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on August 18, 2017
Foam mattress Reviews

I own a lake house so I have many bedrooms. I had to outfit the whole house with mattresses, so i decided to buy a bunch of different ones on the market and test them all myself! (Yes I know I have too much time on my hands!)

To preface this comparison review, I would like to say that I have, for my youth and adult life always had a spring mattress purchased from a big box store, and was generally “unhappy” with those mattresses, however thats all that was really available. Now there are so many choices from companies building their own mattresses and selling them direct to consumer. Just so you know, these mattresses are definitely they way to go! by cutting out the middle man you effectively get a higher end mattress for a lower price. If you have never slept on a memory foam mattress before, dont worry, I was like you and i LOVE it. It takes 2-3 weeks to adjust to, but after that you’ll sleep like a baby!

Tuft and Needle: 3 stars- (QUEEN, 750$)

*UPDATE* Tuft and needle raised their price by 150$ on the queen. What the hell? Ive taken a star off for this…


At “the middle of the road”, the tuft and needle is within a pretty good pricerange (600$ For a queen at time of writing) , and generally a decent mattress. I would rate this at the same comfortability as the casper, except at a better pricepoint. Which is a good thing! It loses a grade for being on the hard side, and just like the casper, it was very stinky when I opened it! Im unsure if the chemicals are safe. Also, an issue from buying from Tuft & Needle on amazon (I got mine from their site), is that they do not follow their return guarantee if you buy it through amazon! whats up with that?

Casper: 3 Stars - (QUEEN, 950$)

The casper is a solid mattress- but thats all it is. At 950$ for a queen, you are on the upper end of "bed in a box" online mattresses. Obviously foam mattresses in the store can run 2-3k, but remember, we are saving money here because we are cutting out the middle man. Now what do you get for your money? You get a 10 inch mattress, with 3 layers of foam. What i noticed immediately upon opening the mattress was the smell! It smelled extremely like chemicals. I read on their site that it dissipates within a few hours- but in this case, that didnt happen. 2 days later and i could still smell it! regardless of that, I did get a decent nights sleep on it. I was between a 3 and a 4 on this mattress, but I opted to choose 3 stars since its a TAD on the pricey side, and not to mention the smell. If it was 400 or 500$ maybe this mattress would get another star, as the smell did eventually go away after about two weeks.

Zinus 12 inch "green tea": 2 stars (QUEEN, 299$)

I had to buy this one, its the top selling mattress on amazon with over 6,000 reviews at time of writing! The queen goes for 289 which is cheap for any standard. 12 inches made me feel like i was "getting more for my money"- more on this later in my review. For the price you cant beat it. I mean, 289$? the margins gotta be razor thin. So whats with the green tea? Nothing that i can tell, they mention green tea in the title but none of their advertising material mentions it again. What makes it a green tea mattress? Do i drink it? Nonsense. Anyway, off to the unboxing. I open it up and let it expand for a full 24H. I only got 10 inches out of it. Sell me 12 inches and only expand to 10, good stuff zinus, nice trick. My first nights sleep on it, i had to ditch it after waking up in the middle of the night in a major sweat! This thing is soooo hot, like an oven. it traps every little bit of body heat i have! Do NOT subject yourself to this torture under any circumstances. So awful. Even though the mattress is cheap, you wont sleep a wink. Is that really worth it?

Quatro Sleep: 5 stars (QUEEN, 699$).

At 699 the queen is much cheaper than both the casper and the leesa, but pricier than the Zinus. Which you could say about almost every mattress in existence when comparing to the zinus! I really have nothing negative to say about this mattress. The foam smell dissappated completely after 48H, it expanded fully to the advertised 10 inches, and i wasnt hot when i slept in it. The only wish I have is that I could get this quality mattress for the price of the zinus! If you were goldilocks, this mattress would be the perfect "in the middle" solution.

Leesa mattress: 4 stars (QUEEN, 865$)

I have nothing too negative to say about this 865$ Queen mattress, the reason why i dinged it a star was because of these following reasons: BS 100 night guarantee. After the 100 nights leesa will find a reason to not refund your money. Just look online for this issue and you will find the same thing. I didnt need it as the mattress works out for me, but if in the case that its not comfortable for you, the company will leave you high and dry. I am dinging it also because im unsure the longevity of this mattress. After approx ~4 months there is well documented issues with this mattress deteoriating before your eyes, leaving divots and lumps where you sleep. Not cool, leesa.
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on September 21, 2016
Overall, the mattress is very comfortable. My wife slept like a rock on it, I unfortunately did not sleep as well. We purchased the T&N to replace an old foam mattress that developed hot spots.
After the second night, I encountered the same problem. The big problem came when we returned it. If you purchase directly from T&N, you get to try the mattress for 90 days verse 30 days if you go through Amazon. Here's the BIG problem- Amazon requires you to box up the mattress before UPS picks it up ( no cost to you). This is easier said than done. The mattress is vacuum packed at the factory. Once you cut open the bag, it naturally inflates to full size.
Getting it back in the box is impossible.
Finding a king size mattress box was harder than expected. Our local Uhaul store had nothing and mattress stores typically don't keep old boxes on sight. I ended up purchasing a poly bag for the mattress at the Uhaul and, using a shop vac, sucked out enough air to roll the mattress small enough to fit in two large boxes. It took my whole family of 5 to accomplish this feat. What a pain. If we had purchased directly off the T&N website, they would have had someone pick it up and we would have avoided the whole repackaging nightmare.
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on June 18, 2017
Within hours of me writing my review T&N contacted me and told me that was not acceptable and to file a claim. I did just that and sent the required information to them and my replacement mattress receipt order was sent within hours. I received it a few days later and even though I set the previous mattress up all alone this time I had an additional problem of now moving the current one out of the way, so I had to wait a few days in order to set this one up. As soon as it was removed from the plastic bag this mattress inflated to a bigger size than my previous mattress immediately! I am very happy about that and REALLY appreciate the company doing right by me with the size issue. They also said I have another full 100 days to return if the other issues I was having are something I cannot deal with. Superb customer service and a very Happy Customer here. I have taken the suggestions to help with the heat and I am hoping that this mattress will be firmer and perhaps my previous mattress was just a fluke and not up to the companies standards.

