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4.6 out of 5 stars
The Truth About Fragile Things
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on July 5, 2016
This has to be one of the most beautifully crafted novels I have encountered in my more than sixty years of crawling inside books to find where I fit. The strength and power of the story carry it far beyond the YA genre assignment where it is most common for parents and teachers to be presented as caricatures, unfeeling ogres instead of real and loving individuals. The author is a master of pacing and scene painting. Amazon provides you with a brief description of the plot, enough to tempt you to read the book. I will only add that Megan (the heroine) and her friends and family made me cry (sob, actually) made me laugh (out loud, startled my dogs) gave me much to ponder. It is a book for young adults only in the sense that the main characters, except for one, are teenagers, but the thoughts, the challenges, the message is universal to all ages. I particularly loved that the author did not choose to rush the ending. If anything she slowed down, giving the reader an opportunity to savor what was to come. I read this on my Kindle so could not with a quick glance gauge how many pages were left. More than once in the last several chapters the story could have ended and I would have been fine with that. Yet when I moved the page along, there was yet more of the story and I was most fine with that. When the ending did come, it left me full and satisfied. I loved this book!
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on June 11, 2016
I was overcome with the writing, storyline, and characters. The writing is superb and lyrical.
"My brain followed that thought through the dust of the velvet curtains, over the stack of plywood left in a heap beside the risers, and around the folding chairs resting against the wall."
I could see the thought floating around the empty stage.
And having lost my father when I was three and having been very active in theatre in high school and college there were parts of this store that I could relate to and feel more deeply.
This wasn't just about Megan the girl who was saved, but about everyone in her life from her little sister to her teachers. And about how we all look at death and how we deal or don't deal with it.
A truely outstanding work!
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on August 29, 2016
I have to admit the beginning of this book was confusing for me. There were several characters I couldn’t place and events I couldn’t understand. But, I persevered and was rewarded with one of the best books I have read all year. The author writes delightful prose and imagery, “bright as a drop of sun, brief as the gold light of a struck match.” In an almost stream of consciousness, I found myself feeling Megan’s thoughts and emotions, her grief became my grief. “The only feeling I had, traveling between my joints, tightening every hinge, locking me in one frozen emotion, was guilt.” Sirois thoughtfully explores death, survivor’s guilt, regret, and first love. Her insight into the mind of teenage Megan is inspired. I honestly loved Lauren and Braden, they brought a lightness and relief from the heavy topic and tone. While Charlotte and Phillip were almost as intense as Megan, Melissa and Schatz give a different insight into the characters and the scenes. “Sometimes you just have to hold only yourself until someone else gets there.” I could quote entire paragraphs but I will end with this--“It was bright and shining and fragile and strong. And it looked nothing like death.” I recommend this book for all ages.
*I received an ARC for an honest review.
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on July 8, 2016
It was not only a joy, but an actual privilege to read this book. Not only is the plot original and the journey heart-warming, but the characters are funny, complementary, and vibrant teens that make you want to hang a hammock right in their backyard just to listen to their kitchen conversations in the late afternoon. But one thing that’s hard to get from reviews is the beauty of the writing, so here are a few of my favorite lines (no spoilers!)

‘You can’t look dignified and run. Gym was the darkest year of my life.’

‘She made disgust its own dialect. If she didn’t have such smooth, plump cheeks and eyes the color of graham crackers I would swear she was a bitter old woman.’

‘I tried to summon God under my breath but I wasn’t sure he did skinny-dipping duty.’

‘It’s not fair to accept credit for bringing a bandage when you cut out somebody’s heart.’

‘You are one of my favorite people on this rolling blue ball.’

I would recommend this book to anyone, but especially if you have ever doubted you are worth the trouble, done something scary, met somebody who hated you, fallen in love, or if you just need to laugh. This book touched so many chords with me that my husband had to take a picture of me grinning and giggling at my pink tablet while reading all evening on the couch.

Also worthy to note: language and other aspects are clean and appropriate for teens, the characters have good relationships with their parents, and while not religious or preachy, it even mentions going to church.

