere invitation to the reader to really trust this life. This means to trust it exactly as it is right now in this moment, and without all of the extra unnecessary but "normal" mental labels and judgments that often arise when there is constant fearful mind activity. Without being in the grip of this fearful inner state, or at least without believing and identifying with the fearful things the mind loves to offer us fairly continually (at least in my case), then there is instead a chance and opportunity to experience the natural Joy that is always here, right now in this moment.

Gina Lake gives the mind what it needs to at least stop, albeit perhaps only briefly sometimes, and allow the possibility for the true essential aware Self that we are to emerge, and let It (Essence) lead us through our everyday life from a truly loving source instead of the usual egoic thought patterns, normally known as "me." Is this worth it? It sure seems to be. On many days, it is wonderful to wake up and simply see with my whole being (and not just with the mind) that there is this vibrant aliveness everywhere and that trusting life truly makes complete sense.

On a practical note, all of Gina Lake's books are found in Kindle editions for very generous prices. I have found that I can be in the middle of 4 or 5 of them at a given moment and that I just pick one "out of the blue" and start reading it. Whatever I find to read this way manages to be relevant whenever I do this. I also to like to read from her books in short stretches at a time, and then allow what I have just read to be observed within me and to be aware of what it does, both within and without. My partner and I have even read entire sections and chapters of her books out loud with each other, and her writing is great for that as well (since there are no Audible versions of her books available "yet"').
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on April 15, 2012
I ended up on this page a while ago, after having already purchasing several related books in this genre, and I knew I needed to get this on my Kindle. The potential audience for this, is for *any*one who knows how to read, period, however especially if you have already read material such as Vernon Howard or Eckhart Tolle, who both, among other writers, extoll the benefit of shifting to an Observer state, where you notice the thoughts that come and go, etc.
If you've tried to put this into practice, and kept returning unfortunately, to being led by your conditioned thoughts of fear and doubt and worry, Gina has a way of cutting through with clear language, and communicating with the larger You, who knows it's finally time to let go of listening to, and trusting the familiar, keep-safe, danger-avoidance, but very life-limiting train of thoughts that want you to stay afraid.

Here's a direct quote that really felt like she began to speak to me directly, given my own childhood:

"If, as a child, we were used to feeling bad about ourselves, afraid, powerless, and on edge, then there's a certain familiarity about this state that feels right and comfortable. Feeling good, happy, confident, and trusting can actually feel uncomfortable.
People who had difficult childhoods need to become comfortable with feeling good. They need to learn that it's okay and safe to be happy, confident, and trusting."

As I continued to read, I really got at a deep level, that any ongoing thoughts, and negative feelings, especially the ones that just surface with no reason whatsoever, that I encounter can be completely ignored with absolutely no risk to my Peace, because they are based on "stories" that the ego tells us about the meaning of things. (She has a section which is titled specifically: "The Ego Tells Stories")

There is so much that is covered in this book about how to start seeing the evidence of what is really the natural and true Trustworthiness of Life, through the process of noticing your thoughts, uncovering assumptions and beliefs you weren't aware of, and the decision to listen to your Heart's subtle direction versus the clamoring noise of your Ego's conditioning.

I'll close with one last quote from this wonderful book. Please remember this:
"Fear is just the ego's knee-jerk reaction to life, especially to anything or anyone new. Fear is born from the ego's belief in an imagined negative future. But how useful are these imaginations? The ego is always imagining negative possibilities because that is its job. So how can fear be a trustworthy guide for how to live our life? It can't be, but joy is. So if fear is there, notice and accept it, dismiss it, and then let joy be your guiding force."

Lake, Gina (2011-07-15). Trusting Life: Overcoming the Fear and Beliefs That Block Peace and Happiness (Kindle Locations 2081-2084). Endless Satsang Foundation."
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on November 23, 2013
Not sure how to say this without it becoming a novel of a review. I have read quite a few spiritual/self help books over the past several years. I was seeking the aahh moment with no luck until stumbling onto my first (of many) Gina Lake books. I was separated from a long time marriage and lost a 20year job all within fourteen days. Needless to say I needed every spiritual book on the market. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to spark the healing I was seeking from within myself until reading one of Gina Lake books. I was hooked! I finally had that moment I was praying for. I struggled so much to stay in the moment and not try to fix my past, regret my mistakes and change the outcome of my life which was spiraling downward. Her writing started the healing processes for me that I was so desperately seeking. Thank God for writers like Gina Lake who devote their lives to making a positive difference in our....
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on July 22, 2012
One of the newest of Gina's books, Trusting Life speaks to the heart and soul of what truly troubles humanity. Not only is it informative but easily read. Gina is a gifted yet unpretentious spiritual healer. Trusting Life explains not only why we suffer but suggests paths and different modes of thinking and living that may help us overcome our troubled times and mind. Gina's free-flowing, stream of consciousness style makes what is usually difficult material to the average American, easy to comprehend and quite enjoyable. A few times while reading this book I had to ask myself was I reading this for insight or just FUN. If there is a better teacher than Gina on spiritual matters I have yet to find him or her. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that her compassion runs as deep as her wisdom and all of it comes through easily in Trusting Life.
Well done, Ms. Lake.
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on September 1, 2011
With surgical precision Gina exposes the "programming" that we call the ego. She shows us how we are misguided and how redirecting our trust will bring us in alignment with our hearts. She provides practical guidance in changing our thinking. This book will benefit both beginner and advanced students. You need not be an advaita student to appreciate this book. It is logical and clear. The issues addressed are timely.

We live in a time that seems to be fraught with distrust. In our spiritual endeavors we can espouse trust but how deep and complete is that trust really? Where have we placed that trust? What can we trust? Are we ready to live our lives on the cutting edge of complete trust? And, of course, what's in it for me to trust? Read this book and you may very well have your thinking in these questions greatly expanded!

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on April 27, 2013
Positively wonderful! I have the chance to listen to one of my books on my Kindle for about an hour a week. I have decided to listen to Gina Lake's books, because they are the most helpful for my spiritual evolution. I emailed her, saying how much a certain book helped me, and she emailed me back saying this book might be great for me. I can't tell you how true that was! The first time I listened to this, I cried, because her intro said how much it might do for those of us who have been abused and neglected as children. It certainly has been a wonderful help!
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on January 7, 2013
This is the second Gina Lake book I have read on my Kindle and like the first one, it is simply beautiful. Like James Allen(As a Man Thinketh), she can convey an idea simply and elegantly. She makes being in the now easy while you read the book. My problem starts after I put it down and return to my bad habits.

I think she is really giving us pearls in her books and takes us as far as she can. Now it is up to us to do something useful with these pearls. Here they are. Good Book.
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on June 28, 2013
Similar to the writing of Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie, this books speaks about the journey to conscious awareness (our true nature). I wasn't ready to read anything like these authors years ago, but lately, I have felt drawn to read and understand them. I particularly like Gina Lake's writing because she's easier for me to comprehend. I highly recommend her books and website.
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on December 7, 2012
This book connects with all of our fears and our distrust for everything and everyone. You might see life through different eyes after reading it. You might also have a better understanding of why we behave like materialistic robots who react first and regret it later instead of doing a better job of thinking first and not letting our ego pave a negative path for us. If your looking to connect with who you are or who you're not or who you do not want to be, then this is the book that you need to read. Trusting Life by Gina Lake.
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on May 23, 2016
I found Gina Lake's books through Tarot Perspectives and refer to this book every day and night.
It helps me so much in reminding me what is ego-based living and what is happy living.
I am so grateful that I found this book and recommend it to anyone wanting an excellent spiritual guidebook.
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