So I did quite a bit of research and decided to try the Tuft and Needle for our new mattress. Previously we had a Sleep Number and I was excited to try this. I had a few friends give good reviews as well. So it's been a little over 30 days I've been sleeping on the King sized mattress. First off the setup went pretty well I was able to bring in and put on the bed all by myself. It decompressed pretty quick and achieved its 10" thickness immediately. The width however never did and still hasn't on the corners, in the middle of the mattress is close to being what it's supposed to be but the corners are at least 2-3" off. So the bed frame shows and I'm not really a fan of that. It said to give it a week but I'm assuming after 30 days that's all it's going to be.
As far as the comfort and support it is a lot softer than I was expecting....you sink quite a bit into the mattress. It is supportive though so if your on your stomach you back isn't arching your just sinking in a bit more than I expected and not having anything to "spring" or "bounce" you out of it takes a bit getting used to. There is definitely more effort involved in turning over getting up etc. I had a knee injury so this made it a lot more noticeable to me perhaps. The first week I was really sore but I wanted to give my body time to adjust. The second week seemed a bit better but I was out of town for a few days and slept on hotel beds and was really ready to send this mattress back since I felt better in the morning while away from home. So I've had another 2-3 weeks on the mattress and now this last week the temperature has risen in the 100's in fact 107 today and I've noticed I seem hotter since I sink so far in mattress. I'm not getting good air flow and it wakes me up and I'm tossing and turning quite a bit. I'm not sure what to do, I'm not sure the mattress is supposed to be this soft and the fact it never got to full size maybe it's defective? I have to say I'm not sore anymore and hurting as bad in the morning so perhaps I'm getting used to it but this heat is another issue. When it was cold I didn't mind sinking into a cloud under the covers but now it's not nice. I still have more time to return but don't know where to go from here since this had the best reviews.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on August 19, 2016
I would expect a king mattress to be 76x80 not 71x78. I also expect crazy things like square edges like a normal mattress.

Worst of all? Called Tuft & Needle and was told it was not their issue since I bought from Amazon. Interesting position to take.

Bad experience front to back. This mattress is going back. Buyer beware.
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on November 28, 2016
I ordered this mattress in Aug and it is now Dec. initially I was pleased as the mattress is comfy at first. Now, 4 months later, the mattress has completely sunk in the middle. Don't waste your money. Spend the extra and get a better quality mattress.
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on September 14, 2017
OMG this thing is so good for my back! Now, it could be that my old mattress was indeed too old and worn out, as I do have a slightly herniated disc in my lower back and often experience discomfort from sleeping (even on most hotel mattresses). With T&N I have never woke up feeling better. I highly recommend it on comfort and support, but it's hard to beat the price too! It's been three weeks and I'm very happy with this purchase and I recommend it to everyone.
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on September 16, 2017
It took about three minutes to unwrap the rolled up mattress-- it was very compressed and filled seconds after unrolling.It is way more comfortable than my King Koil ( a manufacturer that makes beds for a number of bed brands) and almost half of the cost.Ten seconds after lying on the bed I realized how great it felt.I was sceptical about the quality/ price but it has received #1 in reviews.Got it in two days through A Prime.

I HIGHLY recommend this mattress/ company !
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on April 22, 2014
We bough a couple of the twin beds and a queen for our cabin upgrade.
First things first they arrive in deceptively small packaging and you kind of wonder if the mattress is really in there.
They are well made, sturdy and manageable to handle for the size.
Sleeping on them we are very happy with the quality and the nights sleep we have all been receiving.

The best thing is Tuft and Needles customer service.
We had a bit of a mix up in the order and two queens were delivered.
It would be hard to complain as they managed to do a super rush job on delivering our items (even thought they are made to order), but in any event we ended up with a wrong size mattress.
With a quick call this was rectified in a brilliantly quick, polite and helpful fashion. Our new mattress was ordered (again in a super quick turnaround) and many options presented on how to return the item whilst still using what had been sent till the replacement size came.

A product for me is only as good as the customer service when an issue occurs. Tuft and Needle were exemplary.
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on July 1, 2017
We have been sleeping on this mattress for 3 months. I would recommend it to anyone. I deal with periodic inflammation issues which had previously resulted in some achy nights. I have not had one single achy night on this mattress. My daughter needs a new mattress and we are planning on buying her a Tuft and Needle twin size. Unless the company changes the quality negatively or starts charging too much we will not buy anything else.
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on September 7, 2017
I bought this mattress for our guest room but like it so much I'm going to have to get another one for me. I thought I already owned the best mattress in the world (it sure cost like it would be the best) but I have to be honest I like this one much better, and it's less than half the price.
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