Great job, Regina Sirois, on another great novel!
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on August 7, 2016
This was a wonderful book! It may be aimed at teens because many of the main characters are teens, but the handling of the subject matter was skillful enough for adults to enjoy and appreciate! Without the sometimes present sexual content or speaking of drugs and alcohol (as a couple teen books I read), without bad language - armed with honesty and deep thoughts, Regina takes us personally on a journey of understanding not only with the two main characters' through both sides of their grief and feelings of self doubt about death, but also wrangles us in there! We see, instead, the value of life. This would be a terrific movie - very thought-provoking and emotional! The story is about a two year old girl who inadvertently brings about the death of a young father. She spends the next 15 years in guilt about it, questioning whether she was worth it. Meanwhile, the daughter of the hero spends her years angry. The two meet in high school and forge an unlikely friendship to finish his bucket list. This gives not only them, but the other family members involved, the chance to heal and accept and come out with new perspectives. The reference to the title was almost lost - really being mentioned in only one sentence - that things you think are fragile, are really stronger than you think. I will recommend this to anyone of any age. Thank you for the CLEAN book!
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on July 11, 2016
I have the honor of knowing the author personally and this was the first book that I have read of hers. I did not have any expectations as I began to read and I recognized that with it being a book for a much younger audience that I might not like it as much as that target audience. I am glad that I took the time to read it because it was really well written and it was a great story.

From a more superficial perspective, I really enjoyed having the book set in Kansas City, my home. I could imagine in some cases exactly the places she was referring to. I also got great exposure to some other places in Missouri that I have not been do, but because of the wonderful descriptions Regina provided, I really want to check out these other places!

I feel that Regina does a great job of creating characters that had the depth and superficiality of humans. The teens were still teens and acted foolishly, but not ridiculously like some books might portray them. They had real emotions, but they didn't understand them completely and were confused and motivated by them. That was well described by the conversations and the narrative that Regina provided.

I think that she also did a great job of weaving in the protagonists' grapple with guilt and death. The methodical discovery of new understanding and insight as the story went on, kept the reader engaged and believing the journey that Megan and Charlotte were on.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. I really enjoyed her writing. I feel that she respects her audience and doesn't insult the intelligence of even the younger reader by treating the subject matter too lightly, and even for the more experienced reader, the message she conveys about "fragile things" is insightful.
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on July 11, 2016
Wow! I loved this book. The opening lines had me captivated and almost forced me to turn the page. I was sucked in and couldn't but it down until it was over. I found myself struggling right alone with Charolette. I know what I wanted to happen, but I could tell that what I wanted to unfold might not come to be no matter how badly I wanted it to. Charolette's struggle was real and intense as she discovered herself in a way she didn't know was possible. The descriptive language wove the scenery, mood, and story together. The ending was hard to swallow, only because I almost wanted it to go a different way but as the story marinated, it ended exactly as it should have. This is a fantastic read that had me thinking of life in a different light. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
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on July 26, 2017
I was slow in buying Regina's second book for some reason. I loved "On Little Wings: but, this one is equally wonderful. The premise of a girl feeling guilty because a man died saving her when she was two, is unique. We don't always know that we carry guilt until something brings those feelings into the light. My favorite quote, and there were many, was; "If he's seen you, and I'm sure he has, I think he's so glad he did what he did."
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on August 27, 2016
This compelling read tackles issues we all encounter in our lives at one moment or another. Passionately written and grabs a hold of you until the bitter end. The author's world building and characters are simply beautiful and the plot was strong and powerful. I look forward to reading more from this author.
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on June 30, 2016
Regina's writing is poetic, descriptive and heart felt. Her story is laced with emotion, hope and discovery. Even though the story centers around high school students, her words touched my soul and helped me understand tender feelings that we all deal with from time to time in the wonderful, but sometimes messy circumstances we find ourselves in. Her characters were marvelous, and one cannot help but love them for their own uniques strengths and weaknesses. I loved that the setting was in Kansas City, a place I have called home for twenty eight years. Light, and darkness, loss and love, but most important, hope and renewal spring from her words.
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